Saving Hope Season 4 “Anybody Seen My Baby” Recap

Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell, Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin

It is the penultimate episode of Saving Hope’s fourth season and we don’t have to wait another week for the season finalebut just 60 minutes.

Dawn, Zach and Maggie

It seems that Dawn and Zach had a successful first date and are trying to kiss in the elevator but can’t when Dr. Sharpe then Shahir get on.

Meanwhile, Maggie is practicing her fellowship pitch on treating cancer in pregnant women to Dev, Asha and Cassie. Maggie notices Dev sleeping and Cassie eye humping Jeremy.

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Later in the ER, Maggie is stressed over her presentation and asks Zach our for drinks and karaoke but he can’t as he plans with Dawn but covers to say it with a buddy of his.

SH4_EP417_D6_KW_0149-1024x683Before Maggie can ask any further questions, a young woman named River arrives in the ER with a swollen belly and also has liver disease. Maggie and Zach notices markings on her neck and River starts to vomit blood. Jeremy is called in and we learn the blood in coming from her esophagus and this is due to her liver disease. River starts to have breathing difficulties and Maggie and Jeremy decide to drain her belly. When they go ahead and do it, they see that River is pregnant much to the surprise to her and her husband Billy. Billy shares a really sweet story of how they’ve been best friends since kids and that they “married” each other at the age of 5 but then decided to get married if they were still single at 30. Luckly, River fell madly in love with best friend. When Maggie hears this story, we see her look at Zach with romantic interest.

Maggie and Jeremy tells River and Billy they can’t drain the fluid in River’s stomach as it can cause premature labour but can go through the procedure to fix the bleeding in her throat. Jeremy and Maggie also tell the young couple they can’t do a transplant on her while she is pregnant as River might not survive. Maggie reveals they are having a little girl and also get the parents to be to realize the reality of caring for a potentially very premature baby. River agrees to the procedure for her throat. Maggie believes the two kids will be okay and Jeremy says it is the benefit of marrying their best friend. As soon as Jeremy says this Zach approaches to get Maggie to sign something.

In surgery, Maggie asks Cassie to assist as she in on baby duty. As the surgery to fix the esophagus goes on, Cassie asks if Jeremy wants kids and clarifies not with her or this moment but then River starts having contractions. Unfortunately, the contractions continue and Maggie has to deliver the baby. In the waiting room, Maggie tells Billy that River is fine but the baby, whom the couple planned on naming Mireille, didn’t make it. Even though they lost their baby, things are still looking up for River and Billy as their transplant pager goes off and River is getting a new liver.

In the doctor’s lounge, Maggie is upset over losing the baby and texts Zach for comfort. Maggie tells Zach that is is too short and proposes the two get together citing her patients love story. Since they love each other and she kisses him but Zach pulls away. Maggie knows they don’t love each other that way but they can. Zach says he is Seeing dawn and Maggie understands. Unfortunately, Dawn saw the lip lock after looking for Maggie who was running late for her pitch. Maggie does her pitch but is too emotional to finish.

Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Michelle Nolden as Dawn Bell and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Zach meets Dawn in the lobby after getting off the phone with his ex, who tells him he is moving to Vancouver and taking his sons with her. Dawn tells Zach how Maggie tanked her pitch and he goes to comfort her. Before he does so, Dawn tells Zach they should forget whatever they had going and doesn’t elaborate why, leaving Zach confused.

Elsewhere, Cassie comforts Jeremy over losing the baby and the two hookup in the on call room, a culmination of all their sexual tension since he came to Hope Zion.

Alex and Charlie

We begin the episode with a voice over of Shahir going through a pre-op checklist as we see Charlie and Alex go through it. We are then in Shahir’s office and we see him give Charlie a whole bunch of consent forms to sign.

We then see Charlie passing his cases to Asha before his surgery that afternoon and gets Dawn to be sure  his heart is healthy enough for the surgery; it is. Dawn tells Alex that she can postpone her fellowship pitch because of Charlie surgery but she welcomes the distraction.

Meanwhile, Alex gets pages by Cassie to check on Kristine who is still in coma and all of a sudden starts crashing. Her spirit then appears to Charlie at his office and asks him to bring her to her baby.

Unfortunately, Kristine doesn’t make it and is now brain dead. Kristine asks Charlie to help find the thing that will get her to cross over. Charlie postpones his surgery to the evening by bumping Asha’s to his slot and he takes hers. Asha is pumped while Dev warns her not to eat expire yogurt as they might hinder her performance. Alex hears of this surgery switch and is not happy nor is Shahir at being bumped.

Alex wonders why he bumped his surgery and Charlie says it is to help Kristine cross over as he feels responsible to what happened to her. Alex agrees to help Charlie as she believes if she goes off life support she can move on. But since Kristine has no next of kin, the decision to unplug her is unclear. Kristine mentions a great aunt in Flint but she has Alzheimer’s. Alex goes to Dawn to see what the board can do and suggests Charlie become Kristine’s guardian but that can take a week. Alex finds an old HR beneficiary listed in form of Kristine’s. It is her ex-husband Arlo and Alex and Charlie are surprised that Kristine’s daughter, Maddie, whom she had always said died in a drunk driving is alive and well.

Arlo tells Charlie and Alex that Kristine was the drunk driver that caused the accident and it wasn’t first time she has driven drunk so he left her and took Maddie for her own safety. Arlo explained he tried reaching out to Kristine to invite her to birthday party, recitals, etc… but never got a response and lost track after two years.

Charlie is angry at Kristine for playing him and the fact he is a dad but Kristine is confused and wants to know why he  is saying Maddie is still alive. Kristine spirit disappears and Alex arrives and he tells her he knows why she still here.

Alex tells Charlie to get Kristine upstairs and Charlie’s gains her trust again after saying that he can no longer help her after his surgery as he may not see her.

We then go to ICU where Alex gives Arlo the consent form to sign to take Kristine off of life support. Arlo tells Kristine about her past in foster care led to her to drink but Maddie was light of her life and was a great mom and person when sober. Arlo doesn’t know how to tell Maddie, who was only 4 when they left, about her mom. Alex says tell truth and relates how she wished she knew her father as terminal when he took his own life. Kristine arrives to hear Arlo tell great things about her when Maddie comes in to say goodbye to her mom. Kristine sees her daughter with tears of happiness on her face and she thanks Charlie’s and has crossed over. We then see Kirstine get taken off life support.

We then see Charlie prepare for his surgery and then being wheeled in where Alex gives him a goodbye kiss. Dawn, Maggie and Zach have joined Alex to see if Charlie is going to be okay. As Charlie starts to go under, he sees his spirit in the tux saying “Here we go again.”


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  1. Why did let me go end the way it did is there a part two of let me go

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