Saving Hope Season 4 “All Down the Line” Recap

Nicole Underhay as Kristine Fields and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

We are back after a short Christmas break and if you were a bit confused about how Maggie was all fine in the last episode to just coming back to work in this one, is because CTV aired the last two episode out of order. “All Down the Line” was supposed to air before “Shine a Light”.

In this week’s episode, we saw farewell to Sydney Katz, Alex and Dana friendship in danger, and that Kristine is causing trouble for Charlie.

Cassie and Zach

SH4_EP411_D2_KW_0180-1024x683Apparently, it is Cassie and Dev’s 6 month anniversary and are caught by Zach making out in an exam room.

Cassie tries to explain to Zach what he saw but their conversation is interrupted by them needing to treat a groom who fainted at his wedding. Upon closer examination, Cole is seen wearing some sort of spanx type body suit that caused him to have a hernia while lifting weights. Cole and his bride Mika get into an argument about her desire for him to lose weight before the wedding. While Cole is in surgery, Zach tells Cassie in the doctor’s lounge that the couple won’t make it. However, Zach comes across Mika who tells he that she didn’t want her fiancee to lose weight but thought he did to make him feel better. Mika thinks the wedding is off and doesn’t know what to say to Cole. Zach does and we see the couple reconcile and decide to accept each other and will get married when the time is right.

Later on in the on-call room, Cassie admits that she forgot their anniversary as it wasn’t something on her radar but Dev says that she is worth celebrating.

Maggie and Sydney

Stacey Farber as Sydney Katz and Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin

Stacey Farber as Sydney Katz and Julia Taylor Ross as Maggie Lin

Maggie is back at work after her accident. Sydney is handing off one of her patients to Maggie before she moves to Tel Aviv for a fresh start. As they go to meet Nicola, the two ladies catch-up on what has been going on with their lives and we learn that Sydney is moving to Tel Aviv to be with her new girlfriend.

Nicola is a blind woman who has had three miscarriages in the past and is now 5 months along in her current pregnancy. As Maggie is doing an exam, she notices that Nicola’s cervix is prematurely dilating which means that Nicola can go into pre-mature labour. Nicola knows the baby won’t survive and she needs this baby as it is the only thing she has left of her husband, David, who passed away two months before.

Maggie and Sydney decide to close up the cervix but before hand wants to perform an amniocentesis to see if there are any infections. Nicola doesn’t want the test as an amniocentesis caused her previous miscarriages. Nicola’s brother-in-law, Ben is with her and wants the doctors to honour her wishes but when he learns that if they don’t catch an infection and she could die that Ben suggests she do the test. Nicola becomes mad at Ben for not siding with her and wishes her husband was with her. Ben leaves and Maggie learns that he is in love with his brother’s wife.

Stacey Farber as Sydney Katz

Stacey Farber as Sydney Katz and Moya O’Connell as Nicola

During another exam, another problem arises that requires surgery that really could endanger the pregnancy. But Sydney and Maggie work together and come up with a solution that saves the pregnancy.

Nicola is ordered on bed rest and Ben returns and all is forgiven. Nicola learns she is having a girl. Maggie then gives Nicola a 3D printout of her daughter so she can seeh her baby with her hands. Later we see Nicola show Ben the baby and gets him to touch the print out.

Maggie sees Sydney out who tells her that she thinks of her often and Maggie gives her a goodbye kiss. Sydney then walks out of the doors of Hope-Zion presumably forever.

Alex and Dana

Dana is back from Paris and Alex wants her to resume treatment but she deflects by wanting to see pics of her godson, Luke. Zach interrupts for consult on a chef who has pain in his neck. Alex sees that it is cancer but Lorenzo just wants to go back to his restaurant as it is near opening but his sous chef, Fiona insist he stay to see what is wrong. Lorenzo starts to experience mouth pain and Alex finds a lesion on his tongue. After a biopsy it is determined that it is oral cancer. Alex goes through treatment options with one being cutting out part of his tongue.

When Dana learns that Alex called in another plastics doctor on her case, she is livid and takes on the case. Lorenzo is gone and Fiona says that he is probably in the hospital kitchen.

Wendy Crewson as Dana Kinney, Stefano DiMatteo as Lorenzo and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

Wendy Crewson as Dana Kinney, Stefano DiMatteo as Lorenzo and Erica Durance as Alex Reid

We see Lorenzo their teaching the hospital kitchen staff. Lorenzo wants a less aggressive treatment but gets convinced after Dana relays that she is dying from breast cancer and he obviously wants to live and he should trust them as people would trust the chef who serves them Japanese blowfish not to poison them. Dana says all this while impressively making a rose from a peeled tomato skin.

The surgery is quite gross but it goes well. Alex is impressed that Dana tapped into Lorenzo’s fight reflex. Dana knows that Alex is fishing for something but can’t delve into it deeper when Lorenzo’s newly reconstructed tongue starts to swell. So Dana uses leeches to bring the swelling down. As Lorenzo recovers, we see Fiona arguing with vendors on his behalf.

Later at Dana’s office, the two ladies get into a fight about the latter not fighting her cancer. Alex wants her to fight because she loves her friend. We are not quite sure if Dana will fight but I assume she does since she will be part of the season 5 cast.


As Charlie is getting ready to go to work, he is ignoring texts from Kristine. At the hospital, Asha is going to be his ortho resident for the day. Asha is looking for a specialty but looks down on ortho. In the ER comes in Margo, who fractured her hip while trying to build a tree house for her kids. Margo is a single mom of 5. Asha determines what is wrong and into surgery they go. However, things start to go wrong and Bishop interrupts to say that Asha missed a bleed during her initial exam. Asha is hard on herself but Charlie says Margot will be fine and they are team to help each other out. Asha however is still hard on herself.

Meanwhile, Margot’s spirit wonders what will happen to her kids if she dies. Margot talks about being a super mom and Charlie tries to get her to let her kids help. Margot tells Charlie to butt out. Margot’s oldest daughter, Julia arrives and Margot isn’t happy that she left her brother Peter to look after the younger ones. Julia isn’t happy that her her mom hurt herself over the tree house that she offered to help. Margo learns that her kids can take care of themselves.

Back in the OR, Charlie lets Asha use the ortho drill to put the screws in place to fix Margot’s hip. Afterwards, Charlie advises Asha not to chase after perfection and asks her if she is thinking about ortho as her speciality. Asha doesn’t know but might only because she gets to use a drill. Charlie sees Margot’s spirit is still hanging around but only because she wants the rest for a bit before she has to go back to being a mom of 5 kids.

Kristine catches up with Charlie in elevator and get him to agree to talk about what happened at her house over coffee. Both admit that they find their friendship helpful as they can discuss their gift.

Nicole Underhay as Kristine Fields and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Nicole Underhay as Kristine Fields and Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

However, later, Kristine wants to turn coffee into drinks and tries to kiss Charlie who immediately pulls back. Kristine was prompted to kiss Charlie because he kept going on and on about their connection. Kristine misinterpreted it as something romantic but he just meant they shared a gift. Charlie tells Kristine he is in love with Alex and apologies if lead her on.Kristine says that Alex will never understand Charlie like she does.

Charlie then breaks off their friendship and should go about helping spirits alone and pretend never met.

Back at home as Alex is trying new recipes to feed a fussy Luke to eat, Charlie receives texts from Kristine saying they aren’t safe. Charlie ignores them and goes back to being a family with Alex.

I guess we could kind of see that coming, Kristine developing feelings for Charlie. Next week has me worried as Charlie may have a tumor in his brain that could be the cause of his gift. I hope it is not a tumor.

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