Gotham Season 2 Episode 7 “Mommy’s Little Monster” Recap

This week’s episode of Gotham was a little all over the place so I’ll probably jump around and “yadda yadda” through a bunch of parts. No, it’s not my typical format, but I find it much easier to talk about everything this way so here goes nothing.

Mommy Dearest

imagePenguin is just about ready to go to war with Theo Galavan, but the straw hasn’t quite broken the camel’s back… yet. Ever since the soon-to-be Mayor of Gotham City kidnapped Penguin’s mommy a few episodes ago, we knew this day was bound to come. Now that Butch has revealed Mrs. Cobblepot’s whereabouts, Penguin follows Butch to the warehouse to rescue her. However, when he locates his mother Theo and Tabitha are there waiting to for him. Penguin orders Butch to shoot the siblings in the head, but Butch refuses. It turns out that Tabitha was able to reprogram Butch’s conditioning and free him from the Penguin’s control. The whole thing was a set-up and its starting to look like all hope is lost for Penguin and his mother. He has no choice but to plead for his mother’s life on bended knee. At the urging of Theo, Tabitha sets Mrs. Cobblepot free. The elderly woman runs over to embrace her loving son. But the moment is short-lived both literally and figuratively. Tabitha drives a knife through the back of Mrs. Cobblepot, causing her to die in the arms of her son. Penguin manages to escape but not before getting one good swipe at Theo with the blade of his knife.

Mayor Galavan

Theo has been announced as the new Mayor of Gotham and will be holding a victory party that night to celebrate. He is focusing on trying to get Bruce Wayne to give him control of Wayne Enterprises. His niece, Silver, has been getting really close to Bruce and tells her uncle that she has Bruce wrapped around her pinky finger. Apparently being sinister runs in the family. While Silver will be keeping an eye on Bruce, Theo will be using his new position as Mayor to draw Penguin out of hiding.

Mayor Galavan shows up at the GCPD with the Assistant District Attorney, Harvey Dent. Galavan tells Captain Barnes that he was approached by Penguin about forming an alliance and was attacked after declining his offer. Barnes notes that Penguin was already the main suspect in the attacks on the mayoral candidates and with this attack the Gotham City Police Department should have enough evidence to pursue him for criminal charges. Galavan announces that from the moment he is sworn is a mayor he will be declaring a state of emergency for the city until Penguin is captured. He’s pulling out all the stops and has the full support of the entire police department except maybe Jim Gordon. Gordon has been growing more and more suspicious about Galavan’s rise to power.

Gordon and Bullock go question Butch to find out where Penguin may be hiding. Although he is no longer working for Penguin, he still refuses to cooperate. It’s not until Victor Szasz and some of Penguin’s thugs show up toting automatic weapons, does Butch spill the beans about the beef between Galavan and Penguin. Bullock and Gordon don’t have time to dwell on the validity of Butch’s story because the victory party is in a few hours and whether the story is true or not, the Mayor of Gotham is in danger.

image (1)At Galavan’s victory celebration, Penguin makes his move. A group of thugs all carrying guns and dressed like Penguin, close in on the venue of the party. The army of Cobblepot look-a-likes bursts into the building and open fire. The GCPD returns fire and a shootout begins in the middle of the crowded party. Chaos ensues as bullets fly and the screaming party guests evacuate the building. Gordon attempts to sneak Galavan out of the building but Penguin meets them outside with a shotgun pointed directly at Galavan. Gordon and Bullock aim their guns back at Penguin. Penguin tells confirms Butch’s story that Galavan kidnapped and killed Mrs. Cobblepot. He also begins to reveal Galavan’s plan to take over Wayne Enterprises until Tabitha intervenes by firing a bullet into Penguin’s shoulder. When Gordon and Bullock turn to confront her, Penguin escapes and Tabitha disappears into the night.

After the dust has clears and the chaos subsides, Gordon confronts Galavan and draws the line in the sand. He lets the newly crowned Mayor of Gotham City know that he’s onto him, but Theo Galavan does not back down. Now that Galavan has seized control of the city, it will be tough for anyone to stand up to him, including Jim Gordon

Three’s a Crowd

image (2)Selina pops up at Wayne Manor to update Bruce about the craziness she was involved in with her friend Bridget Pike, the Gotham City Firefly. To Selina’s surprise, Bruce is already entertaining the company of his new friend, Silver. Silver invites Selina to stay to have lunch with the two of them but when Bruce leaves the room, Silver marks her territory. She steps right into Selina’s face and threatens that it would. be in Selina’s best interest to remove herself from Bruce’s life. Over lunch, Silver does a good job of putting on the façade of being a sweet girl in front of Bruce, but Selina can’t stand to listen to it for another second. Bruce is shocked when Selina calls his new friends a fake slut. Selina was only trying to protect Bruce, but Silver is a very skilled actress. Hurt, Bruce asks Selina to leave his home.

Later Silver and Bruce solidify their friendship when Silvers gives him what we can assume is his first kiss.

Riddled with Clues

image (3)Ed Nygma spends this entire episode hungover from the gruesome act he committed the night before. This episode is a turning point for Ed as he gets more in touch with his psycho subconscious.  Basically, “Psycho Ed” got rid of the body of Kristen Kringle and left “Less Psycho Ed” the task of finding her. Luckily, Ed left himself clues in the form of riddles that would help locate where he hid the body the night before.  The riddles eventually lead Ed back to the medical examiner’s office at the GCPD. While locating Kristen’s body, Ed is spotted by Leslie Thompkins but narrowly manages to avoid being found out. Ed notices later that although he was terrified that he was almost discovered, the rush of almost being caught was a “beautiful” feeling.

The episode ends with Ed Nygma accepting his Psycho side and giving into his evil impulses as he begins to dismember Kristen Kringle’s dead body.

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