Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode 6 “Bunking with the Devil”

At the end of the last episode of Survivor, the sneak-peek for this week’s episode showed revealed that Jeff Probst would be coming to visit one of the camps in the middle of the night. Any Survivor fan knows that nothing good can come from a late night visit from Probst, so going into tonight’s episode my biggest concern was that one of the castaways would be forced to leave the game. Unfortunately, I was right to be concerned.

image(10)Jeff Probst arrives at on the shore of the TaKeo beach in the middle of the night. The whole tribe is in a deep sleep and doesn’t even hear him as he approaches their camp. He tiptoes over to deliver some bad news to one of the tribe members. The other castaways wake up and watch wearily as Jeff heads down the beach with his arm around their tribemate. Terry looks shocked as Jeff explains that to him that his son, Danny is in bad condition and Terry may want to go home to be with him in the hospital. Terry takes a moment to absorb the information and like any good father, he returns to the camp to say goodbye to the rest of the TaKeo tribe. After a few parting words, Terry Dietz and Probst get on a speedboat and depart into the night.

Angkor’s Away

The tribes meet on the mats to find out the details of the upcoming reward challenge. Bayon and Angkor are shocked to find out that Terry Dietz has been forced to leave the game due to external issues back at home. Probst has even more shocking news for the castaways. It’s time for another tribe swap. The Angkor tribe is dissolved and the castaways are randomly divided between TaKeo and Bayon.  The new TaKeo tribe members are Woo, Abi-Maria, Savage, Ciera, Spencer, Kass and Kelly Wiglesworth. Bayon now consists of Fishbach, Jeremy, Kimmi, Keith, Joe, Kelley Wentworth, and Tasha. Kass immediately points out that she’s hesitant about being on the same tribe with Spencer. The two of them did not get along when they played the first time in Survivor Cagayan. Spencer refers to Kass as his arch nemesis. He knows getting along with Kass can be crucial to his game. On the new Bayon tribe, Kelley Wentworth is completely outnumbered as the only original TaKeo member in the bunch. Stephen tells us that event though Wentworth would be the obvious person voted out of the tribe if they are to lose the immunity challenge, he doesn’t feel comfortable in his position on a tribe full of alpha males.

The Challenge is a greased up Slip ‘n Slide Ring Toss competition.  There are a few pretty good match-ups but also a few blunders. Ultimately, the TaKeo tribe claims the victory and will have a picnic delivered to their camp. Savage could not be happier about the numbers on his tribe. He believes that with Abi and Woo on his side, he can team up with Kass and Ciera to take control of the game.

Takeo arrives at their beach with a huge meal waiting on them. Spencer and Kass do their best to make nice with each other, but Spencer doesn’t know how long they will be able to keep it up. Although Savage has nothing but nice things to say about Spencer, he acknowledges him as a huge threat. Savage knows that his ally Kass would not be opposed to voting Spencer out of the game first and he wants to use that information to his advantage. He pitches the idea of voting out Spencer to his alliance. Savage’s plan is to tell Spencer that Ciera is going home in order to lull him into a false sense of security. Everyone in his alliance solidifies the plan and Spencer’s name is once again on the chopping block. Ciera, who has been relatively quiet this season, has second thoughts about letting Savage take the lead. She is not comfortable with her name being thrown around as a decoy instead of Woo. It’s obvious to her that she might not be very high on Savage’s list of priorities.

It’s Day 14 and the Bayon tribe is still getting along pretty well. Kelley Wentworth and Joe lounge in the hammocks and discuss their positions in the game. Kelley could be in danger of going home if Bayon doesn’t win immunity. Joe knows that Kelley is one of his one of his allies and he could benefit from keeping her in the game. Kelley has no problem hiding behind the protection of Joe. Stephen doesn’t understand why Joe would want to flip on the original Bayon alliance. He thinks this would be a perfect time to vote out Joe. Much to Stephen’s frustration, his alliance doesn’t even want to entertain the idea of voting out who Stephen perceives to be the biggest threat. The thought of not being able to take control of the game when they have the chance brings him to tears.

Gross Food Eating Competition

image(11)The two tribes are competing in another classic Survivor challenge. This Gross Food Eating Competition will pit the tribes against each other racing to eat local Cambodian delicacies. These delicacies include tarantulas, giant water beetles, pig snouts, deep fried frog, and other seemingly inedible foods. Tasha secures victory for Bayon by defeating Kass in the sudden death round. Takeo is going back to tribal council and Kass has her sights set on eliminating Spencer.

image(13)The TaKeo tribe gets back to their beach to prepare for Tribal Council. For the first time this season, Woo is a part of the majority alliance and he feels like he is finally in tune with the game. Savage feeds Spencer the decoy plan to vote for Ciera. Spencer has always wanted to work with Savage in the game and is happy that he is aligned with someone he thinks he can trust. Savage expects that voting out Spencer will be one of the most devastating blindsides in Survivor history. Elsewhere, Ciera is working on a blindside of her own. She approaches Kass and Abi about her distrust for Savage. Kass wants to get rid of Spencer, but Ciera tries to convince her to get rid of Woo instead. Although Kass really did not want to work with Spencer, she could see how keeping him around could be beneficial to her game. Kass reveals to Spencer that he is Savage’s real target. Spencer and Kass then discuss blindsiding Woo instead, but neither is sure they can trust one another long term.

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council, Savage says that he has been working on his personal game this time around. Spencer tells Probst that his second chance at this game is about seeing all the players as individual people instead of Chess pieces he can manipulate. Probst reminds Woo about how he was manipulated into making critical errors by Tony Vlachos the first time he played. This time around Woo has come to terms with the idea about being more cutthroat strategically than he was the first in Survivor Cagayan. Because of the many twists of this season, it’s hard to tell if any of the tribal alliances will hold strong this time around. Kass has ties to Woo from Survivor Cagayan, Ciera from the original Bayon tribe, and Spencer is her arch nemesis. It doesn’t look good for Spencer at all. Ciera says that the scariest part of tribal council is that everyone think they know what’s going on, but somebody is going to wrong.

image(14)The votes are cast and Spencer receives votes from Wiglesworth, Woo and Savage. Woo is blindsided and eliminated from the game. Next time on Survivor the merge is coming and we will see if any of the tribal alliances or pre-game affiliations will play a big role.

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