Gotham Season 2 Episode 5 “Scarification” Recap

Penguin and Butch have visited the home of Theo and Tabitha. Theo thanks Penguin for the large trunk that is now sitting in across the room. It’s not clear if this trunk was a gift from Penguin or a task that Theo has required for the insurance that Penguin’s mother would be released safely. Penguin sees this as an opportunity to try to cut a deal with Theo. He explains to Theo that he would be much more useful if the two were allies. Penguin is not above groveling for the return of his mother. Theo and Tabitha are not budging. They refuse the Penguin’s offer and send him and Butch out the door. On the way out he reminds Penguin to stay by the phone. Theo is wisely keeping a short leash on Penguin. It would be a huge mistake to underestimate him.
Tabitha and Theo bicker about her role in Theo’s plans. Tabitha unlocks the lid of the trunk across the room and out climbs Sid Bunderslaw. You might remember Bunderslaw from Wayne Enterprises. He is very confused as to why he was stuffed inside a box and taken to the home of mayoral candidate, Theo Galavan. Galavan is going to interrogate Bunderslaw about all the dirty little secrets of Wayne Enterprises. But first, he sends Tabitha across the room to collect something from Bunderslaw. We can’t see what she takes, but we do know it involves using a really sharp blade. Ouch!

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

The GCPD Strike Force is back in action, this time, led by Captain Barnes, Harvey Bullock, and Jim Gordon. The officers are raiding one of the “count houses” under the control of Oswald “Penguin” Cobblepot. The criminals inside are carefully counting stacks of money. It seems like a pretty routine raid until one criminal aims and launches a rocket directly toward the cops. He narrowly misses and is quickly taken down by a flurry of bullets. The police ended up seizing around 2 million dollars from the count house. Captain Barnes says that the loss of the money should deal a strong body blow to Cobblepot. Perhaps to change distract the captain from his relentless hunt for Cobblepot, Jim tells him about a place called The Merc that deals heavy weapons. Captain Barnes decides that the next course of action will be to shut it down permanently.
Penguin limps into his home with Butch on his tail. He is throwing a fit and brainstorming ways to stop Galvan from holding his mother hostage. He is interrupted by one of his employees. The man tells Cobblepot that the cops have hit the count house and taken all of the money. You can tell by the look on Butch’s face that he knows this guy has made a huge mistake. Maybe Cobblepot has never heard the phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger.” He hobbles over after the man and beats him with what looks like an iron rod or a fireplace poker.  Blood is splattered all over Cobblepot’s clothes and face as he repeatedly strikes the helpless man. Just as it seems as though nothing will stop Cobblepot from beating this man to death, a light bulb goes off in his head. He tells Butch that he has an idea and the two leave the bloody man lying on the floor clinging to life.
The next morning, Jim and his girlfriend Dr. Leslie Thompkins are at the Gotham City Police Department having some playful banter about their plans for the day. Leslie reminds Jim that tonight is their date night. This is obviously news to Jim but before he could protest, Ed Nygma approaches. He’s giddy to remind them that he is still dating Kristen Kringle and would like for the Jim and Leslie to join the two of them for dinner that evening. Leslie thinks it would be a great idea and offers to host the date night her house as a way to break in her new fondue pots. Jim looks mortified but he can tell this isn’t a fight he is going to win. I agree with Jim. It’s one thing to go on a date with someone; it’s a completely different thing to invite someone to your house for dinner. You can’t even leave when it gets awkward. Leslie thinks it will be fun and leaves Jim standing there looking miserable. Theo Galavan has entered the GCPD and made a beeline right toward Jim. He would like for the Detective to endorse him in his campaign to be Gotham’s next mayor. He tells Detective Gordon that the people of Gotham consider Jim a symbol of hope and honor. Despite the flattery Jim declines. He doesn’t do endorsements.

The Pike Brothers

Tabitha joins Penguin and Butch at his table. She tauntingly asks Penguin why he looks so do depressed. Penguin tells her that he thinks he was betrayed by someone close to him. Butch tries to reassure Penguin, but the crime boss snaps at him. Tabitha is there to deliver Penguin his next task. She gives him a list of the addresses she needs him to burn down. Penguin doesn’t seem bothered by the tasks. He’s fixated on the lack of trust he has with the people under his employment. Tabitha slides Penguin a small box and tells him that whoever he hires to burn down the buildings will need the contents of the box to be successful. We don’t see what the content of the box is but judging by the look on Penguin’s face, it has to be pretty disgusting.

Selina Kyle is abruptly awoken by the sound of pounding at her door. She opens her door to find her former coworker Butch standing over her. He needs her to take him to meet the Pike Brothers. They are a family of arsonists that Penguin plans on hiring to complete the task given to him by Tabitha. Selina was once childhood friends with their sister Bridgit. The Pike Brothers are very loyal to their boss Fish Moony who most people presume to be dead. That being said, they aren’t huge fans of Butch, who most people believe turned on their boss to join forces with Penguin. He needs Selina to vouch for him because she was one of Fish’s favorite employees and is still held in very high regard among her peers. Selina agrees to help him for the small fee of $450; $350 to vouch for Butch and $100 more to pretend the two are actually friends.

image (6)The two arrive at the Pike Brother’s place and are greeted at the door by Bridgit. She looks miserable and overworked, reminiscent of Cinderella before the visit from her Fairy Godmother. The young girl leads them over to her brothers. As expected, the three men aren’t happy to see Butch but Selina is able to mediate a peaceful transaction. The Pike Brothers accept the offer and the youngest brother heads off to The Merc to purchase some napalm for the job. When he leaves Bridgit, quickly serves the three remaining men a bottle of beer each. This gesture irritates one of her brothers and he delivers a swift kick to her butt. He tells her that she should be serving the beer in glasses when there is company present. Frightened, Bridgit hurries and delivers two glasses to the table before quickly leaving the room. Selina moments later Selina follows Bridgit and finds her sitting outside in the alley with tears running down her face. She takes a second before she leaves to encourage Bridgit to be strong and take care of herself.

At The Merc, the youngest Pike Brother is supposed to be shopping for napalm. He is outraged at the prices and decides to just steal some of it instead. While he stuffs the merchandise in his pants he hears the sound of the GCPD storming the building. He tries to escape, but Jim and Captain Barnes are in hot pursuit. Cornered, the young man reaches for his gun but he isn’t quick enough. Gordon and Barnes open fire and ignite the hidden napalm. The young man is blown to bits.

There’s a Lid for Every Pot

After a long day at work, Jim show’s up at Leslie’s apartment to see that she is already entertaining Ed and Nygma in the kitchen. The two are flirting and carrying on like a normal couple. Leslie is surprised that Ed has been able to maintain a level of swagger about herself that she and Jim have never seen before. The two seem like a perfect match. Leslie says, “There’s a lid for every pot”.

The remaining two Pike Brothers are upset about the events that went down at The Merc. They are more upset that their brother managed to screw up their potential job than the fact that he was blown up in the process. They have to find someone else small to be able to fit into the air vents and other tight spaces. It dawns on them that Bridgit is the perfect size. She begs them not to make her do it, but they aren’t ready to let her turn down the family business. In all actuality, she isn’t really related to the Pike Brothers. At least not by blood. But they really leave her no choice but to help the arsonists or face the consequences of disobeying.

The Pike Brothers are outside of the building giving Bridgit step by step instructions by radio. After she lights the fuse, they tell her she needs to break into the safe as well. The safe can only be unlocked by scanning the eye of a person with authorization. Even though she does not have authorization Bridgit has been given a tool that will help her bypass the security feature. She reaches into a bag and pulls out the small box Tabitha gave the Penguin days before. We finally see the contents of the box is the eye of Sid Bunderslaw. Bridgit uses the eyeball to open the safe containing a large knife. She drops the eyeball, grabs the knife and hurries through the air vent to exit the building just as the fire ignites. Luckily, she narrowly escapes the building with only a few burns on her leg. The arsonists hit 4 more buildings in one night. The Police Department will need to figure out a pattern in the buildings to determine where the arsonists will strike next.

The Dumas Family

Bridgit works diligently at the sewing machine. She tells Selina Kyle that the suit she is making will prevent her from getting burned again. Selina warns Bridgit that she is going to get herself killed. Bridgit doesn’t want to listen to reason. She tells Selina that she liked being a part of the team and participating in the family business. Selina tries, but she can’t get through to Bridgit. She gives up and leaves her former friend to work on her fireproof outfit.

Penguin studies the huge knife that Bridgit stole from the safe. The knife is an antique with the Wayne Family Crest inscribed on the handle. Penguin tells Butch that the knife is the key to figuring out how to beat Theo Galavan. Butch suggests that his boss talks to Edwige, the antique shop owner. She is very knowledgeable about the history of Gotham City.

Edwige is scared to tell Penguin the truth about the knife. She says the knife has a cursed history. 200 years ago it was used to sever the hand of Caleb Dumas for allegedly trying to force himself on Celestine Wayne, a lie she told to protect her reputation. The Wayne family, furious with Caleb, banished the Dumas family socially and leading to all their prominence being erased from Gotham’s history. The remaining Dumas family members ended up changing their names to Galavan. This explains Theo Galavan’s beef with the city of Gotham and his interest in Bruce Wayne. Theo wants to avenge his family name by getting revenge on the family and the city that ruined his family legacy. Penguin is beaming with joy.

At the GCPD, Gordon tells Bullock that all 5 of the buildings that were targeted by the arsonists were owned by Wayne Enterprises. They plan to stake out at the Gotham City Book Depository that night in order to catch the arsonists in the act.

Penguin tells Butch that he has a plan to get back at Galavan. He wants Butch to spy on Galavan from inside Galavan’s operation. The problem is that Butch has to make Theo believe that he has actually turned on his boss. Butch is skeptical about the plan, but Penguin is confident that if the two sell the story that Penguin thinks Butch is a traitor, Galavan will have no choice but to fall for the ruse. Penguin figures that the only way to make Galavan trust and feel for Butch is by chopping off his hand the same way Theo’s ancestor’s hand was chopped off in the story they learned from Edwige. He grabs a cleaver from the table and hacks off Butch’s hand in one swift motion.


image (4)Jim and Harvey watch as the Pike Brothers and Bridgit arrive at the book depository in their van. Bridgit gets out of the van donning her new fireproof suit and carrying a flamethrower. When Jim and Harvey move in on the arsonists, the two Pike Brothers speed off in the van leaving Bridgit to fend for herself. When the police try to apprehend her, the frightened girl uses the flamethrower to try to protect herself, accidentally setting Luke Garret, one of the members of the Strike Force on fire. Selina Kyle, who had been watching from a distance, helps Bridgit escape into the night.

At the GCPD, Captain Barnes reveals to the other members of the Strike Force that Luke Garret died. He promises that they will use every legal method at their disposal to bring the cop’s killer to justice. Jim Gordon sees Theo Galavan in the police station. Jim has changed his mind about the mayoral candidate. He tells Theo, if he is willing to back the police force in their endeavors put a stop to the criminals of Gotham, he will gladly endorse him in the election for Mayor.

Theo returns home to his lair and finds a hooded figure sitting in the darkness in front of the fireplace. He refers to the man as Father Creel. The two embrace like old friends who have not seen each other in years. Father Creel is happy to see that Theo has recovered ancient knife. He tells Theo their brothers are traveling from across the sea. The warriors are coming to redeem Gotham City in blood and Bruce Wayne will die.

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