Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Episode 4 “What’s the Beef?”

When we last saw the Angkor tribe, they were at tribal council voting Peih Gee out of the game. This episode starts as the tribe arrives back at camp that night. Jeff Varner can’t believe he was able to survive the last vote, especially after the meltdown he had at the last immunity challenge. Tasha tells Woo that Peih Gee should not have been the one voted out of the tribe, it should’ve been Varner. He has been the source of all the contention in the tribe. She assures Woo that Varner is the next to go and Woo has nothing to worry about. Abi is standing just within earshot and she is not happy about what she is hearing. Abi confronts Tasha in front of Woo, telling her that she doesn’t appreciate Tasha reassuring Woo who is not a member of their alliance. Abi-Maria is very upset that Woo has voted against her in two tribal councils and she will not soon forget it. She feels great that she is in the majority and if the decision was left to her, Abi would love to send Woo home next.

Survivor Ghetto

At Bayon, Jeremy celebrates finding the Hidden Immunity Idol at the last challenge. Even though he already has The Idol, he tells Stephen that he hasn’t had any luck finding it. Jeremy, trying to keep Stephen as an ally, continues to go along with the charade of looking for the idol. He doesn’t want Stephen to think that he has it. Jeremy thinks that if he’s able to keep Stephen close, it could benefit him later if the majority of the tribe decides to turn against him.

Andrew Savage is happy to have survived another night on the Angkor beach. He calls the beach, “Survivor Ghetto” when comparing it to the relatively comfortable Bayon beach he was accustomed to. They don’t have any resources or food. Jeff Varner tells the tribe that their next challenge will be a Reward Challenge. The tribe will have a chance to win some food. Woo says that he has been withering away and doesn’t know if the Angkor tribe has enough in them to pull off a victory.

A Heroes Challenge

image (1)The reward the castaways are playing for is a Survivor Barbecue set. This could provide some much-needed nourishment for the struggling Angkor tribe. The challenge looks to be extremely difficult and Jeff describes it as A Heroes Challenge. Each tribe will pick one person to run the entire challenge for their team. The Angkor Tribe selects Andrew Savage while Terry and Jeremy are chosen for TaKeo and Bayon respectively. The challenge is relatively close from the very beginning. Terry leads the three men with Jeremy and Savage trailing. The Angkor Tribe passionately roots for Savage as he closes the gap between him and his competitors, ultimately overtaking them and winning the challenge. A very emotional Tasha tells Jeff Probst that Savage was able to secure the come from behind victory due to his love for his tribemates. For the first time in 4 days, the Angkor tribe will get a decent meal.
Everyone is thrilled with Savage for winning the challenge. He calls it his best moment ever on Survivor. The tribe is confident that with the victory and the food the tribe will have the confidence and the energy to compete with the other tribes and continue winning challenges.

Chaos No More

Kass wakes up before the rest of her tribe and starts collecting beads and other nicknacks from around camp. Kelley Wentworth wakes up and sees Kass tediously working on some type of necklace. Kelley is not surprised that Kass is being sneaky and constructing a Fake Immunity Idol to use as a tool in the game. Kass tells us that she has been trying to change her social game from the first time she played in Survivor: Cagayan. She thinks the winner of Second Chance will be able to embrace evolution and change. For Kass, that means being a more likable person. She surprises everyone by revealing that she was not making a Fake Immunity Idol at all. She had spent her entire morning making a birthday gift for Kelley Wentworth. This is a huge step away from the “Chaos Kass” moniker she had gone by in the past.

Jeremy and Spencer talk at the Bayon camp. The two are discussing Spencer’s relationship with Kelly Wiglesworth. Spencer tells Jeremy that Wiglesworth voted for him when they were at tribal council. He knows that he and Kelly are at the bottom of the alliance and he needs to make it clear that Kelly has a tight bond with a lot of the former Takeo tribe. Monica and Spencer discuss Kelly being the most logical person to vote out, but Monica is planning on taking a different route. Monica tells us that she would like to vote out Spencer so that the men outnumber the women in the game.

The Immunity Challenge

image (2)The Immunity Challenge is a cube puzzle. The tribes will have to assemble 12 huge puzzle pieces into a cube. The catch is that the tribes will have to locate the pieces while wearing a blindfold. The first two tribes to assemble their puzzles will win immunity. Like all of the past blindfolded challenges, this one comes with a lot of yelling and a few bruises. The castaways are getting pretty banged up by the huge puzzle pieces. Eventually, Bayon and Takeo assemble the puzzles to win immunity. The Angkor tribe just hasn’t had enough food or sleep to compete with the other two tribes. Despite their best efforts, they just weren’t able to win.

At the Angkor tribe, Jeff Varner tells the whole tribe he is absolutely no threat to anyone. It looks like he’s messed up his foot pretty badly. Varner and Woo can see the writing on the wall. Abi-Maria is so closely aligned with Tasha and Savage that either Varner or Woo will be the one eliminated at the tribal council. Woo takes Abi to the side to make a pitch for her to keep him in the game. He tells Abi that Tasha and Survivor are only treating kindly because they need her for the vote. Woo suggest that the tribe should vote out Jeff Varner. Abi is not very receptive. She knows that Varner is someone who has been completely loyal, while Woo has written her name down twice. Abi wants to stay aligned with people who value her personality. Woo is worried that he could be the one eliminated at tribal council. Tasha and Abi discuss their options. Tasha tries to convince Abi that Woo is an asset in the challenges, but Abi doesn’t want to budge. She is fixated on the fact that Woo tried to vote her out of the game… twice. Varner has proven his loyalty to Abi and has not once tried to target her. Abi will have to decide between Woo’s challenge capabilities or Varner’s loyalty.

Tribal Council

image (3)The tribe arrives at Tribal Council looking absolutely defeated. Jeff Varner even has a makeshift cane he has been using to help him get around on his injured foot. Woo feels like Varner’s injury makes him the obvious person to vote out of the tribe. Varner thinks he has proven his loyalty to the tribe and Woo should be voted out before him. Both castaways desperately try to make a case for why they should be valued over the other. Varner tells the tribe that Woo will be tough to beat once they start the individual portion of the game. While Woo insists that he is very loyal to his alliance Varner reminds everyone that Woo has not been loyal to Abi. How could we forget that Woo voted for Abi-Maria (TWICE)? Jeff Varner takes a moment to pledge his allegiance and loyalty to Tasha, Savage and Abi separately. Woo promises Abi that he will stay loyal to her, but it might be too late. It’s time to vote.
The votes are tallied and in a vote of 4-1 Jeff Varner is the 4th person voted out of Survivor Cambodia. I normally try to keep my personal opinions out of the recaps, but I have to say that I am personally sad to see Jeff Varner go. Varner was the star of every episode up to this point and it sucks to see him voted out so soon. Abi-Maria fought hard to keep him, but after his outburst at the Immunity Challenge on the previous episode, there was just nothing she could do to save him. If the Angkor Tribe goes back to Tribal Council, I can’t imagine a situation that doesn’t involve Abi going home next.

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