Continuum Season 4 Series Finale “Final Hour” Recap

The following recap contain spoilers for the series finale of Continuum. If you don’t want to know if Kiera went home to 2077 then stop reading now. If you do, please continue on.

406In terms of series finales go Continuum’s unfortunately doesn’t fall into awesome ones like Parks and Recreation or Smallville (my personal opinion) but at least it wasn’t awful like How I Met Your Mother.

I wasn’t quite satisfied with the series finale as I felt there were still many questions left unanswered and new questions being asked.

So let’s start this recap.

We open up the episode where the last one left off, the aftermath of the Future Soldiers attack on the VPD. Kiera asks Carlos for a head start before he goes gun’s a blazing to the warehouse where Brad, the Future Soliders and Kellogg are.

Kiera then goes to talk to Alec and the two discuss what’s next. For Kiera, it’s going home to see her son Sam and she will risk everything to do so. Alec then tells her “let’s risk everything”.

Kiera and Carlos have a tearful goodbye to say how much each has meant to each other.

Before leaving, Kiera tells Dillon the truth about her coming from the future and the reasons why. Dillon does believe her. Kiera and Alec then drive off to start their mission but lurking behind at the VPD rubble is Garza.

Part of the plan is asking Jason to retrieve the time ball from Alec’s house. Before he leaves, Jason scribbles a note. When Jason gives the time ball to Kiera and Alec, Kiera tells Jason that he can come with her as 2077 is his home too. Jason says that he has been gone too long and that the present is his home. But before Kiera leaves, Jason gives the note he wrote so she can give it to his father. The note supposedly contains things that Jason has wanted to say to his father but didn’t.

Back at the warehouse, Brad delivers the key to Zhorin who opens the portal. The portal manages to tether to their time and they have 90 minutes to get people through. However, the key has been sabotaged and only three people manage to get through but Brad sees that they are soldiers. Brad realizes that it is an invasion that is coming and not loved ones escaping a dire future. So the portal has to be shut down and repaired before the 90 minutes are up and the tether is lost.

Zhorin asks Kellogg if he knew that Alec and Kiera sabotaged the key. Kellogg replies that it doesn’t surprise him if they did. We also learn that because the two time lines are tethered, it means that nothing can happen to Kellogg without it affecting the older one. Kellogg feels like he is a prisoner but they say it’s for his own safety. There is a brief mention on time paradoxes and how Kellogg lost his grandmother in 2012 but this isn’t further explored – Unanswered question number 1 (at least for me).

Alone with Vasquez, Kellogg says that he wishes that he had someone that was worth fighting for and tries to seduce Vasquez by saying they can rule together. But Vasquez isn’t biting and says nothing can come between them. Kellogg states that it’s obvious that Vasquez has feelings for him but when she still won’t let him go or tell information about himself, Kellogg stabs her with a corksrew. As Vasquez lays dying, Kellogg wants to know why they can never be. As she takes her last breath, Vasquez says that Kellogg is her father! Twist. Definitely didn’t see that coming.

Outside the warehouse, Carlos and the VPD are planning their attack but Jason comes on the scene to say because the machine is some sort of anti-matter device that it’s not a good idea to hit as it will take out half of Vancouver.

Back in the warehouse, Kellogg meets with Curtis who tells him the Traveler is coming and gives him something (I think it’s the time ball but I am not 100%). Kellogg then calls Kiera and tells her where to go. Just before Kiera and Alec enter the warehouse, Alec shares how much Kiera has done for him in terms of shaping him to be a better person.

Kiera and Alec make their way through the warehouse but are stopped by Brad. Eventually, Brad, after being duped by Zhorin, is back on Kiera’s side. We learn here the invasion is to stop Kellogg’s dark future from happening.

The VPD wait out the head start and joining them is Dillon along with Piron guards and lone wolf Garza also enters the fray.

Zhorin sees the VPD and starts to open fire and takes one of the power suit canisters and gives it to Weaver. Weaver, now in the Future Soldier suit, opens fire on all those in the warehouse. Kiera and Alec notices that the Piron guards aren’t firing but aren’t surprised at the same time.

Garza is making her way through the warehouse too when she comes across Curtis who admires her for her tenacity in being loyal to the cause. Curtis then tells Garza that Kiera is their best hope.

As VPD cops are falling by the wayside, Kellogg appears so Kiera takes him hostage as Zhorin takes Alec at gun point. There is a standoff for a bit where Kiera states that Kellogg is going to use the portal to go back to the moment when Liber8 appeared in 2012 and kill them all, including her so that he can corrupt Alec. The stand off ends when Alec is forced to fix the key. Alec does fix the key and the power suit canister back in the machine, the portal reopens. This is when all hell breaks loose as Kellogg orders the Piron guards to open fire and kill everyone.

Kiera and Carlos are both hit but are fine. Unfortunately, Kellogg kills Dillon.

And Kellogg being Kellogg uses the portal for himself and tells Kiera that he always chooses him and goes through it. Because Kellogg did what he did the invasion cannot happen and now the portal is starting to collapse. Seeing a fallen Dillon, Kiera wants to help but Alec begs her to go back to her time.

Kiera is a bit conflicted as she doesn’t really want to say good bye to Alec or Carlos. Alec continues to beg Kiera to go back and vows to create a better future for her.

Kiera goes through the portal at the same time the Traveler appears and does something that makes him disappear too. I never quite understood the purpose of the Traveler even after Curtis told us about him in a past episode.

After Kiera goes through the portal, Curtis tells Garza, Carlos, Alec, Jason and Brad that the Traveler was able to go back to his time. Garza then wonders what about Kellogg’s plan to go back to 2012. Alec explains that they knew that Kellogg would be spying on them as he programmed the time ball. So Alec tricked Kellogg into entering the wrong date. Where did Kellogg end up? Definitely not 2012 but maybe the 1800s? Sound off in the comments if you know what time period Kellogg ended up in.

As for Kiera, she appears in a building right in front of Kagame. Kiera thinks she has failed but Kagame has no clue what Liber8 is when she mentions them. Kagame then realizes that the woman before him is from all the stories that Uncle Julian told him about and knows that this is Kiera. Alec comes running down and is a bit miffed that he missed Kiera’s arrival. Alec has waited 60 years to find out if Kiera made it after entering the portal. Kiera learns that Alec did indeed change the future as they walk along the Bloedel Conservatory that there is no corporate congress and no CPS, just the VPD. We also see that the park has been named the Carlos Fonnegra Memorial Park, something that Alec and Emily fought for. Kiera learns that Alec and Emily stayed together until her death.

Kiera wants to see Sam. Alec brings her to the park and Kiera sees Sam from afar. Alec tried to pin point her return as close as when she left (I think that’s what he said). Kiera wants to go to Sam but Alec holds her back as we see another Kiera greet her son. Alec says that what she did in the past allowed this Sam to have a safe and happy life. And the episode ends there with a special shout out to the loyal fans of Continuum.

Some unanswered questions that I have is what happened to Garza? If Emily isn’t Jason’s mom, does Jason exist? What about Brad?

Another thing I don’t understand, so there are two Kiera’s now in 2077? If so, what is Kiera going to do now? Kiera came back home to be with her son but she can’t so maybe it was for the better that she stayed back in 2015. If someone can clarify the ending to me that would be great. This show was definitely too smart for me.


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  1. Excellent show. HATE that it ended. Judging by the ending it’s ironic how Keira kept saying she just wanted to see her son again, and oddly enough that’s all she did. Knowing how much she sacrificed and lost, I’m certain that the future Alec had the intent of making certain she’d be taken care of and forced to start a new life with a new identity.
    Garza and Jason would just live out their lives and Carlos would be recognized for his duty and devotion to his respected position.
    Great show, performances and I wish all the actors future success.

    • If Rachel is anything like Kiera it would be awesome having her as a friend. Beautiful person.

    • I’m pretty conflicted by the last season; firstly I didn’t realise it would be so short, so I can excuse some faults for lack of time. But even so I can’t help but feel that it was pretty weak.

      Considering there were only six episodes, surprisingly little really happened in half of them.
      The traveller was a largely pointless character who was better left a mystery IMO, as we could at least have then been left wondering if the freelancers were good, evil or something else entirely.

      The police also got a pretty raw deal this season, with around a half dozen liquified, dozens more gunned down, several exploded and even one whose head burst. In fact, the treatment of the police in this season is my biggest gripe with the finale, as there’s no way that Carlos could have weathered the fallout after presiding over a massacre in his station, before leading a largely unsuccessful raid on a warehouse with key details either omitted or impossible to accept. At the very least he’d have been forced to resign in disgrace, if not brought up on charges along with every named character he was seen with at the end (which included several known liber8 terrorists).

      I dunno, while Keira’s “reunion” with Sam was interesting, in its way, it kind of lacked impact after so many episodes spent coming to terms with never seeing him again, seemingly ending in acceptance. I dunno, it just made more sense to me that changing the future for the better (ending the corporate congress and the future war) was always going to separate Keira from Sam forever. Trying to have both kind of cheapened the earlier conflict for me.

      In fact, I actually think I prefer season 3’s ending as a season finale, as both Keira and Brad had seemingly come to terms with never going home, found some solace in each other, only for things to be thrown up in the air once more. I think I was happier wondering what happened next to be honest, as while this fourth season wasn’t bad, I can’t really say it was a good season either.

      • OrangeAlert // October 30, 2015 at 7:47 pm //

        You bring up an excellent point: The end of Season 3 would have been a much better ending. That ending was so good, I could hardly wait for the new season. I absolutely loved the show to that point. My big disappointment: I am not a genius and even I figured out that there would be 2 Keira’s in that timeline. I really hoped they did not go that way, because if I could figure that out, certainly Eric and Keira would know, especially as it already happened to both of them. It was not even considered. Keira got a crap ending. I can appreciate fighting the urge to deliver the perfect happy ending, but this-this went too far.

      • I disagree with your take on a scandal with Carlos. First, the department whethered issues/concerns before (Betty for one) and second, Carlos was a good cop. Yes, some elements might be difficult to explain, but he would have figured out a way. In fact, he did destroy the conspiracy plot (invasion) and protect the city from the nucleur fusion (?) bomb. Lastly, in reality, look at all the crazy things Bush (W) did -some hail him as a hero, and Carlos was nothing like that! Carlos was not corrupt

  2. I wish I knew what the Jason’s note to Alec said. That was the only real missing piece for me.

    • I was waiting for Keira to give the note to Alex. That bugged me. Also what happened to her husband? They just dropped him last season and never seemed to mention him again. That really bugged me.

      • The reason for 2 keras is she jumped timeliness when she followed Alec back to save his girlfriend so she was no longer on her original time line. She saved the future, but she is still born and still has Alec….so she is an extra again as she was when she went back. Obviously her husband and her are together, still alive and had Alec…. but she can’t be with him cause she’s with him. Pointless to put him back in the show. And it wasn’t about Alec that’s why the nite only appears once. It’s about kera

    • Hello!!! I was waiting for the answer to that!!!!!

  3. I wish I knew what the Jason’s note to Alec said. That was the only real missing piece for me.

    • You aren’t supposed to know, that’s the thing. You have to remember that Jason is a genius, and smarter than Alec ever would be. He KNEW he wasn’t going to exist in the future Kiera was going to. So he wrote a note to his ‘dad’ probably just informing him he was his son in this timeline, how he ended up there, etc to help him stay on the ‘good’ path.

      • But Alec would remember Jason, even if he was never born in that timeline. He still existed in the present with Alec, and lived there until he died.

  4. In the future time line, Jason would not exist no. But, as Alec said that Jason. It’s not like he didn’t exist, that will not change.

    And yes, Kiera is stuck in the future and there is two of them. The ending of the show was actually rather tragic. In the end, she should have stayed in 2015.

    And as for Brad. I got the feeling fro the show that just as long as you go to a different reality aka the past. You can still exist just even if your reality has been destroyed.

    Hope that helps.

    • Very Tragic Kiera should of stayed in 2015 both Alec and Jason going back to 2077 has no future. They knew that there would be 2 Kiera’s because of the time continuum, and Jason will not exist in that time stamp.

  5. It was always annoying for me why she wanted to go back, when they had made so many changes the chances of Sam even existing seemed slim. It was heartbreaking, but it was a more logical result, and happy for Sam that he had the “other” Keira but I would have liked it to end with Alec sending her back to 2015 so she could at least live out her life there with the younger versions of the people she loved. Maybe a bit twee, but I think it would have worked. She could have helped with building the new world with Alec and Carlos etc. Oh well 😦

  6. Cool review. Thanks Vanessa. I thought the show was quite clever and very sophisticated but Simon Barry managed to keep it logic overall and end the story logically in my opinion. I think the show has set specific rules for the time continuum from the first season and has respected those specific rules. One rule is that when characters travel back in time through the time continuum, they suddenly exist at a certain point in time and the future from that point on is almost completely undetermined. It does not also matter at all what happens to the ancestors of the characters who travel back through the time continuum. All their ancestors could for example die before their supposed future birth, but they would still exist anyway because they traveled back through the time continuum; and as far as the continuum is concerned, they exist anyway physically in real time. For example, when Kellogg’s grandmother was killed, he was still living in 2012 because all that the time continuum knows is that Kellogg exists physically in 2012, no matter what happens to his ancestors that would give birth to him in the 2040s or 2030s. It is the same reason also why Jason continued to exist, even though Alec refused to marry Annie (Jason’s mother). Jason just won’t get born in the 2030s or 2040s. The time continuum does not know about the future as I understand it, and just accepts the existence of the characters in real time regardless of which timeline they come from.
    I think the traveler knows about different timelines because his sophisticated technology keeps record of his own historical record and the different histories that he has seen. It probably also calculates likely outcomes from the changes and events that happen in real time. I think the original purpose for the traveler was, as Curtis stated it, to observe history and understand it without modifying; however, something changed somehow and the traveler wasn’t able to return to his time, so his purpose became to share knowledge and ideas so that others may try to mend the the traveler knew it.
    When history was changed and the timeline was set in a certain direction following the work that Carlos, Alec, Edward, and Julian did, Kiera’s parents still gave birth and Kiera was born in the 2040s, got married apparently to the same husband she had met in the first timeline (maybe Alec helped a bit with that based on knowledge that he knew from her CMR). Then Sam was conceived just like Kiera wanted. May be that was a bit too idealistic in the show. Sam did not even look any different than the one in season 1. Then Kiera from the past (2015) found her future self and the future son. I think, if there were no future Kiera, then there would not have been future Sam, and there would have been just one Kiera in 2080 who arrives from 2015.
    The biggest question in the show that wasn’t answered is how the collapse was avoided, what happened to the North American Union and how were corporations dissolved or transformed. This show definitely makes a hard stand against corporate greed and corruption as well as political corruption and hypocrisy.
    My personal opinion is that the world needs something supernatural from Jesus to get fixed, with at least some humility from people. The show makes some interesting points, like that greed, wealth, and the pursuit of power are not the answer.

    • I think since Jason’s mom and Alec never got together, he stayed living out the rest of his life in 2015. The note made no sense as Alec grew older with Jason but at the time, it was uncertain if Kiera would go back to the same future. She didn’t so the note was irrelevant

    • This is the best explanation as to how to interpret the show goes! Excellent! Enjoyed reading it and realize someone else got it like I did.

    • You are right. In our only timeline (there never will be time travel), Jesus is the only savior to fix the world. When HE does return, things will start to be improved, but not until the end of the age, will the true future be utopian. Nothing can fix this world but Jesus.

      • Oh brother!

      • FabulousCarnage19 // July 26, 2016 at 10:14 pm //

        Haha, wasn’t the traveller Jesus…and he couldn’t even come up with words to describe the mess he got into. Though he did know when to take his curtain call. Notice he did point up when he went into the portal.

    • I don’t think religion is the answer, but part of the problem. Look at the world today and all its religions. I think the best answer is to be a decent human being and help others.

  7. The Barat Queen // October 10, 2015 at 3:06 am // Reply

    Me, too. I never really understood what the purpose of the Traveler was. Who is he? We need more info about him.

    • This show annoyed me with how many plot points it tossed in and either never explained or let die. I felt it was a hot mess quite often and changed course a lot. I still watched it, but I did not feel emotionally involved like I did the first season. They lost that for me. The only person I ended up really caring about was Carlos.

      • agreed. Reason why I am so unhappy the show was allowed only a final 6-episodes serie. As mr Barry said, this was at least a 7 to 10 season show, to make all work nicely together. But greed is still the first thing on Earth, and we can see it from who was paying for the show to be made.

      • Check out Samuel’s post above and you will get it.

    • I think the original purpose of the traveler was to study history and chronicle the timeline as Curtis said in the episodes before the last one, and then something changed inadvertently or he caused a change by accident and then his future ceased to exist and the timeline became more violent, corrupt, and filled with problems and economic/state collapses. Then the traveler got a new purpose, to share information and knowledge from the future, present, and past so that other people like Kiera, Curtis, and Alec may try to mend the timeline and cause positive change.

  8. Yes, there are 2 Kiera’s now as she wasn’t born yet in the past (The new Kiera was born AFTER the original Kiera left).

  9. It is a sad, but consistent ending. Kiera changed the future to a better one, but by definition, that means she can’t go home again. A version of her was born there and her son Sam is doing well, but the Kiera we have been watching for four seasons of TV is marooned from a different timeline, so there can be no reunion.

  10. Going to really miss this show, I’m with Melly Bee, wish I knew what Jason’s note said.

  11. How come Alec did not have a broken wrist in the aftermath ? It is small error that doesn’t affect the storytelling , but somehow it bugged me because I really like the attention to details.

    • When Alec and Kiera are in the car talking to Dillon they show Alec with a bandaged wrist and grimacing in pain. It wasn’t completely forgotten!

    • It was a broken finger I believe. He is shown with a dinky little bandage holding two fingers together

  12. I think Kellog was sent back a thousand + years, not just a few hundred, I mean it has to be far enough back that the city didn’t exist at all, as it was all forest, and even in the 1700’s there would no doubt be a settlement there, it was in my opinion at least back before europeans settled that continet, if not as far back as prehistory, initally I thought they had sent him back to the cretacious or jurrasic era, but then the indigenous people showed it wasnt that far back.

    I too would like some answers. What happend to Carlos, and the others that were there. The traveller could use some more explanations tbh and the biggest question imo is as you said “How are there two Kiera’s”, as there shouldn’t be really. If its the same alec that she just left a second ago, then there shouldn’t be two keira’s.

    • The second (new) Keira exists from being born after 2015. Remember, she was probably born around the 2040’s initially – so what they changed was not significant enough to prevent her parents from getting together.

      That’s somewhat a plothole in a way. As they did change a lot in the past and I’d argue that it was probably enough to knock her parents off their path to meeting each other and having kids. Additionally, there’s no guarantee that the chromosomes would have mixed the same way in the new timeline (maybe she’s a boy) and that Keira would find her husband to produce a kid that is identical to Sam. But I understand the reasoning, as it served to provide a final tragic plot twist.

      I loved this show, only thing that bothered me was the universe. It was tiny. They never make mention of anything outside of Vancouver, so the entire universe is miniscule in comparison to reality.

      • my 2 cents // October 10, 2015 at 7:23 pm //

        Sending Kellogg back to anytime where he could corrupt the local past human population is dangerous. I think the smartest thing would have been to send Kellogg back 100 million years and let him play with dinosaurs.

        Alec turned into this modified version of himself as old Alec in 2077 because he took a different path but he is the only Alec who lived from 2015 to 2077 so he is the only Alec. ‘Kiera 1’s’ husband and her Sam like everyone else from the corporate congress reality no longer exist. Everyone in this new 2077 are the like the secondary timeline people we met at the beginning of season 3 when there were two Alecs and two Kieras.

        In fact Alec and Kiera one are the only 2 people who survived from the original timeline. Even Garza, Sonia, Kellogg, Curtis, Travis, Emily, Carlos, Dillon, Julian, Brad, etc all came from the middle time line that Alec created when he went back to save Emily. The ‘Kiera 2’ from that middle timeline was killed by Brad, and ‘Alec 2’ was killed by ‘Alec 1’.

        So the Kiera in 2077 with Sam is ‘Kiera 3’ (there is no ‘Alec 3’ because ‘Alec 1’ lived everything from 2015 to 2077). ‘Kiera 3’ was born into this new reality with no Liber8 and never became a protector like ‘Kiera 1’ (since protectors do not exist in this reality)

      • The vancouver universe is small because it is easier to understand this. The smaller it is, the easier to digest this whole ordeal, and the realer the experience becomes. This is the same as the walking dead, that avoids showing major cities, other countries. They show a small view, but they try and make it as convincing as possible.

        I understand your point:)

    • I know, this time travel stuff gives most of us a headache! But yes, there HAD to be two Kieras.

      Kiera travels back to 2012, along with the Liber8 folks, and because of everything that happens during the entire series, the future that Kiera came back from no longer exists….

      In the Finale, Kellog goes into the time gateway machine, and goes back in time (prob around 1000 years), just moments before Kiera goes forward, to 2077. Kellog doing that destroys the potential future, where he was a warlord.

      Alec, Carlos, Julian, Jason, Emily, et all, are still in 2012, and create a new. positive future, moving forward, with NO Corporate Congress, no CPS (City Protective Service), corporate greed is eliminated, and freedom restored.

      Kiera is then born (probably in the 2040’s), grows up, and never becomes a Protector (there is no CPS), and never goes back in time (those circumstances never happened)….

      So, when “our” Kiera (who went back in time to 2012) arrives in 2077, there is another Kiera, because THAT one, from the new timeline, never went back in time….

      Yes, it’s a tragic final “twist”, but it had to be this way….

      However, I agree with many folks commenting here, that “something” could have been done differently — Either:

      1.) Kiera, as well as several others in 2012, HAD to know her timelime no longer existed ..and know, when she would arrive in 2077, there would be a different Kierra there, and if Sam WAS there, in this new future, he would be the “other” Kiera’s son, not hers — so they could have tried harder to convince her it was better to just stay in 2012…..


      2.) Leave the final part of the Finale the same, but after Alec shows Kiera that Sam is OK (but he’s really the son of a new Kiera), the future is OK, offer to send her back to 2015….

      • Number 2) would not work. If Alec sent Kiera back in time it could have changed that future he was living in. The 2077 Alec waited for 60 years for Kiera, it means the 2015 Alec hasn’t seen her since she left which means that sending her back could corrupt the positive timeline theiy havê built.

      • Nice one, Dax… You and I came to the same conclusions minus my reading your inputs originally 🙂 Yes, it would have been good of Alex sending her back so she could have started a relationship with Brad (or Carlos) and had a new family. But, it was never meant to be…

    • As Alec said he is the alec she left a seconds ago and that he waited for kiera for over 60yrs it means he as seen kiera been born n grown to the same kiera as now and also born another Sam cos the future change.

    • About the Kellog scene; I think it was quite bad. It could be like present day in a forest with some tribe, could be thousands of year ago.

      Would have liked that scene as closing scene with a twist: Kellog sent back to thestoneage, teaching the “humans” how to use tools, inventing the wheel, boats, and domesticating horses just so that he as tribeleader can start a war for world domination.

      Would have been perfect for Kellogs character, and showing that every action in the continuum has consecuences. And what a cool thought it would have been if Kellog was the one that kickstarted human evolution to get us where we are today!

    • Is it at all possible that Kellog became the Traveller? Wasn’t there some mention that the Traveller was really old? It seemed to me that Kellog could have found himself way far back in time and somehow found a way modify his body enough to stay alive. And as the millennia passed he learned the error of his ways and evolved into a more enlightened figure. Dunno if that’s plausible but that would be a nice little circular element.

      • The traveler was from hundreds of years in their future sent to chronicle history. No way it was Kellogg.

    • Vancouver is one of the youngest cities of North America, founded in 1888. So if Kellog was located in suburbs, most likely in a warehouse, well, it can well be indigenous people and it’s realistic.

    • Draz, Alex was never “out of the time continuum;” he was there from the start when the changes began. The Kiera “we knew” over the past 4 seasons returned “outside of the time continuum” as changes were being made, therefore any actions taken while she was time traveling (although instantaneous to here) “nullified anything” about the timeline she left and thought she was returning to. Keep in mind, a few years ago, there was an episode that showed what Kiera would have been due to the timeline already being altered as she took down liber8 in the first two seasons.

      Make sense? 🙂

  13. After all that and she can’t even be with her son??

    • She got to “see” her son again. That’s all she ever wanted.

      • That’s what she kept saying she wanted. I’m pretty sure she meant “be with her son” not just see him.

      • I know that’s what she meant but I think we all knew that was never going to be entirely possible. She got as close to her wish as possible. And she’ll at least be comforted by the fact that her son will grow up happy in a world that is peaceful and just.

      • actually…. she can find a way to get into the family as long lost
        sister of the “new” kiera and be Sam’s aunt (don’t know if “new”
        kiera would believe all the real story, but she might….)

        there are also 2 garza: the old one of liber8 that stayed in 2015
        and the young version garza that was born to a world without
        liber8 (if she was born ofcourse)

    • Maybe Alec can explain all of this to ‘Kiera 3’ and her husband. Or maybe ‘Kiera 3 has to go to the past so the changes to the timeline can continue….like in Back to the Future when Marty sees himself leave in the time machine so he can do everything he just did.

  14. See the issue is that she thought she’d be the same Kiera as “2077 Kiera” once she went back. Which bothers me as they all knew when you go back in time you don’t replace yourself in the past time, you are a separate version. Plus they kept saying So why would going forward in time be different? So I think that once she saw that Sam was ok, that “she” was there to raise him, etc., 2012 Alec could have said the note that Jason gave him said not to use time travel again UNTIL Kiera comes back to 2077, sees all turned out ok, and let her come back to 2012. Then sure she would miss Sam, but she’d know he’s being loved by “her” in his timeline, and she can stay in 2012, change her identity, marry Brad and be a cop with VPD and work under Carlos and with Alex, and learn to be happy again. What’s sad is that Jason never gets born again, so that part is weird, but the writers chose to make time travel something where each change creates a new timeline and that is why even though Alex apparently found Emily, and never had Jason (which, don’t you think is weird?) I feel that 2012Alex never felt a fatherly relationship to Jason and so it was “ok” for him to just have 2077 Jason in the 2012 world and not have him be reborn again with Amy. Bittersweet but a happy ending. Not where there’s an extra Kiera in 20177, the one we have watched for 4 years and now has to be anonymous for the rest of her life with no friends? Except Alex but he’s 80? Bleh.

  15. I did really like that they sent Kellogg back to the stone age! That was a good laugh

  16. For me the character that I understood the least across the 4 seasons is Curtis. What did he want? What was his purpose? He consistently was against Keira all through the show. He started being Liber8, died early than came back to life mysteriously and became a Freelancer. When those were eliminated he tagged along with the Traveller, assisting Brad in the killing of the other Keira. He was a Kellog ally for awhile. Than suddenly in this finally he wanted to help the Protector after being against her for 4 seasons. Can anybody clarify to me this character? Another unrelated questions, why they did not show Julian in 2077, he was alive in the previous timeline? How about Keira’s husband, they never mentioned him since season 2?

  17. I was really dreading a Quantum Leap kind of finally. Thank God it did not happen. If there was another Keira in the future, it means the whole Liber8 crue as well existed (Travis, Curtis, Kellog, Garza etc..) but they were probably normal people that did not know one another. For this reason they did not probably show them..

    • Minus Kellogg…..he grandmother died in 2012 so in this reality, Kellogg was never born.

      • Garza and the rest (if they were born), probably became good citizens, but kellog wasn’t born since his grandmother died (unless she wasn’t his biological grandmother).

  18. The traveler seemed to be a key character, as if it was not for the traveler initiating the event that sent younger Alec forward in time to tell older Alec what to do regarding sending 2077 Kiera back to 2015 (the scene where younger and older Alec meet in the white cubical room – when younger Alex says this is a paradox), the time line would not have turned out the way it did in the end. This is really unusual in time travel, since it is normally the future person that sends information back in time to his younger self in an attempt to change the future – in this case is was the reverse – younger Alec traveling forward in time (because of the traveler) to give advice to his future self. There are some strange paradoxes that can occur in time travel, such as the “bootstrap paradox”, where objects in the time line can have no point of origin – i.e. no creator.

  19. I kept wishing a raptor would appear where Kellogg was sent xD

  20. I thjnk we all liked Carlos so much was because he stayed true to who he was. Wasn’t part of the past or future. Strong inside and out. Open minded and still able to love and trust. Exceptional character writing IMO.
    With the time they had I thought it was a good finale. The fact Alec was positive means all worked out as it should. I really am glad they didn’t spend time on Keira’s husband or where Kellogg was ( although if they had five seconds to spare I too would like to have seen a raptor haha). Limited minutes. Thanks for the show these seasons. Love syfy and I’m glad they were able to fund the last season to give us and the netflix bingers to come a treat for years to come. Hey never know, maybe the DVD or netflix episodes with give us some more info. Gap filling
    Good luck to the actors!

  21. Leaves on a tree! Tracing backward in time is simpler. You go from small leaf veins to bigger veins to stem to tree. The path back is one you know. Moving forward requires knowing each twist and turn and change as you move from tree to thousands of stems to thousands and thousands of veins– very hard to go back to where you started once you go back.

    Jason’s note was likely pretty simple- something like, ” Dad, I know I don’t exist in your world anymore, but I love you and what you did was okay.”

    The fact that Kellogg’s grandmother was killed and he still existed demonstrated the multi-verse reality. Many leaves on the trees; many possible futures. Two Kieras from 2 different universes

    I knew Kiera could not end up back at her future, just a possible one.

    I was hoping that the series would end with Kiera pulling sam back to 2015 from her universe before the time portal disappeared.

  22. Kellogg went to Jurassic period, made a time machine from the dinosaurs’ bones and became the Traveler.

  23. Hello All the Time period Kellogg was sent to was 1492 or earlier. A time before columbus discovered America
    those are precolumbian indians and those are redwood trees that were plentyfull on the southeastern side of
    America at the time.Kellogg if he survives his meeting with the indians will eventually be worshiped by them as a
    God. Because of the way he appeared out of no where and the Holy Ball in his hand. He will Manipulate the situation to his advantage and then establish himself as there shaman or leader to survive and pass on information to his future offspring for eventual survival.He still has a chance to survive.

  24. Hello Vanessa Ho the answer to your question as to what time period Kellogg appeared in is 1490’s or 1492
    Precolumbus Time or before Columbus discovered America. The Indians he encountered are according to there
    symbolic Tattoos are of the same tribe Columbus claimed to have met. Kellogg will survive because he has that
    Ball in his hand and because of his Unexplained Appearance the Ability to Manipulate the situation to his advantage. I believe his presence in that Time period could be disruptive to the Time line if he survives.
    He will use his Knowledge of the future to insure his offspring’s survival at any cost and carry his message thru the centuries. He will be worshiped by the Indians as a Shaman.

  25. Haven’t seen this episode yet but from what I have read I will be disappointed by the outcome.
    based on what I read this is “WHAT SHOUDL HAVE HAPPEND”
    1. The Traveller would turn out to be the distant relative of Kiera (a great great great grandson or something) who found journals of an older Kiera who never made it back to her timeline and was forced to grow old and wait for 2077 and just watch from a far and literally pined away for her original family until her death. I thought he would have also found the same kind of situation and journals for the son and husband.

    2. The Traveller’s original mission would have been to observe and find out what really went wrong. Through his ability to manipulate the time continuum the deeper he investigated the more unhappy and tragic endings he would have found tied to these 3 peoples lives(the entire Liber8 group, etc), mostly Kiera. He decides to explore non-intrusive fixes, he makes a slight error and he’s stuck, the whole Kiera situation goes off the rails. Her partner end’s up in the 1970’s and now you get the double and triple Kiera,and Alec.

    3.The whole point of the traveller would be to set all things right on a global scale to see how it would have worked out. with the stipulation ” we can always put it back” so before Kiera stepped into the stream to go back home to 2077 the traveller would have appeared taken her by the hand and said “it’s time for you to go home”. Kiera would have been dumbfounded but would have went. he would have touched Alec’s forehead

    4. The Traveller would have made some stops along the way. First stop 2012 when everybody arrived. The traveller would touch all their foreheads. The other stops would have been the turning point for Each Liber8 member when they made that choice to cross over to terrorism or the pivotal crime that lead them to their execution. They instead would have made a different choice and lived a different happy life. (even Kellogg)

    5. The reason he touched each ones forehead was to implant other possibilities. Alec would have married Emily, he would have had and affair with Jason’s mom and Jason would have still been born. Same genius different path. Kiera should arrive back at the execution chamber to see seconds after the execution they are all dead. Only to her disbelief that these people aren’t Liber8…..these people are the ones who were standing next to the others when they made their choices. Kiera is again dumbfounded when Alec approaches with Jason. Alec explains what “The Traveller” did as they walk off together and Kiera asks about her son “Everything is mostly where and how you left it”,”well with the exception of the members of your newly formed team, the Notso8 team task force” yes Garza and the gang are on the right side of the law now. Helping to make 2077 a better place.

    Kellogg would have still been born, because Kellogg is smart he would have figured out that his grandmother getting killed didn’t have to happen. Since future 2012 Kellogg doesn’t really know much about his grandmother’s early life 2013 Kellogg would have changed the records to point to another young woman. So as time loops around, in time 2012 future kellogg would meet a different young woman and that is who died, not his real grandmother. (If not we find out Kellogg is adopted)

    Just my thoughts……

  26. after thought maybe hulu, netflix or amazon will pick this up and answer all our questions….?

  27. Someone mentioned a scene where Alec meets his older self from Keira’s timeline and encourages himself to build the time travel machine. Well, there are actually quite a few plotholes around it. First, this is 4th season Alec sent to the future by the Traveler. I imagine that future should have been Kellogg’s war future, thus no old, CEO Alec and all the original situations that sent Keira back in time. Maybe, somehow, the Traveler managed to send Alec to the timeline where Kiera originally comes, but wasn’t that timeline the one that collapsed?

    Second, if whatever happens in the present ripples thru the future, and this new timeline Alex was killed and original Alec knows everything about corporate congress and stuff, why would he need to go to the future and convince himself of changing things? Wouldn’t he already have this information? Again, maybe, somehow, the Traveler managed to send Alec to the timeline where Kiera originally comes, but this time before it collapsed.

    I believe something has to do with this “tethering” of timelines. It is evident that when someone travels back in time, they actually do it to an alternate universe’s timeline. That branch left behind is cut and collapses, so whatever happens in this new present affects only the current universe’s timeline and not the original’s, since Kellogg’s grandmother was killed and he still existed; it means there’s no feedback loop that killing one’s grandmother would make one disappear (illustrated in the tree simulation Kiera is shown when she meets the Traveler’s minions). When the “warriors” traveled back in time, they too cut the other timeline of Kellogg’s war future and traveled to a new universe (their future still existed but in an alternate universe, just like old CEO Alec’s did, and that’s why they could rescue soldiers before that timeline collapsed). The funny thing was when they mentioned that the timelines were “tethered.” It means that, when tethered, whatever happens in this present affects the future of the other branch left behind (which should belong to another universe but apparently tethering allows for a feedback loop effect, allowing one universe’s future to be consequence of the current universe’s present in the same timeline) and that’s why when Kellogg travels back to a far past, the future immediately changes and the timeline where the soldiers came from collapses immediately (I imagine that warlord Kellogg could have killed present Kellogg for his kidneys after the timelines were untethered and that wouldn’t have created a feedback effect; in the same fashion, present Kellogg could also have been killed before without affecting the soldiers’ warlord Kellogg, since their timeline now belongs to another universe the moment the soldiers traveled back in time, but present Kellogg was only kept alive for his kidneys). The logic is collapsed timelines do cease to exist but the universe to which they belong is not destroyed, thus it is possible to travel to some point of the past of that timeline/universe before its collapse (like, according to my theory, Alec could have done when he met Alec from Kiera’s original timeline/universe). But when traveling to the future, one actually travels within the current universe’s timeline and that’s why Kiera meets the Alec she just left behind.

    Long story short, the “continuum” behaves like this: if you travel back in time, you actually travel to another universe and the timeline you originally came from now belongs to a different universe and it cut at some point; the current universe’s future is new and unknown. If you travel to the future, you stay withing the same universe and timeline. The original universe’s timeline exists (the one left behind) and can be accessed by “tethering it back to the tree,” which causes the appearance of a feedback loop effect (present affects that timeline’s future which in turn can affect anyone in the present from that future) while it is tethered.

    Well, that’s only what I think makes sense. Of course, Barry wasn’t left with too much episodes to develop his ideas of time travel well. What do you people think?

  28. Up untill the last episode I was on board with Simon’s view and explanations of the space-time continuum. However, there’s one thing I don’t get. The current timeline and the one from warlord Kellog are tethered, right? So when he walked through the portal and is send back all those years, that leads to a collapse of the future timeline, because he immideatly affects that future timeline (which is now the same, because they were tethered). But why doesn’t that affect the complete timeline? So, also the initial arrival of Brad and the other soldiers of warlord Kellog? Your basic time travel paradox. They never would have made it back, because that future seized to excist. Imo when the timelines are tethered, everything should be affected. The whole branch on the three is cut off so the speak. Or am I missing something? For example, back when Kellog’s grandma died and suppose the timelines were tethered at that moment, present Kellog would have seized to excist. Shouldn’t it all be linked, in case of tethered timelines?

    Too bad the show ended. I would have loved it if Simon got more time to work out the story. 10 seasons might be a bit too much, but still. 6 episodes to wrap it all up was way too short! Obviously there are gonna be unanswered questions and plotholes.

    • Well, maybe when Kellogg passed thru the portal, the war future timeline collapsed but as soon as it collapsed it became untethered because it is no more and there’s nothing to be tethered to, except the new future to which Kiera goes. Therefore its collapse wouldn’t have affected the soldiers in the present. Though you make a good point. As you say, maybe Simon Barry was a little to rushed to explain everything in six episodes and he made a few mistakes for the sake of storytelling.

    • A common rule in Continuum seems to be that you can affect the future, but the implied paradoxes won’t cause any effect in the present. The killing of Kellog’s grandmother meant he will never be born (future timeline), but has no effect on his current life (present timeline). Same situation with Brad’s future — Kellogg entering the portal caused the future timeline to no longer exist, but his actions are just another part of the current timeline and therefore nothing in the present changes. It’s an interesting way to deal with paradox and really emphasizes the multi-universe theory of time travel.

    • Also, I felt the tethering was a bit nonsensical… The future was always tethered! The first few seasons effectively got rid of the corporate congress, showing their actions had direct causality. I think they put the whole idea of tethering into this episode to up the drama, but essentially everything was always tethered.

  29. Bittersweet AF to go through an adventure like that, only to return unable to be “yourself”….

  30. I feel the ending was deliberate in that it showed the mistakes Kiera made and how she ended up having to pay for the selfishness that was so often mentioned throughout the final episodes of the series. In the end, the mission of the time travel in the first place was a success, and Kiera was given credit for helping shape a better future. She did, in fact, shape that future by influencing Alec. That aside, she also made the decision to go back home instead of staying to ensure that the future ended up as the one they all hoped for (the one they got in the end). Due to this, she ended up stuck in that better future with a much older Alec and a family that had been born and existed without her. It was unrealistic for her to expect all those changes to happen as far as Alec and Kellogg and be able to simply go back to her time in the exact place she left off. The ending showed that sacrifices must be made for a better future for others, and that sometimes, one ends up inadvertently sacrificing their own happiness for the greater good. It also seemed to press the idea that the decisions you make to get what you truly want may not result in what is best for you in the end. Kiera would have been happier living in 2012, however she made her choice, and ended up paying the price.

  31. 2 Kiras. The Reason is that the timeline where she went back never existet.
    TImeline 1 : bad future, kira goes back
    she changes the course of history timeline 1 get destroyed. normaly she should be too but she got saved by the freelancer device. – thats why 2 kiras where one got shot exist – she came into timeline 2.
    timeline 2 not better but different, the changes lead to the alternate future and the attemp of invading the past.
    the events at the last episode destroyed that timeline too, but that doenst matter anymore since she never came out of that timelines future. in fact her timeline was already long gone.
    all she did was going into the future of that 3rd timeline

    so in recap the 3rd timeline was only possible by destroying 2 others.
    the only odd thing is the freelancer device which magically let you survive and can even create an paradox.

    but lets be honest the series was never even close to be technically correct and wasnt really the point.
    this was more about a real possible future for ourself and how people could adapt to even the most cruel conditions.
    how people get conditioned by a system or idiology and how hard it is to break out of that mental jail.

    what i really didnt like was the fact that the overall inteligent kira acts like a moron on so many occasions. specially when it comes to going back. it should have been obvious to everyone that that future wont exist anymore and going back was pointless from the beginning.

  32. I think this series is another Firefly, where it is mapped out for a large arc, then told to fit four or five seasons worth into six episodes (i.e. Serenity). Given that limitation, much of the proposed arc would have been cut out, so some of it would seem rushed or not make much sense. What resulted may well have been something like the original season 4 or 5 ending, originally with more to come.

    From what I can see of what was left, I suspect that the original Kiera’s timeline was the one that resulted from the corruption of the Traveler’s timeline, so right from the beginning, the timeline that Kiera is trying to get back to is the ‘wrong’ one, though it is the ‘right’ one for her, being that is where her life was. It is probable that the Traveler is related somehow to Kiera or Alec and he stuffed up the timeline while interacting with his ancestors, thus creating the original Kiera’s future, and likely erasing himself from existence in that timeline.

    Basically the ending was a peeling back of the layers, with each person that left through the portal changing the future as they left, shunting it back to the ‘correct’ path (or one close enough to not matter), so the original Kiera that we saw in episode one ends up in the Traveler’s corrected timeline, where an alternate version of herself already existed.

    It is possible that wherever Kellog landed was designed to kick off another story arc for a future season that will not come to pass anymore.

  33. My theory of ‘time travel’ (fictional):
    1- No paradoxes. Each ‘time jump’ to the past creates a new timeline (branch), unless you are a mere observer with neither physical presence nor interaction (like a ghost). The ‘former’ timeline will continue as a parallel universe or, in some cases, will collapse. You cannot change the ‘former’ timeline. This is somehow established in the show. Therefore, no complains.
    2- Straight timelines. Each ‘time jump’ to the future will be in the same timeline (like skipping time in a cryogenic chamber). This was established in the show’s finale. Therefore, no complains. I would add to the ‘theory’, if you previously have come from a future timeline and it didn’t collapsed, you could return to it but after the instant you left (like if you disappeared). However, that would not had been a satisfactory ending because all the fight for a better future would had been a waste of time.
    3- The future is not written (related to point 4). When travelling to the past, it surely will be tendencies and events that will likely happen but some events could be changed, with the exception of some natural events or disasters. In addition, observing a future event (foretelling) could change such event. This is established in the show. Therefore, no complains.
    4- In different timelines will be different persons (related to point 3). Unless they have already born when you arrive to the ‘past’, the persons of your ‘former’ timeline won’t exist in the new timeline because of the random. Maybe some will have the same parents, gender and name but they will be genetically different. Probably they will be psychologically different. Even the ones already born won’t be exactly like the ‘former’ person (environment, background, chance, etc.). Therefore, no identical ‘Jason’ and no ‘twin’ Kiera when she jumps to the future. The show failed there.
    5- No circular references (in the same timeline). It is not clear if in the ‘first’ timeline Alec developed the technology by himself or if he received the knowledge from his future self (à la Terminator). That is a dubious point in the show.
    6- No beacons and no tethering. I don’t see how to fit the beacons and tethering concept in my theory. It is tricky, to say does not make sense. What if Kellogg were killed before they tethered the timelines, for example.

  34. Probably the best show I have ever seen. Why is it the best shows that make you use your brain get cancelled and shows that have no depth go on season after season. Anyway, I tip my hat to all the actors in this show. You all did amazing. The writers, I don’t know how you guys did it but pulled off a brilliant story with so much depth and substance. I just have to say, how did the writers keep a certain evil company Sonmanto in real life from coming after them. It was pretty hilarious how they changed the letters in that word to keep from getting called out but they sure made their points.
    I read all the comments on the final show. I was bummed at first but:
    I don’t know what it is like to be a mom. I hear a mothers love is stronger than any love out there which is what kept Kiera in constant conflict with her heart but her proven character helped her stay the course to sacrifice for everyone’s future. Now she does choose to go back after Alec’s prodding at the end. Kellog’s timeline collapsed, there would be no invasion, there was really no more Liber8 so possibly no more threat. Because of that, Kiera I assumed walked through the time tunnel. Knowing what we saw in her each season, if her friends or the world would still be in danger, she would immediately, if not eventually always put them first despite her longings as a mom. If the invasion was still imminent or some evil remained, she wouldn’t have gone in that last episode. In fact, that was her plan up until Kellogg removed the threat through his own selfishness. She said something in one of the final episodes about how she did right by everyone else and I believe she probably did. She was willing even in the last episode to destroy the machine that could send her home.
    Okay, so she walks through the timeline after seeing the threat removed, everyone as they should be, Alec as good Alec, Carlos safe and in charge, Julian flying straight, Liber8 undone, Curtis done being “evil”, and Kellogg out of the way. So we at least have that. See that, she then can allow her desire as a mom to fully come out.
    She loved Alec, Carlos, Jason, Julian probably and the rest but her love for her son trumped all those loves so though she would miss them she had longed for her son for 3 years and had the opportunity though slim to see him again.
    So the question:

    If her son Sam was really there, shouldn’t she have known another Kiera would be there right then when she leapt foward? Not necessarily. If nothing changed and the future was the same so there was corporate congress, CPS and time travel, the “new” Kiera could have become a CPS agent, got caught up in the room with Liber8 and travelled back. If young Alec would have sent 2015 Kiera back to the future a day or few days after the 3rd (new) Kiera would have travelled back, she would be with Sam and there would be no new Kiera there.

    It is possible but not probable because I doubt Alec knowing what he knows would give Liber8 the travel device and send them with her to the past so probably unlikely especially knowing the reason he sent them was to undo what he did and sent her to steer his younger self on the right path. Since everything would be corrected, there really would be no reason to send new Kiera back unless he wanted 2015 Kiera to have Sam so bad he would banish his true mom, new Kiera to the past to go through all that pain, probably unlikely. But let’s say it did happen. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be the same because Sam and the Kiera who just travelled to the past would have had different experiences and memories that the Kiera that lept forward wouldn’t have had. Someone else would have been Sam’s mom and 2015 Kiera would have taken over once new Kiera went back.
    If she took over, how could she live with herself knowing the Kiera that travelled back would be doing everything to get back to the future to be back with Sam since that Sam would be hers not the Kiera who lept forward?

    So not sure even if there wasn’t another Kiera present, once Kiera left forward to be with Sam, I don’t know, once explained what she would have done with that information knowing her other self was frantically trying to get back to that Sam and that Sam was not hers especially remembering the agony she went through and how the other Kiera would be experiencing the same thing. And knowing new Kiera would get back 3 years later, what then? Not sure if 2015 Kiera would allow herself to kidnap Sam and not let new Kiera ever see him.

    What about sending Kiera back to 2015 after she sees her son is doing great, the future is awesome and everything is how it should be. She is now friends with old Alec and pretty much everyone else she loved is either dead or near dead and she has to live life a vagabond with no one. That does speak to sacrifice. However, why couldn’t she have leapt back as others have said? Sam is well taken care of, the future is bright so let’s go back to my friends in 2015 and live out my life.

    I am not sure as a mom, though she couldn’t literally be with her son, could have handled not being there in the same time with her son in some fashion. Even though other Kiera was his real mom, not seeing him and knowing that Sam was being raised, would grow up, get married, have children, and not knowing or experiencing that even from afar, I don’t know if she could have handled going back and leaving him. She could have been his protector in the shadows to ensure he had a safe and good life. Leaving him there, she would probably feel like she was abandoning him though other Kiera was there. Because she is a mom and like most moms I hear about, even if she couldn’t be with her son, she would do everything in her power to ensure he had a great life. She may have thought being his protector who he never saw would satisfy that for her. How can she live in the past not knowing if he gets hurt, killed, or whatever and she could have prevented that by being there. It might be greater than she could bear so as a mom would let go of her great relationships in 2015 for the well-being of a child who is not really hers but was in a different timeline to ensure his life in this timeline is amazing though she won’t be able to directly share in it with him. That is ultimate sacrifice for a mom which may be why the show had to end as it did.
    Great show! I am truly grateful for it. I am truly ticked at Showcase I believe it is for ending the show. SyFy couldn’t carry it alone. This was the most clever show on television and they ended it because it dropped in ratings a bit. They pulled another Firefly failure but Continuum was way better than Firefly and way deeper too. Showcase should have cancelled more mindless shows to have more money to pour into Continuum or try to get it more in the forefront of mainstream media. It didn’t have to be cancelled. Someone else said, this show was completely against corporate greed and unfortunately this is why the show was cancelled, because it wasn’t bringing in enough money. So sad. Thanks to the writers and actors for staying true to this show for us. We appreciate you.

    Thank you Rachel and whoever else for helping produce the last season, I am assuming partly because Showcase was unwilling to foot the money to end the final season. Thank you to you all for making this work. A number of you probably sacrificed dollars to give your fans a final season. We may never know the sacrifice you made to make this happen but we thank you all the same and appreciate you.
    Maybe you can make a movie to answer some things or maybe it is best being unanswered. We will just have to wait to find out.

    By the way, best part of the whole show for me was the moment good Alec and Kiera had after evil Alec was killed on the roof and Kiera wasn’t sure which Alec lived and Alec reassured her of who he was and that he knew she would still come back for him and then she let him know she was willing to give up her future because she believed in a better future he would create. That is the most powerful part and I think everything comes together on that roof. Brilliant. It solidifies their relationship, the unbroken deep trust each had for each other though circumstances blurred things at times. Who could steer a child who would could grow up to be a monster in the right direction, who better than a mom. Kudos to future Alec for sending back a pro, a hardcore woman who was a mom who would never give up on someone. She never stopped believing he could change. Her faith in him I believe was one of the catalyst that led him to abandon his evil future. Way to go Kiera and Alec! Thank you all!

  35. I disagree with the 2 Kiera’s version. A slight modify in a timeline affects all the course of life. Eg: If some arab guy wasn’t born in 1763, you would not be reading this…

  36. Oh, and time travel cannot be possible. If I go back or forward in time, I would appear in some random place in the universe because the solar system is in constant movement.

    PD: Loved Continuum, as it may not appear.

    • If the technology exists to send someone through time, I would assume it could also allow you to select where they end up in space; we can account for the movement of our solar system right now, assuming no unexpected events. The main difficulty is account for changing landscapes, which happens in the first episode when the council chamber correlates to part of a bridge, though it was never confirmed that that’s the exact location where the council chamber would be in the future.

  37. Biggest problem with the ending was kellogg sent back to a time where he could possibly make a huge difference to human history more so than in 2015

    • That’s kind of what I thought too; that said, unless he was carrying a firearm when he went through, he’s not going to have an easy time talking his way out of the situation with a tribe that won’t speak English. That said, the possibility remains (if they didn’t see him as a devil or whatever), which is why I was expecting dinosaurs; harder to reason with giant hungry lizards 😉

  38. I loved the ending and thought it was about the only logical way to conclude things. However, there is one established loophole they could’ve used to give Kiera a happier ending: Just one or two episodes ago, Curtis (the Asian freelancer), who was resurrected from being dead in another timeline, said his consciousness was merged with his duplicate in the current timeline. So, why not do the same with Keira, and merge her with the Kiera in the new future, and therefore allow her to be “reunited” with her family? Maybe it couldn’t be done because Kiera wasn’t dead like the Curtis was, but given what was established in the show it seems at least a possibility. Just a thought.

  39. The timeline has been changed numerous times, predating Alec, Kiera, and Liber8.

    Alec should have never been born, because (presumably) his father Escher came from the future, or was the result of the future in some way. Additionally, much of what Alec used came from Escher’s work. So whoever created time travel in the original timeline was not Alec, and it was probably came about much later than 2077. I thought the Traveler would have been a good candidate for this, who could have messed up time by fathering Escher (or actually being Escher, fathering Alex) – explaining the “time travel is the family business” line. I was disappointed Escher was never explained.

    We also know that Chen must have come through from another timeline (like Alex did) since we saw him killed when he was with Liber8.

    I think the rules of time travel were well done, and I thought the tragic ending was really great. I understand some don’t the ending, but for me it redeemed the series from some of the cheesy, dubious, and nonsensical aspects that I won’t go into to.

  40. It seems everyone misses one thing. If Kellogg was sent back in time he could alter their present. For instance, what if he killed one of their early ancestors? I don’t think Alec would have risked sending him back in time unless it was pre-mankind, like the dinosaur era.

  41. I absolutely love the show Continuum but I hated the ending. Kiera had worked and sacrificed so much and all she wanted to do was to be reunited with her family, however at the end she was still prevented from doing this. I wanted the ending to be a happy reunion with her son and husband or for her to just slot back in as if she’d never left. I am a person who loves happy endings at the end of stories, but obviously producers want to add excitement and twists to the story. The ending for me left so many unanswered questions like: what will Keira do now in 2077? Should she have stayed back in 2015? Will Sam ever meet Keira? Who will Keira be friend with? Will she be all alone? Etc..etc. However, I tried to predict a nicer ending for myself as I felt like the 3 years that Keira, Carlos, Alec and everyone had to battle through had gone to waste. Yes they save the future which was one of the main aims throughout the series but another main aim was to send Keira back home to her family. Even though, deep down I think Keira knew that there might be a possibility of there being two Keira’s, she refused to believe it. For me the ending kind of ruined the show because it ended with Keira crying as she couldn’t properly be with her son. It should have ended with Keira being happy and her getting the future that she both wanted and deserved, which is what every Continuum fan wanted. Right? Anyway, I tried to rewrite a few different endings for myself. The first one was that Keira would go through the portal with enough time to meet Sam, but realise that there is two Keira’s. She meets her husband and everyone and explains everything to them; about Liber8, the Corporate Congress, time travel… They would then understand and Keira would have enough time to make it back to the portal. She would then realise that she can’t stay in 2077, but would then have the opportunity to say a proper goodbye to her family, understand that her son is safe and happy and that she can then start a new life for herself back in 2015 and continue her already forged relationships with Alec, Carlos, Brad… My other idea is that Keira sees that the other Keira is with her son and husband, like in the original ending. She then goes and works of the VPD. Then, when Sam is a little bit older she tells him, the other Keira and her husband about everything and they understand her. She then continues her life in 2077 and then eventually meets someone else and starts a new life with them, however still sees Sam frequently. Did any other Continuum fans think of alternate endings, or is it just me?😂 Sorry I wrote so much, I just had to rant and write down everything I was thinking. Thanks for reading fellow Continuum fans💞

    • Returning to her former time was never a possibility because an alternate timeline was created when the past was disrupted (time travel rule established in the show). In addition, returning to her former time would have not been a happy ending because the existence of the corporations’ tyranny. For me, the ending sucks, not because she cannot reunite with her son, but because it is not plausible that an IDENTICAL Kiera and an IDENTICAL Sam existed in the new timeline. It’s a matter of random probability and genetics.

  42. Why is nobody talking about the really really old Kagame who was but a baby in 2015. We should have met (old Julian same age as old Alec) and a younger spry Kagame. This really bothered me.

  43. Food for thought: what if Kellogg is indeed the traveller?

  44. I haven’t tried to figure out all of the exact physics aspects. For me the overall spiritual/life lessons are what remain to be pondered. Kiera’s leaving was simply the wrong choice but she was blinded by the grief/longing/passion that kept growing in her to go home…and Sam. Here she was in 2015 with a whole new life ahead of her as an awakened being, knowing in her heart that she HAD done what was needed. She even fell in love. She was free from the programming that had defined her in her old life. But, and its a big but that truly does cancel everything that comes before, she couldn’t let go of the past (which in this case is actually the future). She couldn’t even think right she was so blinded by what she thought she had there in Sam. Had she just seen the obvious (and the rest of the bunch too…but they also got caught up in her desire for what she had had) she would have realized that there would be two of her in the future. All of her growth to become a whole being happened in 2012-2015….all the rest was a vague dream since she was barely awake.

    I’m going to watch it again. I know the term awake is meant spiritually. But for now what strikes me is how foolish it is to hold on to a dream. And that when you do hold on it grows in strength and then can envelope you and take over….turning life into something that can only be observed, as Kiera is now mostly condemned to be doing when what she had was so much better, deeper, richer and way more fun since she had toys that no one else had. Just to stay and choose one of her potential new romantic partners would have been so much better than opting for the boring husband (who was so boring he was not even mentioned) she left in the future and a son that didn’t need her because he had her already. That was sad to me. And I see it everyday. The real life passionate experiences that we throw out to pine for an idea of how good things used to be or the people we have lost.

    I just wish Kiera had realized all of this and not gone through. A very very sad ending for a woman who deserved to be happy…and actually knew it was time for “to care about herself”….but in the end made one of those choices that ruin the rest of life, instead of being present and appreciative and happy in the here and now.

  45. What happened to Kiera’s husband?

  46. I was ok with the ending I would have wanted more of a conclusion but I was ok with it. As for Kiera I get the future changed and her family never really lost her but she also couldn’t stay in 2015 because in the end although she missed her son she didn’t belong there she belonged in the future we saw you really didn’t fit so now she gets to reclaim her life and start over

  47. First of all, “Simon Barry,” you “SUM-B*TCH!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO KIERA?!?!?!?!?!? 🙂 🙂

    Secondly, the “concept” of Jesus is just that, “a concept.” Anyone who believes in such a being must dig in the “butt cheeks of bunnies” looking for Easter Eggs and the lot. Jesus isn’t fixing anything that he HASN’T/SHOULD HAVE FIXED ALREADY if he were a real person with the power spoken of (supposedly). Now that I’ve stated this, stop trying to hijack this intuitive thread of time travel “WITH YOUR RELIGULOUS (“religion” and “ridiculous” mashed together if you’re wondering) MUSINGS” and stay on target (the concept of “time travel”). People came here to share thoughts of the wonders of time travel, and not see how you wasted your Sundays over the course of your lives (get an NFL cable package or something, geez….)
    Now, the “key” to the whole thing was held in the statement “Kellogg wiped out their (invading soldiers) entire future/timeline when he stepped through.” “That” should have been the clue that whatever good was accomplished over the last 4yrs, once Kira left for her time, finally, her future wasn’t going to be there; in a sense, halfway through the second season, we all had a feeling that her future wasn’t going to be there and should she return, she’d be just like Jason, Garza, and Brad, “relics” from a timeline that “never existed.”

    The character of Kiera was just too stubborn to accept it, therefore, “we all” allowed her stubbornness to guide us away from what we’d all learned over time in this show, “time is “immediately altered” when actions of the future are nullified in the past. Sh*t, she made us “believe” (although we all knew better) even though Simon Barry had already painstakingly laid out the law of time travel for the series. Cripes, even before she walked into the portal, “I” knew that her future was not going to be the same due to the fact the Liber8 was neutralized 2 seasons ago, therefore “there had to be a new future she was going back to;” what we all forgot to consider is that once (based on the concept of time laid down by Simon Barry) a person is severed from their timeline, (i.e., the shooting of Kellog’s grandmother was a fine example), “that individual” becomes the “source of the family tree.” As of the end of the series, Kiera was the “first” of whatever family tree she chose to make now that she’d been severed (by time) from the only timeline she knew/belonged to; deep down, I was crushed like everyone else seeing how “empty” the remainder of Kiera’s life was going to be without the son she’d spent four years (3 based on the time in the show) trying to get home to; it’s not fair, but something needed to be done to show Kiera her biggest strength (persistence) was also her pitfall. She wanted to go home, and many of us wanted to see that, but we were all “lulled to sleep” and forgot about the possibility of there being “two Kiera’s” once she got back due to her original time line being wiped out due to all the good that had occurred over the course of 60yrs, courtesy of Alex and the others…

    That being said, Garza, Jason, and Brad became the root of their own family trees, and only Kiera and Old Alex had knowledge that such a phenomenon had existed. The “crazy” thing to now consider is that “what if” old Alex were to have some sort of illness that required a blood transfusion from a relative? Think about it; old Alex said he and Emily lived together until her death “but they never had any children” (slap me if I missed something). Therefore, in this farcical example, “if” Alex need a blood transfusion of some sort, would he be capable of getting a blood transfusion from one of Jason’s descendant’s? And, if that were to happen, would that create a debacle in the present time of how two separate families of no direct lineage share the same physiology???? Wouldn’t that be great trying to see someone from 2080 figure that out, all the while Kiera and Alex knew the truth??? Who wouldn’t “kill” to see a spinoff addressing that phenomenon, eh? (Simon Barry, don’t make me bring this to fruition without you). 🙂

    So, in closing, I also vote “yes,” Kiera should have stayed, but you have to admit, as spinoff would be awesome. JUST CONSIDIER THIS: what if the peaceful present that had come to past had a an “off screen person” that knew of all the things done to push time into the ending that had resulted suddenly “took things apart” and the answer can only be found by sending Kira back to the end of season 4???

    Possibilities, people, possibilities… 🙂


  48. Thanks, my 2 cents…that was the clearest explanation yet of an extremely complex storyline…appreciated…

  49. Kiera made friends when she went back in time. She will make more friends when she goes forward in time. Enjoy the present!

  50. Kiera’s episode when she had to speak to her suits psyche evaluator, she was supposed to accept her fate that she may never see her son again. At that time, she should have stayed. Does her power armor benefit her in the future?

  51. So i just finished the entire 4 seasons of the show on Netflix…. AWESOME! But I don’t know how everyone is confused about Keirras ending, there was a huge deal about 2 Alec’s in season 3. Keirra went back to 2077 however its a new version and Keirra in this timeline never left. You can’t have 2 so when Alec grabbed her by the arm and told her its for the best, he’s pretty much telling her she’s the one getting shot in the head.
    Great show and I’m sad it ended!

  52. The finale was weak.
    Knowing she could never be with her Son, after her portal leap….Is heartbreaking, so I honesty believe Kiera knowing this should just ask Alec to return her back to 2015 instead, marry one of the two guys (Carlos is sexy, Brad also).Have another child\Family .or..Before returning from the future, she acts like the other Mom\Kiera, so she can bring\ take her Son, Sam with her, live happier, as she hoped before the new 2077 occurred, yet time travel back with Sam and simply return to 2015, later just marry one of the other guys, lol! See, problem resolved! Maybe not clearly, yet better,.
    I wouldn’t had left the year 2015, yet I was awaiting for Carlos to kiss her before leaving.

    I honestly was, still am hopeful for more episodes, or spin off from our unanswered question’s, like the Traveler dude, above comments’ also ect. Hopeful.

    • I think the problem is every time you go back in time, the impact your presence there makes changes it, so if Keira went back to 2015, the 2077 that was the season finale would be altered somehow. Alec made it clear that sacrifices must be made, etc., so Keira stays put there. Her only timeline, and the only place she could return to is the exact situation she came from, and apparently no one wanted that. Any CEOs want to chime in on that last?

  53. The show ended terribly. They changed timelines and saved everyone, meaning hundreds of thousands did not die and all events were changed. Other Keira would likely have never been born, nor her husband, even more unlikely to have met, gotten pregnant – with Sam no less. It’s ridiculous the amount of effort went into how one decision could radically alter everything but thousands of new decisions leave 2080 (or whatever year it is) completely different, every action changed yet all the people are like finite events – though the series showed clearly the opposite. It wasn’t that the show was too smart; it wasn’t smart enough.

    As for Kellogg, he obviously went to the same place but so far back in time that no civilisation existed other than unrecognisable tribal people very different from the native peoples at the time “New World discovery”.

  54. Richard Oakley // June 24, 2017 at 5:43 am // Reply

    It was absolutely vital that Kellogg went into the time portal. That enabled the Traveller to return to his. I have to say that I thought the native who emerged from the behind the tree looked like Curtis Chen with hair. I’d guess Kellogg swallowed the arc and became the Traveller. Just because Kellogg isn’t going to become a warlord in 2039 does not mean there won’t be warlords.

    It was equally vital that Kiera went through the portal. Had she stayed, the future would have remained the one she came from (and the same as the one Kiera 2 came from). It was only her going that made her friends vow to change the future for her. Kiera had a rather childlike view that her presence in the past was an accident and not deliberately designed by Alec (who chillingly did not give any thought towards Elena).

    Alec Sadler is a temporal anomaly. Any time line including is an anomaly that can’t exist without him. When he went one week back, he created a new anomaly and the previous timeline ceased to exist.The Freelancers had to help Kiera 1 cross. Kiera also believed Alec told her everything. That wasn’t true. The older Alec specifically told his younger self not to tell Kiera what was in the message she took back with her. She never saw the older manipulative Alec in the younger. She never did really start thinking for herself.

    Alec tells Kiera that the world is peaceful because of her. Whilst she formed bonds between people who would otherwise not have formed them, she hasn’t done anything to lead to someone ascribing world peace to her. The lack of some people and a memorial park to Carlos strongly infers the path to peace wasn’t peaceful. Kiera now exists as the Freelancers told her ‘as someone who does not exist’. Kiera would soon realise that as idyllic as her 2077 time now is, she has no part in it.

  55. I feel sorry for the alec from the timeline she left he waited for 60 years and she never showed up.he even said we may have to wait 60 years to find out guess when Kellogg stepped through it must have slipped his mind that a whole new timeline would be created and that’s the one she would arrive in not in his.

  56. So really the shows ending was wrong when Kellogg created a new time line everything went so perfect cause it would have been a timeline where Keira never traveled to when she actually arrived no one would have known her not even alec.

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