Continuum Season 4 “The Desperate Hours” Recap

It is the penultimate episode of Continuum’s final season and a lot went down tonight that will lead to the series finale.

We start the episode with Carlos questioning Travis. It seems the VPD have nothing to hold Travis on and his lawyer wants him released. Kiera and Alec are watching the interrogation from his office and knows that Kiera’s association with Travis might expose the truth about them but also knows that no one will believe they are from the future. As the interrogation continues, Travis attacks his lawyer. The cops accidentally taser the lawyer in trying to get to Travis and when they do taser him, it doesn’t affect him at all. Travis tells Carlos that he will regret not letting him go and also for continuing to protect Kiera.

Nora is reviewing the interrogation footage and is not happy with Carlos about the Travis situation. Nora reads the file on Travis and learns that he has nanotechnology in his body that gives him self-healing powers. Nora doesn’t care what is going with Kiera but that she wants Carlos to put away Liber8 and find out why Piron wants Travis.

Kiera and Alec go to see Kellogg and on the way both are unsure if they can trust him or even Brad. At the meeting, Alec and Kiera asks Kellogg for access to one of Piron’s lab space and that he is to leave them alone and to help them gain access to the Future Soldiers’s warehouse.

As Kiera leaves Kellogg’s office, she runs into Dillon and pretty much tells him he doesn’t have to work for Kellogg.

Later on in the Piron lab, the plan is further discussed. Kellogg is to use the trust of the Future Soldiers have of him against them so Kiera can get into the warehouse and stop the invasion and then go home. Kiera wants to know what will Kellogg do once she is gone but he says that it no longer concerns her once she made the mission about herself.

Later, Kiera meets with Brad and says she needs his help so they can both go home to their futures. Kiera offers the key as a sign of good faith so that Brad gives her access to the machine. Brad tells Kiera that there is a real opportunity that her future and her son won’t be there when she returns home.

At the warehouse, Brad learns from Zoe that it wasn’t Zhorin that put his family on the list but it was Marcellus and if he did so then it because Brad’s sister and nephews are really alive. Later, Brad tells Zhorin about Kiera returning the key and he asks what does Kiera want in return. Brad says it doesn’t matter what she wants as she won’t get get. Zhorin tells Brad that the commander (i.e. Kellogg) told them to come back to this point in time as they can make different decisions and from my understanding was/is unable to do time travel. Rollins informs Zhorin that the machine is ready and they all go off for a celebratory drink.

Back at Travis’ jail cell, Carlos tells him that he will be in front of court soon and tells a bit of Kiera’s plan about going home. Travis thinks that Kiera is going to go back to her state pre-time travel and offers to help Carlos to get Kiera to stay in the present.

Dillon visits Carlos in his office to say he is here to take Travis to Piron. Dillon is also there to give Carlos evidence of Kellogg hiring Emily to kille Escher.

con405At the Piron lab, Kiera discusses her conversation with Brad to Alec, he replies that maybe Kiera could always stay and not go back. As the two work away, Kellogg is spying on them and copying everything they’ve done.

When the two complete their work, Kellogg wants to know what’s next. The two don’t share that information and leave Pirion. Outside of Piron, Carlos’ arrets Kellogg for Escher’s murder. Before he is put in the squad car, Vasquez places a tracking device on him. Meanwhile, Kiera and Alec aren’t happy with Carlos for arresting Kellogg and ruining their plan.

Back at the VPD, Carlos tells Kiera and Alec that he is tired of protecting everyone and that Kellogg committed a crime and needs to be punished. Carlos wants Emily to testify against Kellogg but Alec doesn’t know where she is at.

Meanwhile, Kellogg is in the same cell next to Travis. When Kellogg offers his condolences over Sonya and Lucas, Travis tells him he can’t believe he ever was one of them. Kellogg says he is the one that embodies Liber8 but Travis disagrees. Kellogg then tells Travis that he wants to study the technology that is inside him.

Brad then calls Kiera as a way to get her away from the VPD. But Alec sees Brad on the surveillance cameras and alerts Kiera how turns back. We then see Zoe and Vasquez in VPD uniforms and blasts their way towards the holding cells.

Brad arrives to confront Carlos and uses some sort of device that shuts down all comms and security cameras as well as creates a blast that allows him to escape. Brad goes after Alec to the rooftop of the VPD to get the key. Brad breaks Alec’s wrists and manages to get the key.

Meanwhile inside the VPD, Vasquez and Zoe get into a gunfight with Carlos and the VPD while Kiera makes her way to Kellogg’s cell to break him free and Travis asks for her to free him to.

We see that she does because Travis gets into a gun fight with Vasquez that results in him also killing Zoe.

On the roof, Kiera reluctantly exchanges Kellogg for Alec only to stop Rollins below from killing Carlos and the VPD. Kellogg doesn’t want to go as he knows he just a kidney donor for his future self. But Kiera promies him that she will make this right. Brad, Kellogg and Vasquez leave via helicopter.

As Rollins continues to shoot everything and everyone in sight, he is just about to kill Carlos but Travis, who returned after being tempted with escape, to save him. Rollins pumps tons of bullets into Travis but he’s fine. As Rollins pulls the pin from a grenade, Travis stops him and ends up sacrificing himself as it goes off but only after Carlos and the surviving VPD officers have escaped.

Outside the VPD, in the aftermath Alec realizes that Kellogg, not Brad is their inside man. Also, Alec notes that Kiera’s chances of returning home are disappearing. When they go meet up with Carlos, he isn’t happy that he let Kellogg go but she says she had to for Alec. Carlos says that Kiera maybe should face facts that isn’t going home and that she should stay here in the present. Carlos then demands to know where Brad is from Kiera so he can pay him back for what he did to the VPD.

Side Note: I actually happened upon the filming of the aftermath scene while on my lunch break. Here are some images from the filming in the gallery below:

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We are unsure if Kiera will do it or not. And after that ending, I really have no clue how Continuum will end. Tonight’s episode had so much going on that it confused me quite a bit. Also, another episode with no Garza, even Kellogg wondered if she was still alive.

Share your theories on how you think Continuum will end in the comments.

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2 Comments on Continuum Season 4 “The Desperate Hours” Recap

  1. Thanks for the great recaps. Especially like when you note Vancouver locations (yes, more of that, please). Sad there’s only one more ep. No idea what will happen. And sad that Garza was absent: maybe it was a budget thing, and they’re saving Garza for some kick-ass girl power in the series finale. I hope so.

  2. Thanks for the recaps. I enjoyed reading it even after watching it.

    Originally, I thought Keira will return home to the point right before the execution of Liber8. Time travel would not yet be possible because it was destroyed in the past.

    But now, I think there are different possibilities.

    1. The show will end when Keira is faced with a decision whether or not to go home because her future may not be what she wants. This ending will leave it open for a future spin off, but also annoy me a lot.

    2. This is a fairy tale ending and rather unlikely in today’s time and age – Keira will go home to a different world with all the characters playing different roles in a better future. Not sure if this is a good idea though.

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