Continuum Season 4 Episode 1 “Lost Hours” Recap

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron, Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra and Stephen Lobo as Kellogg

The following recap and review contains spoilers for the season 4 premiere of Continuum that aired on 13 different digital platforms but won’t air on Showcas till September 4 and also won’t air in the U.S. until September 11. So if you don’t want to know how this season ends then stop right here. If you want to know, then please read on.

After a quick recap of the first three seasons with a heavy focus on the season 3 finale, we pretty much kick things off where season 3 left.

Emily and Alec are reunited after he decides not to press charges for trying to kill him (in reality the other him). The couple are grateful for Carlos’ help who in turn wants Alec’s help in getting Piron resources for the department now that he is the acting chief in Dillon’s absence. Unfortunately, Alec informs Carlos that Kellogg tricked the other him into signing away his company.

Meanwhile, Brad and Kiera turned on the signalling device which resulted in the Future Soldiers arriving. The two make a run for it and Brad says he will rejoin the Future Soldiers as they are his peeps and perhaps infiltrate their ranks to see what they are up to. One Future Solider is chasing Kiera around a uniform cleaning warehouse that is around Ontario and West 3rd in Vancouver. Kiera uses the invisibility feature of her CMR to escape but eventually the Future Soldier blasts her unconscious into one of the delivery trucks. During the chase, we see a man with dreads over look through a futuristic looking window into present day downtown Vancouver skyline.

When Kiera wakes up, she discovers that it is September 25, 2080 and that she has been in a medically induced coma to help treat her injuries after the execution chamber explosion. Kiera tells her doctor that she had the most vivid dream and the doctor replies that it was her CMR putting her through a simulation when a head trauma occurs. Kiera has a tearful reunion with Sam but then realizes something is up when her CMR shrink Mr. Fairweather appears; she really knows something is a miss when Older Alec comes to tell her that she changed the past that helped the future. Older Alec switches to Alec and eventually we hear Carlos’ voice too. It was all dream as Kiera’s CMR kicked in the 2080 simulation because she suffered a head trauma. Carlos tells Alec to take Kiera somewhere safe while he sorts of the mess the Future Soliders have caused.

Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler, Ian Tracey as Jason and Magda Apanowicz as Emily

Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler, Ian Tracey as Jason and Magda Apanowicz as Emily

Alec takes Kiera to other Alec’s really nice house. Once there, Kiera tells Alec her desire to return home to 2077 and wants his help. So the next morning, Kiera is greeted with quite crew as in the living room are Alec, his son Jason, Emily and Lucas working on a plan of revenge against Kellogg. Kiera doesn’t understand how that will help her get home. Alec informs Kiera that Kellogg took his company and therefore the tech to help her get home. So that’s way they are working on getting the company back from under Kellogg.

Speaking of Kellogg, Curtis visits him and once again offers him help for his future. Kellog refuses Curtis’ help, which he replies that decision will hurt him in the end.

At the precinct, Carlos is giving a status update to Inspector Harris on the appearance of the Future Solders without getting into specifics. Harris knows that Kiera is somewhat involved considering she is part of Liber8. Carlos assures Harris that Kiera is undercover with Liber8 and shares with her that Dillon is on the road to recovery so he will no longer have to be acting chief. Harris then tells Carlos that she hears that Dillon is quitting the VPD.

Meanwhile, Lucas and Garza meet up where he informs her what is going on with Kiera and Brad and Kellogg. Garza knows they can’t trust anyone and is ready to spring into action.

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg

Back to the plan to take down Kellogg, Alec goes to see Julian at a coffee shop where he is hanging out with political activist friends. Since Julian still works for Piron, Alec needs his help and Julian is up for it once he hears Alec’s plan. Elsewhere, Kiera and Carlos pay Kellogg a visit to get some answers about what went down with the other Alec. So the two crash Kellogg’s dinner party where he isn’t cooperative at all. During the party though, Alec and friends have managed to hack into Piron’s server and get the information they need. Kiera and Carlos plead innocence to the hack. Kellogg then calls Alec to fire Julian and then threatens him to fix the hack.

Carlos then suggests to Kiera that if she wants answers then she needs to talk to Brad. So the next morning after finding out from Alec the data he stole can help her get home, she asks for his help in finding Brad.

Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler  and Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler and Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

With the CMR suit now fully repaired where Alec is connected once again to Kiera, he sends her around town searching a signal of where Brad could be. As Kiera nears a potential building, Garza approaches her (thanks to a tip from a eavesdropping Lucas) and offers to work together. Kiera wants a head start, which she grants.

As for Brad, when he rejoins his team, Marcellus (Ty Olsson) introduces him to the team that comprises of Vasquez (Kyra Zagorsky), Nolan (Lisa Berry) and other soldiers played by Michael Eklund, Aleks Paunovic, and Garfield Wilson, whose names I cannot recall. Marcellus wants to know why Kiera is still alive as she was on the list of time travellers to kill. Brad gives a somewhat satisfying answer but we see some may not totally believe him. The Future Soldiers are out of their cool looking suits and have taken apart the power back.

When Kiera makes her way to the building invisible, Alec and Jason look in awe at the tech they see. Jason informs Alec that he has not seen this tech. Alec sees a pen-like device that he gets Kiera to steal. However, this causes suspicion in Vasquez who opens fire to reveal Kiera. Kiera tries to escape but is stunned unconscious. When Kiera wakes up, she is on the edge of the building and the Future Soliders start to question her. Kiera covers for Brad and says that she is a police officer and he is a suspect in a case. Alec wants to call Carlos but Kiera says don’t. Eklund wants to know what Kiera means by don’t and she covers by saying don’t trust Kellogg as she knows they work for the future him. What does Kiera get for her troubles, she gets thrown off a building where she activates the shield generator on her suit and safely lands. Garza arrives and a brief shootout happens and she drives them to safety.

Back at Alec’s, he wonders where Emily is and we find that after a valiant fight where she was kicking all kinds of ass, was tasered and kidnapped by unknown men. Who do you think is behind Emily’s kidnapping?

At the precinct, Carlos tells Kiera that the building has been abandoned as the Future Soldiers packed up shop and left. Carlos then tells Kiera that while it sucks that she wants to go home, he fully supports her decision and the two share a flask of whiskey.

At the Woodward’s “W” at SFU Woodwards, Garza meets up with Curtis to discuss killing Kellogg. Curtis leaves and meets up with the man in dreads that we saw earlier. I am not sure who this is supposed to be but we have 5 episodes to find out.

The last scene of the episode involves Kellogg receiving a mysterious envelop and inside is an unsigned note with a funny looking disk. The note tells Kellogg to place the device on the floor and press the button. Kellogg does so and what should appear but a hologram of his older self.

A very interesting premiere episode that raises more questions while still not answering many. Looking forward to seeing how the 5 remaining episodes will answer them. I know for sure the series finale involves some sort of traumatic event outside the VPD as I saw them filming a scene way back in May.

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  1. Appreciate all the detail, but you really ought to re-read and make corrections in your copy. The errors and clarity issues distract enormously.

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