Supergirl Adds “Peter Pan” Actor

levi-miller-supergirlLevi Miller, the star of the upcoming film Pan, starring Hugh Jackman, is coming to CBS’ Supergirl.

Miller, who plays Peter Pan in the film, has been cast as Carter Grant, the son to Calista Flockhart’s Cat Grant. It should be noted that Carter will differ from Cat’s comic book son, Adam Morgan.

TV Line reports that Miller will make his first appearance in episode 4. The article has the character’s official description: 12-year-old Carter is “sensitive and shy” and “couldn’t be more different from his mom.” As Melissa Benoist’s Kara babysits her boss’s son and gets to know him better, “Carter finally opens up to her — revealing his true feelings for Supergirl.”

justice-powers_612x380In other casting news, Entertainment Weekly reports that Justice Leak has been cast as DC villain Hellgrammite. The EW article outlines Hellgrammite’s comic book history.

Hellgrammite is actually entomologist Roderick Rose who, thanks to some experimentation, is transformed into the insect-like villain who draws his name from the actual hellgrammite bug. Hellgrammite’s comic-book powers include super-strength, improved jumping — or hopping, in this case — and can produce cocoons to imprison foes or even transform them into larvae versions of himself. Those with an aversion to bugs may not want to look too deeply into the character’s origins.

It is unknown when Leak will make appear on the freshman series.

Supergirl will premiere October 26, 2015 at 8:30pm ET/PT on CBS and Global.

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