Orphan Black Season 3 “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method” Recap

As we near the finish line for Orphan Black’s third season, we are introduced to another Leda clone. say hello to Krystal Goderich. We met her in the season premiere. Krystal was the clone that Rudy and Seth and some good times with before things turned south that involved her almost getting kidnapped and her monitor Hector getting killed.

Krystal is a manicurist at a local hair salon and is quite chatty with her clients talking about her experiences with the Castor boys. We open the episode with Krystal telling Delphine her tale. Later on, Delphine reports to Dr. Nealon her visit with Krystal.

OB3_EP308_D5_FEB6_SW_0202-1024x683Meanwhile at the Hendrixes, Helena has moved in and so has Gracie. Both are helping out at Bubbles. Gracie and Helena seem to have come to an understanding with each other while Helena seems quite flirty with Donnie. Speaking of Donnie, he confronts Alison on Jason’s kiss so Alison tells Jason that nothing can happen between them especially after he kisses her again. Donnie texts Jason as Alison to meet at Bubbles and the two exchange insulting words that results in a slap fight between the two men where eventually Jason knocks Donnie out. From the looks of next week’s episode, I have a feeling that Helena might do something to Jason. Another thing of note is Helena has stored the canister that contains her embryos in the soap making area of Bubbles.

If you were wondering whether or not Dr. Coady survived the Castor compound explosion, the answer is yes. Coady is alive and a bit burned and is hanging at the Mexican cantina that Sarah, Helena and Mrs. S were at last week. Coady is meeting with Benchman, the man that betrayed Paul. Their talk turns to saving the remaining Castor boys and that lies with finding the Castor Original. One part of this conversation that is important is that Coady implies that she has a spy within Leda.

The main action of the episode centers around what is in The Island of Dr. Moreau. Cosima tells Sarah to speak to Rachel about what the book says. So via Skype call facilitated by Scott, Rachel does give a snippet of translation. It is a nursery rhyme based on “London Bridge is Falling Down” that mentions Castor. Rachel won’t reveal more until Sarah promises to take her out of Dyad and out of the country to Taiwan. This requests involves Sarah and Felix having to steal the identity of Krystal. So Felix, using a Canadian accent visits the nail salon and we hear Krystal’s Castor story again. Krystal isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but is starting piece things together like how her relationships only last 2 years and other observances. Felix feels bad taking advantage of this non-self aware woman and wants to spill the beans that she is a clone but alas Sarah tells him not to as Krystal doesn’t need to be a member of clone club. So Felix does manage to steal her identity for Rachel. Later on, Dr. Nealon pays Krystal a visit.

OB3_ep308_d9_02_12_GK_0153-1024x683Meanwhile, Cosima is taking Shay on a tour of her Dyad lab but the tour is cut short by Delphine’s arrival seeking Cosima’s help in looking at some genetic sequences. When Scott returns home, who should be there but Rudy, who has survived the blast too, seeking the The Island of Dr. Moreau book. Scott has no choice but to give it to him and calls Delphine for help. Delphine isn’t pleased that Cosima and Scott kept this from her and that the two of them didn’t make a copy of the book that contains the synthetic sequence. Of course the two were lying as one of Scott’s gaming friends delivers a copy to Sarah et al.

Scott has managed to sneak Rachel out of Dyad and to Mrs. S’ where she does translate a page that offers a little more of the nursery rhyme but the meaning baffles everyone in the room. Before anything more can be translated, Nealon and men arrive to take the copy from Rachel, who collapses on the floor convulsing.

Back at Dyad, Nealon gives the copy to Delphine and rushes Rachel into surgery.

Earlier, Cosima hands in her resignation to Delphine who tries to convince her not to. Delphine also tells Cosima that she can’t trust anyone and mentions Shay. Delphine says that someone betrayed Cosima about the book. Delphine kisses Cosima and she reciprocates for a bit but puts a stop to it. After the debacle with Rachel, Delphine does accept Cosima’s resignation and pretty much fires Scott.

Later, Nealon tells Delphine that he had ot put Rachel in a coma to help her brain heal. However, the big reveal is the woman in a coma isn’t Rachel but Krystal, We know this because earlier we saw “Rachel” nails were done up exactly like Krystal’s. The real Rachel is out of the country and getting ready to get a new eye.

Next week is the penultimate episode of the third season and it looks like the gang is heading to London. And coincidentally that is where I am heading to as well. So I won’t be able to recap next week’s nor the season finale. So no one spoil what happens!

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