Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Frenemy of My Enemy” Recap

I was a little disappointed to not see how Fitz used a hand dryer to escape one of tails as we open up this week’s episode. Instead, we see Fitz escaping another trail in the streets of San Francisco onto a rooftop and into the quinjet.

Fitz is reunited with Coulson, Hunter and Deathlock who go to Tijuana, Mexico to enlist Ward and Agent 33 to get to the new heads of HYDRA, List and Strucker. Coulson hopes that these two will help lead him to Skye.

It should be noted that List is very interested in collecting powered people and failed when he was unable to unearth the powers of Ethan, the man from the last epsiode that was from Skye’s compound.

MARVELSAGENTSOFSHIELD_Y2_D218-F040_138685_6535-1024x683Coulson convinces Ward to help when he promises as director of SHIELD to let him walk away with no strings attached and even offered to erase all the mad memories he has and retain the good man that is still in him. Ward agrees and knows a guy that can help: the brainwashed Bakshi.

Bakshi manages to get a meeting with List but Coulson insists that Deathlock go to the meeting too. At first the meeting seems to go Coulson’s way until Bakshi starts to offer up Deathlock to List and a betrayal is smelt. Ward insists this is all to gain trust to get to Strucker. It seems the plan is working and everyone is en route to eastern Europe. However, first they are doing a little detour with Coulson and company following. More on that later.

Back at the Base, Simmons admits to May that she built a fake Fury tool box and that Fitz has the real one. Later on, May has told Bobbi the truth about how the toolbox is a fake and how it was Fitz’s plan and Simmons was only covering for him. May says that she told Bobbi because she needs to find out why Coulson is keeping secrets and asks Simmons to hack into Deathlock’s systems so they can see what is going on.

At the Inhuman compound, Jiaying is talking to Cal and pretty much making empty promises about now they are family and allowing him to return home to get some personal stuff for his cell. Skye even tells Lincoln that she thinks her mom’s idea is a bad one and knows her dad is going take it badly. Skye convinces her mom to let her go with Cal when Gordon drops them off. This episode also has Jiaying and Gordon discuss Raina’s possible pre-cognition gift.

The destination that Gordon drops Cal and Skye off is Milwaukee. The city has changed a lot since Cal left as all of his old haunts have changed. But Cal manages to find a place that sells ice cream and Skye uses this time to call May to get SHIELD, using a cellphone she lifted, to come and take Cal away. Cal comes back so Skye has to toss the phone in the garbage but leaves it on. This gives Simmons enough information to trace her location so Bobbi and Mack can go.

All the action leads to Cal’s building where his medical office is located. This is where Skye learns her last name is Johnson. Cal shows the medical kit that he used to piece her mother back together and Skye tells Cal that he needs to let go of the idea of being a family as that time has passed. The two hear a noise but it is just Lincoln who was sent by Jiaying to be sure they are okay. Cal starts to flip out when he realizes that Skye was just going to leave him but before any explanation can be offered, HYDRA with Deathlock arrives as do Coulson and company after seeing Skye through Deathlock.

Lincoln manages to take down some guards and tries to do the same with Deathlock. Eventually, Bakshi orders HYDRA agents to take in Deathlock and Lincoln and use some sort of device that knocks them out. Coulson and Ward work together to take out HYDRA agents as do Agent 33 and Hunter until he gets hit with a bullet.

Eventually, Skye and Coulson briefly reunite before Gordon teleports in and grabs Skye away with Cal hitching a ride. Coulson was so close to getting to Skye and is almost killed by HYDRA agents but is saved by Ward.

In the coda, Bobbi and Mack arrive to find Coulson in Cal’s medical office ready to turn himself in.

So next week looks like both sides of SHIELD are going to work together along with Ward and Agent 33, who seemed to have developed a relationship.


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