Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 “One Door Closes” Recap

Despite’s Bobbi’s betrayal to Coulson’s SHIELD, this episode, firmly established my love for this kickass lady along with May too. And we also get to welcome back another kickass lady, Isabelle Hartley (Lucy Lawless).

We see Isabelle in flashback to…

The Day SHIELD Fell

CORNELIUS SMITH JR., ADRIANNE PALICKI, EDWARD JAMES OLMOS, HENRY SIMMONSWe are the server room of an aircraft carrier, the one that the “real” SHIELD uses. A HYDRA agent wants to know who is the engineer, when another SHIELD agents steps forward, Mack knows it was just to protect him so he admits to be the engineer. Unfortunately, this brave agents gets killed for his trouble. When Mack is hesitant to offering information, the HYDRA agent grabs another SHIELD agent to get Mack to talk. Then something comes sliding through the door and out comes Bobbi and soon after Isabelle taking down HYDRA agents with her trusty knife.

Fury has given Bobbi orders, which involve finding Gonzales. The gang finds him in a conference room and they do a patch job on his broken leg. Bobbi then gets Isabelle to clear a path for them to escape while she takes on another Fury mission and that is to destroy the ship so its cargo doesn’t get into the hands of HYDRA. Bobbi says it is mission alone to do it but Mack and Gonzales refuses to let her go it alone.

As they make their way to the server room, they are joined by Isabelle again eager to kick HYDRA butt. Once in the server room, Mack convinces Bobbi not to destroy the ship while Gonzales says they need to follow Fury’s orders. Eventually, it seems everyone is in agreement that SHIELD should be a democracy and they all decide to retake the ship.

Bobbi and Mack Covers Blown

Bobbi makes it back to SHIELD HQ to saw that Hunter is long gone while Coulson lets Mack work on Lola. The two converse about Lola but the real crux is that Coulson knows Mack is up to something and wants to know what so pulls other SHIELD agents to hold him. Mack says that he is loyal to SHIELD but doesn’t really offer any other explanation. Coulson alerts May to what is going on.

While this is happening, Bobbi makes her way to the server room and puts a USB drive in one of its servers. Bobbi’s next stop is Coulson’s office to retrieve Fury’s tool box. As Bobbi prepares to leave, May confronts her and Bobbi says that she is working for the real SHIELD. The two then have a pretty cool back and forth fight over the toolbox until Bobbi sets something off that powers down the base allowing her and Mack to get away.

Bobbi makes her way to a wall were she planted a communication device where she updates Gonzales and Calderon on what is happening but informs the two that she has no clue where Skye is.

Simmons does a very clever thing to trap Bobbi by pretending that she is clueless to her betrayal and can’t leave with her until she finds certain tech. This was a distraction and the tech was something to knock her out. May goes through Bobbi’s locker finds a gas mask telling her that Bobbi and Mack had no intention of leaving the base.

Meanwhile, in the server room, Fitz is trying to figure things out when Mack tries to explain himself. However, gas starts to fill the base and Mack tackles Fitz away from an exploding wall and in enters Gonzales, Calderon and Weaver.

Now captured, Coulson and Gonzales meet. Coulson knows who Gonzales is and lists all of his SHIELD accomplishments and wanted to find him so he could join his team. Unfortunately the feeling isn’t mutual on Gonzales behalf. To sum up their conversation is that Gonzales needs Coulson’s help to open up Fury’s toolbox.

After Gonzales leaves, May ices the guards and helps Coulson escape while she promises to protect FitzSimmons, who are being co-opted in helping Weaver figure out how to open the tool box. Before May turns herself in, she manages to warn Skye that Bobbi, Calderon and others are after her so tells her to run.

Skye Meets Gordon

Skye is still in Fury’s safe house and tries on Simmons’ gloves. When Skye tries to communicate back to her SHIELD comrades, she is unable to talk to them. Things start to feel scary for Skye and soon there is a knock on the door and it Gordon, the man with no eyes.

Gordon talks about how he has a mentor to understand his change and how she embraced him (this of course is Skye’s mom). Skye defends what SHIELD is doing to her saying it is to protect her but Gordon says it is to protect them. Gordon offers to take her away to a place where he can help her learn and control her powers. Before he leaves, Gordon offers to be there anytime to help Skye and take her away. Before all the action happens at episode’s end, Skye takes off Simmons’ gloves and as she washes her hands, she has some fun manipulating the water stream.

As the “real” SHIELD agents descend on the safehouse, Bobbi tells the agents to use only icers on Skye but we see that Calderon is using a real gun.

After being warned by May, Skye makes her way through the forest and takes out an agent. However, Calderon shoots at Skye, Bobbi yells and we see Skye use her powers to clear cut the forest knocking out Bobbi and Calderon. Seeing what she has done, Skye calls for Gordon to take her away. Gordon appears and teleports them away leaving a stunned Bobbi looking on.

In the coda, Coulson has made his way to Hawaii or at least a tropical destination. Hunter arrives at the bar and signs his name on a napkin as his contract for joining his team. Coulson looks pleased to have an ally.

Next week, we get to see more of the Inhuman world that includes The Tomorrow People’s Luke Mitchell.

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