The Flash Season 1 Episode 15 “Out of Time” Recap

We finally get introduced to the concept of time travel in tonight’s episode of The Flash and we finally learn what is Harrison Wells or should I say Eobard Thawne’s end game.

But before we get to any of that, we open up 1 year ago and we meet the other Mardon brother, Mark, and we see the same part of the Pilot where the Mardon brothers got away and we see their plane go down.

FLA115A_0275bBack to the present day, Linda and Barry at the bowling alley for a date when they run into Iris and Eddie. Iris asks the couple to join them for what turns out to be an awkward double date as both Eddie and Linda see that there clearly is some feels between Iris and Barry. The date is interrupted when Eddie gets a call for an emergency at the morgue. Barry leaves too as a CSI might be necessary.

The emergency at the morgue is actually Mark Mardon who questions the coroner on who killed his brother. Mark uses his weather powers to try and get him to talk.

At STAR Labs, Wells and Cisco are enjoying a Buster Keaton silent film when word gets out about the situation at the morgue.

As the Flash speeds his way to the morgue, he gets a glimpse of himself running beside him and Barry has to stop to gather his thoughts. When the Flash arrives at the morgue, the coroner is dead. As Barry, he tells Joe that the coroner was killed by hail and immediately eliminated Captain Cold as the culprit. Eddie tells the duo that the coroner’s audio recording captured his killer and Joe identifies him as Mark Mardon and the coroner naming him as Clyde’s killer.

Back at STAR Labs, Cisco names Mark the Weather Wizard as he is able to better control the weather than Clyde. Later, Barry tells Wells how he saw himself while running. Wells offers a theory that maybe he saw a speed mirage. Barry isn’t so sure about that.

Joe is quite gun ho about catching Mark himself while Singh wants him to be careful. While driving, Barry wants some romantic advice from Joe about Iris. Joe thinks it is funny but the notices how it is starting to really pour outside but the weather report notes how sunny it is. Mark sets lightening down on Joe’s car and if it wasn’t for Barry, Joe would be dead. This incident makes Singh insist that Joe catch Mark while in the safe confines of the precinct.

At the Central Picture News, Mason presents Iris with a folder detailing some suspicious activity around Harrison Wells, in particular around the disappearance of Simon Stagg, the man that Harrison killed in episode 2. Wells was seen entering his office before Stagg disappeared. Mason wants to Iris to ask her friends at STAR Labs about Wells but she doesn’t believe anything is bad with him as he is Barry’s friend. Linda and Iris then have a brief conversation where Linda tells her rival that she pretty much knows she has feelings for Barry.

Later, Iris meets Barry to tell him about Mason’s file and his theory on Wells. Barry doesn’t believe it and he soon as to go.

At STAR Labs, Cisco shares with Team Flash a Weather Wizard wand that will help contain Mark’s powers. When Wells leaves to go “stretch his legs” Barry shares what Iris told him. Caitlin, like Barry, doesn’t believe Wells is a bad guy. Cisco on the other hand is lending some credence to what Iris told Barry.

In fact, when Cisco drops off the Weather Wizard wand at the police station, he asks asks Joe about why he thinks Wells might be responsible for Nora Allen’s murder. Joe says he doesn’t believe it anymore but really doesn’t have time to talk. When Cisco leaves the precinct, he notices Mark come in and he immediately calls Barry for help.

FLA115B_0010bMark confronts Joe and before Joe can grab the wand, Mark blows Joe away and when all the cops come to Joe’s defence, Mark shatters all the glass in the precinct. When Mark is about use lightening on Joe, Singh pushes him away to safety. The Flash comes in and uses the wand that stops Mark but Singh is injured so Mark gets away. The Flash blurs him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Barry and Joe meet Singh’s fiance and we learn that Singh might never walk again and might have some neurological issues. Joe fears for Barry’s and Iris’ safety and gets him to stay by his daughter’s side.

When Barry goes to the Central City Picture News looking for Iris, he instead finds Mason so he uses it as an opportunity to ask about his theory on Wells. Mason says he has proof that is on a secure file drive and Barry will read about his expose on Wells in the Sunday paper.

Meanwhile, Joe goes to an old hideout of the Mardon brothers and Eddie is there to aid in the search. They find evidence of Mark being in one of the apartments but it was a trap as Mark uses his weather powers to suck Joe out of a window. Joe is on a barge with a broken leg. Mark wants Joe to suffer so calls Iris to come to the waterfront and not to call the police.

Iris gets this call while in the precinct as Eddie is rallying the troops to rescue Joe and get Mark. Iris tells Barry about Mark’s call and he promises they will rescue Joe. Linda arrives at the precinct to try and talk to Barry but he begs her off to help Iris.

While this is happening, Cisco is working on a theory about Wells and knows the containment unit that held the Reverse Flash shouldn’t have malfunctioned. So Cisco asks Caitlin to keep Wells out of STAR Labs while he works on his theory. Unfortunately, Caitlin didn’t really do a good job as Wells sees right through it but plays along. Caitlin sees that Wells is no longer in his chair but he has sped over to STAR Labs to confront Cisco.

You see Cisco has figured it all out, he knows that Wells is the Reverse Flash. Wells shows Cisco how he managed to be two places at once. Wells super speeds to create a speed mirage of himself. Wells introduces himself as Eobard Thawne and calls Eddie a distant relative. Wells tells Cisco that he meant to kill Barry not Nora. Cisco wants to know why Wells befriended Barry. Wells explains he needs Barry’s speed to help return him to his time as he has been trapped for 15 years in this particular time period. We see Wells speed up his hand and Cisco knows what is going to happen. Wells tells Cisco that it was great getting to know him and he now knows what it was like to have a son. Despite these feelings, Wells makes like Regina in Once Upon a Time and shoves his hand in Cisco’s chest and just before killing him, says that Cisco has been dead to him for centuries.

Back to Mark and Joe, Mark sees that Iris has arrived with Barry in tow and looks forward to him seeing them die. Mark creates a tsunami to hit Central City. As the tidal wave comes upon them, Barry and Iris admit their feelings for each other. Caitlin calls Barry to tell hi about Wells but Barry needs to know how to stop the tsunami. Caitlin says that he needs to run back and forth really fast. Barry has no choice to reveal to Iris that he is the Flash.

The Flash runs back and forth several times then all of a sudden it is night time and Barry is running by himself and he gets a sense of deja vu. Barry realizes he has traveled back in time.

I am glad that time travel got introduced so that way Cisco isn’t really dead. But we kind of knew Cisco wouldn’t be dead considering we’ve seen him in upcoming promos.

And so Wells is Eobard Thawne and not Eddie. Wondering how this messing up the time line is going to effect everything?

Until next week.

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