Bitten Season 2 Episode 6 “Nine Circles” Recap

Laura Vandervoort at Elena Michaels

We open tonight’s episode 30 years ago in Windsor, Connecticut and Ruth paying Clara a visit to help her give birth to her baby. Clara takes Ruth to her bathroom and the ladies perform a spell to help with the birth. After everything is over, Clara tells Ruth the bad news that it is a boy. Ruth asks Clara to tell the coven that the baby was stillborn and to get rid of it or she will tell the coven that she has been selling spells and this will result in the coven stripping of her witchhood. Clara goes to drown the boy but can’t so instead leaves the baby at the door of a church.

Back in the present, Elena is trying to remove the bed from the ground while Aleister is attempting to teach Savannah to use her powers to move a metal ball. When Savannah enquires about Elena’s well being, Aleister gets annoyed and uses the “I am the lock” spiel to get Savannah back under his control.

Later Aleister pays Elena a visit and mentions her connection to Savannah. Elena is being all confrontational so Aleister performs a spell so Elena can’t move. Aleister starts to careers her like John Travolta did to Idina Menzel during the Oscars and says the two have much in common: he being the only male witch and she the only female werewolf. Elena says they have nothing in common. Side note: why is Aleister a male witch, aren’t they called warlocks or wizards? End side note.

Aleister makes a comment how some spells work on werewolves while others don’t and does another spell on her mind.

After Aleister leaves, Elena makes progress with the hole she made to Savannah’s cell and actually gets into it. Elena observes the cell and notices a doll with a rabbit head on it but then the head falls down. When one of the Followers sees Elena is gone and notices the hole, Elena grabs him, kills him and gets the keys and makes her escape.

As she makes her way through the bunker, Elena starts to hallucinate hands grabbing her and falls to the ground. There too she hallucinates that Clay has come to her, caressing her, give her words of encouragement and kissing her. Elena then starts to hallucinate drowning in a pool of blood.

Speaking of Clay, he and Paige have arrived in the Eastern Township of Quebec. As the two search the forest looking for the old army base, the two have a bit of an argument. Even though Clay believes Paige is slowing him down, she knows Clay needs her as she can detect when magic is near. Paige does find something and the two make their way back to the car to form their next game plan as Jeremy and Nick (who do not appear in this episode) have found nothing in the other old army base). Paige notes how Clay must really love Elena and shares a story of how she liked a guy named Jeff back when she was 13. Paige remembers how Jeff used to give her ribbons for her hair but as soon as she became a witch, no more boys for her. In fact, Paige shares how she was taught to learn how to be alone. Clay tells her that when you meet the right person then being alone is no longer an option. I am guessing that this is all about Nick.

Back on the compound, Elena has made her way to the lab, finds a lighter and pockets it. Elena then hallucinates seeing Diane, Philip’s sister there, looking like something was done to her and repeating how she blames Elena for the death of her brother. Eventually, that hallucination clears and Elena is confronted by some followers with baseball bats but she manages to take them down and grabs each bat and makes her way around the compound again.

Kiara Glasco as Savannah

Kiara Glasco as Savannah

Meanwhile, Aleister has given Savannah a very pretty dress for her but much too adult for a young teenager. This is Savannah’s undoing dress.

Also on the compound is Rachel, who is reunited with Logan in the same cell that Elena was in prior to her wolf fight. Rachel tells Logan that she saw Elena change into a werewolf and is pissed that Logan lied to her about himself. At first Logan tries to lie and say it is the drugs that Rachel was on but eventually Logan comes clean and says that their son will eventually become a werewolf. Rachel then tells Logan that when they get out of here, she wants him as far away as possible. As they sit and await their fate, Rachel hears bells and fears another ritual and starts to panic. Logan tries to be helpful and breaks the cage to escape but smoke starts to fill the cell. With the two of the coughing, Logan uses a wire from Rachel’s bra to disable the door and the two are free.

Back to Elena, she hallucinates Savannah in her undoing dress (this is a bit weird considering that Elena never saw her in the dress). Savannah brings her to her cell where she sees herself on the bed dreaming. Savannah tells her that she is dreaming everything and then starts to blame her for stuff and not being her friend and for her being selfish to a point where her eyes turn black. Savannah disappears and then Clay reappears and asks her to take a look at a point in a wall and says there is one different that they have over other supernatural creatures and that they can love. It seems that Elena no longer is hallucinating but the Clay in her mind tells her to keep the baseball bats and to signal him.

Rachel and Logan have made it outside and notice people starting to go to the undoing ritual. Rachel wants to run to the forest but Logan knows they can’t as the branding on their neck will stop them. Rachel knows how to remove the branding off their necks and make their way to Aleister’s office.

Sean Rogerson as Aleister and Kiara Glasco as Savannah

Sean Rogerson as Aleister and Kiara Glasco as Savannah

The undoing ritual is on the way and as Aleister is about to administer Elena blood in Savannah, Elena blows up a gas tank and demands that Savannah be turned over to her.

Rachel and Logan get to Aleister’s office and Logan touches the spinning top. The brand is removed. Rachel grabs a jeep and she and Logan drive off.


When Paige and Clay arrive at the compound, Aleister’s followers still seem to be under his spell so Clay deals with them while Paige goes to find Elena and Savannah.

Eventually, Elena finds Savannah at Aleister’s office. Savannah doesn’t want to go with Elena as she believes her coven only wants to control her. Aleister is there too and Elena notices something in Savannah’s arm but it seems that the young girl is still under the control of Aleister. When Aleister breaks the mirror in his office and moves the shards to kill Elena, Paige arrives and uses a counter spell to stop the glass from killing Elena. Paige tries to talk some sense into Savannah and it doesn’t seem to work. Elena then tries again and when Aleister uses his “I am the lock” spiel, this time it doesn’t work and when it looks like Aleister is going to do something to Savannah, Paige transports him away. With Aleister no longer around, Savannah is safe and is reunited with Paige and Elena.

But Aleister didn’t go too far, he ends up in his ritual room. Some of his followers are walking in circles and he knocks one out and I believe uses a spell to turn one guy to look just like him. Clay makes it to the ritual room and sees a lot of the Followers on the floor. Paige comes into the room too and both notice Aleister impaled on a nearby pole. A Follower wakes up and wonders where she is so Paige performs a spell to put her back to sleep. Clay says that they all have to moved away from here when they wake up and tells Paige to wait for Jeremy and Nick to help with that. In the meantime, Paige will make sure that all the Followers will stay asleep while she waits.

Sean Rogerson as Aleister

Sean Rogerson as Aleister

Elena brings Savannah to Clay’s car and she thanks her for saving her and being her friend. Savannah hopes the two can still see each other afterwards and Elena promises they will. Clay and Elena then share a sweet reunion. As the trio drive off, we see Aleister emerge from the shadows very much alive.

So with only 4 episodes remaining, what happens next? Also, how are fans of the books liking season 2? From my question last week, it sounds like season 2 doesn’t quite follow the books. So do you like this deviation? Sound off in the comments.

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3 Comments on Bitten Season 2 Episode 6 “Nine Circles” Recap

  1. Do you happen to know the symbolism of the rabbit? It shows up again as she’s is driving away, I’ve seen the episode a few times and every time when I see the rabbit my first thought is “she’s still asleep” even though moving further into the series it’s apparent that she’s not, so I’d really rather like to know the symbolism behind it.

  2. Hey to answer that side note… They are all three different. Warlocks kill witches to take their power, wizard do not have active powers (just what they’re taught) and witches r bprn with powers. I believe there would be both sexes in all groups. Kust like werewolfs, vampires and ghost there r male and female.

    Now i have a question… Where did Logan and Rachel disappear off to? Im on season 2 episode 8 and still nothing since they left in that jeep. I hope they r still alive. Also, will Elenas spirit animal be a rabbit?

  3. Nevermind i got my answer on episode 9.

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