Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 “Who You Really Are” Recap

Crap hit the fan tonight as Skye’s secret comes out and a lot of people feel betrayed. But we open up the episode with the return of Lady Sif of Aasgard yet when she emerges from the water onto the beach in Portugal she has no memory of who she is but leaves quite the impression (not in a good way) to some beach goers.

Back at SHIELD HQ, May and Skye are training. Skye manages to take down May but refuses to deal her a blow. May says that Skye needs to have that killer instinct but Skye doesn’t want to hurt her mentor. Fitz comes to make sure Skye is okay and she assures him that she’s fine and May wants him to skedaddle.

Word gets to Coulson that Sif is in a Portugese jail and went willingly because the police man promised he would take her to who she was looking for. When Coulson shows Sif that they know each other, Sif says she doesn’t remember anything, especially the fight that she had with a guy (Eddie Mcclintock – whose voice was deepened) on a pier that caused quite a bit of destruction.

Just before Coulson and team leave to pickup Sif, Coulson asks Mack to leave the garage and get back onto the field. Also, joining the SHIELD team on a full-time basis is Hunter, who shares this news to Bobbi during a post-coital moment.

On the Bus, a game planned is formed on how to track this guy and just before the team splits up, Simmons mentions using something to contain the guy as he is most likely a menace. This concerns Fitz and Skye. Speaking of this guy, he goes to a walk-in clinic an demands to use a piece of equipment, scaring the nurse at the desk and he uses a truncheon or as I like to call it a really mini version of Thor’s hammer to wipe her memory and oh yeah, his skin is blue. Another thing is he mentions wanting to find someone on Earth who has changed.

As the team combs the pier, Sif still doesn’t remember but does remember some basic things any Aasgardian child would have learned. When May mentions Thor, it puts a smile on Sif’s face but she doesn’t know why. Coulson mentions that since Sif is in Earth clothing that she was sent here undercover.

While on the pier, Mack is talking to Hunter about Coulson offering him a full-time job at SHIELD, it seems Mack is trying to talk him out of it but Hunter wants to join and see how everything is going to play out. Their conversation is cut short when Hunter discovers something on the light pole that when he touches it, it comes down. Fitz takes a sample and sends it to Simmons. Meanwhile, May, Sif and Coulson are questioning a seaside vendor who says that Sif is one dangerous lady and mentions what the guy was after. Simmons confirms the guy was after liquid nitrogen.

And that what the guy was after in the walk-in clinic and where Skye and Bobbi find him. Bobbi tries to fight him but gets knocked out. Skye tries to confront him but because she starts to get nervous and scared, the gun explodes in her hands and the room shakes, knocking a shelf on top of her and the guy escapes. Another point is the two ladies saw the guy’s skin turn from blue to pink.

Back on the Bus, Bobbi is going to be okay and she tells Mack that she wants to tell Hunter their secret. Mack is against this as he knows that the two will implode again and fears Hunter will side with Coulson and company. Mack says the only way to keep them safe is for Bobbi to be cold towards him and that maybe when all is over they can be together. It is also important to note that Bobbi says that she and Mack aren’t HYDRA. Phew, I couldn’t take it if they were.

We also see Skye shares with Fitz what happened to her. The team then learn that the guy was Kree and Sif was looking for a person but the word she was using is Kree for key and eventually it leads them to a cave in Portugal where the team – minus Skye who wants to sit this mission off – find the guy pulling some sort of crate. The team knows that this was something Whitehall was after and that the SSR has a file on it. Oh the SSR how I miss Agent Carter.

In the Bus’ interrogation room, the Kree, Vintack, says he can restore Sif’s memory and that he means no harm but needs his truncheon.

While Bobbi is examining the truncheon, Hunter comes and wants to help her and gets all flirty too. Bobbi is really standoffish with Hunter and he gets the hint and leaves.

Coulson later comes back with the truncheon but Vintack manages to get his hands on it and returns Sif’s memories. Sif remembers that they noticed a Kree come to Earth and that Odin sent her to get him. Vintack says that he was sent because of the Terrigen mist that changes people and notices a signal emit from Earth. Vintack mentions how it changes people and that those changed only bring death and destruction. The team only think that Raina was changed but don’t know where she went. Vintack also mentions that the crate he was after contained a lot of Diviners aka obelisk that can make an ary of InHumans. However. FitzSimmon brings news that the crate that Vintack was trying to get is empty of all the Diviners. During their investigation of the crate, Simmons sees Fitz tablet that contained Skye’s diagnostic test results. Simmons seems impressed by it as it is nothing like Raina’s and wants to know who it belongs to. Fitz says it was a simulation.

MARVELSAGENTSOFSHIELD_Y2_D212-F034_137923_9028-1024x683When Vintack and Sif learn that Skye was in the same room when Raina changed, they want to know what she saw. But Skye starts lyto get scared and the room starts to shake and eventually admits to the team, Sif and Vintack that she is the cause of it and eventually shatters the glass in the room. Sif wants to take her to Aasgard to keep Earth safe while Vintack wants to kill her for the same purpose. But the team protect Skye and May grabs her to the safety of Ward’s cell. May tries to get Skye to calm down but she says she can’t.

Vintack cMARVELSAGENTSOFSHIELD_Y2_D212-F034_137923_9383r2-1024x723hases after them but is confronted by Bobbi and Mack. Knowing they are biting off more than they can chew, Bobbi wants to call for backup but before anything can happen, Mack is knocked out and Hunter too. Bobbi fights Vintack and this time uses his truncheon against him to subdue him.

MARVELSAGENTSOFSHIELD_Y2_D212-F034_137923_8733-1024x683When Sif makes it to the cell and uses her sword to break the cell’s barricade she is about to take Skye by force. Skye uses the icer gun to knock herself out. Sif admires that Skye wants to hurt herself to protect those she loves.

In an open field somewhere, Sif is back in her Aasgardian armour about to take back Vintack to his home planet. Sif assures Coulson that Vintack won’t remember anything. Sif also warns Coulson about dealing with Skye by themselves as she thinks they are going to bite off more than they can chew. After Sif and guest leave, May is inclined to believe her.

Back at SHIELD HQ, the team is cleaning the glass up and everyone is mad at Fitz for keeping Skye’s secret. Everyone says they had a right to know as her friend. Fitz says he kept it a secret to protect Skye from everyone’s hate. Mack says they needed to know so they can protect themselves from Skye. Of course Skye hears everything and she has packed a bag and makes her way to the Bus and settles in the jail there.

In the coda, Hunter wants to know what is up with Mack and Bobbi. Hunter tells Mack that he knows about the flash drive and how there is no support group. Hunter wants answers but he won’t get any has Mack grabs him in a choke hold that either knocks him out or kills him. Not 100% sure but I think Hunter is still alive as I thought I saw him cough. What do you think? Is Hunter dead or just knocked out?

I have a theory about this secret that Bobbi and Mack have. I think this secret is something that is going to set-up The Avengers: Age of Ultron or at least play an important part of the film.

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