Bitten Season 2 Episode 5 “Rabbit Hole” Recap

Kiara Glasco as Savannah Levine, Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Sean Rogerson as Aleister

For the briefest of moments Elena was no longer the only female werewolf in the world but before we get to any of that we learn more about how Dr. Sandra Bauer came to work for Aleister.

The episode opens up 5 months earlier and we are in Dr. Bauer’s research lab in Abbott University, town unknown. Dr. Bauer has a lot of rabbits in her lab and amongst them is a two-headed rabbit that was discovered by two colleagues wanting to hook up. The dean of the faculty or something like and Bauer ex sees the mutated animal and fires Bauer and orders the animal destroyed.

A distraught Bauer goes to fling herself off the university’s parking garage but when a ton of crows flies up she gets knocked down and breaks her ankle. Aleister appears and takes her pain away but she wants to feel the pain.

We then flash forward to the present. Aleister is confused as to why Elena’s blood is not eating Savannah’s and needs Bauer’s help. However, Bauer isn’t doing so well after injecting herself with Elena’s blood. Aleister summons Elena to help Bauer go through the change.

As Bauer goes through her symptoms, Elena shares what it is like to go through the change. Bauer starts to change but stops and Elena forces her to tell what Aleister is up to. Basically, Aleister wants to use Elena’s blood on Savannah so that way he can kill all the witches.

There is a prophecy that is referenced throughout the episode about how a son of a witch will bring down all the witches. Apparently, witches are not allowed to have any sons.

Meanwhile, we see Aleister continue to tutor Savannah and tricks her into thinking she used her powers to know her guard out.

Later Elena gets taken away so Aleister can have a talk. Aleister talks about how he first got his letter to Hogwarts. Just kidding. Aleister talks about how at age 12, he first came into his powers and killed his father by making him bleed completely out just like he made his cat.

While they converse, Bauer has completed her change and is on the loose and is killing left right and center and after Savannah.

Kiara Glasco as Savannah Levine, Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Sean Rogerson as Aleister

Kiara Glasco as Savannah Levine, Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Sean Rogerson as Aleister

Elena comes to Savannah rescue and tries to talk some sense into Wolf Bauer but one of Aleister’s followers comes and Elena uses him as a shield so he gets killed rather than her.

Eventually, Bauer does turn back into human form and Elena and Savannah are taken away again. Aleister greets Bauer, who is not right mentally and talking nonsense. Bauer promises to give her pain like she never felt before and we her bleed completely out.

When Savannah says she wants to be with Elena and starts to resist Aleister, he simply says “I am the lock” and this gets Savannah to comply.

Genelle Williams as Rachel Sutton

Genelle Williams as Rachel Sutton

Also in the compound is Rachel, who is getting the A Clockwork Orange treatment through watching Aleister’s brain wash video. Rachel is trying to talk sense into the followers and not get them to inject Savannah’s blood into her. Aleister has ordered to see has Rachel has wolf DNA in her. It seems that Rachel has succumbed to the brain wash. The next time we see Rachel, she is washed up and looking much better. Rachel is marching in a hall with other followers but hangs back and enters Aleister’s office. Rachel sees the spinning top on the desk and touches it. Rachel gets an electric shock and notices the brand on her neck is going. Rachel seems to be fully aware and makes her escape to look for Logan. The followers also no longer have the brand on their neck but it seems they are still under Aleister’s control. Aleister says only one that is of an outside mind can stop the spinning top. Eventually, the followers to capture Rachel after Aleister restarts the top and the brand re-appears on everone’s neck.

While all of this is going on, Clay is asking about Dr. Bauer at Abbot university on the pretext of wanting to hire her. After talking to the dean, Clay manages to get him to admit that she performed illegal experiments on animals and that the last time he saw her, she was packing up her stuff to move in with some guy called Timothy Ashmont.

At Stonehaven, Paige and Nick continue their flirty banter as they search the Internet for any information about Tim Ashmont. Nick gives Paige a peace offering of a piece of ginger where he knows that is used in a lot of witch spells. Paige points out that it is also an aphrodisiac.

Paige and Nick go off a lead about Ashmont’s mom still being a live and go to see her ina nursing home. Mrs. Ashmont says Timothy wasn’t her son and talks about the evil things he has done (which is what Aleister told Elena). Paige tries to ask where Timothy might be but when Mrs. Ashmont sees that Paige has the same eyes as Timothy’s, she starts to get scared and calls for help. Nick and Paige make a quick exit.

When the return to Stonehaven, Nick finds Paige outside under a tree and he comforts a distraught Paige. And something I called a long time ago, the two hook up, Paige tells Nick so it is she can forget everything that has happened. I say that this actually might be love and actually turn the playboy into boyfriend material.

Later, Savannah is brought to Elena’s cell on her request and tries to contact Paige but nothing. Elena tells Savannah what Aleister is up to and not to trust him.

Ruth and Jeremy are on a mission of their own. Ruth has asked Jeremy to drive her to ex-witch Clara Williams, who went rogue on their coven so Ruth kicked her out. In this meeting, Clara apparently didn’t do something that Ruth wanted her to do and before Clara can spill what that is, Ruth knocks her out. Basically, the end result of this scene is the reveal that Aleister is actually Ruth’s son and Jeremy promises not to tell Paige.

Kiara Glasco as Savannah Levine and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Kiara Glasco as Savannah Levine and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

When everyone gets back to Stonehaven, Ruth comes clean and tells the wolves about the prophecy. Paige does manage to make contact with Savannah but it is actually Elena who tells them what Aleister is up to and tells the group that she is in an old army base in Quebec and gives some clues that will help the wolves and the coven find her. Elena promises Ruth that she will protect Savannah and then tells Clay how he misses him and never should have left his side to go after Malcolm.

Savannah gets pulled away from Elena so Aleister can talk to her. Aleister manages to successfully get Savannah to use her powers to choke her attendant. When Aleister says her powers have come and she is now a witch, he wants to take a blood sample. Savannah doesn’t want to but again he uses the “I am a lock” spiel and gets the blood.

Sean Rogerson as Aleister

Sean Rogerson as Aleister

Later, we see Aleister mix Savannah’s and Elena’s blood together and it has the desired effect of Elena’s blood eating Savannah’s. Aleister’s plan is about to be unleashed.

Question fo Bitten fans. Is season 2 following the books? Let me know in the comments if it is or not.


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2 Comments on Bitten Season 2 Episode 5 “Rabbit Hole” Recap

  1. No. In book 2, Elena is captured and experimented on. However, in the “After Bite” segment following the episode on Space, the head writer admitted that Aleister is an entirely new character and that the writing team wanted to expand the supernatural universe.

  2. Kim Redinbaugh // March 8, 2015 at 5:56 pm // Reply

    The answer to your question is yes and no. In “Stolen”, Elena is kidnapped, watched and forced to do things she doesn’t want to do but it is not for a destroying witches but for humans who want to gain supernatural powers. There is a character Bauer, who becomes a weirwolf and is later killed. Savanna is also at the compound and other supernaturals at the compound want to get their hands on her. There is no Rachel in the book and Malcolm is not even mentioned. The romance between Paige and Nick is not in the book. In fact, Nick is not in the book. In the book, Ruth is also kidnapped and at the compound. She is eventually killed and she trains Savanna in some protection spells.

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