Glee-Cap Season 6 Episode 9 “Child Star”

Interesting. That’s certainly the one word that comes to mind when I think back on this episode. Was it a good episode? Yes. My main argument is that it doesn’t really make sense or fit in with this final season. It seemed like a filler episode in a season where there isn’t really any room for a filler episode. We are only what, 4 episodes away from the finale and Glee spent an entire hour singing at a bar mitzvah for a very tiny child star. Granted, they did get two new members out of the episode but it just seemed out of place to me. What were your thoughts?

So, Sue asks Superintendent Harris to sign her pre-written letter of recommendation for a“Principal of the Year” application. He agrees to look over and ultimately sign it if she would return it with a favor. What’s the favor? Myron Muskovitz, Harris’ 12 year old nephew who is in the midst of planning his magical bar mitzvah and needs a little bit of help in the music department. He wants the New Directions to watch his dazzling performance to make sure it’s up to par for his party.

unnamed (3)Dim the lights and let this boy shine. I have to admit that Myron (played by J.J. Totah) is extremely entertaining. I had a smile on and was giggling the whole time. He goes out there and just sings it and really shakes it. He’s got all of these glamourous background dancers and cool lights. While his moves probably belonged in a club he made it work. The shocked faces of the New Directions somewhat mirrored mine, almost like a what in the world did I just watch kind of look.

Sure he’s a little bit of a control freak drama queen, but anyone that has seen MTV’s Sweet Sixteen knows that with an unlimited budget, these kids can get a little out of control. When Kitty tells Myron that his dancers could have probably smiled a little more, he fires them all immediately right on the spot. This however leaves him without any backup. Sue, still trying to get that letter and impress Harris, agrees on behalf of the New Directions that they will perform the opening numbers.

We also got quite a few storylines for our new New Direction kids in this episode. In fact, they were all part of some plot line going on and it was refreshing and sweet of the writers to give them that. I love these new kids a lot. They are unique and fresh where as the other new kids such as Marley, Ryder and Kitty were more placeholders for our graduating seniors. I l loved them too though. First up are Spencer and Roderick. Spencer is not too pleased with Roderick’s physical appearance. Roderick is embarrassing in gym class (more so in his ability to climb a rope) and can’t keep up with the club’s choreography, which could hurt them at Sectionals.

Roderick handles the criticisms quite well and asks Spencer if he would be willing to help him get in shape. Spencer says no because he is kind of a tool.  However, on his way to class Spencer notices that his crush, a long blonde haired guy named Alastair is actually friends with Roderick and they sit next to each other in class.

Uninvited Spencer pounces in on their conversation acting all buddy buddy with Roderick as if their last interaction never even happened.  Unfortunately, Spencer comes off more as a creeper than a Romeo and Roderick agrees to help him get to know Alastair if Spencer helps him get in shape.Spencer also gets his first walking down the hall solo set to “It’s Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure in this episode.

Spencer isn’t the only one having love troubles. Mason has the feels for Jane and wants to ask her out. The only problem is his twin sister, Madison is constantly around and in the way. So, he asks Spencer and Roderick for help. It’s fun to watch these guys getting closer despite their differences. It reminds me of the old days of Glee.

He asks either Spencer or Roderick to ask Madison out and distract her long enough for him to ask out Jane. They both decline, forcing Mason to work up the courage to stand up to his twin sister once and for all.

They all reconvene in the choir room where Rachel comes to announce the news about them singing at the bar mitzvah. She is greeted with this magical line from Kitty:

“Are we actually going to sing? Or are you about to announce an alumnus walking through the door?” I love the Glee meta stuff.

They are all told to select songs for Myron’s party themselves. Rachel wanted to pick some old classics but Mr. Schue convinces her to let the kids decide for once and see how good they do. Mr. Schue recently learned that Rachel knows nothing about the new kids and is constantly just bossing them around. They are all supposed to pair up into partners and groups. Mason tries to go for Jane but is of course interrupted by Madison once again.

Sue barges in complaining about Myron and his manic control freak tendencies. She’s doing everything that she can to make the kid happy, including reading him bedtime stories, so that in return the superintendent is happy. Could she have an ulterior motive that’s more than just a letter of recommendation?  She breaks the news to Mr. Schue, Sheldon Beiste, Sam and Rachel that they will all (including her) be Myron’s new backup dancers for his big number.

Mason tells Madison that he doesn’t want to be her partner, but instead wants to sing with Jane. Madison just straight up says no and Mason lets her. This guy has got to stand tall and put his foot down with this girl. I can’t imagine having a sister that controlling, especially over my love life. He ends up taking matters into his own hands.

So, lets move on to the night of the bar mitzvah. We get some really awesome performances from the New Directions. Mason, still reeling from his argument with Madison takes the stage solo. He looks great in his leather jacket. It looks like he’s finally in his element. He’s even got an earring! He sings Queen’s “I Want to Break Free,” which obviously is directed towards Madison. She watches in despair on one end of the auditorium while Jane fan girls on the other side.

After his performance, Madison genuinely apologizes for being controlling and making him feel like he can’t do things without her or her approval. She wants him to be happy and has to learn how to let go. She still doesn’t really like Jane though. Baby steps I suppose.

Behind the scenes, Myron’s box that he was going to be lowered down in is stuck at the top of the pulley…with him in it! They all stand around frantically wondering how to get him down. Spencer sees this as the perfect opportunity for Roderick to put to practice that working out the two had been doing. He tells him to climb the rope. And he does it! Sure it was a little far fetched, but it was exactly the confidence boost Roderick needed. Myron is safely back on the ground in his adorable silver suit.

Roderick takes that confidence to the stage with Jane and Spencer as they belt out a fantastic performance of “Uptown Funk.” It was fun and refreshing and gave Jane a good solo. Man, I just freaking love that song. While they are doing that Mr. Schue and Sue are arguing, of course. Sue is mad that Mr. Schue is around again even though she got him that great job at Carmel high. Somehow things get physical when Sue slams into Will. They duke it out and we discover that Will wears Axe body spray in the process. Mr. Schue also calls Sue out for having a crush on Superintendent Harris and that’s why she’s been acting all ridiculous and forcing them to do all of this stuff.

unnamed (4)Meanwhile, Spencer has found his way into the choir room where Alastair is strumming along on his ukulele. Alastair throws him a lovely compliment about his performance, which makes Spencer all bashful knowing that he was watching him sing. Come to find out that Roderick filled his end of the bargain and was the one who convinced Alastair to go watch Spencer. Alastair thinks that Spencer is hot but that he also has a sweet personality somewhere on the inside.

The two kiss and are definitely on the right track. Also, Alastair joined the New Directions! What would the New Directions be without half the club dating anyway, right? I’m very much looking forward to his hair swinging in the wind during the dance numbers.

The group is preparing for their final performance with Myron. Spencer runs out just in time and they all take the stage in blue sequined jackets. Sue is in a blue sequined track suit, which is just as incredible as it sounds. Jane Lynch has to have one of the best wardrobes in all of Hollywood.

They all attempt to perform Ariana Grande’s “Break Free.” It wasn’t the best performance but I really enjoyed seeing most of our characters sharing the stage, including the teachers. Blaine and Kurt were on their Honeymoon, which seemed a little strange to me. I would think that Kurt would love child star Myron and would have had a lot in common with him from that age. Myron took the stage and all was right. Everyone in the audience had a great time.

Then the twist! The Superintendent pulled some power moves and now Myron is a student at McKinley High. He was able to graduate early from the peasantry that is middle school and wants to join the New Directions. This naturally makes Sue horrified knowing that this kid will constantly be around singing and being annoying and there’s nothing she can do about it. She storms off all the way to  her hurt locker. Here we get a brand new plot line that has never not ever been used on Glee:

Sue promises to take down the glee club once and for all.

6.08iThe episode closes out with a New Directions auditorium group number, which are my absolute favorite. They all look like lost St. Patrick’s Day celebrants in their green tee shirts and green converse. They sing the “Cool Kids” song by Echosmith. I loved seeing Alastair and even Myron. He was actually adorable compared to all the grownups and certainly held his own.

Check out all of the performances below!

“Lose My Breath” by Desitny’s Child 

“Friday I’m In Love” By The Cure 

“I Want to Break Free” By Queen 

“Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson 

“Break Free” by Ariana Grande

“Cool Kids” by Echosmith 

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  1. I agree that it was a filler episode but at least we got to know a bit of the newbies.

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