Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 6 “A Sin to Err” Recap

We open up in Russia, 1944 and we flashback to the time whenDr. Ivchenko was first recruited into Leviathan. We see Dottie is there too and she kills a guy who turns down the offer to join Leviathan.

Back to 1946 and we see Ivchenko explaining to Dooley, Peggy and Thompson what is Leviathan and how it is a program about being better than the US in such things as weapons. Peggy then asks if one of Leviathan’s projects was to train Russian girls to be assassins. Ivchenko says he doesn’t know of such a project. As Dooley keeps on wanting to ask more questions about Leviathan, Peggy keeps on interrupting asking about turning Russian girls into trained assassins. Dooley gets fed up with her questions and pulls her aside. Peggy gives very sound reasons as to why her theory could be true including that the person that killed Krzeminski was a woman because the weapon used was made for a woman. Dooley then tells Peggy to pursue her theory to see what she finds.

Meanwhile, Sousa visits Sheldon, the person that Peggy beat up to get to Brannis, and after cutting a deal, he ID’s Peggy as the one that took him down.

At Angie’s diner, Angie gives Peggy a copy of her room key and leaves as Jarvis arrives. Jarvis is happy that Peggy has decided to be part of his team again. Peggy says that she is still mad at him and Stark but that they have a common goal. Peggy tells Jarvis her theory of a woman assassin and how she used Howard’s weakness for women to get into his mansion and steal his weapons. So Peggy wants a list from all the women that Stark has seen in the last six months. So Jarvis takes her to a jewelry store where Peggy learns that Starks gives all his lady a diamond bracelet as a memento of their time together. After getting the list from the jewellers, Peggy eliminates models and actresses (although Jarvis thinks that Ginger Rogers could be suspect). With the list in hand, Peggy and Jarvis visits the ladies, who aren’t happy to see him as he was the one to break up with the ladies as proxy. Peggy just wants to see these ladies’ wrist to see if there is a mark on them of having it handcuffed to the bedpost. The last girl on the list is Ida, a dancer Stark met. When the two goes to Ida, she is long gone but know they’ve got the right person as there are scratches on the bed post from handcuffing herself. Jarvis and Peggy split up to see where Ida’s could have gone.

Meanwhile, Dottie arrives in the city and goes to a dentist office across the street from the phone company. The dentist there thinks Dottie is there to interview for the secretary position. The dentist is quite lecherous but Dottie turns the tables and kills him.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D106-F006_138018_5662-1024x683Back at the SSR, Dooley and Ivchenko go over the stolen Stark blueprints but Ivchenko says doesn’t know anything about as he was just the psychiatrist. Using his profession, Ivchenko determines Dooley is separated from wife. Also, Ivchenko wonders if the building across the way is the Empire State Building; Dooley says it isn’t. Ivchenko then says that New York City has so many tall buildings so Dooley encourages him to open the window to get a better look at the city. While he is doing that, we see Dottie in the dentist office, set up a rifle and scope aiming it at Dooley’s window and sets her sights on Ivchenko. We think that Dottie is going to kill him but instead the scope is a flashlight where she signals Ivchenko who uses the window sill to use morse code to signal back. The message to Dottie: “Need More for Time to Get Item. New Directive kill Peggy Carter”.

Dooley then starts talking of his marital woes and looks like Ivchenko is attempting to hypnotize him by playing with his wedding ring. It looks like it about to work but the spell is broken when Sousa interrupts with news of Peggy’s betrayal.

Because of Peggy’s betrayal, Dooley puts Agent Yauch to stand guard on Ivchenko. Ivchenko psychoanalyzes the ambitious agent and manages to hypnotize him to his bidding. This involves revealing where Stark’s weapons are and how only Dooley now has access to it. Ivchenko gets Yauch to outline escape routes and then gets Yauch to leave work, go to a bar, drink some bourbon and then step in front of on coming traffic and get killed.

At Angie’s diner, Jarvis and Peggy meet up to say they found nothing on where Ida could be. Peggy then notices the diner is filled with SSR agents knowing that the jig is up. While “Accentuate the Positive” (I think that was the song) playing, Peggy manages to take all the SSR agents down. But when she goes out the back door, Thompson is there to take her in. Peggy tries to explain herself but Thompson is not listening so Peggy knocks him out and arranges to meet Jarvis at the Dublin but needs to return to the Griffith to get the vial of Steve’s blood. As she runs off, Sousa confronts Peggy to bring her in. Peggy knows that Sousa won’t shoot her and just walks by him and leaves.

Peggy manages to make it to her room and retrieve Steve’s blood but before she can leave, Thompson, Sousa and SSR agents arrive at the Griffith and go to her room despite Miss Fry trying to stop them, not to protect Peggy, but as the rules of the apartment.

When they arrive at Peggy’s room she is gone but the SSR agents feel she is close by and she is, she’s outside on the window sill. Peggy gingerly walks across but part of the sill gives way and Angie opens her window and wonders why Peggy is out there. Before Peggy can answer,  Sousa and Thompson knock her door wanting to question her. Angie opens the door and answers the questions being asked and says that Peggy left to visit her grandmother and starts to get emotional and cries. The men don’t know how to deal with a crying woman so leave her be. Peggy comes in and thanks Angie for her. Angie tells her that she always knew Peggy didn’t work at the phone company. Angie then helps secure Peggy a car. As Peggy leaves, she meets up with Dottie who puts on her golly gee act and acts all scared at the presence of SSR agents at the Griffith and really tries to stop Peggy from leaving even asking is she going to be down at dinner. When Peggy is insistent on leaving, Dottie kisses her and she realizes that Dottie has used her Sweet Dream lipstick against her. Before passing out, Peggy sees the marks on Dottie’s wrist and she knows she’s found her assassin. When Dottie leans in to kill Peggy with a knife, Sousa and Thompson come on the scene and the innocent Dottie is back and lets the SSR take Peggy in.

When Angie tries to get Dottie for a Griffith meeting, she finds that she is gone.

At the SSR the interrogation of Peggy Carter begins and continues into next week’s episode. But we all know that Peggy gets out of this and I am so looking forward to a showdown between Peggy and Dottie.

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