Broadchurch Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The following recap contains spoilers for season 2 of Broadchurch that won’t air in the United States on BBC America until March 4, 2015. If you don’t want to know what happens then stop reading now. If you do, then please read on.

The Latimers and Tom Miller

The birth of Lizzie seems to have re-awaken Mark Latimer from his distant relationship he was having of late with his family and Beth. The episode opens with Mark and Lizzie on the beach looking at the sunset. When he returns home, Mark inform Beth that he wants to take some paternity leave that will stretch months as he wants to be there to change Lizzie’s diapers and feed her, something he missed out with Danny and Chloe. Beth seems pleased at Mark’s return to the family.

Later, Mark visits Tom in Susan Miller’s caravan to inform him that now that Lizzie is here, he no longer has time to hang out with. Plus, Mark tells Tom that it is wrong for them to be meeting and he never should have agreed to meet him as people are starting to talk. Tom gets upset at Mark leaving him as everyone else has. Mark says his mom hasn’t left him and encourages Tom to talk to her mom but he just yells for Mark to get out.

Beth, meanwhile, wants to start some sort of charity in Danny’s name that will help youth’s find a place they can talk to someone if there is something that bothers them. However, Paul, Maggie and Ollie thinks that Beth should help out a charity that rehabilitates sex offenders so they don’t target children like Danny again.

Earlier we saw Tom look at Olly’s Twitter account of his coverage of his dad’s case. After Mark leaves, we see Tom still at the caravan playing video games late at night. But a jiggling of the door scares Tom especially when Susan Wright enters. Susan tells Tom that he can no longer hang out at the caravan and the two talk about his dad and how he got arrested for killing Danny.

Speaking of Susan Wright, she returned to Broadchurch for a couple of reasons, one I will get to later. The first reason is Susan wants to meet with Nigel again to tell her son that she has lung cancer and she only has nine months to live. Nigel doesn’t believe her and tells Susan that they aren’t family.

The Case Against Joe Miller

Ellie is having lunch with her sister Lucy who asks for advice on when she takes the stand. Ellie tells her to tell the truth and Lucy says that she has no problem telling the court that she saw Joe but Ellie says that Lucy didn’t see Joe but a man that could have been Joe.

Unfortunately, when Lucy takes the stand and is asked who she saw that night, she says she saw Joe. This surprises Jocelyn a bit as it wasn’t written in her statement but Lucy says that the officer didn’t take down that she saw Joe. When Sharon tries to poke holes in Lucy’s testimony, Lucy stands fast that she saw Joe that night. After Lucy gets off the stand and sees Ellie, she looks proud that she pretty much lied on the stand to try and convict Joe. Ellie on the other hand wants nothing to do with her sister.

Jocelyn calls in another witness, a paramedic colleague of Joe who tells the court of a incident where Joe almost beat to death a man who cut him off at a grocery store parking lot. It is because of that incident, the colleague wanted nothing to do with Joe. Sharon tries to salvage what the colleague said to go her way but to no avail. After that the Crown rests.

Later on Sharon and Abby debate whether or not to put Joe on the stand. Sharon doesn’t want to as she knows Jocelyn will start in on him. Abby also tells Sharon that they need to come up with an alternative killer. Sharon berates Abby for being callous at the people of Broadchurch. When Sharon and Abby do a mock testimony of Joe, he fails miserably and Abby proclaims to Sharon that Joe did indeed kill Danny. Sharon tells Abby not to say things like that as they are here to give Joe the best defence.

embargoed_until_20th_january_broadchurch_ep4_06_mediumEllie is surprised that Joe doesn’t take the stand and is more surprised that the frist witness for the defence is Susan Wright, who testifies that she saw her son Nigel on the beach that night laying down Danny’s body. While Susan is testifying, Ben gives Jocelyn her case file, and we see that he has some vision problems and we see from her point of view that part of the file is blurry but she lies that she is fine.


Hardy is having a nightmare of drowning and wakes up coughing. As he talks to the doctor, Olly visits Hardy to ask about Lee Ashworth being in Broadchurch but Hardy refuses to answer any of his questions.

Meanwhile, Lee confronted Ellie in front of the court house to tell her that Hardy and Claire were sleeping together. When Ellie asks Hardy if that was true or not, he refuses to answer.

Hardy does believe he can re-open the Sandbrook case and needs Ellie to drive him to Sandbrook so they can talk to the officer who can.

Before they head out, Hardy tells Claire to lock her doors and window and not let Lee in and he is going to have a police officer come by to check on her at regular intervals.

But since Claire says that Lee is like a drug to her, we know that they will not stay apart. Lee leaves some of Claire’s takeout in front of her door and texts her so. With Lee outside her door asking how Claire is enjoying the meal, she opens the door and the two proceed to kiss passionately and have sex. In the afterglow, the two talk about if they slept with anyone while apart. Claire says she slept with no one while Lee is cheeky in his answers. As they gear up for round number 2, Lee asks if Claire told Hardy anything, she says she told him nothing and he hopes that she isn’t lying.

Later on, Olly meets with Lee, who is mending a fence, wanting to interview him for the Echo to get his story but Lee doesn’t want to talk to Olly or the press. We see that Olly has taken some covert pictures of Lee. More on that later.

On the drive to Sandbrook, Ellie makes a quip about them being Thelma and Louise with Hardy being the Susan Sarandon character. I don’t why I laughed at it but I thought it was a funny and unexpected comment.

There was a point in the episode where Hardy tells Ellie that he found Pippa’s body in the river and when trying to retrieve the body, he got caught in the under current and got dragged down. Hardy also described what it felt like carrying Pippa’s body back to shore and how the young girl was around his daughter’s age.

The first place the two go when they arrive at Sandbrook is the Gillespie home. Hardy tells Ellie that the Gillespie’s own both houses and rented the other half to Lee Ashworth. Pippa apparently really became attached to Lee and he was over all the time at their place. When Lisa and Pippa disappeared, some of Lee’s hair was found on Pippa’s pillow that he couldn’t explain how it got there but accused the police of planting it there.

When Ellie and Hardy arrive a their hotel, they find that Ellie’s reservation wasn’t in the system and the two have the share a room. Hardy wants to sleep in the car as he doesn’t think it is a good idea for them to share a room in light of what happened in court. Ellie says it is too late now and the two share a bed with her under the covers and him on top/ When Ellie asks again if he slept with Claire, Hardy says good night but we see him having a memory of Claire next to him as sunlight plays behind her.

The next day, Hardy goes to visit Kate Gillespie to inform her that Lee Ashworth has returned to the UK but is far away from Sandbrook. When Kate mentions something about that night that wasn’t mentioned before, it peeks Hardy’s interest. Meanwhile, Ellie is next door snooping around thanks to Hardy who had copies made of Lee’s house.

embargoed_until_20th_january_broadchurch_ep4_20_mediumAt a diner, Hardy and Ellie meet with the officer that could open the case. Ellie realizes that it is Hardy’s ex-wife, Tess Hanchard. Hardy says that Lee allegedly sent Claire a bluebell anonymously and that should be proof to re-open the case. Tess tells Hardy to drop it and leave well enough alone. Tess reminds Hardy of dinner with their daughter, Daisy later.

While having dinner out, Ricky Gillespie confronts Hardy about visiting Kate. When Daisy returns to their table with drinks, Ricky asks Daisy how hold she is and when she tells him, Ricky tells her he had a daughter her age but she was murdered and it was her dad’s fault that the killer got away.

Now back at Broadchurch, Hardy is starting to believe that Lee might be innocent. As the two return to court, Ellie remembers that she took some information off of Claire’s phone and tells Hardy what she found. One was Claire’s Internet history was Googling Lee Ashworth +murderer. Also, Claire had two phone numbers in her cell. One was Hardy’s and the other is unknown but she put it in her phone. Ellie’s dials it but it just keeps ringing and ringing. We do see who Ellie was trying to call and it is Ricky Gillespie.

And if you recall Olly’s photo of Lee, he posted it and an article on the Echo website, pissing off Maggie.

Back at Sandbrook, we see Ricky looking at the article and now he knows that Lee is in Broadchurch. The show them zooms in on a painting behind Ricky and it is of bluebells pretty much hinting that Ricky sent Claire the flower.

What I am worried about is that season 2 perhaps is going to make it that Joe really didn’t do it and actually might go with the ending of Gracepoint. I really don’t know which way the case is going to go.

Also, I am a bit fearful that a jealous Tom might harm little Lizzie. What do you all think? Sound off in the comments.


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