Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 4 “The Blitzkrieg Button” Recap

It was probably very highly predictable but as soon as I saw Bridget Regan as a guest, I knew there was more to her character. Dottie, than being an aw shucks ballet dancer wannabe. And I was totally, 100% right. But I am getting ahead of myself as this week’s episode saw the return of Howard Stark.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D104-F004_137747_7842-1024x683Stark’s return to New York City didn’t come easy for Jarvis or Peggy. Jarvis was negotiating the ransom for Stark’s safe return from a smuggler named Mink while Peggy took care of the muscle protecting Stark. After successfully taking out Mink’s men and keeping the ransom money, the find Stark in a container.

When Jarvis and Peggy are driving Stark to his penthouse, Peggy notices tons of SSR Agents standing guard in front of a supposed unknown Stark residence. So Peggy is forced to take Stark to the Griffith Hotel.

Peggy manages to get Howard up to her room while avoiding the watchful eye of Miss Frye.

Stark has returned to New York City to find out what inventions the SSR have recovered and needs Peggy’s help so gives her a camera pen for her to take pictures of the inventory of inventions recovered.

Meanwhile, Dooley is going to Nuremberg to interview a Nazi by the name of Mueller to see what he knows about Brannis and Green Suit and the Battle of Fennel as Brannis and Green Suit were listed as being killed in it. Thompson is left in charge of the SSR while Dooley is away.

So Thompson’s only priority is to find Howard Stark and assigns his agents assignments in helping them catch Stark. Peggy’s assignment is to take everyone’s lunch orders. When Peggy goes to the lab where SSR lab tech are going through Stark’s inventions, under the guise of taking lunch orders, uses the camera pen to take pictures of the inventions.

On the Sousa front, he is concentrating on the anonymous tip and goes back to the wharf where the call was placed. While dusting for fingerprints, Sousa sees two homeless man. One man didn’t see anything while the other, Frank refuses to speak to any cop so Sousa takes him back to SSR headquarters. Sousa doesn’t get anywhere while questioning Frank but Thompson does by offering him scotch and a burger if he talks. Frank says he saw a fancy dressed man and a lady on the wharf that night. Sousa shows Frank the picture of the blonde lady that was taken at the club. Frank said no and that the lady was a blonde. Despite Thompson wanting Sousa to concentrate on catching Stark he does commend him for finding a witness that everyone over looked.

In Nuremberg, Dooley meets with Mueller who tells him that no Germans were responsible for any Russian deaths in the battle. Dooley managed to get Mueller to talk by offering him a cyanide capsule so his death by hanging can be quick. However, we learn that Dooley actually gave him a breath mint.

The men that took Peggy down is meeting with their boss, Mink, who is not pleased with being betrayed by Stark. He learns from one of his men that Stark called the lady Peggy. This gives something Mink to go on and he shoots his men dead for their ineptitude with a handheld automatic gun.

Peggy reports back to Stark, who seems to be biding his time by bedding the ladies on Peggy’s floor. After Stark takes a look at the pictures, he determines that the SSR has all of his inventions and he needs Peggy to steal one back. Before hand, Angie asks Peggy down for dinner where we see Dottie doing more of her innocent mid-west girl in the big city act asking a fellow resident to sewn in a gravy pocket that would allow her to steal food.

The weapon that Stark wants her to steal is called the Blitzkrieg and he tells Peggy that it acts like a light switch that when it is turned on could turn off all the lights in NYC and Stark doesn’t know how to turn it back on. So Stark gives Peggy a fake Blitzkrieg for her to switch with the real thing at the SSR.

When Jarvis drives her to the SSR, we see Mink follow them. Also, while on their way to the SSR, Peggy questions Jarvis about the Blitzkrieg and she notices a clear tell that Jarvis has when lying so she knows there is more to the Blitzkrieg then turning off the lights.

At the SSR, Peggy does successfully make the switch and before she can look at the weapon further,  she encounters Thompson who feels sorry for her that no one man will ever see as an equal. Peggy gives a nice retort and leaves to flip the switch on the Blitzkrieg. Instead of the lights going off, the sphere opens and inside is a vial filled with red liquid.

MARVELSAGENTCARTER_Y1_D104-F004_137746_9002-1024x683When Peggy returns home, she punches Stark in the face and demands to know what is in the vial. Stark tells Peggy that she knows what it is but Peggy needs to hear it from Stark. In the vial is Steve Rogers’ blood. Stark has one vial while the SSR has 11. Stark wants to study Steve’s blood as he feels it can benefit human kind. Peggy is every pissed at the betrayal of Stark and thanks him for reminding her about the values she does believe in and that she learned from Steve. Peggy leaves to get some air and wants Stark gone when she comes back.

Outside of the Griffith, Mink takes flowers from a delivery truck to deliver flowers to Peggy. Miss Frye doesn’t allow Mink to deliver the flowers to Peggy personally but manages to find out what room Peggy is in. So Mink manages to sneak onto Peggy’s floor and arrives at her door (at this point Peggy is already gone). Dottie comes out of her room and encounters Mink. Mink pulls out his automatic gun threatening Dottie. Dottie looks very intrigued by the gun and says she wants and starts to climb the walls and snaps Mink’s neck. We later see her in her room admiring the gun mirror while Mink’s dead body is under her bed.

137747_77442-1024x683The next morning, Peggy asks Jarvis if he knew the truth about the Blitzkrieg, when he apologizes, Peggy lets him know about his tell. Peggy tells Jarvis that she has more trust with the men at SSR than she has right now with Jarvis and Stark. When Jarvis goes to a nearby shoe shine stand, he tells Stark that betrayed a great lady and it will be hard for them to earn her trust again. Next to Stark is Marvel legend Stan Lee who asks Stark for the sports section.

Dooley returns from his trip and debriefs Thompson about how Brannis and Green Suit might be responsible for the death of all the Russians at the Battle of Fennel but wonder how two people can be responsible for that many deaths. Thompson also reports that Stark’s name came on a flight manifest a few days ago so now their case heats up.

While Dooley looks over the case files of Brannis and Green Suit, the chat typewriter starts working and a message is being typed but we don’t see what is being written.

The next episode features the return of the Howling Commandoes and I for one cannot wait.

Question for all of you: So did you see Dottie as being more than she was? My older brother totally did too. So my guess it was supposed to be obvious rather than be a twist. Let me know in the comments.


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