Broadchurch Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

James D'arcyIt is a bit jarring to see James D’arcy in two very different roles on TV right now. Seeing him as the affable and endearing Jarvis on Agent Carter to the villainous Lee Ashworth in Broadchurch are night and day. Tonight we get to know a little bit more about Ashworth and his connection to the Sandbrook case.


We start off where the last episode left off. Ashworth and Claire have disappeared from Ellie’s house and Hardy is fit to be tied. Hardy is mightily pissed at Ellie for getting distracted by an angry Beth and letting the couple slip by her. Hardy, despite his heart condition and Ellie’s objection, grabs her car keys and searches all of Broadchurch for them.

Hardy tracks Ashworth and Claire at her secret (not so secret now) hideout. Ashworth attacks Hardy for planting bugs and cameras in the house to keep an eye on them.

When Ashworth leaves, Hardy reams into Claire for giving up the location of her safe house and demands to know the truth about what happened at Sandbrook. It is obvious that Claire is hiding something but lies to Hardy about knowing nothing.

So Hardy gets Ellie to talk to Claire by going out on a night on the town to get pissed drunk. Ellie left little Fred with a baby sitter. While out drinking, Ellie talks more about her past romantic prospects and when Claire goes to the loo, Ellie takes the opportunity to look through Claire’s phone and jot down Ashworth’s number. Earlier, Ashworth called Claire and promised to stay away from her.

At the bar, the two ladies pick up two men. They bring them back to Claire’s place where Ellie has sex with one of them and Claire with the other. When Ellie’s guy leaves and Claire’s sleeping the next room, Ellie asks Claire what happened in Sandbrook. Claire tells Ellie that Ashworth drugged her and when she woke up at 5am, she found Ashworth cleaning up the whole house.

Elsewhere, Ashworth drops by the newspaper to place an ad and also to inquire about where the police station is. Ashworth did so because he lodged a harassment and battery case against Hardy. Instead of arresting him, the cop that tells Hardy this instead brings him to Ashworth so the two can take it out. The only way that Ashworth will drop the case is if Hardy apologies, which he reluctantly does.

Ashworth later visits Hardy at his home with evidence he gathered himself to clear his name. Hardy dismisses all the evidence like looking into the father of the girl and an unknown man but Ashworth still proclaims his innocence.

Later on, Ellie tells Hardy that Claire isn’t witness but actually a suspect and is mad that he didn’t tell her. Hardy has always known that Claire was a suspect and brought her to Broadchurch not for protection but to keep her close.

The Prosecution

Jocelyn and Ben discuss what do now that the confession has been thrown out. Ben wants to know if they should call Ellie to the stand but Jocelyn dismisses the idea and believes the evidence and Hardy are all they would need.

We later see a bit more of Jocelyn personal life as she visits a relative at a long-term care facility. I think this might a sister. Jocelyn finishes feeding her when the home’s administrator tells her that she is past due of the bill and she needs to pay or her loved one will be kicked out. Jocelyn doesn’t say a word to the man about paying.

While driving late at night, Jocelyn is talking about the case with Ben and some files she has given him such as interviews with colleagues of Ellie. Jocelyn seems to get distracted by the bright headlights that she misses her turn into Broadchurch that she swerves quickly into it and ends up crashing her car. Ben collects her and brings her home and he wants her to go to the hospital. Jocelyn says she is okay and after Ben leaves, we see that she isn’t all right at all.

The Defence

It seems that while the prosecution doesn’t want to call Ellie, the defence does. Abby takes particular glee at wanting to rip apart Ellie on the stand.

Sharon, meanwhile, wakes up at 3:30am to make an appointment. That appointment is to see her son in prison, who apparently has six more years to serve. We are not sure if Sharon is going to help her son get out of prison.

The Latimers

Beth’s waterbroke in the last episode and despite not wanting Ellie there, she is forced to accept her help before the mid-wife can arrive. While waiting for the baby to come, Chloe asks if Ellie knew that Joe killed Danny. Ellie says she didn’t but if she did, she would have done something. Chloe then asks how does Ellie live with everything, Ellie says she just does and it looks like Chloe forgives Ellie. Mark finally arrives home in time for the birth of Beth and his daughter.

Ellie offers her congratulations but Beth is still cold towards her and asks her to leave.

When Mark holds his newborn daughter, he offers really loving words on how she will be well loved and tells Beth that they will get it right this time.

Paul later drops by with some posh biscuits and meets the newest Latimer. Beth has named her Elizabeth or Lizzie after her mom. When Paul tries to offer a blessing to Lizzie, Mark stops him and says religion will have no place in his house.

The Court Case

Hardy is giving testimony about the cellphone that Joe gave Danny and also the emails between the two. Hardy reads select emails. When it is the defence turn, Sharon picks apart his testimony by saying that anyone could have had access to Joe’s computer.

embargoed_until_20th_january_broadchurchep3__14_mediumEllie is called to the stand. Jocelyn asks her about how her relationship with Joe and the Latimer’s were and also asks if she knew that Joe killed Danny. Ellie says she didn’t know. When Jocelyn asks why Ellie beat up Joe. Ellie tells the court it was because Joe wasn’t the man that she thought he was. Jocelyn concludes that Ellie didn’t attack Joe as a police officer but as a wife attacking her husband. Ellie agrees.

I can’t recall if it was the defence or prosecution that asked this question but Ellie is asked about how interested Joe was in the case and evidence found.

But I know for sure that Sharon brings up how Ellie took a sleeping pill the night Danny died and couldn’t possible know whether or not Joe was with her in bed.

Talk turns to Ellie and Joe’s sex life, which eventually turns into questions about whether or not Ellie was/is having an affair with Hardy. Ellie categorically denies this and Jocelyn wants to know where is the evidence. Apparently, the evidence is when Ellie left her kids the night Joe was arrested to talk to Hardy in his hotel room for two hours. Ellie tries to say it was her wanting to talk it out to make sense of things but Sharon twists it into being something more lascivious.

Ellie, Hardy and the rest of the court room audience are all at a lost for words.


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