Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 9 “The Other Side of Midnight” Recap

Daniel Gilles as Joel Goren, Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza, Erica Durance as Alex Reid, and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

SH3_EP309_D5_KW_0183Tonight’s episode answered the question whether or not the show will write in Erica Durance’s pregnancy or not as so far they’ve started to hide with her carrying a lot of charts or sitting down a lot. So let’s get down to the action at Hope-Zion.

I am going to start with this pair first because what happens during this storyline has an affect on another later.

Maggie and Dr. Katz

Maggie is at Alex’s condo looking for an expensive sweater that Alex borrowed. Maggie finds Alex’s engagement ring and tries it on. When Maggie gets spooked from an alarm clock, she loses it. Later Maggie asks Rian for advice on what to do and he says best to just confess. Maggie does confess to Alex towards episode’s end in the on-call room but Alex is too tired to be pissed.

When Maggie arrives at the hospital, she helps lighten Katz load, who promptly gives her a save the date for her upcoming wedding. Maggie is surprised to learn Katz is engaged after learning she was only dating the gentleman for 10 weeks. Katz tells Maggie that there was no reason to wait but Maggie can think of something referring of course to the kiss from last week.

Katz fiancé Hershel brings her lunch but it is an egg salad sandwich, which unfortunately she is deathly allergic to egg. Hershel asks if she likes tuna but Katz jokes that she likes a BLT (both are Jewish).

At the doctor’s lounge, Maggie asks Rian, Shahir and Joel what it means when a heterosexual woman kisses another heterosexual woman means. Rian wants Maggie to spill the beans on who kissed her but Maggie stays mum. When Joel tries to bring up his two-cents, Maggie throws all of his past relationships in his face including his fling with Dana, which Alex hears, much to her surprise.

Later, Maggie confronts Katz about their kiss. Katz says it was nothing and was bored. Katz tells Maggie that at her age and within her Orthodox community she should have been married by now especially with her education. Maggie says someone doesn’t get married to someone they hardly know. Katz says she wants to get married. Maggie ask if she loves him. Katz does not answer.

Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza, Erica Durance as Alex Reid, and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Huse Madhavji as Shahir Hamza, Erica Durance as Alex Reid, and Benjamin Ayers as Zach Miller

Alex and Joel

The episode actually begins with Alex has gone to the hospital to do some paper work where Joel finds her wondering why she left his place. Joel suggests Alex get rid of her condo and move with him, which she laughs off. Joel then suggests they go to Liberia as doctors are needed there. Alex questions this and is non-committal to giving him an answer. Later, Zach, Alex and Joel talk about Selina as Zach sees Joel ignore a call from her. Before Alex can ask any further questions, an emergency comes in. It is superstar race car driver Nate “The Rocket” Stewart (Peter Valdron) who suffered a pretty serious crash that involves injuries to his brain, abdomen and feet. Nora (Rebecca Dalton), Nate’s much younger girlfriend is in quite the panic and calls in Nate’s ex-wife Tawny. While Shahir is working on Nate’s brain, Tawny arrives with Nate’s daughter, Rachel in tow, and tells Joel and Alex all about Nate’s past crashes and the surgeries involved. Nora and Tawny starts to argue about how best to care for Nate.

Joel is anxious to work on Nate’s feet but Shahir’s brain surgery is taking longer than expected. Alex sees that Nate’s abdomen is getting worse to the point where he will soon no longer breathe so jumps the queue to go next. However, during surgery, there are complications that delays Joel from fixing Nate’s feet.

When Joel finally gets into surgery, there is trouble as he finds motor oil on Nate’s bones that can cause problems if it gets into his blood stream. Rian, Alex and Joel talk about the best course of action. Joel and Alex go talk to Tawny about options. Alex suggests that amputating Nate’s feet is the best way to save his life. Joel believes he can save Nate’s feet while not putting his life in danger. Alex tells Tawny that Joel’s option will only lead Nate to be in constant pain for the rest of his life. Nora hears the news about amputation and argues with Tawny that Nate wouldn’t want that option. Tawny decides to try Joel ways. Alex and Joel argue over this decision but Joel says he is expert so they go into the surgery.

During the surgery to fix Nate’s feet, Alex ask if there is anything else she needs to know about his love life; Joel says no (of course we know there is more). Also during surgery Alex wonders what would they say to the family if the surgery doesn’t work. Joel says he only knows one thing he will say and that is to answer the question when Nate asks when he can race again. After the surgery is a success, another missed call from Selina causes Joel to confess that Selina kissed him but it meant nothing.

When Nate wakes up in the ICU he asks the question when can he race again. We don’t hear Joel’s answer as we go to the doctor’s lounge.

Alex wonders if there are more surprises in store for her. Joel says no and says again the kiss with Selina meant nothing, Alex asks why she don’t know about Joel working at the clinic and knife fight. Joel says that the clinic was a good thing for him and Alex brings up him wanting to go to Liberia. Alex sees a pattern again in their relationship. Things are great at first then Joel starts to get bored and they implode. Joel says they will make it work this time but Alex says they won’t because they are too different and she effectively breaks up with him.

Alex later runs into Charlie and the tow briefly share their hectic stressful day.

Let’s get to Charlie’s day. It is Charlie’s day off and he is having breakfast at his hotel. Charlie is reading the financial section of the paper when a flirty guest, Astrid Rae (Lauren Lee Smith) gets all flirty with him talking about stocks. Later, Astrid talks to Charlie about what stocks to invest in. Astrid wonders if Charlie is staying at the hotel, he confesses that he is living at the hotel. Astrid travels a lot in her job in the private equity world. Astrid confesses her constant travel is hard on her marriage and she asks if Charlie is married. Charlie tells her it is complicated. Astrid then offers some advice on how to get a girl then invites him up to come up to her room (1501 in fact). Charlie declines and Astrid leaves. When Charlie pays his bill, he tells the bar keep he will pay Astrid’s bill too. But the bar keep asks what lady. TWIST. Didn’t see that one coming. This is one Charlie knows something is wrong with Astrid. Charlie rushes to her room and after forcefully getting housekeeping to open her room, finds Astrid passed out on the bathroom floor.

When Astrid is rushed to Hope-Zion, Charlie tells the doctors that she had a miscarriage.

Charlie goes to Dey wanting to find Gavin as he needs to talk to someone that knows about him about what happened. Instead, Charlie confides in Dey how he hallucinates and today couldn’t tell between the two. Dey asks if anything recently happened that may be the cause. We don’t hear Charlie answer but we know it is all about Alex

When Astrid wakes up Katz tells her that her placenta detached and that she lost her baby. Astrid asks if Charlie was the one that found her, he says that he heard her call out. Astrid thanks him then asks if he bought the stocks. This surprises Charlie as Astrid is the first person that he as seen that remembers their encounter. However, Astrid shrugs it off as being a dream. Astrid is saddened that is alone when the worse thing has happened to her (her husband is on his way). Charlie says she is not alone and comforts her.


Dana is treating Megan, a woman with some chest pains. Dana says she is fine but Megan tells her she wants her implants removed. Dana says that since there is no medical reasons for it, it would cost $6000.

Later, we see that Megan has done it herself after Dana off handedly tells her how to earlier and is brought into the ER bleeding. Dana learns from Zach that after Megan comes out of surgery, she is being sent to the psych ward.

When Megan gets out, Dana says she is going to be okay. Megan confesses to Dana that she did what she did because her abusive ex gave her the implants because he told her she looked like a boy and every time she looked her breasts, she thinks of him. Dana says Megan will be in the psych ward for a while because she self-harmed herself but Megan wants out as she is not crazy.

Dana then goes to talk to Dey about not getting her committed. They go back and forth for a bit as to why Megan did what she did but Dey says will he talk to her.

Later Dey tells Dana that Megan is being discharged. However, Zach gives Dana and Dey some information that might change minds of letting her go. Dey and Megan confront Megan about the different accidents she had over the years and believes that there was no abusive ex but that she has body dysmorphic disease. Megan denies it but Dana says she can get real help now. But Megan says that Dana has already helped her leaves. Dey tells Dana that they have no choice to let her go. Back at her office, Zach brings Dana a cup of coffee. The two believe that Megan will try this again with another doctor that doesn’t know about her. Dana blames herself for not catching the signs. Zach says she is a good doctor and not to blame herself.

Zach and Mal

Very briefly we see that Zach and Mal are still going strong romantically but is keeping their relationship a secret from the rest of the Hope-Zion staff.

End of Episode Musical Montage

Tawny and Nora seem to be getting along, Joel is in his car speeding at a very fast rate, Charlie is with Astrid as she rests looking at stocks and Alex is at home looking at three positive pregnancy tests. So we now know they are writing in Ms. Durance’s pregnancy! And of course the baby has to be Joel’s.

Next week, Lexa Doig is back and looks like she and Joel will be hooking up. And if Alex finds out then they are definitely not getting back together, baby or no baby.

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3 Comments on Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 9 “The Other Side of Midnight” Recap

  1. Alex can’t get mad if he hooks up with Selina — she did dump him and said he’s the same as he ever was.

  2. Why is maggie getting involved with Joel’s love life? she kissed Gavin while with Joel, and Joel didn’t want a relationship with her, he made that clear at the start.
    Why does the knife thing matter joel wasn’t with Alex then, she’s always running off to Charlie that can’t help Joel

  3. I am not entirely sure that it’s Joel’s child since we don’t exactly know how long it has been since Alex and Charlie broke up. I’d rather guess that they keep us in the dark about who the real father is until maybe the season finale

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