Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer Reaction

The Force AwakensIt may not seem it by looking at our little site, but we here at Pop Goes the World and when I mean we, I mean me, are huge and I mean huge Star Wars fans. My favourite movie of all-time is Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and had a ton of Star Wars toys growing up. So when I found out the teaser trailer for Episode VII was dropping online today (and in 30 theatres across North America over the weekend), I couldn’t wait to see what these 88 seconds have in store.

Here is the teaser, followed by my reaction to it:

From the trailer, we get a glimpse of John Boyega on what looks like to be Tatooine, coming into frame as an unmasked Stormtrooper. We also see on Tatooine a new droid, one that as a mini version of R2D2’s dome head on top of a ball. We also see a clunky looking speeder being ridden by, I think Daisy Ridley’s character. We gets shots of Stormtroopers leaving a transport carrier, Rebel X-Wing pilots flying over water (one of the pilots is Oscar Isaac) and we also see what is to be the villain of the film wielding a broadsword type of Sith lightsaber walking through a snowy forest. All the while there is narration stating that there is an awakening and if we have felt it. The narration mentions the dark side and the light side. Could the narrator be Max von Sydow? Sort of sounds like him and his voice has that gravitas to it. The trailer ends, and what made me tear up, with the Millennium Falcon, still going strong after 30 years, flying around battling TIE Fighters. Underscoring the entire trailer is the familiar Star Wars music composed by the legendary John Williams.

The trailer doesn’t really give you a sense at what exactly the film will be about but I am already excited for it. I do wish we could have seen Han, Leia and Luke in the 88 seconds. But I do like that we get a glimpse at some of the new characters. Can we presume it is Adam Driver that is wielding the broadsword lightsaber?

December 2015 can’t come soon enough. What are your thoughts on the trailer? Excited? Underwhelmed? Sound off in the comments.

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