Saving Hope Season 3 Episode 7 “The Way We Were” Recap

Erica Durance (Alex Reid) and Huse Madhavji (Shahir Hamza)
Huse Madhavji (Shahir Hamza)

Huse Madhavji (Shahir Hamza)

After almost a month off, Saving Hope is back for a stretch of episodes before its fall finale on December 17. So let’s dive right into the action of Hope-Zion. Tonight we get two characters that we don’t see too much of have significant story lines tonight: Shahir and Reycraft.

We open with Alex and Shahir doing some pre-surgery fencing. Alex has to stop because her hand starts to cramp plus Shahir was getting a bit aggressive. Alex finds out the reason why is Shahir is in love with a married straight man and wants to know what to do.

Maggie finds Alex practicing suturing and wants in on Shahir’s but no luck as it is Reycraft that is the lucky one to assist. Maggie then teases Alex about sexy Skyping with Joel who is in New Zealand but in reality Daniel Gillies is off filming The Originals.

Later, Maggie talks to Dr. Day about wanting to wish ill-will on Alex so she can be in on the surgery. Dr. Day thinks that Maggie might be hitting on him and says he is celibate. In a later conversation, Day tells Maggie that he is celibate to see if not having sex won’t get in the way of things.

Shahir’s patient has early onset alzheimer, Maria is 42-years old and has a devoted husband in Malcolm. We soon realize that it is Malcolm whom Shahir has a crush on. Shahir talks over the surgery with the two and both really hope that the surgery will bring her back.

With Dawn and Charlie, they are making out in her office when she starts to pressure him about having a baby together. Dawn even schedule an appointment with both of them with Dr. Katz to make sure both are good to go to start making babies.

Charlie is called away to the ER to treat man that stepped in front of a street car and lost a leg. Unfortunately, the man, Oliver, dies in the OR and his spirit appears to Charlie when he tries to give a sample to Katz. Olive wants Charlie to get his personal effects for him as something is in there that could be embarrassing. Zach refuses to do so unless Charlie gives him a player in their fantasy baseball league. This is truly a Canadian show now as they were talking about Toronto Blue Jays players.

Katz comes to take Dawn’s blood work and she is confident that there will be no problem with her. When Charlie and Dawn meet up in the elevator, he tells Dawn that he is ready to move forward and have a baby with Dawn as he likes to think about the future for a change.

However, when Katz brings the results back to Dawn, it is bad news. Dawn can’t have kids.

Back to Charlie and his spirit, what was in his personal effects was a key to a lockbox that contains $20,000 Oliver wants Charlie to take $20,000 in order to complete a deal that would make it $60,000 that will help clear his debts. Charlie at first refuses to do so but later agrees to consult Oliver’s kids. When Oliver’s son and daughter comes in, Charlie shows a treasure map of sorts. The daughter doesn’t want to chase after a treasure as she has bad childhood memories but the son wants to take a look. When the pair return with the lockbox, the daughter believes there is nothing in it as she has little faith in her dad. But when the son opens the lockbox, there is indeed $20,000 in it and two siblings start to cry. Just before Oliver’s spirit disappears, he tells Charlie that it could have been $60,000.

Reycraft’s storyline is about him operating on his mentor, Sam Campbell (Robert Joy) on an appendectomy. While sharing stories about Campbell with Rian during the surgery, Rian accidentally cuts Reycraft and some of his blood gets into Sam and vice versa. The two go and tell Campbell the situation and he reassures Reycraft that he has no blood-borne diseases. But Zach points out when looking at Campbell’s chart that he is Hep C positive. When Reycraft tells his mentor this news, he wants Raycraft to cover it up as it is a career ender. So Reycraft gets Rian to tell the lab he mixed up the patients in order to get Campbell’s blood work re-labeled. The cover up is on and Reycraft goes to tell Campbell that he has nothing to worry about. When Reycraft’s goes to get tested himself for Hep C, Campbell promises to have his back as he is used to this. Hearing that Reycraft realizes that Campbell has known all along that he had Hep C so Reycraft decides to go back to the lab to say he made the mistake and gets Campbell’s blood to be re-label correctly. When Reycraft tells this to his mentor, Campbell flips out and starts to demean Reycraft but he stands his ground to his mentor to make things rights. To apologize to Rian, Reycraft gives him Miguel Cabrera for his fantasy baseball league. Reycraft tells Rian he will take interferon and take some time off.

It is because of this situation that Alex steps into the surgery of Maria for Reycraft. Alex goes over the surgery with Maria and Malcolm. It is all about taking a certain fatty tissue from the abdomen into brain as it has neurotransmitters that should help Maria’s brain to start firing again. During the conversation, Alex’s starts to cramp and Malcolm thinks that she has focal distonia as he has seen it as a former musician.

Wendy Crewson (Dana Kinney) and Erica Durance (Alex Reid)

Wendy Crewson (Dana Kinney) and Erica Durance (Alex Reid)

So Alex sees Dana about her hand and she suggests getting an injection of botox in her hand so she can do the surgery. Alex agrees to it.

Maggie does manage to get into the surgery and during it, the two ladies tease Shahir on his crush on Malcolm. The surgery seems to be going okay but Maggie and Alex notice Shahir sweating profusely. The surgery continues on and when Maria’s brain is exposed, Shahir then tells Alex he thinks he is having a heart attack. Shahir is stubborn though and continues on to complete the surgery. All the while, Maggie and Alex start to treat Shahir, taking his pants down to get an EKG on him. When Shahir completes as much as he can, Dawn gets him to finally get treatment while Alex finishes. Later, Dawn wonders if he noticed any symptoms, Shahir says no. Charlie pays him a visit and Shahir gives high praise to Alex, the two share a tentative glance that Dawn notices.

Michael Shanks (Charlie Harris) and Michelle Nolden (Dawn Bell)

Michael Shanks (Charlie Harris) and Michelle Nolden (Dawn Bell)

Later at Dawn’s office, to cover up the disappointment that she can’t have kids, Dawn breaks up with Charlie stating that he is still hung up on Alex. To further he point, Dawn says that the two of them wouldn’t make good parents together as they would always argue. Charlie agrees and the two part ways on good terms this time. Later when Dawn is alone in the elevator, she stops and grieves over the fact that she will not be a mother.

Maria wakes up from her surgery and immediately calls for Malcolm. Malcolm is pleased at that as before Maria didn’t know who Malcolm was. When Malcolm sees Shahir, he thanks him for risking his own life to save his wife.

Erica Durance (Alex Reid) and Huse Madhavji (Shahir Hamza)

Erica Durance (Alex Reid) and Huse Madhavji (Shahir Hamza)

When Shahir returns to his room, Alex is in his bead and the two have a talk about the heart and the head that while he has spent his life learning about the brain, he knows nothing about the heart. Alex is there to comfort him.

I have to say it was nice to see KC Collins and Huse Madhavji have some significant screen time tonight, especially Collins as we get learn more about Reycraft.

Next week it looks like we get Joel back and also Lexa Doig too!

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