The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 “Crossed” Recap

twd1Welcome to the first The Walking Dead recap here on Pop Goes the World!

I want to start by saying that I do not read The Walking Dead comic books and therefore these recaps will not often mention them. If I do repeat something that I have heard from the comic, I will certainly forewarn you all as to keep things spoiler free. Okay, let’s get into it!

This week’s “Crossed” definitely was spent setting up for this final battle between Grady Memorial and Rick’s band of survivors in next week’s mid-season finale. There are a few questions that come along with that but the main ones, for me at least, are who really are these people at Grady? Are they good? Are they bad? What are they hiding? What has Noah told Rick?  Hopefully, these will be answered next week.

This week featured all of our current characters and the different groups they are in, so for this week I feel it’s best to split the recap up by groups.

St. Sarah’s Church: Rick, Carl, Judith, Daryl, Michonne, Sasha, Tyrese, Father Gabriel, Noah

We open up the episode with everyone walker-proofing the church. As Maggie had mentioned a few weeks ago, it’s simply four walls and a roof to them. The survivor’s don’t see it as a place of worship, but as a weapon and means of survival. Sasha, still saddened by the death of Bob, is hacking away at a pew for wood to seal the windows. Tyrese and Daryl are taking the organ pipes down to set up a barrier around the outside stairs. These people think of everything. They find a way to use what’s available and it’s really fascinating to watch what they come up with.

There’s a quick exchange between Rick and Michonne about who should be the one to go on the mission. They both owe Carol for not becoming victims of Terminus, but Rick feels he owes Carol more. To me, it seems pretty obvious…both of you go and leave Tyrese behind.

Once the group leaves we are left at St. Sarah’s with Carl, Judith, Father Gabriel and Michonne. I think that Chandler Riggs does an amazing job playing Carl Grimes. As he has grown up, so has his acting and ability to play such a complex young character. He tells Father Gabriel, who is scrubbing at the blood on the floor, that much like Abraham has mentioned before, the group must keep moving or they will die. It’s not safe to stay stationary anymore. Carl also tells Father Gabriel that he needs to pick a weapon and learn how to use it. If you want to survive in this world, which clearly Gabriel does, then you have to know how to defend yourself. He picks a machete.

I’m so confused by Father Gabriel. Like I said, I haven’t read the comics so I do not know where his story is going exactly, but to me he just doesn’t seem trustworthy. Gabriel goes to lay down and later has a brief conversation with Michonne where she tries to tell him that she understands his stance on killing others, but that when her group does kill…it’s for the best. However, we as viewers know that Rick’s group is generally good, but Father Gabriel does not see or believe that yet. So, Gabriel takes his machete and pries up the floorboards and escapes (sans machete). He is attacked by a walker and manages to wrestle her to the ground, however, just before he gets his first walker kill he sees a cross around her neck and keeps moving on. Who knows where he is going…

I must admit that while the church group was a little slow this week, I think they will be very important next week. To me, it makes no sense to leave Michonne behind on a mission. She is one of the strongest physically and mentally. Therefore, this leads me to believe that something is going down at the Church next week and we will be glad that Michonne and her kick ass katana are there.

Glenn Rosita Eugene Abraham Tara Maggie (Team GREATM)

Tara seriously rocks. I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love this group. Aside from Michonne, Abraham’s Army and Tara have been some fantastic new additions and were  integrated really well into the show. Tara has named the group GREATM. She provides some great comic relief, much like Glenn used to. Sometimes, I find myself missing season 1 & 2 Glenn.

This picks up right where their last episode left off. Abraham on his knees after hearing the truth about Eugene and knocking him out, possibly killing him. They have to stay there and wait for Eugene to either wake up or turn. Moving him would only worsen his potential injuries. Poor Rosita only wants Abraham to drink some water, but he is just not having it. Slapping it away and moving towards Rosita, there is just no telling what his frame of mind is at this moment. Maggie doesn’t let anyone find out. “Sit down or I will put you down,” she says with her gun drawn. He submits back to his kneeling positon for the remainder of the episode.

I think that Maggie would have shot him in that moment. She has a lot of pent up emotions, she’s been let down a lot, and she’s lost a lot too. She knows you have to keep going because sometimes good things happen too (i.e. Glenn). Abraham had such DC tunnel vision that he could’ve killed them all, and a little time to reflect probably will do him some good. Good job, Maggie.

Eugene’s water fight with the walkers has left them with nothing to drink, so Glenn, Rosita, and Tara take off to a nearby creek, leaving Maggie with Abraham and Eugene. Tara has Eugene’s back and I like that about her. She’s always been very loyal. Even when she was following the Governor and didn’t agree with what he was doing, she still went into the prison anyway. Tara explains to them that they can’t blame Eugene for using the only tool he had (his smarts) to keep him alive in a world where he wouldn’t last a day. Ehhhh, Glenn still think they can and they probably will for a little bit longer.

It was nice learning a little bit more about Rosita. She was definitely put on the back burner, and that back burner was starting to become a little awkward. Rostia met Abraham in Dallas when he helped save her group from a herd of walkers. He told her about his mission to save the world and that he wanted her help. Now, she’s not so sure if he was lying too. Maybe he just wanted some TLC along the way, but either way she’s a strong girl and a great asset to any team she’s on.

Rosita also uses a water purifying trick that Eugene taught her to clear the creek water, further proving that he just may find a new place in the group. They also discover some fish and are able to catch a few. Tara being Tara finds a yo-yo and is extremely excited about it. I’d love to see a yo-yo walker kill.

Back at the fire truck, Maggie asks Abraham if he had wanted her to shoot him. He replies, “I thought I did, but I didn’t.” Queue the approaching walker noises. Actually, no… it’s Eugene waking up! Maggie runs over to help him and Abraham reaches for the water they’ve been trying to get him to drink the whole time. If Eugene is alive then Abraham can absolve some of the guilt he’d been feeling. He wants to stay alive.

So what do you think is next for GREATM? Will they keep moving towards DC? Will they go back to the group? So many potential loose ends!

Fun side note: I heard someone else mention that their initials could also spell out TEAM RG …Team Rick Grimes. I kind of like that a little better!


twd2 (1)So, we’ve got Rick, Daryl, Tyrese (why?), Sasha, and Noah in Atlanta to save Beth and Carol from The Grady Bunch. Rick’s plan? Do whatever it takes to get in quietly and efficiently. What about the guard in front of the door? Slit his throat of course. Did anyone else feel it was odd how that was Rick’s only suggestion? I would think he’d be scarred by how horrific it is to kill someone in that manner after almost dying that exact way at Terminus.

Rick these days is like one of those dogs that just unnervingly stares directly at you when you go to pet it. It could either start wagging its tail or just bark and bite you. I have no clue which Rick we are going to get when.

Of course, someone’s got another plan. Any guesses? Tyrese! His pacifist plan is to kidnap some of the guards and use them as ransom for a trade. Oddly enough, Daryl is on board with this plan and not choosing the side of his partner in crime, Rick. I hope that this doesn’t start happening more as we move forward. I like how they always have each other’s backs no matter what. Rick agrees to Tyrese’s plan, which will probably fail, but it’s nice to see Rick listening to the group and not being The Ricktator.

So, TEAM RG uses Noah and a couple of gunshots as bait and are able to capture two of the officers. However, their plan hits a snag when a third cop shows up on an impromptu rescue mission. Sasha is able to shoot the tire of their getaway car and a foot chase ensues. The walkers in this scene were nasty. A FEMA bus and surrounding area had been hit with a bomb and most of the walkers were missing limbs and skin and were practically sealed to the pavement. Daryl gets attacked by the third officer and finds his face inches away from a walker’s mouth. So naturally, Daryl sticks his fingers into the face of a nearby walker and clonks the officer on the head.

Rick is there now too and has his gun pointed at the officer with that face that Rick gets when he’s got his own case of tunnel vision. Daryl tries telling him to not kill him, but this is a really fierce case of tunnel vision. The only way he is able to get Rick to put the gun down is to step behind the officer. Daryl knows Rick wouldn’t shoot if him if he was also in the line of fire. Smart move. Darryl also wanted to wear the walker head around his neck as a medallion, but Rick said no.

So, three hostages is better than two…right?

Wrong. Tyrese’s plan just keeps hitting little bumps. One of the cops says that Dawn Lerner knows that they don’t want her leading anymore and therefore are of little value to her. Dawn won’t make a trade. The officer suggests that Rick let them go to overthrow Dawn and they will give them their people. Obviously, no one is really into that plan.

A third cop, named Bob, says that he doesn’t want anyone to die today and that he will help TEAM RG by giving them details about Dawn and how to make this trade successful. Did anyone else notice Sasha’s face when he said his name? She wasn’t able to help her Bob but maybe she can help this Bob. Sasha is vulnerable and emotional right now. It was not a good decision to bring her and leave Michonne. They will find this out soon enough.

Everyone buys the plan to be coached by Bob and then they all disappear to do something, leaving Sasha alone with the new Bob. He tells her a story about a cop friend of his that was where Bob was supposed to be on the day everything went to hell. Sasha agrees to shoot the walker for Bob. Arggg Sasha! I get you’re upset girl, but please use your brain.

So, they walk to a deserted part of the warehouse and she turns her back on the hostage! Never turn your back on the hostage. He knocks her head against the glass window and makes a break for it. She is clearly not dead since they show her alive and kicking in the preview for next week.

Either Bob doesn’t make it out and Rick’s group realizes the peaceful trade plan will not work or Bob will make it back to Grady and warn Dawn and presumably all hell will break loose. What do you think will happen?

The Grady Bunch

A quick update about what’s going on over at Grady Memorial Hospital. Beth overhears an officer telling Dawn that Carol is not getting any better and they’re wasting valuable resources keeping her machines on. Beth, and her new found courage, pipe in and tells the officer that his daily charging of a DVD player is using valuable resources and that “that woman” had only been there for one day. Obviously, Dawn cannot agree with a patient over a partner so she gives him the okay to turn off the machines.

However, in a strange and out of place change of heart, Dawn gives Beth the key to the drug cabinet. She tells Beth, “I thought you were weak. But you are strong.”  I think this was the writers setting up for next week and filling up a plot gap. I don’t have any guesses as to what Dawn’s other motives would be to giving Beth the key, but prior to this scene there was really no reason for her to not give Beth over to Rick.

Having Dawn tell Beth that she’s strong changes things. Saying that made immediately made Beth an asset to Dawn, someone that she wouldn’t turnover as easily. I do think that it was way too rushed and didn’t make too much sense considering Beth just tried to escape and have Dawn killed by that police walker, but it was a way to make next week’s confrontation more believable.

Beth approached the doctor and he tells her that Dawn didn’t give Beth that key from the bottom of her heart. Beth doesn’t care; she just wants to know what medicine will save Carol. He tells her what to do. Do you believe that he gave her the right medication? He already screwed Beth over once in a very similar situation. Beth trusts the doctor and starts and IV, giving Carol the 5mg of medication that he prescribed. Hopefully, Carol wakes up and can make it out along with Beth next week in the mid-season finale.


It was a decent episode. I have trouble calling it a filler episode, but it definitely spent a lot of time setting things up for next week. I have absolutely no idea where the mid-season finale will take us. Will our groups reunite? Probably not. How will TEAM RG get into the hospital? Will anyone die? If so, who?

I think that we will probably be saying goodbye to Beth. She has had some strong development this season and could potentially sacrifice herself for the good of the group. However, the only reason I think that she would stay alive would be Maggie. Even though Maggie hasn’t cared at all about Beth being missing, would they really take up this whole season setting up this rescue just to reunite with Maggie and tell her that Beth died? I’m not sure.

Carol is another causality we may face. I definitely do not want to see her go. She is the well-developed  character on the show. However, she also has been given a lot of backstory and time to shine this season, which in The Walking Dead universe could mean her time is coming. Also, people totally ship her getting together with Daryl. The writers have said that was a small possibility, so giving Carol and Daryl their own episode to bond could be a way to satisfy the masses if she were to die. I really hope she doesn’t!

Noah is my third guess, but again…he mentioned having an Uncle in the area (Morgan maybe?) and a possible safe haven in Richmond, which is on the way to DC.

So it really is a toss-up for next week and I have to say that I am very interested to see where it goes!




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