Gotham Season 1 Episode 10 “Lovecraft” Recap

gotham-ep110_scn12_17916_hires1It is the mid-season finale of Gotham’s first season and I do believe that the show is hitting its stride after starting off a bit slow. But I still don’t like the mob storyline so I will get that out of the way first.

Falcone has kidnapped the Penguin thinking he ratted to Maroni about the location of his money at the armoury. Falcone believes that the Penguin has betrayed him when he was supposed to be his snitch. The Penguin says that he said not a word to Maroni and believes that there is a mole within Falcone’s operation. When Falcone asks who the mole is, Liza comes in at that moment to serve tea but promptly leaves when she sees the Penguin. The Penguin tells Falcone that he believes he knows who is behind the mole. Falcone doesn’t want to hear again that it could be Fish as the Penguin’s hatred of her clouds his judgment. But Falcone lets the Penguin find out who the mole could be. Later, one of Penguin’s men asks why he doesn’t just rat out Liza but he has a plan for her that he wants to play out believing that she is scared enough to confess herself of her betrayal.

During a luncheon of all of his lieutenants, Falcone shoots one of them blaming him for letting the armoury getting robbed. Falcone wants to raise the taxes by 25% of their territories in hopes or replenishing their stores. Some of his men doesn’t think it is a good idea but Falcone wants to know what Fish thinks. Ever the good solider, Fish says they must do what they must to do help the family.

Let’s get to the big stuff that went down tonight. We see a trio of assassins decend Wayne Mayor taking out the gardener along the way.

Inside, we see Selina and Bruce practice their balance along railings of the stairs of Wayne Manor. When Alfred answers a knock on the door, we see the female assassin pretend to be an car accident victim asking for help. When Alfred lets her in, Selina and Bruce walk down the stairs and when the butler notices the woman eye Selina, Alfred realizes that trouble is a brewing and tells the kids to make a run for it.

Alfred does his best to hold off the assassins and even manages to get a hold of one of their guns. While giving chase on the estate’s grounds, Alfred gets shot in the arm but he manages to take out one of the assassins. Meanwhile, Selina and Bruce have managed to escape and are now on their way to Gotham

Gordon arrives at Wayne Manor and wonders who knew that Selina was staying there. Bullock is also there and is livid that Gordon knew about Selina, the girl who was part of that child labour ring. Gordon tells Bullock that Selina witnessed the Waynes murder but Bullock stubbornly says that the case is closed while Gordon argues otherwise. Alfred stops their arguing to say their priority is to find two children that have taken off to Gotham.

Bullock and Alfred head off to ask Bullock’s contacts on where Selina could be while Gordon visits Dent to find out how someone found out about Selina.

Dent believes that Lovecraft is showing his hand by hiring assassins to get to Selina and believes it is a win. Gordon doesn’t think children being a target of hired killers a win. Gordon once again asks how they knew about Selina. Dent finally confesses that he whispered Gordon’s name about to lend his threat some credibility and that is how the connection was made to Selina. Dent says that Lovercraft could be in a condo in uptown so Gordon goes off to investigate.

Speaking of Selina, she tells Bruce that the killers weren’t after her but him. When they arrive in the city, the kids come across a pay phone that Bruce wants to use to call Alfred to let them know where they are. Selina wants to take off and says she lied before to Bruce about the killers coming after him; she knows they are after her but she just wanted to scare him. Bruce is none to happy at her tactic and chases after Selina when she takes off up a fire escape. When Selina jumps between two buildings, Bruce wants to do the same but gets scared. After a few moments of hesitation, Bruce gathers momentum and manages to make it to the other rooftop with a little help from Selina. Selina tells Bruce that he is crazy but lets him tag along as long as she listens to her.

Meanwhile, Alfred and Bullock interview someone who knows Selina from the streets and after some bribing from Alfred learns that Fish might know the fence that Selina has been known to associate with.

When Alfred and Bullock pay Fish a visit, the reception is pretty chilly where Fish refuses to help Bullock. But when Alfred says some flattering things about Fish, she says she will make some calls.

As for Gordon, he arrives as the fancy condo and there is Lovecraft but he claims that assassins are after him too. Lovecraft tells Gordon that he noticed that someone was buying a lot of Wayne Enterprise stock shortly before their murder and he wanted in on that. Before Lovecraft can name names, the assassins return. The lady assassin chokes Gordon unconscious while Lovecraft slips away. When Gordon wakes up, he finds Lovecraft shot dead in the bathtub and notices his gun on the floor.

Back in in Gotham, Selina takes Bruce to the Flea, a mall for street kids and gets him some street clothes so he can blend in better. Also at the Flea is Ivy Pepper aka the future Poison Ivy, whom we last say in the Pilot. Bruce recognizes Ivy as the daughter of Mario Pepper, the man accused of killing his parents and Ivy knows him as the billionaire kid. A pretty creepy conversation between the two occur and Selina scoots Bruce away telling him that Ivy scares her.

gotham-ep110__scn28-30_15811_hires1Selina then take Bruce to the Factory to meet with Clyde, her fence to get some money for the stuff she stole from Bruce. When Clyde would only give them $50 for the boot, Bruce says that the boot, which includes a gold pen and a $2000 watch is worth more than he is offering. Selina then asks for $500 but no dice as Clyde takes Selina and Bruce to an upper room and locks them in. Inside, the two kids plan their escape from an upper window when the assassins arrive. Clyde gives the lady assassin the keys to the room and one of her henchmen goes into the room and gets knocked out by Selina. Bruce and Selina make a run for it and hide out in the Factory.

Outside, Bullock and Alfred arrive thanks to a tip from Fish. Alfred goes in all guns a blazing while Bullock waits for backup that includes Gordon.

Gun fire is exchanged all around while Bruce emerges from hiding to try and hit the lady assassin with random parts he finds. Bruce is doing this to give Selina a chance to escape. I believe the lady assassin manages to escape while her partners and Clyde and his gang are taken in by the Gotham police. Bruce is happily reunited with Alfred.

Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce is continuing on trying to find his parents’ killer when Selina comes back. Selina wanted say goodbye to Bruce and to also return the stuff she stole. Bruce wants her to keep it but says she is okay and shows the silver box that she took from his study’ desk. When Bruce wants to take a closer look at it, Selina plants a kiss on him that distracts him and she slips away. Bruce has this stunned look on his face that is kind of cute when Alfred comes in. Alfred tells Bruce that the house is going to be quiet with Selina.

gotham-ep110_scn36_17542_hires1At the Mayor’s office, he is livid that Lovecraft is dead. The mayor decides the story behind Lovecraft is that he killed himself under the pressure of police scrutiny. The mayor wants to blame Gordon and Dent on this debacle and when Dent starts to tow the company line, the mayor makes Gordon the scapegoat. Gordon tells the mayor that he can kiss his ass.

At a press conference, the mayor notes the tragedy of Lovecraft’s suicide and tells the media the police officer involved has been punished.

We see that Gordon has agreed to be transferred to Arkham Asylum. Bullock wonders why he doesn’t just quit but Gordon says that is what the mayor wanted him to do. Nygma offers his farewell to Gordon while Bullock offers to go out for drinks.

The next morning we see Gordon start his new job as a guard at Arkham Asylum.

So ends the first half of Gotham and in January we get Morena Baccarin as Dr. Leslie Thompkins. See you guys in 2015.




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