Recap of San Diego Comic Con 2014

It’s been over a week since we here at Pop Goes The World were at San Diego Comic Con 2014. It was an overwhelming but awesome experience that I really want to experience again in 2015. But let’s breakdown highlights and some disappoints of our first time at SDCC.


I wish that there was more to the Marvel TV panel. What I mean was I wish we got some breaking news on who else will be in Agent Carter aside from Hayley Atwell. With the Agents of SHIELD panel, I wanted some season 2 clips, which I granted was hard to do considering that the show just started filming the second season just days before their panel.

Another disappointment was supposed SDCC exclusives like the SHIELD gag reel and the Patton Oswalt video was posted online an hour later after the panel was over.

And yes while the Arrow season 3 stuff was truly awesome, it was disheartening to learn that the footage was posted online the same day.

I was a bit crestfallen that my volunteer schedule did not allow me to go to the Once Upon a Time panel to see the Frozen footage.

Panels I wished I could have seen were: Orphan Black, Outlander and the WB movie panel that showed footage of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


  • Seeing the full pilots to:
    • The Flash
    • Gotham
    • Scorpion
  • The Arrow panel
  • The WB presents a Night of DC Entertainment
  • EW’s Women Who Kick-Ass Panel that featured Tatiana Maslany
  • All the Ballroom 20 panels that I got to see like:
    • 24
    • Under the Dome
    • Scorpion
    • Marvel TV
    • The Originals
    • Bones
    • EW’s Brave New Warriors
  • While insanely busy, just checking out and walking around the exhibit hall
  • A huge shout out to MTV’s Teen Wolf for offering free and highly reliable Wi-Fi throughout SDCC.
  • The Marvel movie panel were I got to see some cool Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron footage. I also got a kick-ass Guardians of the Galaxy poster. 
  • Not having to camp out overnight or for over 12 hours for any panel or for the exhibit hall.
  • And last but certainly not least, I got to meet some amazing people while volunteering that includes: Verena Cote, Erika Rivera and Ilene Friedman.

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