The Flash SDCC Pilot Recap and More

IMG_0327At San Diego Comic Con 2014, attendees were treated to the pilot for the CW’s The Flash well ahead of its Tuesday, October 7, 2014 debut.

Why don’t we let Grant Gustin tell us what to expect in season 1 of The Flash:

So let’s get to the action. We start off with us seeing a zooming figure going in and around Central City. We hear Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in a voice over and we flashback to 14 years ago and we see a young Barry Allen trying, unsuccessfully, to run away from bullies but get caught and beat up.

When Barry arrives home, he comforted by his mother, Nora (Continuum’s Michelle Harrison) that what Barry did was right as he was trying to protect someone and shouldn’t blame himself for having a good heart. Barry’s dad, Henry (John Wesley Shipp, who played the Flash back in the 90s), comes home and wonders what is up and is informed by his wife that Barry got into a fight and that he won.

We then see that fateful night that Barry described in his appearance on Arrow. Young Barry hears a noise and goes to investigate. When Barry comes downstairs, he sees his mother kneeling on the floor while yellow lightening seems to be surrounding her. Nora tells her son to stay away and when Henry tries to pull Barry away from the danger, we see Barry get whisked miles away.

Now in the present day, we see Barry running late, as per usual, to a bank robbery crime scene. His both Directo Singh is not impressed with Barry’s tardiness until Detective Joe West gives Barry an excuse for being late. We then see Barry do what he is good at and starts to investigate the crime scene where the major evidence is a muddy shoe print. We see on screen what Barry is determining what kind of shoe it is. Barry also sees some animal dung in the print and collects the evidence.

At Barry’s lab, his best friend and unrequited crush, Iris West (Candace Patton) visits Barry so they can go to the STAR Lab particle accelerator opening. Their talk is interrupted when Iris’ dad, Joe, comes by to determine what Barry has found out. Barry has found that the bank robbers are the Martin brothers, Clyde and Mark Mardon, and that the dung is from a cow that has a certain fertilizer in it that can be found in only 4 farms in Central City. There was a point early on in the pilot that Iris notices a new detective in the squad room and it is Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett) and calls him a pretty boy. Of course when we see Iris see Eddie we know something is going to happen between the two. There was also talk about Iris not wanting to work at a coffee shop for the rest of her life.

Joe and his partner go check out the addresses while we see Barry and Iris at the opening. Iris wants to know what Barry learned while in Central City. Barry says he learned one thing and when it seems that he is going to confess his feelings for Iris, she immediately puts them in the friend zone by stating that since they grew up with each other (Joe took Barry in after his mom died and his dad was thrown in jail for her murder) that they have this brother-sister relationship. Barry reluctantly agrees with her. The opening beginnings and we seen Harrison Wells (Ed’s Tom Cavanaugh) walk up stage and starts to give his speech, we don’t hear the rest of it as someone steals Iris’ laptop that has her dissertation on it. Barry tries to give chase but the thief actually starts to beat up on him until Eddie comes on the scene to stop the thief. While all this is happening it is pouring rain and we see Joe and his partner visit the last farm on the address Barry has given them. It seems that the partner doesn’t really trust Barry but Joe gives him the benefit of the doubt. As they enter the barn, of course Barry was right and Clyde (Chad Rook)  is there and starts shooting and tells Joe and his partner that he is going to miss his plane and lo and behold Clyde escapes in a prop plane but not before shooting Joe’s partner Det. Fred Chyre (Al Sapienza).

As we see the plane take off, we see it get enveloped in the particle accelerator’s explosion. We also see the moments from Arrow where we see Barry get hit by lightening that plays slightly different than what we saw in “Three Ghosts”.

We learn that Barry has been in a coma for 9 months as we see Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) fussing over him while playing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” when Barry wakes up. Harrison comes into the room where Barry was laying in a coma and we see that he is now in a wheelchair.

Harrison tells Barry that Joe and Iris agreed to let him being taken care of at STAR Labs and that Iris visited a lot. We also learn that STAR Labs is now more and that FEMA declared it dangerous. As Harrison is giving the tour, we see an open cage that had a Grood nameplate -this got fans in Hall H all in a tizzy.

Barry then decides that he is well enough to leave and his first stop is to see Iris at the coffee shop who is so happy to see him. While at the coffee shop, Barry notices that time seems to have stood still for him as he sees a waitress drop a tray of dishes.

We also see a bank robbery take place and we see the robber is Clyde Maddon who robs the bank by creating a weather storm. Back at the station we see those in the bank describe what has happened and Eddie and Joe use cell phone footage to see what happened. Barry also happens to be there and wants to help but Joe tells him to rest up since he just came out of a coma.

Barry then sees a criminal grab a gun and the same slow motion thing happens for him and he suddenly runs fast enough to stop the guy. Iris sees this and wonders if Barry is okay. We also see Iris give Eddie the cold shoulder as they greet each other. However, we later see that they are dating and the cold shoulder is to throw off the over protective streak of her dad. We also later see Barry catching Iris and Eddie kiss.

As Barry leaves the station after his encounter with the criminal, he notices his hand shake and wonders what is happening to him and then he starts to run back and forth real fast. Barry realizes he has super speed and starts to run real fast but since he doesn’t know how to control it, he runs right into a parked laundry truck.

We next are at Ferris air field where we see Caitlin, Cisco and Harrison test to see how fast Barry can go. We learn that Caitlin’s fiancee died during the particle accelerator explosion (although we know he didn’t since he will be played by Robbie Amell and become Firestorm) and will be checking Barry’s vitals while Cisco is the Q to Barry’s Bond and geeks out at everything.

As the test goes on, we see Barry run up to 300 miles per hour but during his run, Barry remmebers the yellow lightening and sees a man within that whirlwind. This distracts Barry and he crashes into some barriers and we see that he has broken his wrist.

However, back at STAR Labs, Caitlin shows that Barry’s wrist healed in three hours and they don’t know why. Barry also tells Team Flash about what distracted him and how he saw someone like him kill his mother and how is father was falsely accused. We also learn that because Barry moves so fast everything seems slow for him. Also, while Barry was in a coma, it appeared that he constantly flatlined and when he did this caused power surges. What really was happening is that Barry’s heart was beating so fast that he didn’t register on any EKGs.

Later we see Iris and Barry talk when they encounter a police chase, Barry uses is new found powers to get Iris out of harms way. This is when Barry sees Clyde Mardon and he starts to give chase but Mardon stops him by creating a storm and an innocent person gets killed in the middle of this battle. Barry then tries to explain that Clyde is the one robbing banks by manipulating the weather (in the comics, Clyde is known as Weather Wizard). Barry believes if people like Clyde can exist then that means that someone else killed his mother. Joe tells Barry to stop believing in the impossible and that his father is guilty of murder and should drop pursuing Clyde since it can’t be him as he is dead. The only reason why Joe checks out about Clyde is when the sketch artist returns a photo of Clyde as the bank robber.

Harrison also explains that the particle accelerator had a far range and resulted in a lot of meta humans in Central City. Harrison tells Barry that it isn’t his job to stop people like Mardon.

Barry then runs to Starling City to seek guidance from Arrow/Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) about how he wants to help people with his powers. Oliver gives him some great hero advice and at one point says he could save people in a flash. As Arrow leaps and zip lines away and Barry runs off, each thinks what they did was cool.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry enlists the help of Caitlin and Cisco to help him stop people like Clyde. Cisco then shows Barry the Flash suit that he has built, which initially was for the fire department). The suit can withstand Barry’s speed and is outfitted so that Caitlin can monitor his vitals.

Joe and his new partner Eddie arrive at the farm where we last saw Mardon. Mardon decides to go bigger by creating a huge tornado. When Barry arrives on the scene he decides to run in the opposite direction at 700 miles per hour to stop Clyde. At first Clyde just pushes him out but with encouragement of Harrison, Barry is successful at stopping the storm but is saved from Mardon when Joe shoots him dead. Joe, who has witnessed what Barry can do now believes that Joe’s dad is innocent and that there is the impossible out there but don’t tell Iris what Barry can do.

There was another flashback where we saw how Barry came to be under the care of Joe (Barry and Caitlin have been childhood BFFs).

We then see Barry visit his father in Iron Heights and the two have an emotional talk about believing in his father’s innocence.

The episode ends back to the voice over and seeing Barry blur around Central City (we even see Iris watch a news report of a red streak saving people). At the end of the voice over, it is hinted that Barry will go by the Flash.

The episode ends however, with Harrison entering a secret room. We seem him rise from his wheelchair to take a look at a very futuristic newspaper with the date of April, 2024 (I think that was the date, it might have been more years in the future) with the headline stating that the Flash has gone missing. Are we to presume, as some people have predicted that it was Barry who killed is mother accidentally when he traveled back in time? I guess we will see as the series progresses.

First off, the pilot was amazing. It has a lot of comedic funny moments where the powers that be expressed was important but also great action sequence. I really like the Flash suit. Plus Grant Gustin is freaking awesome as Barry Allen. And I thought it was a nice touch to have John Wesley Shipp play Barry’s dad. Some things were predictable like Iris and Eddie being romantically involved. But do I want Barry with Iris as is in the comics? Maybe but I thought Barry and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) was sure cute and we learn that she will be in episode 4, the same episode where Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold will appear.

Other things we learned:

  • The Blue Devil movie will make an appearance
  • The use of Ferris Air was Geoff John’s idea
  • We will see the Reverse Flash
  • Captain Cold is coming and will be played by Wentworth Miller
  • Episode 8 of either The Flash or Arrow will be called “Flash versus “Arrow.

Make sure you catch The Flash on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 8pm ET/7pm CT.

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