Continuum Season 3 Episode 13 “Last Minute” Recap

Garza (Luvia Petersen) during a showdown
Kiera (Rachel Nicols) with Alec or Sadler (Erik Knudsen)

Kiera (Rachel Nicols) with Sadler (Erik Knudsen)

The following recap and review contains spoilers for the season 3 finale of Continuum which won’t air in the US on SyFy until Friday. So if you don’t want to know what happens then stop reading. 

If you want to know, then please read on.

All I can say that season 3 of Continuum ended with a definite WTF! I had to watch the episode twice to make sure that I caught everything. Get ready for a pretty long recap.

But before we get to that moment, we open up in Brad’s future and we see the moment where he gets his assignment to go back to the past and try and change it so that the world they are living in now stops. Brad’s CO then gives him the device that we see Brad bring with him to the present. To see Brad off on his mission is an older greying Kellogg.

Back to the present, we open up with Kiera and Brad in the cabin in the woods. Kiera seems to be enjoying this quite life but knows that things are going to go hell. Kiera jokes how their difference will tear them apart like being in a incompatible timeline. Kiera admits to Brad that getting to Sam starts to feel possible, she feels that she belongs to this timeline. Kiera feels that the only person that understands her is Brad. The two then kiss.

We then see Sadler and Emily start to make plans to escape and how he has managed to siphon some of Alec’s money to make it possible. However, their idyllic bliss is interrupted by a hail of gunfire. Both are unhurt and Sadler realizes that Alec sent in the kill squad. Emily tells Sadler that they know that they need to do next.

Next we see Alec giving a keynote address on Halo. When he stumbles a line, the lights come up and we realize that Alec is just rehearsing. Kellogg tells him that flub has caused stock in Piron to drop and is now a laughing stock. Alec is nervous to talk to thousands but Kellogg is there to pump his tires. Jacqueline interrupts them to get Alec to sign something and that his message has been delivered. Alec asks if there were casualties but Jacqueline says it is unclear and is not comfortable in delivering those kinds of messages as it is not her job but Alec disagrees

Back at the cabin, Kiera watches as Brad chops some wood when Emily and Sadler arrive. Their little piece of bliss has ended.

Meanwhile over at the VPD, Kellogg has come to ask Carlos for extra security for his keynote. Carlos tells Kellogg to get Alec to hire some as the Piron initiative is being reviewed. Kellogg then throws the money that Piron is providing the VPD in Carlos’ face and asks him to provide security as a favour to Alec.

Sadler, Brad, Emily, Jason and Kiera have reconvened at Alec’s lab, where Sadler tells the group that Alec’s assassination attempt is to ensure that Brad’s future unfolds and Sadler arriving in the timeline caused Brad’s future. This future will put Piron Sadtech in the driving seat for decades and usher in an era entire city under surveillance and control. Kiera informs Sadler that Alec has rebuilt the anti-matter lab and is researching the time travel device. Sadler thinks that Alec doesn’t have a complete one but Jason has to disagree as he has been helping Alec build a time travel device will work. Emily believes that a paranoid Alec with a time travel device is not good and Brad thinks it is even worse with Kellogg beside him. Kiera says they need help and this is where Travis comes in. I literally screamed when I saw that Kiera has turned to Liber8 for help.

So Travis goes to gather the troops but Garza is not so welcoming especially when Kiera walks into the cafe. But you know who is all in? Lucas. And Omari Newton was so hilarious how willing he is to join forces with Kiera.

And Lucas is like a kid on Christmas morning when he arrives at Alec’s lab. Now that the troops are gathered, Kiera tells Liber8 that everyone was right about her that she was asleep, fighting for the wrong side but now she is awake. But Kiera doesn’t condone Liber8’s tactics and that they are going to be friends and allies. What this means is she wants to change the future before it comes into being and that is fight she is willing to sacrifice for and leave a legacy that those come after. Travis tells the group that he is ready to get to work.

Meanwhile, we see Alec being interviewed by Diana Bolt about his humble beginnings of being from a farm to working at Memory Express and now is some wunderkind tech CEO and working with the VPD. Diana Bolt mentions Dillon and wishes him a speedy recovery. During the interview, Diana Bolt refers to Alec as the next Steve Jobs. A side note, the actress that plays Diana Bolt is Michelle Harrison and she will be seen this fall on the CW’s The Flash playing Barry Allen’s mom. End of aside.

Watching Alec’s interview is Liber8, Jason, Brad et al. Kiera watches Garza prepare for their mission a little disturbed at what she is seeing. Kiera then asks Brad how would they know if they succeed, he mentions the beacon he brought with him. Brad explains to the group that he is to set it off at the point in time they believe that they’ve changed the future and then steps need to be taken to implement that moment so steps can be taken to prevent people from doing the same. But Brad doesn’t know the steps and reinforces the point that the beacon is the only way they will know if their plan worked; preventing their futures and allowing them to commit to this timeline and history.

Kiera tells the group that the next day Alec is going to launch Halo thus changing everything and they have only one shot. Kiera wants to run through the plan again which Garza is not so keen but Travis agrees that they need to run through the plan again.

It is keynote team at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Carlos has provided the security that Alec wanted. Kellogg tells Carlos that Piron Sadtech will support the VPD as he sees fit. Carlos doesn’t seem to keen on the idea.

People start streaming through the QE for Alec’s speech. Security is high and we even see the VPD check the catering company by looking at the chafing dishes, stopping a bearded man pushing the cart. When all is good, this bearded man, moves his trolley to an empty room where he wipes the beard off and it is Garza. Garza informs Lucas that she is in and we see her pull the tray of meatball up where we see an array of machine guns.

Also at the QE is Kiera who invisibly makes her way to a cargo elevator.

The audience is pumped to see Alec’s speech and we even some groupies wearing a t-shirt with Alec’s face on it. Alos there is Emily who spies Carlos as the lights dim and we see the Piron Sadtech Halo ad. Alec then comes on stage and at first it seems that he is suffering a bit of stage fright but starts his speech about being a humble farm to where he is now and the rises his fist in the air showing Halo. The audience is eating this up. Lucas then does his thing and interrupts the speech with a video where Travis calls Halo a lie and what it is really for. Eventually, the video is stopped but before Alec’s speech can resume, Garza takes shots at Alec but deliberately misses. Chaos breaks out at the QE and Carlos gets the crowd to leave and Alec’s security detail work to get him out.

Emily tries to leave the QE calmly but gets arrested by the VPD who recognize her by her real name; we also see Garza escape. Back at the QE, Alec, Jacqueline and his security are in the cargo elevator when smoke fills the space. Everyone is knocked out when Carlos opens the elevator’s door and ushers Alec out who is taken back to Piron. Carlos looks at the elevator’s ceiling and we see Kiera with Alec. So we have a switcheroo. Sadler is on his way to Piron and Kiera is with Alec, who has come through and says that she is making a mistake and Kiera says she could say the same to him and that Travis was right. There is a knock and Alec realizes that Carlos was in on the plan. Carlos gives the all clear.

When Sadler returns to Piron, he asks Jacqueline to leave him alone. Once Sadler is alone, he removes Halo from his wrist and enters the server room where he plans the bug in so Lucas can disarm all of Piron’s security system and communication system. Meanwhile, we see Jacqueline in the elevator look at her phone then makes a phone call. Back to Sadler, the search begins for the time travel device but he is having no luck. So Sadler calls Kiera who tells him to destroy the anti matter lab if he can’t find the device and we see Sadler do just that.

Elsewhere, Alec tries to tell Kiera that she is making a mistake and that her future won’t happen and she won’t go home to her family. Kiera says she is counting on it. We then see Carlos take Alec to who knows where when Alec realizes that Jacqueline has called in his security detail to rescue him from Carlos. It appears that Alec has some sort of homing beacon.

Kiera returns to Alec’s lab and wonders where Brad is. Jason says that Brad has gone to take care of something and informs Kiera of Emily arrest. Carlos then calls Kiera to let her know that Alec’s security detail showed up and had no choice to let him go. Kiera surmises that Alec is heading back to Piron.

Garza (Luvia Petersen) during a showdown

Garza (Luvia Petersen) during a showdown

Back at Piron, Sadler is wondering where the other him would hide the time travel device when he looks up and sees it. Sadler retrieves it and puts it together. Just as Sadler does, Alec arrives and we get a showdown between the two. Sadler manages to escape and asks Lucas for help in getting out of Piron while Alec tells Jacqueline to put the place in lockdown. As Sadler makes his way up, he ends up in Escher’s office and Lucas says help is on its way and that help is in the form of the badass team of Garza, Travis and Kiera who struts towards Piron to take down the guards in impressive fashion. Kiera informs Travis that the police won’t be arriving. As Garza and Kiera make their way through Piron, more guards arrive but Garza has got the situation handled and Kiera takes off in search of Sadler.

Also at Escher’s office is Alec where Alec wants the time travel device and tells Sadler that he won’t let him sabotage everything that they’ve worked for. But Sadler says that never wanted the life that Alec has built but Alec tells the other him that Sadler knows that it is a lie and they both know their destiny. Alec will never give up and taunts Sadler with Emily and how he will never let him be with her and will ensure that Emily will die in his arms over and over again no matter how many times he goes back in time to save her. This wakes the beast in Sadler and says the timeline isn’t big enough for the both of them and Alec shoves Sadler out of a glass door. The two Alecs, bloodied each grab pieces of the time line where we see one Alec escape. At this point we don’t which Alec is which. Their fight is pretty impressive as we see two Erik Knudsen fight each other. The climax of the fight is on the roof of Piron and we see each Alec get the upper hand during the fight. We assume the Alec that is spouting all the hate towards the other Alec is Piron Alec and there is a point where we see Alec start to choke the life out of Sadler. Just as we think Alec has won, Sadler grabs a piece of the time travel device and stabs Alec in the throat. As he lays dying, Alec sees Kiera and tells her that her future dies with him. Kiera isn’t quite sure if this is the right Alec until he mentions that he knew that Kiera would come for him after locking him up in the cage. Kiera lowers her weapon and the share a nice reunion as the Kiera-Alec relationship that I’ve always loved about this show is restored.

Jacqueline (Anjali Jay) being confronted by someone.

Jacqueline (Anjali Jay) being confronted by someone.

Later we see Travis place Alec’s body in a van, Sadler wonders what happens next. Kiera removes Alec’s security beacon and places it in Sadler and that no one will know the difference. Sadler wants to/needs to stay to build Piron Sadtech into a better company and tells Kiera to apologize to Emily for not keeping his promise. We see Kiera and Travis drive away with Alec’s body. Jacqueline comes on the scene and Sadler smoothly resumes the role of Alec.

When Carlos asks about Alec, Kiera tells him that it is best that she doesn’t tell him. Carlos tries to give Kiera a Batman reference but she doesn’t quite get it. Kiera then asks Carlos to get Emily out and he says he will see what he can do. Carlos then asks about Liber8; Kiera replies it is complicated.

We then see Liber8 at Freelancer headquarters where they encounter a destroyed time travel machine where Travis sets out to fix.

Kiera then finds Brad at Third Beach in downtown Vancouver. Kiera informs Brad that Alec is dead and his future can’t happen and ordered has been restored. Brad wants to believe it and two realize the only way to know is to use the beacon. Brad explains that when they use the beaonn, if no one responds to the signal then it worked but if someone does then they failed. So Brad turns on the device and nothing really happens except for some car alarms going off. The two believe it has worked and embrace.

Alec (Erik Knudsen) looking at the time travel device

Alec (Erik Knudsen) looking at the time travel device

Back at Piron, Kellogg pays Sadler a visit, who has assembled the time travel device. Sadler however doesn’t want to see Kellogg and asks security to escort him out. But it seems to be the other way around. Kellogg has been working with Jacqueline to remove an erratic Alec out of Piron and give control to Kellogg. It seems that Brad’s future might happen after all now that Kellogg is the man in charge.

Speaking of that, as Brad and Kiera celebrate their success, the buildings all around downtown Vancouver go dark and we see the Original traveler say something. All of a sudden tons of soldiers in metal suits that resemble the suits in the video game “Halo” arrive and Kiera and Brad grab hands and flees. So ends season 3 and there must be a season 4 right?

What did you all think of the season 3 finale? And what will season 4 bring? Obviously it is going to see Kiera and Brad fighting this new threat and Kellogg’s rise to power. But what about Sadler? What about Carlos and the VPD? Simon Barry has opened up a new can of worms with this finale.


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10 Comments on Continuum Season 3 Episode 13 “Last Minute” Recap

  1. I realized when liber8te was finally working with Kira, that all my favorite characters were in one room.
    (and Carlos was not there but count him too). I felt like the computer whiz kid when he looked at them and said, “I don’t know what this is, but I am in”. I was laughing on that. I love this show, though I have found it confusing often, and hard to follow. I like the new guy and Kira. The show is starting to make a little more sense. I think if they went a less cluttered on all the multiple plots it would be more enjoyable. Who knows now what next year will bring!

  2. Continuum started slow, season 1 was mostly cop procedural and season 2 just started ramping up to a ral plot with real character development but season 3 was excellent; Continuum is turning into one of the best sci-fi shows in TV history. Continuum is now the first show I watch if I’ve recorded several.

    Glad to see that season 3 wrapped all the loose plots lines up, and it was nice to see the characters get some peace, albeit temporary. Having Rachel finally change perspectives was very satisfying even if it felt long overdue.

    One small note, I always enjoy when Ryan Robbins is cast but I’m not feeling much chemistry between his character and Kiera; maybe it’s the beard? 🙂 Still, I can overlook the lack of chemistry because the rest of the show is so well done.

    The show really does such a great job of pointing out how every time you mess with the past you (have the potential to) make a much worse future. Given that premise, the show has the potential for an infinite seasons, subject to the whims of audiences and funding of course. I do wish more people knew of the show though so it would have the potential for as many seasons as possible.


    My feeling – Kellog made his move way too early, and he’ll pay for it.

    His strategic genius this season came largely from being the guy that everybody needed at one point or another. Kiera needed him for information and occasionally resources. Piron!Alec needed him for his business acumen, his knowledge of the future, and because of Kellog’s own clever maneuvering. Dillon (and by extension Carlos) needed him because of his relationship to Piron, who funds the VPD. Curtis and Brad needed his resources and information to accomplish their respective missions of freeing the Traveler and changing a bleak future. Red!Alec briefly needed him to try and escape, although their relationship seems to have permanently soured. Kellog was even able to get Liber8 in his debt by ingeniously tricking Kiera into bringing down Gautuma.

    Unfortunately for Kellog, he’s likely burnt all his bridges. Brad’s future is gone, Curtis has the Traveler, and now no one knows what the future holds. Carlos will probably not be as easy to jerk around as Dillon was, and he personally detests men like Kellog, which means that Kellog will have to watch his back even when the VPD is protecting him. As soon as Kiera and Brad hear of Kellog’s coup against Red!Alec, they’ll likely start trying to bring him down. Without Red!Alec’s tech skills, Kellog alone may not have the wherewithal to protect Halo (and Piron Sadtech as a whole) from sabotage and covert attack, especially since he’s become the kind of corporate CEO which Liber8 came back to stop. I don’t fancy Kellog’s chances against Lucas, Alec and Kiera working in tandem, even with Jacqueline (who is another unknown and mysterious quantity) on his side. So to sum up, Kellog will likely have everyone gunning for him next season. I don’t think Piron Sadtech, especially after the fouled-up press conference, will be enough to give him the upper hand.

    Of course, the new arrivals in the city complicate things – if Kellog remains as frighteningly adaptable as he’s always been, he can make allies of them and regain the driver’s seat using brute force. All of this, of course, remains to be seen.

    Can’t wait for Season 4!

  4. hawkfan2130 // June 23, 2014 at 5:37 pm // Reply

    What if the Traveler is Greg a’la H.G. Wells Time Traveler. He lost his beloved wife, and spent the rest of his life trying to save her from the travails of time travel. In desperation he found the key to time travel and traveled back a thousand years to find his true love and then to save her from ever time traveling the “first” time in his original 2077.

  5. What can we do to help there be a Season 4? This show’s at the top of its game right now.

    (By the way, Ms. Ho, the character name is “Diana Bolton.”)

  6. stevemusicmaker // June 24, 2014 at 12:08 am // Reply

    The Original Traveler with dreadlocks is actually Brad from another timeline. Same nose, same bottom lip. Same guy.

  7. Is there going to be a 4th season?

  8. US citizen here-you Canadians produced a tremendous show. Just watched the finale. Certainly hope there will be a fourth season. I am telling everyone I know to watch. Continuum combines sci fi and political issues to create a thought provoking series.

  9. Steve Pearson // January 3, 2016 at 6:03 pm // Reply

    Can someone tell what happens at the very end of C.? Are there two Kiera’s there? Why? Significance? Help, please? Thanks!

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