Orphan Black Season 2 Finale “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” Recap

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) entering a fancy home
Rachel (Tatiana Maslany) and I think Duncan (Andrew Gillies)

Rachel (Tatiana Maslany) and Duncan (Andrew Gillies)

Okay Orphan Black you need to get renewed stat cause you can’t end the season like that and not get renewed. Before we get to a very big reveal as to how season 3 will look, lets recap the action that lead to it.

I won’t divide the action up into the different clones as the storyline tonight was all about rescuing Kira and how the clone club has bandied together to do just that.

So let’s start as we see Sarah turn herself over to the Dyad group where we go back and forth between that scene and one where we see Sarah blame Mrs. S for letting Rachel take Kira and Felix blaming himself for not realizing it was Rachel. One of the revealing things in Dyad’s questions of Sarah’s sexual history is that Sarah had an abortion.

After the interrogation, Sarah meets with Dr. Nealon (Tom McCamus), who wants Sarah to sign a consent form that will let Dyad harvest her eggs. Sarah only signs after being promised that she can see Kira.

When Sarah does see Kira, we see that she is with Rachel. Sarah hears Kira say that she was hurt with her mother leaving her but knows that her mom won’t leave her again as she is all grown up. Rachel knowing that Sarah is watching gives her a thinly veiled threat. Later a Dyad nurse needs a swab of inside Kira’s cheek. At first Kira refuses but eventually she relents and this gives the little girl the chance to steal the nurse’s phone. After the nurse leaves, Kira phones her father Cal.

Earlier we see Rachel fire Delphine from the clone project at Dyad. Delphine is devastated as she can’t with Cosima when she dies but she complies as Rachel has given her orders.

Cosima learns that Delphine has been dumped as her doctor and that Dr. Nealon is her physician now. Scott tries to get Martin to bring Delphine back as she knows Cosima’s case better than anyone but Martin tells Scott that Nealon has been given all of Cosima’s medical files. As Scott continues to argue with Martin, Cosima receives a text from Delphine that shows Rachel’s itinerary and sees that Sarah is on it and it involves an OR. Cosima relents to Rachel’s wishes but wants to see Kira. After Martin leaves, she and Scott start to plan something.

Back at Mrs. S, Cal has come to pay a visit and knows all about Dyad and clones. Mrs. S is not as trusting as Felix is of Cal but Cal says that he has done a lot of digging and has information that can help. At the same time, Felix gets a call from Art to say that Helena is at his apartment eating him out of house and home and asking to see Sarah. So Mrs. S sends Felix to deal with Helena.

When Felix arrives at Art’s, we hear Helena talk about Jesse and when Art asked about the fire at the Proletheans compound, Helena tells him that she had nothing to do with it. However, Helena tells the two men that she met a girl who has lost her way.

We then see Mark and Gracie driving off together. Gracie worries how God will judge her for hating her father. Mark says that Henrik deserved what he got and that they will face God together.

Back at Dyad, Sarah is going back to her cell when she sees Duncan in similar attire being led somewhere else. Duncan tells her to keep her chin up.

Next time we see Duncan, he is in the same room where Rachel uses to watch the old home movies. Duncan is watching one with him and Rachel reading a story (probably The Island of Dr. Moreau) when Rachel comes in with tea. Duncan only asks for hot water as he has brought his own tea bag (the way the camera focused on the tea bag, we can pretty much guess what is going to happen). Rachel wants Duncan to unlock and give her the genetic sequence that will make more clones. Duncan refuses and asks Rachel whether or not she remembers that he and Susan loved her. Rachel replies that she watches the home videos because she doesn’t. Duncan then starts to convulse and says some words to his daughter as Rachel begs him not to leave her again.

At Mrs. S, Cal outlines all the multinational companies that have their hand in Dyad and tells Mrs. S that Dyad hacked him and he hacked back. Cal tells Mrs. S that Dyad knows that he is Kira’s father but is in an online conversation from someone on the inside of Dyad. This person is willing to help and after learning that Mrs. S is in the same room, this person mentions that Cal ask Mrs. S about Castor.

So we see Mrs. S in an abandoned warehouse when a military vehicle pulls up. After being patter down, Mrs. S is meeting with Paul who is in military garb. Paul is going to help Mrs. S in return for I think with something that will help clear Paul. Mrs. S mentions in their conversation if Paul is ready to play double agent.

Later, a limo pulls into the warehouse and out steps Cal. The two men meet and size each other up before Paul meets with Marian inside and gives her a folder on everything that Mrs. S has on Castor. Marian then tells Paul that she will help but it is up to Sarah to be successful.

Back at Dyad, we see Cosima visiting Kira. Cosima goes through a science experiment about using force to get a pencil to go through a piece of paper pulled taut. That scene is intercut with Cosima and Scott fashioning a device that will help her clone sister. Cosima seems to be getting worse and Scott volunteers to help break Sarah out as she has stolen a Dyad high security pass.

Elsewhere in Dyad, Sarah is taken from her prison cell to an operating table where Nealon says that he is going to be taking one of her ovaries. Also in the OR is Scott, who earlier reassures Sarah that he is there to help her escape and points to something underneath her bed. Rachel comes in that the OR clears. Rachel gives Sarah a drawing that Kira drew for her.

Rachel’s visit is that she wants Sarah to give the key to unlock the genetic sequence that will help make more clones. Rachel believes Duncan gave it to Sarah but Sarah doesn’t have it. Rachel then starts to smash Kira’s bone marrow to try and get Sarah to comply but alas Sarah doesn’t have the information Rachel seeks. So dies Cosima’s last chance. Sarah then really gets a look at Kira’s drawing. It is a puzzling drawing as it includes a picture of a fire extinguisher. When Sarah looks down, she sees a fire extinguisher and the words squeeze me. So before Rachel leaves, Sarah says she can help and she squeezes the handle and out shoots a pencil and into Rachel’s eye. That is so gross. Scott then comes back, gives Sarah the pass and tells her to rescue Kira and leave.

Sarah makes her way to Kira’s room and there is Marian who has prepped Kira for travel. Marian tells Sarah that she is safe to leave but is she wants to stop running, meet her the next day to find out the truth.

Back at Felix’s, Sarah thanks Cal for his help and he says that he didn’t do it for the thanks and he wants to be part of Kira life. The two then start to make out but are interrupted by Felix. After Cal leaves, Felix tells Sarah that someone wants to meet her clone sisters. We then see Cosima and Alison meet Helena.

Later on, we get a big old clone dance party as we see all in one scene, Alison, Helena, Sarah, Cosima, Felix and Kira dancing their cares away. We see Helena dance wildly. It is a pretty cool scene as we see four Tatiana Maslany’s interact.

An even better scene is Sarah and Cosima in bed together talking about how much Sarah needs Cosima and we see two Tatiana Maslany’s interlock fingers. Helena is listening in on the conversation and quietly leaves. As she leaves, Helena gets kidnapped and drops the trucker hat that belonged to Jessie.

The next day, Kira tries to wake Cosima and she looks like she died. We see Cosima open her eyes and see Delphine who tells her that she will never leave her. When Cosima really wakes up, Kira is there. Kira wants Cosima to read her a story and after she does, Kira gets Cosima to read her The Island of Dr. Moreau, it seems the kid is quite astute as she knew that Cosima would understand the scribblings in the book. After Kira tells Cosima that Duncan gave her the book does Cosima realize that it is filled with the genetic sequence that can help her, which I am assuming, or make more clones.

Michelle Forbes as Marian

Michelle Forbes as Marian

In another part of town, Sarah meets with Marian in her fancy house. Also at this house is an 8 year old girl who looks like the young girl in Rachel’s home movies. We meet another clone and her name is Charlotte, who wears a right leg brace and is Marian’s adopted daughter. Charlotte knows that Sarah is her older sister and calls Kira her cousin. After Charlotte goes off to play. Marian starts to explain how her company Topside is involve with Dyad and how all the other companies work in relation to Dyad. We also learn that Charlotte is the only survivor after 400 cloning attempts and Charlotte is the reason why Marian is siding with Sarah in her fight with Dyad.

As Marian is talking to Sarah, we see Helena has been kidnapped into the military and we see Mrs. S tell Paul that Sarah won’t forgive her.

Back at Marian’s, she tells Sarah that Project Leda didn’t end but was consolidated and split into two. Project Leda was for female clones and project Castor was for the male clones and is part of a military experiment. Marian shows Sarah a prison cell where we see a guy working out. Sarah says she knows him. At first I thought it would be Felix but alas it isn’t.

We get several scenes that reveal who the male clone is. We first see Mark marry Gracie and as we see Helena enter a cargo plane, we see one of the soldiers look like Mark and as the man in the cell approaches the window, it is another Mark looking all insane and Sarah looking quite shocked.

That I wasn’t expecting. I always knew that there would be male clones but thought it would be Felix or even Paul. So Mark being a clone was definitely a good twist. Here’s hoping the actor Ari Millen is up to the challenge to portraying different clones.

Overall, season 2 was good but there wasn’t enough Paul and felt that they shoved Art into some of the story lines with no real payoff. So here’s hoping season 3 features more Paul, something for Art to do and continued awesomeness that is Tatiana Maslany.

What did you think of Mark being the male clone and other thoughts of the season finale? Let us know in the comments.


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2 Comments on Orphan Black Season 2 Finale “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried” Recap

  1. I was very surprised by the twist of the male clones and especially the fact of Mark being one. After thinking about it though, he made the most sense if they were going to use a character who had already been introduced.

    I agree about poor Art. In recent episodes he seems to have been only a glorified baby-sitter, so I’m also hoping that he gets something better to do next season.

  2. I thought it would have been Felix, as both were raised by Mrs S. I think it would have make a lot of sense.

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