Continuum Season 3 Episode 12 “The Dying Minutes” Recap

Adrian Holmes as Agent Warren and Terry Chen as Curtis

Adrian Holmes as Agent Warren and Terry Chen as Curtis

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 3, episode 12 of Continuum which won’t air in the US on SyFy until Friday.

It is the penultimate episode of Continuum’s season three and we get deaths, reunions and Kiera and Brad getting a little closer.

But we open the episode three months ago, where we see a body being brought by Agent Warren to Freelancer headquarters. We see the body placed on a chair and a mysterious man or woman in a black cloak waves his/her hand above the body’s head. The body soon comes alive and when the sheet is pulled off it, it is Curtis.

Rachael Crawford as Catherine and Terry Chen as Curtis

Rachael Crawford as Catherine and Terry Chen as Curtis

Later on Curtis meets with Catherine who introducers herself as the cell keeper. It was a bit confusing this part but I think Catherine tells Curtis that he was merged with somebody and that he has to decide which side he is on. When Curtis asks Agent Warren what side he is on, he states that he is on the side of the Freelancers.

Zak Santiago as Agent Miller, Erik Knudsen as Sadler and Adrian Holmes as Agent Warren

Zak Santiago as Agent Miller, Erik Knudsen as Sadler and Adrian Holmes as Agent Warren

Fast forward to the present day and we see Sadler having a panic attack in his cell when Agent Miller takes him out so that Catherine can get the coordinates where Sadler hid the time travel device. Before Alec is led back to his cell, he stabs Agent Miller with a pen but it leaves not a dent.

Kiera later visits the Freelancers and inquires after Sadler. Kiera tells Catherine that she brought the wrong Alec to them and the Alec that is running around is the danger and not the one locked up. Catherine doesn’t want to release Sadler but seems open to the idea when Kiera offers up Brad Thompkin a man that came from an alternate timeline. Kiera also mentions the original Freelancer that traveled back in time 100 years to Catherine. Could this be the mysterious hooded figure?

Meanwhile, Alec is talking to Dillon and he wants him to grab the time travel device for him. Dillon doesn’t want to as it might compromise an open investigation but Alec dangles a carrot of new tech that can help the VPD; this gets Dillon to comply.

We then see Julian walking the streets of Vancouver and comes across Sonya who is shooting herself up with something. Julian thinks it is drugs but Sonya says it is not what he is thinking. This is important later on. Sonya wants Julian to get all he can on Halo knowing that it is a dangerous device.

So Julian goes to see Alec on the pretence of Halo’s popularity on social media and how sites like Reddit want to do an interview him. While Julian is talking he slips a USB key into Alec’s computer but Alec then gives it back to him. However, this does give Julian enough intel on Halo that he later gives to Sonya along with a Halo device.

As Sonya goes through the research with Lucas, someone at the same Internet Cafe as them notices the Halo device and is willing to pay anything for it. Sonya tells the lady to scram.

After going through all the research, Lucas devices a plan to implant a virus in the Halo device that will cause a fear reaction that will make people not want to wear Halo. Lucas tests this on the device that Sonya is wearing and it works like a charm.

Back at the VPD, Dillon has assembled the time travel device which alerts the Freelancers. Kiera happens to enter Dillon’s office as he finishes assembling the device to alert him about a Travis Verta sighting. When Dillon leaves to go to Piron, Kiera finds Carlos in Betty’s old office to tell him about Dillon and the time travel device.

So Carlos decides to ride with Dillon so that the Freelancers don’t get to him. On the ride to Piron, we see Carlos disassemble the time travel device which stops the Freelancers in their tracks. During the drive, the two men debate about the benefits of Halo. Carlos sees it as an invasion of privacy and Dillon sees it as helping people and is meeting with Piron to see some new peacekeeping tech.

We also see Kellogg and Curtis meet where the former gives the latter a suit and there is talk about the mysterious hooded figure we saw at the beginning of the episode. Curtis then tells Kellogg that Catherine is not a disciple of this figure but its jailer.

 Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron and Ryan Robbins as Brad/John Doe

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron and Ryan Robbins as Brad/John Doe

Meanwhile, Kiera and Brad have decided to break Sadler from his prison. So on the pretext of taking Brad prisoner the two make their way into the Marine Building (where we see Curtis watching from a walkway above) and we see a battle between Freelancers and Kiera and Brad. Eventually, Kiera and Brad win and the separate for a bit: Kiera to get Sadler and Brad to get the device that he came with. The reunion with Kiera and Sadler is not a happy one as each are still angry at their betrayals.

Sadler (Erik Knudsen), Kiera (Rachel Nichols), a unknown Freelancer and Catherine (Rachael Crawford) being held at gunpoint by an unknown assailant.

Sadler (Erik Knudsen), Kiera (Rachel Nichols), a unknown Freelancer and Catherine (Rachael Crawford) being held at gunpoint by an unknown assailant.

Just as it looks like they are free and clear, the Freelancers and Catherine (who was alerted to their presence during a meditation session with the hooded figure that she calls the Traveler) have caught with them. Brad, however, uses his device to blow a whole through Agent Warren and another Freelancer. This lets are time traveling trio to leave. Just as they leave, we see Curtis stab and slit Catherine’s throat. And we later see Curtis open the room where the Traveler is but we have yet to see who this person could be. Any guesses? Sound off in the comments.

Lexa Doig as Sonya

Lexa Doig as Sonya

When we next wee Sonya, she is wearing nerdy type glasses as part of a disguise and is meeting with Travis. The point of their talk is Travis wants Sonya to escape up north with him. Sonya asks Travis meet her later on that night at a cafe.

Back at Piron, we see Sonya in her disguise enter just as Dillon and Carlos arrive.

We see Sonya flirt with a Piron IT tech and asks him for coffee. When he leaves to get coffee for her, this lets Sonya insert a USB key into Piron’s mainframe.

As Sonya is leaving, she runs into Julian and she tells Julian that he is Theseus and that she has seen his potential. Also that she is a time traveller and knows that he will be great. Julian has never believed Sonya and the rest if Liber8 when they tell him he will be great because he kills people to become that. Sonya tells Julian that he can become Theseus in a more peaceful manner. Just before the elevator doors close on Sonya, Julian asks how many people does he kill, she replies 1000s.

Elsewhere in Piron, Carlos isn’t up to meeting Alec so Dillon goes in alone. Alec shows Dillon the peacekeeping device that looks like Halo and just emits a chemical that will keep people calm and give happy thoughts. Alec asks if Dillon brought what he asked for but before Dillon can hand over anything, Kellogg comes in to alert them of Sonya’s presence.

Just as Carlos is about to leave, he sees Sonya and stops her. Dillon wants Carlos to take the shot and we see Piron’s security team guns ready to shoot too but they stand down and Sonya is arrested.

And our time traveling trio on now in the same car driving away. Sadler wants money for the bus and asks for Kiera’s phone. Kiera tries to tell Sadler how Alec is using tech from other her to make Halo ready way head of times. But things are still chilly between them but Kiera doesn’t want it to be and mentions how Brad shot the other her dead and they are doing okay. Sadler then realizes that no one in the car is from this current time line. Sadler then asks to use Kiera’s phone when he sees a text from Carlos asking Kiera to come in because DIllon is getting out of control after the arrest of Sonya.

So Brad decides to take Sadler to his destination while Kiera makes her way to the VPD.

At the VPD, Kiera sits in on the interrogation of Sonya who is offering nothing. When Sonya and Dillon are alone, Sonya still refuses to rat out the rest of her Liber8 comrades and calls Dillon power hungry and he counters that he is keeping people safe. And outside the interrogation room, Carlos and Kiera see Piron security come in and Carlos knows that this isn’t good news.

As the interrogation continues, Sonya pulls up her sleeves and we see there are welts on her arms and she them slams her arms together and blows herself and Dillon up. Too bad that we won’t see anymore of Lexa Doig unless Sonya pops in another timeline.

In the aftermath, it looks like Sonya is dead and Dillon badly burned. Carlos wonders what is next and then gives Kiera the time travel device that was still in Dillon briefcase. We also see Travis at the rendez-vous point when he receives news of Sonya’s death and we see him drive off.

The next we see Kiera, she has arrived at a cabin and there is Brad waiting for her. Kiera sees Sadler and Emily reunited. We also see Brad and Kiera have a talk and Kiera realizes that if Brad had never shot her, she would never have found him. The two then hold hands.

The next morning, Kiera wishes Emily good luck on wherever they are headed and doesn’t want to know. We also see Sadler and Kiera come to an understanding as they say their goodbyes. We then see Kiera and Brad see the young lovers off and he caresses Kiera back. Something is so going to happen to them in the season finale.

The episode ends with Alec at Piron watching the success of Halo when Kellogg comes in and shows him a picture of Kiera with Sadler. Alec seems very displeased at Kiera’s betrayal.  So what do you think is going to happen in the season finale? And would you like to see a season 4?


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17 Comments on Continuum Season 3 Episode 12 “The Dying Minutes” Recap

  1. in season finale, Piron Alec will probably be killed

  2. Don Bagert // June 16, 2014 at 7:33 am // Reply

    Was this episode named “Two Minute Warning” in another timeline? LOL j/k

  3. Piron Alec must die to restore order to the universe

  4. Yes, I absolutely want another season!

  5. The original traveller must die. He’s the one that is pulling the strings. He looks like Kugami!

  6. The original traveler is the cigarette smoking man.

  7. I don’t get it, I mean it’s a Canadian show so how exactly did they get the rights to the Matrix? Because now it’s like they’re beating us over the head to say hey guy’s you’re watching an actual Matrix prequel, not even a Canadian sci-fi replica? “Hi, I’m the CellKeeper.” Yeah, I heard of the Keymaker, sounds like you got your program name from machines obviously. Travis at a coffee shop has computer monitors in front of him and one of them has vertical code like in the Matrix. Dylan, a police chief, in his office in the episode has a big picture on the wall of a tunnel made out of computer code, 1’s and 0’s. Yeah, got the hint. Alec stabs one of the Agents, no blood, big surprise. Another agent, cheating death is brought back, yeah, cause he’s a freakin computer program. Oh, he was merged? Yeah, that can happen when you got multiple programs running around. When he was brought back, why was there that set direction with that weird mechanical cabling, duh, Matrix reference. Cameron and John Doe enter that lobby that looks like, oh yeah, the lobby scene in the first Matrix. Just read the cast listing, guess what the freelancers are labeled as for characters on IMDB “Agent this, Agent that”. Yeah, got it. Back to the lobby, Cameron and John Doe are sneaking in kind of, but wait, 4 agents just appear around the corner, duh, they’re agents they do that. Then we get a big fight scene with the same fight choreography as the Matrix movies, we even get the famous part where the hero dodges an agent’s punch and the agent’s fist breaks through the wall a bit. I mean, c’mon people, when the guy kills the “Cellkeeper” like some kind of super ninja with twin blades, duh. That’s not typical in that particular Canadian city. And oh who’s the “the traveler?” and he “showed me the way” and “changed how I saw things”, duh, he’s the original “one”. And all this talk about what’s been predicted, yeah, met an oracle in the Matrix movies, know about that. “Some people are heading up to a place up north” Sorry, was there an apocalypse I missed, why are people leaving to go up to an ambiguous “north” refuge? Yeah, like that doesn’t sound like people starting to wake up to things not being right so as to lead to people being freed and founding “Zion” The Liber-8 chick is talking all about a “reset” and all of a sudden everything the show has been about last episode got thrown away in a ten minute scene and the future is different and the people and the sides are totally different and that’s just fine and Cameron in this episode is like well my family and son are gone, but that’s cool this guy who killed another me that I just met is kind of really good looking so screw that, I’m going get with this guy. I mean I guess Cameron is a program? The Cellkeeper tells her it’s not up to them to try and change things for the better. If anybody hasn’t put two and two together yet, this is a prequel and initially the machines had a hard time creating a virtual world that their human batteries would accept, they tried all kinds of variations, and for a long time the world they created kept resulting in it’s destruction. Sound familiar? The show is all about opposing systems of control and now all of a sudden the future world is a terrible ruin of a place. And again I point out Liber-8 girl is talking “reset”, what a coincidence of a word for the writers to have her say. I am surprised though. There was that episode like 4 back that had Matrix reference after Matrix reference with dialogue about “waking up” and on and on. And they even literally used the same famous sound effect from the Matrix movies three times in the episode but I didn’t believe. Now saying this is a literal Matrix prequel just sounds so absolutely idiotic but someone with more time than me please watch the Matrix trilogy and then go back and rewatch the episodes of this season and look for all the obvious signs and clues, cause I don’t think I’m crazy here.

  8. I’m beginning to think that Keira is the original time traveler. I swore it looked like her under the black covering.

  9. Please we need many more seasons, it’s the best on TV along with Orphan Black and non-SciFi Fargo!

  10. I think the ultimate irony would be for Carlos to be the Traveller, given he’s one of the few main characters who’s a) still alive and b) not a time traveller. He’s certainly one of the most grounded characters in the show.

  11. Yes, we don’t want another season we NEED IT. The season finally hmm, I think that the first time traveler will be revealed and shock us all, and that a battle between red and green alec will result in the death of green alec.

    • I just had a revelation, I bet the first traveler is sonya, as we see here injecting something that looks like drugs, but then says “Its not what you think” to Julian. So, if its not drugs then what? how about technology, just like the first time traveler.

      Ohh, also I here its quite common to reply to ones self.

      • I believe Sonya was actually injecting the explosive device into her arms. Because we see the welts and her clapping her arms together then BOOM!

  12. Definitely curious about the traveller. This season’s lost several…but it’s brilliant Sci-fi and I can’t get enough. The acting, writing and directing is worthy of MANY MORE SEASONS. BRAVO!

  13. Thanks a lot for the reviews, I watched the episode just now, at the office, and I couldn’t concentrate that much bc of that… but as I read your recap I knew for sure I got it right :3

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