Continuum Season 3 Episode 11 “3 Minutes to Midnight” Recap

John Doe (Ryan Robbins) and Kiera (Rachel Nichols) are tied up
Alec (Erik Knudsen) looking concerned as Jacqueline (Anjali Jay) looks on.

Alec (Erik Knudsen) looking concerned as Jacqueline (Anjali Jay) looks on.

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 3, episode 11 of Continuum which won’t air in the US on SyFy until Friday.

We open with Alec and Jacqueline, Alec’s Piron lawyer, watching an ad for Halo. Jacqueline starts spouting how pre-orders for Halo are through the roof and this greatly pleases Alec.

Meanwhile, we are at Kiera’s place and Brad the former John Doe, is washing up when all of a sudden he gets his memory back and remembers how he knows Kiera. When Brad tries to tell Kiera what he remembers, she runs out to get some food for them. When Kiera returns, she notices broken glass from a picture frame on the floor and no sign of Brad.

Jason (Ian Tracey) getting confronted by Agent Miller (Zak Santiago)

Jason (Ian Tracey) getting confronted by Agent Miller (Zak Santiago)

In other parts of Vancouver, we see Jason find the time travel device that Sadler buried back in the season 2 premiere. Jason is in a manic state and even beats up a runner with the shovel thinking it is one of the Freelancers. As Jason beats the guy, he states that he doesn’t want to go back into the box.

Speaking of the Freelancers, Kiera pays them a visit believing they took Brad. Alas, the Freelancers don’t have Brad and also Catherine has made herself scarce out of fear of encountering Curtis.

And it seems that Curtis and Brad were working together as we see Brad make his way to Alec’s lab. We see the complete mission up to the point where Brad shoots the other Kiera in the head. Afterwards, Curtis is talking to someone and their mission seems to have gone awry as it looks like Sadler was the target and not the other Kiera. Curtis and Brad separate and we see Brad get hit by a truck.

Kiera gets called back to the precinct by Carlos and the two interrogate Jason who is still manic. Kiera learns that Jason has dug up the time travel device and she needs to get it out of evidence. Later, Jason gets his charges drop and is free to go. When Jason retrieves his possessions (minus the time travel device), he puts on Halo again and becomes calm.

Carlos learns that Dillon was the one that got Jason’s charges dropped while Kiera pays Alec a visit at Piron. Kiera believes that Halo is dangerous and tells Alec about what happened with Jason. Alec believes that what he is doing is for the greater good and will help people; that he is trying to prevent the dark future of her time. Kiera notes that Alec doesn’t seem to be lying but alas we see that Alec is jamming her CRM. Jason later tells Alec that he will wear Halo only for a few hours at a time.

Carlos also discovers that other beta testers of Halo also had psychotic breaks and all their charges were dropped by Dillon, who admits that he is the one to drop the charges. It seems that Piron’s tenderhooks have gotten to the VPD and that it is profits ahead of safety. Kiera tells Carlos that Alec stole the other her’s CMR chip to make Halo work ahead of its time. Carlos is disgusted over what Alec has done.

Alec (Erik Knudsen) showing something to Julian (Richard Harmon)

Alec (Erik Knudsen) showing something to Julian (Richard Harmon)

So Carlos decides to enlist Julian’s help in seeing how dangerous Halo can be. When Julian tries to investigate, he sees that he doesn’t have access to those files. Jason enters the room at Piron and he isn’t wearing his Halo bracelet. Jason starts to spout some future talk and uses the Theseus name in front of Julian. The end result of their conversation is Jason almost strangling Julian but Alec manages to get Jason to stop. Later on Alec shows the progress that is being made to Halo to improve it. Julian believes the device is still dangerous. I think here is where the brothers agree to disagree.

Later we see Brad ask Kellogg for some help and he agrees and gives Brad a cell phone to contact him with. Brad then goes to a garage of a home and knows of a secret panel that allows him to gain entry. Brad opens a loose floorboard on the floor where he first finds a old biscuit tin filled with mementoes but underneath that board is what Brad really wants – a futuristic looking gun. A young boy enters the garage and notes that Brad is using his hiding spot. Brad notices a shiner on this young boy and knows which bully did that to him. Brad gives this young boy some advice to fight back that Kiera (who has arrived) says is bad advice. We learn that his boy is a young Brad.

John Doe (Ryan Robbins) and Kiera (Rachel Nichols) getting ready for a showdown

John Doe (Ryan Robbins) and Kiera (Rachel Nichols) getting ready for a showdown

When the two leave the garage, Kiera tells Brad that she tracked him because of his younger self. Before any more can be said, Liber8 (Travis, Sonya, Garza and Lucas) take Kiera and Brad at gun point.

In an under construction building, Brad and Kiera are zipped tied. Travis wants to know about Brad and even throws him about. Brad states he was sent back in time to clean up the mess of Liber8. Brad finally talks when Garza uses a nail gun to put a nail through Kiera’s left foot – Ouch.

Brad is from 2039 and he has never heard of the Corporate Congress. Apparently all of the corporations canonbalized each other and fought against the government. The end result was a civil war erupted. Sonya takes this as news that their efforts have paid off and that they have changed the future. Elsewhere, we see Lucas test the weapon taken from Brad.

When Kiera and Brad are alone, he confesses that it was him and not Curtis that killed the other her. Kiera manages to escape and tries to take down Travis but he gets the upper hand and seemingly knocks her out. When Sonya looks over her body, Kiera manages to take her down and grab her weapon and points it at Sonya’s head.

Brad also escaped and Garza and Travis is hot on his trail. Brad gets caught and Kellogg and Curtis come on the scene and more guns are being pointed around. Brad then tells the entire story. Again Sonya believes that they changed the future but Kiera offers some truth. Kiera says that Brad comes from a timeline that was caused when Alec went back in time where there were two Alecs and two Kieras and that everyone are just pawns. At first no one believes her but Kiera recites a story that Garza told her while in captivity of the Freelancers before that Garza got killed. Kiera also mentions that Older Alec sent Garza back with a mission, which Garza admits is true. What finally convinces everyone that the future is in flux is a holo message that Brad has around his neck. It is an older Kellogg talking about fighting back.

Omari Newton as Lucas Ingram

Omari Newton as Lucas Ingram

Lucas gets upset that what they are doing means nothing and accidentally fires Brad’s weapon that creates a whole in the wall. Travis and Garza also believe that they really are fighting for nothing. Sonya is the only one to to believe that they can make a difference. Everyone leaves except we are left with Brad and Kiera who dropped their weapons and just sit side by side in silence.

We now have two episodes left and its seems the theme of this season is power. Alec is power hungry and Dillon too in some respect over at the VPD. And now that Brad won’t complete his mission as Curtis had asked him too, will this mean that he will team up with Kiera to stop Alec and Dillon and altering any more of the timeline? We will see.

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2 Comments on Continuum Season 3 Episode 11 “3 Minutes to Midnight” Recap

  1. Best episode yet. The whole series makes more sense now. Renew this series, Showcase!

  2. Canonbalized? This entire recap reads like the author didn’t learn expository writing in high school.

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