Orphan Black Season 2 “Variable and Full of Perturbation” Recap

Cosima (Tatiana Maslany) talking to Scott (Josh Vokey)
Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

Jordan Gavaris as Felix Dawkins

Just when you think you knew the depth of talent that Tatiana Maslany possess, she goes ahead and pulls out another one as a new clone.

We get introduced to this new clone at the beginning of this episode. We see a bullet riddled van weaving its way in and out of traffic as the police give chase. The van eventually makes it to a garage but one of the men, Sammy. is gravely injured. Sammy tells his partner in crime, a man that looks like the clones but with a soul patch, to give a message to Beth Childs.

Before we meet this clone, lets get down to what our other clones were up to starting with…


Alison has returned home from rehab and is pissed that Donnie didn’t pick her up. Instead she finds her husband in bed wasted. Later on that night, Alison catches Donnie packing and ready to leave her and the kids. Alison thinks it is because it is too much for Donnie to learn that she is a clone and that he doesn’t love her anymore. This gets Donnie to start talking about why he became a monitor and the two really start to open up. Alison confesses what she did to Aynsley while Donnie admits to killing Leekie. Donnie shows Alison Leekie’s body in the trunk of his car and Alison notes that Donnie didn’t wrap the body correctly and will leave a mess. So Alison wants to add a new cover for the trunk. When Alison asks if Donnie threw the weapon in the lake, he actually put her gun back in her gun locker. This pisses Alison off.


Apparently Paul has gone MIA and Rachel is looking for him to no avail. Rachel then meets with Delphine and tells her that Leekie is dead and that she will now report to her. Rachel’s first assignment for her, I think, is to get Delphine to convince Duncan to come in and help Cosima.


Cosima is still mad at Delphine’s betrayal and has her locked out of her lab. Cosima eventually lets Delphine in where she gives Cosima a package from Sarah. In this package is Kira’s tooth. Scott works to extract the genetic material in it but tells Cosima it is better to have the tooth donor donate her bone marrow. Later, Cosima interrupts Scott’s game of either Magic: the Gathering or Settlers of Catan (I am not quite sure) with fellow Dyad employees. After getting dirt on Delphine, Cosima joins in on the fun and beats the boys handily. Delphine interrupts the game and when Cosima and her are alone, she informs her of Leekie’s death. Delphine and Cosima then make up and profess their love and Cosima warns Delphine from betraying her again.


Sarah is at Mrs. S where Kira is brought home. Sarah doesn’t want to use Kira as a pawn in all that is happening. Delphine visits and informs Sarah et al of Leekie’s death and there is a way not to involve Kira. It is all in Duncan’s research. Later, Sarah asks Duncan if he can cure Cosima; he replies yes he can. So it is decided that Duncan will go the Dyad and give them his original research. Before Duncan leaves, he reads to Kira The Island of Dr. Moreau and gives her the book.

Later on we see Kira wake from a nap and take out the book. Inside the book are a whole bunch of notes and chemical formulas or DNA sequencing.

The New Clone

Art has received a call from Beth’s cell phone and goes to meet this contact. When the car pulls up we see this new clone who has introduced himself as Tony. Yes, we have a transgendered clone. Tony refuses to share Sammy’s message to Beth until he gets some answers. So Art takes Tony to Felix’s. Felix is surprised to meet this new clone.

Tony tells Art and Felix that Beth told him that they were related so that is why he decided to meet her. Felix doesn’t want to tell Tony that he is a clone despite Art wanting him to. Felix believes he can get Tony to open up and tell the message to him. But no dice. As the two get to know each other, Tony and Felix share some kisses. Eventually, Tony finds the paintings that Felix did of the clone sisters and only when Felix calls in Sarah to meet Tony does the latter final learn that he is a clone. Tony takes all of this in stride and tells Felix and Sarah the message to Beth. It seems that Sammy was ex-military and knew Paul. The message was all about Beth should trust Paul. Before Tony leaves, Felix gives him a clone phone so he can use in case he needs to call either him, Art or Sarah. Tony gives Felix one more kiss and then leaves. Something tells me that we haven’t seen the last of Tony.


Rache meets with her father but is quite cold towards him and just calls him Professor Duncan. Duncan gives Rachel a list of everything that he needs and tells her that he is glad that Leekie is dead. Rachel then asks her father why did he gift Sarah the ability to bare a child. Duncan then reveals that Sarah is the defective one as the clones were designed to be barren. When alone, we see that this news has upset Rachel and she goes about destroying Leekie office


Before Cosima meets Duncan, she reveals to Scott that she is the test subject that he has been studying. When Cosima meets Duncan, she is quite excited and starts to show him around the lab but this gets cut short when Cosima starts to cough up blood and then falls the ground and convulses. While all that is happening, Delphine, Scott and Duncan rush to help.

So is this the end of Cosima? Hope not. And what is the significance in the book that Kira was reading? It seems that Kira understands all of that science in the book. And where did Paul go?

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