Orphan Black Season 2 “To Hound Nature in Her Wandering” Recap

"Orphan Black" Ep 206 Day 08Photo: Jan Thijs 2013A lot of stuff got explained in tonight’s episode of Orphan Black, we learn Mrs. S full name and characters got some bonding time together. So let’s get started on all that went down in “To Hound Nature in Her Wandering”.

Sarah and Helena

The two started the episode together camping out in a tent. Sarah wants to know where Swan Man is but Helena won’t tell her so that Sarah won’t ditch her. As the two sleep, we see Paul approach The two bond over some shadow puppets and farting. The next day, the road trip continues and the two bond some more over choosing a radio station eventually landing on a station playing the Archies’ “Sugar Sugar” with Helena sing the song at the top of her lungs.

The two arrive at Cold River and so has Paul. This is were the two go their separate ways.


Sarah enters the church and sees some old photos on the wall. A woman that works at the church approaches Sarah and asks how she can help. The woman ID’s the building in one of the photos as the Cold River Institute and Swan Man as Andrew Peckham who visited the church to look at the archives of Cold River. Sarah wants to look at them too under the pretext of being a student of Peckham. Sarah is looking through the archives and sees photos of deformed babies. Sarah then calls Cosima about what she has found out about Cold River and the fact that Peckham/Ethan Duncan was part of the Cold River Institute. Sarah also notes to the church employee that some patient files seem to be missing and the employee tells her that some woman named Margaret came after Peckham to look at the files. Sarah realizes it is Maggie Chen.

Meanwhile, Art has come to check on Felix who isn’t doing to well after being framed for murder. We see Felix drunk painting when Art arrives. After Felix wakes up, Art enlists his help in completing an evidence wall that he has setup based on stuff found in Maggie Chen’s locker. Art gets a call from Sarah about the missing patient files that Maggie has taken. Felix finds them and notes that one of the files if for an Andrew Peckham who died at the age of two. They use this to track down Peckham.

Andrew Gillies as Andrew Peckham/Ethan Duncan

Andrew Gillies as Andrew Peckham/Ethan Duncan

Art finds him in Brockville and gives Sarah the address. Who should open the door, why it is Mrs. S! Sarah is not that surprised to see her there but the two argue about secrets kept. Mrs. S. explains that Duncan switched over to Mrs. S’s side and they’ve been protecting him since. Talk turns to how Sarah came to her care etc.. Mrs. S introduces Sarah to Peckham/Duncan (Andrew Gillies). Duncan explains to Sarah about Project Leda. The experiment was a success in being able to clone human embryos. The point was so Duncan could have little girls but the Dyad institute hijacked the project. Duncan wants to know about Rachel and Sarah tells him that she pretty much is a cold bitch. Duncan tells Sarah that Rachel was raised lovingly and doesn’t quite believe that Rachel is as Sarah described and that it was the Neolutionists inside the Dyad that turned Rachel that way. When Duncan seems to only care about Rachel, Sarah starts to tell him about the lives of the other clones like Alison and Cosima.

Outside, Paul has found Sarah but Mrs. S approaches Paul’s car. The two have a discussion about next moves. Mrs. S learns the Dyad sent Paul. Mrs. S tells Paul that he is going to have to kill her before he can get to Sarah and blackmails him about Afghanistan. Oh and Mrs. S full name is Siobhan Sadler.

Back inside, Duncan tells Sarah that he was going to expose everything about Project Leda to the world but Leekie kidnapped Rachel so he couldn’t raised him. Leekie then killed Susan, which caused Duncan to be hiding from Leekie ever since.


Jesse (Patrick J. Adams) and Helena (Tatiana Maslany) share a drink

Jesse (Patrick J. Adams) and Helena (Tatiana Maslany) share a drink

After Sarah tells her to stay in the car while she goes into the church to find out more about Ethan Duncan, Helena disobeys her seestra and heads to a bar. Helena promptly orders a variety of drinks like a shot, martini, white Russian, etc… A man, named Carl, tries to pick her up but Helena sprains his pinkie. Carl doesn’t not take too kindly to that and wants to hit Helena but another bar patron, Jesse (Patrick J. Adams) intervenes. To say thank you, Helena offers Jesse her White Russian and he his pork rinds. The two starts to bond over arm wrestling and then the two start to dance that leads to a pretty hot and passionate kiss.

Watching all of this from afar is Mark but also Paul who has joined him at the bar. Even though I took notes, I still don’t quite the gist of the conversation but I think it is about leaving each others clones to them.

Back to Helena and Jesse making out. Now Carl wants in on the action and shoves Jesse out of the way but Helena is having none of this and promptly beats up Carl and this gets her arrested. Coming out of the church Sarah sees Helena get arrested and asks Art to try and help Helena out.

But that isn’t necessary as the bar dudes aren’t pressing charges and Grace, under the guise of being her sister, comes to collect her. The deciding factor for Helena to go with Grace and Mark is the fact that Helena will get her babies back (after learning from Grace that Henrik took her eggs and fertilized them).


Alison is still in rehab and doesn’t really want to share with the group. Vic the dick comes in seemingly sober and open to getting clean and starts to share his story but stops short when he sees Alison. After the group meeting, Alison makes it a point to say to Vic that she isn’t Sarah. Vic believes her and asks Alison if she is Sarah’s twin, Alison replies they are clones. Not quite sure if Vic believes Alison or not. Later, we see Donnie and Alison meet. Alison is not pleased at all that Donnie didn’t bring the kids and the two have quite a fight that Vic intervenes.

We see Vic and Alison start to bond over a game of basketball and this leads to Alison to start opening up. Of course this is all part of Vic’s plan as we learn that he is working with Angie to get dirt on Alison in exchange to getting all charges dropped against him. Something tells me that Alison and Vic are going to hook up in rehab.


We learns that there is hope in Cosima’s treatment that Cosima does share with Sarah to give some hope. Cosima then learns that her research friend Scott as gotten a job at the Dyad Institute. Cosima isn’t happy as she doesn’t want to get Scott involved in all of this but Scott declares that he knows about the clones. However, Scott doesn’t know that Cosima is a clone.

Later Scott shares with Delphine some thing he found out about the stem cells and how it didn’t come from some the person the cloned from but someone different. This person however is a female relative either a niece or a daughter. Delphine gets Scott not to tell Cosima his findings.

So we’ve delved more into the clone experiments and learned that Leekie is the big bad so it will be interesting to see how everything plays out as the season progresses.

Next week, I don’t think I will be able to recap the show as I am quite busy. If there is someone that wants to recap on my behalf that would be awesome. Drop me an email at popgoestheworld1@gmail.com.


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  1. What is the name of the song Helena and her redneck boyfriend danced to in the bar? Who sang it? “Crazy. That’s what they tell me. No one’s heard a word I’ve said. They’ve got me hanging by a thread.”

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