Orphan Black Season 2 “Governed As It Were By Chance” Recap

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning and Michiel Huisman as Cal Morrison
Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning and Michiel Huisman as Cal Morrison

Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning and Michiel Huisman as Cal Morrison

The last episode was quite the cliffhanger with a truck t-boning the car that Sarah and Daniel was in. In tonight’s episode, we find out who survived the car crash.


Sarah survives the crash but Daniel not so much. Who hit them? It was Cal. It was his only way of rescuing Sarah. Before they flee the scene, Sarah grabs the photo of Project Leda, Daniel’s phone and gun. Cal wants to call the police but Sarah doesn’t However, they hear police sirens screaming down the road but they don’t stop where they are. It is the call that Tom, the police officer from the last episode, placed for backup. Cal and Sarah cover up the car and dispose of the gun. Cal knows that he needs to rid of his truck. Cal also demands to know what is going on but Sarah doesn’t answer.

Soon enough they arrive at an abandoned farm. Sarah and Kira are reunited and Cal swaps his van for a camper that has everything from a TV to a laptop. As Sarah and Cal are on their way to another location, Sarah gives Cal some version of the truth but Cal just thinks that Sarah has moved on to fleecing corporations. Sarah then asks Cal for help in connecting to the Internet.

Sarah uses it to call Cosima via Skype while Cal and Kira do some more bonding that involves him folding a paper into a butterfly (Kira thinks it is an angel).

Sarah shows Cosima the picture of Project Leda and says that Leda is a name in Greek mythology. The crux of the story is the birth of twins where they are half-human and half God. Cosima also notes the presence of military in the photo. Sarah wonders if the military created then and Cosima believes this is a break they’ve been searching for. Sarah also tells Cosima that the answers they are seeking lies with Mrs. S who lied to her about Leda.

So Sarah tells Cal that she needs to go back home and asks him to take care of Kira while she is away. At the bus station, Sarah tells Cal the corporation that is after her is the Dyad Group. Something tells me that Cal is familiar with the Dyad.

Mrs. S has met with Benjamin looking for someone. This someone is Carlton (Roger Cross) as Mrs. S tracks him down to a bar. It is clear that these two have a romantic history and hookup. I thought it was a pretty sexy scene.

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S

Later on over beers, Mrs. S  is looking for information but Carlton can’t offer much. Mrs. S mentions Amelia’s visit and Leda. Carlton tells her she knows more than he. Mrs. S tells him that she needs to find out before Sarah does or all hell will break loose.

Meanwhile, Sarah has arrived at Mrs. S but Felix is there too. Felix updates Sarah on Alison (see below) and two start the search of Mrs. S’s place. The find a news article on Carlton and Sarah explains how he help hide them and escape. Behind that article is one of a lab explosion that killed six scientists. The names of Susan and Ethan Duncan immediately jump at to Sarah and Felix. Both realize that they could be Rachel’s parents and that Susan and Ethan are the two in the Leda photo. Sarah learns that Rachel lives at some posh condos where Felix knows the concierge. So Sarah goes there and Felix brings the article to Cosima. As they leave Mrs. S’s, someone has emerged from the basement.

At Rachel’s condo, Sarah pretends to be her to get the concierge to set the condo up for her. This allows Sarah to gain entry and search around. Sarah then gets a call from Felix and Cosima. Cosima explains the history of Susan and Ethan Duncan and believes that Project Leda starts at around 1976.

In Rachel’s bedroom, she sees a videotape labelled Cambridge 1991 and she pushes it into the VCR. On screen pops a young girl maybe 10 years old playing. We assume this is Rachel. Cosima tries to postulate why Rachel is the way she is saying. Cosima believes that Rachel is cold and measured because she grew up in a lovelelss household. Cosima also believes that Rachel believes that she is the first clone thus is special. However, Sarah sees on screen is a loving mother to Rachel.

Another thing that Sarah discovers in Rachel’s apartment is that she is living with a man. Sarah quickly cuts off Cosima when she hears someone come home. Sarah shuts off the TV and sees that Daniel has arrived home (we saw him escape the car wreck earlier). Daniel calls Dr. Leekie and tells him what has happened and promises to get Sarah. While all this is happening, Sarah is doing her best to avoid Daniel from seeing her but alas it doesn’t work as Daniel catches her and holds her at gunpoint. Sarah believes that Daniel won’t kill her and just when you think Daniel will let her go, he knocks her out.

When Sarah comes through, she is tied up to the shower head in the bathroom and we see Daniel sharpening a straight razor. Daniel goes and cuts Sarah behind the ear and it looks like more is going to happen but Daniel hears a noise and goes to investigate.

Sarah hears a fight happen and in front of her lies a bloody Daniel clutching his throat. This time we will presume that he is dead this time. And who is the attacker? It is Helena. I will get to more of this when I recap what Helena was up to in this episode.

Meanwhile, Kira realizes that her mom isn’t coming home but Cal is there to reassure her.


Most of Cosima’s storyline involved helping Sarah but we do see her watching another journal entry from Jennifer. And when Cosima ended her video chat with Sarah, we see her cough profusely.


When Alison wakes up, she immediately goes to the washroom to throw up. As Alison goes to clean herself up, she realizes that she is not at home. When a woman comes in to bring in her suitcase, Alison is up in arms about being kept at the Dyad Institute and demands to see Dr. Leekie but this woman, Yvonne, tells her that she is in rehab.

Felix visits Alison and she tells him that Donnie put her in rehab and she is pissed about it. Alison wants Felix to take her out but he manages to convince Alison to stay in rehab at least a week to see if it takes.

Yvonne talks to Alison about the rules of the rehab center and when they arrive back to her room, Donnie is there. Alison is none too pleased to see her husband but Donnie tells her that if she doesn’t complete the rehab program then Alison can’t see the kids.


Despite that ceremony from the last episode welcoming Helena to the family, Gracie cannot except her and even calls Helena an it. Henrik tells his daughter that Helena is part of the family and that she has to accept it. Meanwhile, Henrik wife cares for Helena and explains the ceremony that she was part of. We also note that Helena has a wedding ring on her finger.

Outside of the Prolethean compound we see Art still taking photos and Henrik and his wife are well aware of his presence. Henrik’s wife thinks it may have been a mistake to bring Helena to their home but Henrik said it was the best move.

We then see Gracie bring Helena some new bedding but instead of leaving it, Gracie grabs a pillow and suffocates Helena. We think it works but of course we know nothing can keep Helena down and instead she puts a sleeper hold on Gracie, knocking her out.

Helena then attempts to escape her prison but only encounters locked doors. When one of them opens and out emerges some Proletheans, Helena goes in and finds that she is a makeshift operating theatre. Helena starts to remember being operated on shortly after that welcome to the family ceremony and we see Henrik take something from Helena’s body.

Helena then grabs a surgical tool and makes a run for it. Art is observing the chaos from a far as the Proletheans realize that Helena has escaped. In his camera’s viewfinder comes a fast approaching Helena. Art attempts to help her but Helena keeps on running.

As the Proletheans start to come after Helena, Art uses his police shield to get them to at least stop chasing Helena with their rifles.

So where did Helena go? She went to Mrs. S’ and followed Sarah from there to Rachel. When Sarah sees Helena still alive, we see the fear in Sarah’s face as a bloody Helena slowly approaches her with that surgical tool in hand. Sarah is freaking out and what Helena will do to her and we too the audience and freaking out.

And what did the Proletheans take from Helena? We are back in the makeshift operating theatre and Henrik shows his flock that he has successfully fertilized one of Helena’s eggs with I am assuming Mark’s sperm.

So the question is what will the Proletheans do with that newly fertilized egg? I am betting it gets implanted into Gracie. And what do you think Helena will do with Sarah? Do you miss Hot Paul? I certainly do. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.


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