Orphan Black Season 2 “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion” Recap

Donnie (Kristian Brunn) and Alison (Tatiana Maslany)
Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S

Going forward, I am going to divide this recap up into each clones’ storyline. This really helps me remember what happened to them per character versus what down in the episode. So let’s get started.


Sarah has turned to Art for help. They are working together at Art’s apartment when Felix pays a visit and welcomes Art to the clone club. Felix gets a phone call and it is Kira. Sarah briefly talks to her her daughter before a mystery man hangs up on her. Art manages to track down the call to a motel. Before the two leave, Felix gives Sarah a new clone phone.

When the two arrive at the motel, Kira and the man are long gone but Art manages to get the key to the room. There Sarah finds a drawing that Kira has made. The two also see Daniel approach the room. Art deals with Daniel while Sarah follows a trail of clothes that leads to the motel’s laundry room where she finds a car with its trunk open. The man that had Kira grabs Sarah and tells her to get into the trunk if she wants to see her daughter.

The man has driven Sarah to the woods and when he lets her out, Sarah starts to demand for Kira and even starts to attack him. Mrs. S then emerges out of the woods with a shotgun strapped to her back and thanks Ben for bringing Sarah to her. It is revealed that Mrs. S ransacked her own home and fled safely with Kira to the safe house that she went to after fleeing the UK with a young Sarah and Felix. Sarah is reunited with Kira and also reunited with two people that had helped Mrs. S back in the day: Brenda and Barry.

Later, Mrs. S informs Sarah that she plans on fleeing with Kira to London. Sarah doesn’t like that idea one bit and then asks Mrs. S about Project Leeda but she denies knowing nothing about it. Sarah also informs Mrs. S that Helena killed Amelia. At dinner, Brenda and Mrs. S. talk about the old days when Barry gets a call about the next driver that presumably will lead Kira et al to another safe location. Sarah takes a tired Kira to bed who mentions to her mom that Mrs. S was poking around Amelia’s things. Sarah’s spidey senses go up and feels something amiss and starts to escape with Kira. Mrs. S is also suspicious of Brenda and Barry, which proves right. As Sarah tries to escape in a pick-up truck, Barry attempts to stop her but Mrs. S shoots him dead and the two escape. Meanwhile, back inside, Mrs. S questions Brenda but has betrayed them to the Proletheans. Brenda asks what has she gotten them into with Sarah and Mrs. S says it is Project Leeda before she shoots Brenda dead.

The next day, Sarah has picked up Felix and the three of them then go on the run.

Cosima and Rachel

Cosima is at the Dyad Institute and does not apologize for Sarah impersonating her. Leekie tells Cosima that Rachel doesn’t like to be defeated and their might be some blow back. Talk turns to Cosima working at Dyad. Leekie takes her to what is going to be her and Delphine’s lab. Cosima thinks the lab is antiquated but Leekie says that she can have whatever she wants, the sky’s the limit. So while Delphine starts a shopping list, she and Cosima share a steamy kiss that gets interrupted by Rachel. Delphine leaves the room and Rachel is surprised that Cosima is gay to which she replies that is not the most surprising thing about her. Rachel then goes over Cosima’s medical files and discusses the respiratory disease that is plaguing her and plagued Katiya. Rachel wants Cosima to do research on the disease and figure out what is defective about them. Cosima wants to take a look at the genetic sequence of the original but Rachel assures her that the original was perfect and it was the cloning process that made them defective. Another genome that Rachel wants Cosima to take a look at is Sarah’s. Cosima guesses correctly that Rachel wants her to figure out why Sarah can have kids while the rest of them can’t.


Alison attends Aynsley’s funeral and she holds her head high when the gossips think it is appalling that she is there after she had slept with Aynsley’s husband. While waiting for Donnie, Alison notices his phone go off and she sees some texts that indicated that Donnie is actually her monitor.

While rehearsing her musical, Felix drops by and Alison confesses that she let Aysnley die because she thought she was her monitor but all along it was her husband. By the way, this conversation happened in a elementary school classroom while the two of them were drinking airplane sized bottles of vodka’s. So the two decide to set a trap for Donnie. Alison is talking to Felix (who is painting a portrait of a man wearing only an apron so we get another nice view of Jordan Gavaris’ butt) and saying vague things but clearly mentions the name Sarah in the presence of Donnie. Alison takes off to go somewhere (it ends up being Aynsley’s grave) and we see Donnie following her and talking to Leekie. Donnie mentions that Alison has gone to meet a Sarah. Leekie is hoping it is Sarah Manning but Donnie notes that it is Alison’s co-start from the musical, a woman also named Sarah. Leekis realizes that Donnie has the wrong person and hangs up on him. Alison sees that Donnie has followed her but he covers by saying that he was worried that Alison hasn’t cried yet over Aynsley.

Later we see Alison call Felix distraught that her husband is her monitor. But Felix can’t reassure her as he is going on the lam with Sarah. We see Alison drown her sorrows with pills and white wine.


We see Helena recovering from her wounds and the police asking questions about her. DeAngelis visits Art and tells him that one of their cop friends has come across a Jane Doe and shows him the picture of Helena. Art tells DeAngelis to leave this well alone but of course she doesn’t. When DeAngelis goes to the hospital to question Helena, she is gone. Helena has been taken by Mark (the cowboy from the first episode). Mark was ordered by his leader, Henrik, to bring Helena to his farm to be taken care of and it would be nice to also get her twin, Sarah too.

We see Helena recover at a make shift hospital on Henrik’s farm. At Helena’s bedside is Tomas. We learn from Henrik that Helena is a mirror image of Sarah. Henrik explains to Tomas that all of Helena’s organs are on the opposite side where they are normally and that is how she survived the gun shot to her chest.

Later we see Henrik and Tomas talk. I don’t recall what they talked about but it seems that Tomas’ view on Helena doesn’t quite jive with Henrik’s so Mark shoots Tomas in the head with a nail gun.

We didn’t get Hot Paul in this week’s episode but that is probably because he was off filming an episode of Arrow. And I have to say my favourite scene in tonight’s episode was Felix and Alison talking about Donnie being her monitor. Those two have such fun chemistry.

It looks like next week we are introduced to a new clone.

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