The Tomorrow People “Modus Vivendi” Recap

Modus VivendiTonight’s episode of The Tomorrow People we get a return, a betrayal and a clear indication on whose side Jedikiah is really on.

As we open up the episode, Jedikiah has broken into Ultra under the guise of a janitor but when security starts to question him, Jedikiah kills a couple of the guards and makes his way to the room with the Machine in it. Alas, Jedikiah cannot get in.

In the morning, the Founder updates everyone at Ultra about Jedikiah breaking in and their hunt for him. Stephen manages to get a warning out to John who goes out to help Jedikiah protect his father’s body. John goes to where Roger’s body is and we see Jedikiah there. It seems that this is where Jedikiah has been staying since leaving Ultra. Jedikiah is steadfast in his resolve in not leaving Roger’s so John stays with him to help.

Meanwhile, the Founder talks privately to Stephen. The Founder explains that the Machine can help them go to the Refuge where their kind can live peacefully. The Founder offers to train Stephen so he can harness his powers and be able to stop time at will.

Later, Stephen preps for a romantic date with Hilary at home but instead of her coming through his door it is the Founder. The Founder wants Stephen to arrange a meeting with the Tomorrow People, specifically John and Cara to propose a truce. Stephen will do what he can and also tells the Founder that he wants access to the Machine again. So Stephen’s date with Hilary is postponed while he goes to the Lair and proposes this meeting. Cara proposes that Russell be the one that takes this meeting in exchange for Hilary coming to the Lair while this meeting takes place. Cara really wants to use this moment to read Hilary’s mind and see what she is up to. However, when Cara tries to read her mind, all she gets is visions of Hilary and Stephen having sex.

Russell goes topside and the Founder promises that Ultra won’t go after the Tomorrow People. The Founder jokes that he placed a tracer in the red wine that Russell has been drinking all night but we can’t tell if he is serious or not. Anyways, to show that the truce is real, the Founder gives Russell his expensive watch that Russell admired as a symbol of goodwill.

Russell tells Cara and the others about the truce so they test this out by going to a club topside. The Tomorrow People are having fun and we see how bad a dancer Stephen is when he and Cara are on the dance floor. Ultra agents also show up and for a moment it is like a scene from West Side Story where we have the Jets and the Sharks at the school gym dance just starting at each other. But Russell makes the first move and grabs a pretty Ultra agent to dance. Soon we have a full-on paranormal party happening.

While this is happening, the Founder finds out where Jedikiah is hiding and sends Ultra agents to that abandoned butcher shop. John and Jedikiah do a good job at defeating the Ultra kill squad but one agent gets away. Knowing that reinforcements are on the way, the two men take drastic measures.

Stephen goes to the butcher shop to give John and Jedikiah some food but notices right off the bat something is wrong. When he goes to that room, Stephen sees his father’s body is gone along with a lot of blood.

But Cara tells Stephen that his father is at the Lair. When Stephen teleports there, Jedikiah is icing Roger’s body in order for them to help save him. Jedikiah asks that Marla be brought in to help as she is a qualified nurse. Joh is tasked to bring her but won’t say for what purpose until they get to the Lair.

Once there, Marla sees her husband and starts to take charge of the situation. Jedikiah tells Stephen because Roger has been under for so long, he needs some guidance to come back. Stephen knows that he needs to get to the Machine and bring his dad back from limbo. Hilary offers to help Stephen despite his protest.

Stephen using the Machine and Marla operating on Roger are intercut together. We see Stephen enter limbo and talk his dad back from the brink as the surgery to remove the bullet proves successful and Roger’s heart starts beating again.

John observes Roger’s body from afar and Jedikiah tells him that he no longer has to feel guilty because Roger is alive. John says that he won’t stop feeling guilty until Roger wakes up and is walking around.

Stephen, who as returned to the Lair, thanks Hilary for sacrificing her career at Ultra for him. Hilary tells him that no thanks is needed as he is worth helping.

However, we are back at Ultra and we see Hilary report back to the Founder that Roger is alive and that Stephen has no clue about Hilary’s betrayal and they are going to gear up for the next step in their plan. As Hilary walks away, we see that there is a bit of guilt in her eyes.

I think that there never really was a truce and there was something in that red wine that Russell drank and something in the watch. All of this is going to lead the Founder to the Lair. The first season is winding down and it will be interesting to see how they are going to set up a season 2.


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