Continuum Season 3 Episode 5 “30 Minutes to Air” Recap

Roger Cross as Travis and Brian Markinson as Dillon
Roger Cross as Travis and Brian Markinson as Dillon

Roger Cross as Travis and Brian Markinson as Dillon

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 3 of Continuum which premiered in the U.S. on April 4 thus are a few episode behind. So if you don’t want to know what is happening in season 3 then stop right here. If you want to know, then please read on. 

Tonight’s episode of Continuum, we learn a bit more of Travis’ and Dillon’s personal lives.

Let’s start with Travis. It is 2077 and a mother-daughter return home when we see Travis cover the mouth of the mother. We are lead to believe something bad is going to happen to them but it is only Travis secretly wanting to see his daughter and the mother of his child. Travis’ wife/partner/mother of his child is worried about the danger he is putting them in considering that he is a terrorist. This fear is realized when CPS men break in and demand to know where Travis is. Travis’ wife doesn’t give him up but states they are loyal to the Corporate Congress. The head officer speaks to Travis’ daughter and asks about her loyalty. This pretty much leads to her giving up her father’s hiding spot. At episode’s end, we are back to this scene where we see moments before Travis’ arrest, he tells his daughter about sacrifice. After Travis is taken away, the lead officer thanks them for their loyalty and gives Travis’ daughter a CPS pin as thanks. When the officers leaves, Travis’ daughter cries in her mother’s over betraying her father.

Back to the present a young man and woman are scaling the Fermitas building as a sign of protest and are arrested for their troubles. Carlos tells Kiera that Fermitas is a big weapons manufacturer and one of Liber8’s safety deposit box theft victim. When Carlos abruptly ends their call, Kiera is paid a visit from Curtis. Curtis wants to form a partnership with Kiera but she is weary and wonders if Catherine knows.

And apparently Catherine doesn’t when Kiera goes to visit her and ask. The big thing about this scene is that Kiera wonders what is behind a mystery door that Catherine goes into. Instead of answering, Catherine just tells Kiera that she is glad they are on the same team.

When we return to the police precinct, Betty gets a phone call from Lucas but Dillon doesn’t let her answer despite her saying that it would look off to Lucas if she doesn’t answer. However, Dillon tells Carlos, after Betty storms off, that he will use Betty’s connection with Liber8 when he feels the time is right. Carlos then notices that the cops has brought in the young woman Fermitas protestor and tells Kiera that this day is getting worse.

We see Dillon question her while Carlos and Kiera look on. This young lady defends her action and it obvious she is very pro Liber8. It is revealed that this woman, Christine, is Dillon’s daughter and he tells her that she is not going to get any special treatment.

After questioning his daughter, Dillon gets a visit from Nora who wants to know if Dillon will treat his daughter differently. Nora says that Dillon can prove what he is saying by going on a local Vancouver news show. As Dillon leaves to go to the studio, his ex-wife pleads with him to help their daughter but again Dillon says that he won’t treat her any differently.

While at the TV studio in the make-up room, Diana Bolton is talking to Dillon and is proud that he is coming on the air to defend his actions. When Dillon does get on air, he gets into a healthy debate with Nigel (James Kidnie) and Diana about how he will throw the book at his daughter. But this debate is interrupted by Travis, Lucas and LIber8 who takes Dillon, Nigel, Diana and some other hostage.

Carlos, Kiera and the police arrive on the scene to plan their attack. Travis demands satellite codes so he can broadcast his manifesto against corporations. Carlos takes command of the situation and gets Kiera to use her suit to go into the studio steathily.

In the studio’s control room, Dillon wants to play hero but Travis warns him against that and when Nigel starts spouting that he agrees with Liber8, he shoots him in the knee and start to threaten Diana unless Carlos gets him those codes. Betty informs Carlos that Fermitas bought the station when it was going to do an expose on them and it was a private acquisition that know one should know about. Carlos figures that Liber8 knows.

A Fermitas spokesperson comes on the scene and won’t divulge the codes but after Carlos mentions people dying, he relents and gives the codes. Travis films his manifesto but we learn from Betty that the codes are incomplete and Travis isn’t really broadcasting.

Elsewhere, in two Alec land, Kellogg is made at Alec for severing their business ties. Alec changes all of his passwords so that Sadler cannot access any of his accounts while Emily wonders why Alec is being such a douche. At Alec’s lab, Kellogg is drinking his sorrows away with scotch, when Sadler comes in and joins him in a drink. Kellogg reveals that he knows that Sadler is not Alec and that he is playing a dangerous game as a time travel and that sticking with Emily is going to come back and bite him essentially.

Meanwhile, Kiera has made her way through the studio and taken out some people. But Kiera encounters explosives attached to the control room door. These explosives seem to have 2077 tech provided by Lucas and Alec comes online and sees the pickle that Kiera is in. However, the way that Kiera talks to Alec lets him know that she thought he was Sadler. Kiera tries to apologize and tells Alec that she trusts him and did what she did to protect him from Sadler. However, Alec feels betrayed and just before he severs ties with her, he tells her which cord to cut. Kiera does cut the right cord. This allows the police to move in and Carlos asks Kiera to create a distraction.

About those codes, Carlos demands the full codes from the Fermitas spokesperson who eventually gives him it. Betty gives this to Lucas and the broadcast does begin and this also allows Garza to do her thing and that is break into a Fremitas server farm to steal some sort of drive.

When Dillon tries to play hero, Travis isn’t biting and instead kills a fellow Liber8 lackey. And when it looks like Travis is going to kill Dillon, Kiera’s distraction which involves her releasing the control room’s overhead extinguishers, this lets Dillon with Diana in tow escape. The police makes their way through the studio and a fight between them and Liber8 ensues. To allow Lucas and Travis escape, a high pitch noise is released that Kiera manages to stop. The end result is that Dillon and his follow hostages are safe.

Lucas tells Travis that Garza was successful in stealing the drive that is filled with Fermitas’ surveillance footage of other corporations and it contains enough information to take down Piron and Alec Sadler.

When the hostage situation is over, the Fermitas spokesperson thanks them but Carlos and Kiera (knowing that a Fermitas’ server farm was broken into) wants to know what did Liber8 stole. The Fermitas spokesperson just thanks them again and leaves.

Back at the precinct, Carlos tells Dillon how Betty really helped them out but Dillon says that Betty’s debt isn’t repaid until they have Liber8 in custody. We then see Dillon watch a newscast of Diana Barton praising Dillon and calling him a hero. Kiera praises Carlos for being a great leader while dealing with the hostage situation.

We then see Dillon question is daughter again. When they are alone and their session not being recorded, we learn that Christine is actually going to jail for three months but when she comes out, the end result is that she most likely will join Liber8 and thus act as a VPD mole. Dillon tells her it helps that Christine believes in some of what Liber8 stands for but doesn’t want her to get all Patty Hearst (i.e. actually joining Liber8). To protect her cover, Dillon asks Christine to start spouting hateful things towards him as leaves, which she does and is overheard by everyone.

Kiera tries to comfort Dillon by saying that his daughter won’t always feel that. Ever the good actor, Dillon spits back at Kiera saying she doesn’t understand what he is going through.

So this episode had some nice twists. Didn’t really see Christine as being Dillon’s daughter and definitely didn’t see her becoming a VPD mole. We will see how long it will take for Liber8 to figure out that they no longer have their mole at the VPD in Betty and what would it mean for if they find out? And Kiera really only has one Alec she can depend on. It is sad that Kiera’s friendship with Alec is over but lets hope the one with Sadler can remain the same.

We have a break next week for Easter so the next new episode (at least in Canada) will be on April 27, 2014. Until next time.

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