Motive Season 2 “Bad Blonde” Recap

Brooke Nevin as Heather Williamson and Jason Dohring as Gordon White
Brooke Nevin as Heather Williamson and Jason Dohring as Gordong White

Brooke Nevin as Heather Williamson and Jason Dohring as Gordong White

The following is a recap of Motive’s season 2 episode entitled “Bad Blonde” that won’t air in the US on ABC 5 weeks after its May 25th premiere. So if you don’t want to know what happens in this episode then stop reading, if you do then please read on.

Motive is a show that I normally don’t recap so this one will be my first and last for this show. Why am I recapping this particular season 2 episode? Well because Veronica Mars’ Jason Dohring guest stars in it.

Dohring plays Gordon White and is a central part in tonight’s mystery. Motive is a procedural where we follow Detectives Flynn (Kristin Lehman) and Vega (Louis Ferreira) find the killer but also their motive. What makes this show different is right off the top of the episode we know who the victim is and who the killer is. So this makes this show a 21st century version of Columbo.

So let’s get to tonight’s victim, a bartender named Jake Daley (Cory Sevier) and the killer is web design owner Heather Williamson (Brooke Nevin).

As mentioned, Dohring plays Gordon White, the co-founder of Heather’s web design company. Heather and Gordon have known each other since college and consider each other best friends.

Heather calls Gordon at 4am in a panic and he meets her at the washrooms near Third Beach in downtown Vancouver. Gordon is greeted with a bloody Heather and the two then proceed to start to dispose of Jake’s body. Heather even used Gordon’s cell phone to look up how to dispose of a dead body.

Vega and Flynn investigate the scene and the ME, Betty Rogers (Lauren Holly) says there is an off chance that the victim (at this point they don’t know that it is Jake) could still be alive. So it is race for Flynn to find Jake. The detectives find some clues like Jake’s medical alert bracelet that indicated he is diabetic. This evidence allowed them to ID the victim. Flynn and Vega then find out through Jake’s father that he works at a bar and was left at the alter. At the bar, a co-worker indicated that Jake had a girlfriend named Heather.

Jake and Heather became an item after Jake stopped a groper from putting the moves on Heather. The two soon hook-up and begin a relationship. It is clear that Gordon doesn’t like him and according to Gordon’s wife, Kim, he doesn’t like any of Heather’s boyfriends.

It seems that Heather is manipulating Gordon into helping her dispose of the body knowing that Gordon has more than just best friend feelings for her. Heather convinces Gordon to take Jake’s body to his parents house so he can dismember it to make disposal easy.

The police eventually find Heather via Jake’s Facebook-like social media profile because he indicated he is dating her. But the police also find another of Jake’s profile that shows him with another woman along with some intimate bedroom photos on the same profile.

We are starting to piece together a motive as we see in a flashback Heather throwing a brick through Jake’s car, which the police discover.

So Gordon does something really stupid and buys material like a hacksaw and protective gear and plastic bags to help in the process. Those purchases are tracked down by the police and lead them to Gordon as a person of interest. The police interview Gordon’s wife Kim who tells them of his relationship with Heather.

It seems that Heather is going to throw Gordon under the bus as she shrewdly called Gordon at 4am using Jake’s cell phone to make it seem like the two met. Heather also told police that Gordon is the one that threw the brick through Jake’s window and most offensive of all is that she called the police to “turn” him in.

As we see Gordon start to the dispose of Jake’s not quite dismembered body, the police arrive and arrest him. Flynn sees that Jake is indeed dead.

We see Gordon lawyer up while Heather is more than happy to pile on evidence to get her supposed best friend convicted.

Rogers laters tells Flynn that the time of death could be anywhere between 3am to 5am. Also, the stab wounds seemed more a crime of passion. So this make Flynn doubt Gordon’s guilt.

When the interview the other woman in the fake social media profile, it is Jake’s ex-fiancee and the picture of them together was from a year ago but the boudoir photos were from a week ago. Flynn determines that the social media profile was created a week ago from Gordon’s computer.

Near the end, we see the actual crime take place. We see Heather accuse Jake of cheating on him at the Thrid Beach washroom. Jake then breaks things off with Heather and this is when she stabs him to death.

Heather is interviewed by police again and is presented with the fact that Gordon created the fake social media profile so that she would dump Jake. However, Gordon didn’t quite anticipate that reaction out of Heather, which is why he helped her with the body. Heather somehow convicts herself and she is arrested for Jake’s murder.

It was a pretty good episode and Jason Dohring was quite good and definitely not like Logan at all. I actually felt sorry for Gordon for allowing himself to get manipulated by Heather. And credit goes to Brooke Nevin for playing that role so well.

As mentioned this is probably my one and only recap of Motive. It is a good show and have seen a couple of episodes. Who knows I may recap another one if the mood takes me.

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