Continuum Season 3 Episode 3 “Minute to Win It” Recap

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron and Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra
Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra and Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra and Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 3 of Continuum which won’t air in the U.S. until April 4. So if you don’t want to know what is happening in season 3 then stop right here. If you want to know, then please read on.

In 2077, Kiera is part of a raid, as gunfire is being exchanged she comes across a Liber8 member who is also their informant. Kiera is ordered to shoot and kill but she doesn’t want to as he could still give them information. However, the powers that be override her suit and gets her to kill him.

In the present day, Kiera is meeting with Catherine about the status of finding her killer. Catherine is happy that she has Kiera on her side and talk turns to how the VPD is starting to turn into the police of her future.

Meanwhile, we see Lucas make an elaborate escape of the looney bin that involves fashioning a remote control device that allows him to open all the doors. Waiting for him is Garza who says they will pick up sushi on their way back.

At the VPD, Carlos shows Kiera photos of stuff that Lucas made to get out that includes the use of cockroaches. It seems that someone was smuggling stuff to Lucas and Betty is looking into the backgrounds of all of Lucas’ visitors. Kiera then assures Carlos that she is the Kiera that he has always known. Carlos looks unsure.

Meanwhile, we are at Deutshebank and we see three well-dressed white men come in with a suicide vest. They demand to go to the vault and when they are about to leave, we see it is clear that they are being controlled by someone. They then turn flip the switch and all three go up in smoke.

When Kiera, Dillon and Carlos come on the scene, the realize it is the same MO as a previous bank robbery and there are ties to Liber8.

Speaking of Liber8, Garza has come with the loot from the bank robbery and it is the contents of some corporations safety deposit boxes. Apparently they are stuff that is illegal and blackmailable. When Travis leaves the room, Garza thinks it is guilt of using those men that she says weren’t entirely innocent. Travis then wants to know what is next to which Sonya asks which bank should they hit up next.

At Piron, past Alec and his mom meets with Escher’s lawyer. Here is where Alec learns that Escher is his father. To say the least, Alec is shocked and looks to his mom for confirmation, which she does. Alec then learns that has inherited everything and in a folder that contains Escher’s will is also Emily rap sheet that exposes her real name.

Back at Deutchebank, Kiera and Carlos wants the names of the safety deposit boxes that were broken into. When the bank manager isn’t forthcoming, Kiera wonders why the robbers cared about covering the cameras in the vault and not the lobby as that means something.

So Kiera and Carlos goes to visit one of the company’s that has its box broken into. It is a company called Sonmanto that deals with patents and such. Their lawyer states nothing was stolen and sticks to that story even when Liber8 is mentioned. Kiera and Carlos knows that he is lying. And there seems to be tension between the two partners, Kiera wants to make it right and asks what she can do to help Carlos to which he asks can Kiera help him unsee her dead body.

At the morgue, the ME starts go over his findings and offers Kiera some pop rocks and when she tries it, she gives  very funny face of disgust. Anyways, it seems that the explosive device caused them to implode and Kiera notices a microchip that is steeped in brain fluid. The ME believes that it is possible that they were controlled remotely.

So Kiera takes the chip to past Alec to see what he can find out. Alec states that it is possible to control someone and asks Kiera if that is the case in the future. Kiera does mention that there were cyborgs but Liber8 hijacked them so they were all destroyed. Kiera then theorizes that Liber8 does have the knowledge to implant people with these microchips as Sonya has the medical know how and Travis the explosive know how.

Alec also asks if Kiera knew that Escher was his father, to which she lies. Alec talks about how messed up his relationship with Escher was and now that he has inherited Piron, it screws up the future as in the future that company is separate from Sadtech. Alec is thinking of selling Piron in an effort to salvage the future.

Meanwhile, at an underground parking garage, two men in business suits (one is using crutches) are on their way out when Garza and Travis grab them. We later see one of the observe as the other one is under Sonya’s knife to receive the microchip.

Back at Alec’s, he, Kiera and Carlos are trying to establish a pattern to find out which bank Liber8 will target next. When Alec notices that one bank has a lot of high end clients going in to take stuff out of thir vaults, that is their clue that is the next target. Before Kiera goes, Alec asks if she is investigating Escher’s death, she is not but promises Alec that she will tell him if she knows anything. Emily then comes in and Kiera is pleased to see her, to which she finds weird. Anyways, Alec tells Emily off for being Escher’s spy and pretty much tells her to piss off.

Outside, Emily is confronted by Future Alec and she is happy that this Alec kisses her, tells her he loves her and forgives her. But when Future Alec mentions that he travelled back in time to save her, Emily thinks that he is being a jerk and punishing her for lying to him. But Emily believes him when she sees past Alec. Future Alec leaves but says that past Alec loves her too and leaves. Emily passes off future Alec as someone lost and past Alec says that he feels betrayed by her and needs some time.

At this new bank, Carlos and Kiera see that Sonmanto rep is there, Mr. Jennings, who still isn’t quite forthcoming about his company’s connection with Liber8. The two men that were taken earlier then come in and start to rob the bank. Jennings tells Kiera that he knows one of the men. And Carlos and Kiera are now hostages.

At the hostage situation plays out, Carlos manages to distract the robbers so that Kiera is able to use her suit and become invisible. Seeing all this action is Lucas (who is controlling all the robbers), Sonya and Travis. Kiera makes her way into the vault and her suit interferes with the feed to Liber8. Kiera observers what is being stolen and manages to get thief #2 offline but no long enough for Liber8 to know that Kiera is there. So Liber8 gets thieves 1 and three to start opening fire. Kiera and Carlos attempt to take them down but thief 3 pulls the trigger and implodes. But Carlos manages to turn off thief 1 and Kiera is about to turn off thief 2 but he begs her not to because he is able to walk again. However, Kiera doesn’t want to risk his life so shuts off the device. It may seem all is lost, but Travis mentions thief 4 if still active.

Meanwhile, Alec has gone to Piron and is in Escher office. When Escher’s lawyer asks him to sit at his desk, Alec does so but then immediately gets up and says that everything feels wrong. Before Alec can reject his inheritance, his lawyer gives him a tour of Piron’s research that includes building a realistic looking human arm, a drone ship that looks like the drone ship we saw in the future scene early in the episode and the development of implants.

Back at the bank, as the VPP start their cleanup, Carlos and Kiera notice the bank manager, who was in the vault and the cop who was at the other bank robbery, carrying bags and leaving the bank. Kiera notices the bank manager has been hijacked and manages to stop her but the cop has gotten away. Kiera and Carlos follow in to a bar where he meets with Garza who exchanges the bag of goodies for a bag of cash.

Before both can get far, Kiera stops Garza while Carlos stops the cop. But another thug comes on Kiera and a fight breaks out and the contents of the goodie bag are spilled. Garza gets the upper hand on Kiera and the thug picks up the stuff from the vaults into the bag. Kiera notices that forgot one item, a cylindrical device that glows red with some weird markings on it. Meanwhile, Carlos is beating the crap of out the cop until he is quite bloody and Kiera tells him stop and that it is unlike him to resort to such violence.

Kiera then gives this device to Catherine and Curtis. Curtis doesn’t know what it is and Catherine thinks it is a device from the future or another timeline but it is something that Liber8 wants. Kiera points out that the device has messed with her suit.

Back at the Liber8 HQ, they go over their haul and have what the need to stop the corporations for doing what they are going to do in the future. At the VPD, Jennings meets with Frank Ryan, the thief who couldn’t walk), and offers him back the device that allows him to walk again. To which I ask, there must be a purpose to this scene.

At Piron, Alec and Kiera have a conversation and Kiera can hear in Alec’s voice the excitement of running Piron and all the research that they are doing. When Alec opens up Esher’s computer, he gets off the phone with Kiear when he sees there is a file called Alec Sadler and within that is a file called Emily and within that is one called Maya Atwell (Emily real name) and every single criminal record pops up as well as a video that shows Emily beating the crap out of someone in jail and we pause on her face.

At Kiera new place, future Alec tells Kiera that it is better that he doesn’t know. To which I ask, know what exactly, the truth behind Escher’s research? I am not 100% sure what is going on this season and how it is all going to work out.


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2 Comments on Continuum Season 3 Episode 3 “Minute to Win It” Recap

  1. I think future Alec was referring to the fact that Emily is Escher’s killer, and that info is what he ‘shouldn’t know’ from the previews it looks like the file from Piron on “Maya” does even more damage than if past Alec found out her role in his dad’s death though… lving this season and can’t wait to see how everything plays out. I’m guessing past Alec stays alive and becomes the evil Alec Sadler that future Alec never wanted to grow up becoming somehow

  2. Yeah this season is weird i liked this episode but its very confusing and its hard to tell whats real and whats not the is a great show but this season is just weird though i am enjoying this show

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