Bitten Season 1 Episode 12 “Caged” Recap

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers


The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

It is the penultimate episode of season 1 of Bitten and it looks like we are headed to a epic battle between the Mutts and the Pack in the season finale.

But first we start mere minutes after the last episode ended. Elena has fled Philip’s apartment and is ready to get Clay but Nick and Jeremy stop her. Jeremy orders for Nick and her to return to Stonehaven so they can all figure out what is going on. One name that has come up is James Williams and Jeremy wants to find out how he is connected to the Mutts and his intentions towards Elena.

Meanwhile, we are at an abandoned barn and we see Santos torturing Clay by shocking him with a car battery and keeping him drugged. During those torture sessions, it is clear that Santos wants revenge for Clay killing his brother and taunts him about how he and Elena will get together and make tons of babies to make a new breed of werewolves. Marsten is not too happy with Santos after realizing that Santos isn’t really after Jeremy and replacing him as Alpha or even just breaking up the Pack but about getting Elena. Clay senses that Marsten may have regretted joining forces with Santos and tries to get him to switch sides but alas Marsten stays with Santos.

In Toronto, Philip is going to be okay and a home invasion is blamed as to why he was attacked. Diane tries to get Elena to come back and she does promise that she will come when she can. When the police question Philip about the home invasion, Philip doesn’t really tell the truth but a certain version of it. Diane wants to know why Philip won’t tell the cops that one of his attackers was also at the art show but Philip tells his sister that Elena’s family is involved in some sort of mafia war and everyone is in danger and it is better to keep his mouth shut. Later, while recovering, Philip watches the video again of the wolf attack and realizes that the wolf in the video matches the wolf that was in his apartment.

Back in Stonehaven, Elena receives a call from Santos who wants to meet her the next day at the Bear Valley diner. Elena wants to agree to the meeting but Jeremy and Nick believe it is a trick. But before any more debating can occur, Rachel arrives with a wounded Logan.

Jeremy manages to remove some liquid from Logan’s lungs and it looks like he will recover. Rachel is fit to be tied but Nick assures her that she will be safe at Stonehaven. Nick then tries to distract her by talking about the baby. While Logan recovers, Rachel tells him she doesn’t really feel safe at Stonehaven but Logan says that they are. He also apologies to Rachel for putting her through this and assures her that once he is okay that they will go away. This could be partly to do with Logan’s earlier conversation with Jeremy who talks to him about the joy’s of fatherhood but the only way that the child like that will be safe if they follow Pack rule. This pretty much indicates to Logan that Jeremy expects him to ditch Rachel once the baby is born and take him away to live in Stonehaven.

When the time nears for Elena to meet with Santos, Nick and Jeremy actually put her in the Stonehaven jail to stop her. When Jeremy and Nick go to the meeting, Elena starts to rattle the cage. Rachel hears this and starts to go to the basement but Logan stops her and tells her the noise she heard was old pipes and gets Rachel to leave. Logan does go down and finds a locked up Elena and he sets her free. Elena says that Stonehaven isn’t safe and tells Logan to take Rachel and run while she goes and deals with the Mutts.

At the Bear Valley diner, Santos is a no show, which Jeremy and Nick find weird but in reality, Elena called Santos to warn him. Instead, Elena and Santos meet elsewhere. Santos proposes the following deal: Elena joins him and he will let Clay, Jeremy, Nick and Logan live. Also, Santos wants the Pack to become Mutts and have no permanent home. If Elena decides to back of the deal, everyone dies. Elena wonders about Philip and Santos informs her that Olsen is going back to Toronto to finish the job.

When Nick and Jeremy return to Stonehaven, they find that Elena, Rachel and Logan are all gone.

Back in Toronto, Olsen has come back to Philip’s apartment but Elena is also there and surprises him. Elena has placed Olsen in the bathtub all tied up. Elena wants to know where Clay is being held but Olsen rather talk about their shared history. But Elena slits his wrists and says that she will tie off the wound and let him live if she tells him where Clay is. Before any decision can be made, Philip comes home and is visibly afraid of Elena. Elena tries to apologize for all the lies when Philip only wanted her to be honest with him. Elena manages to convince Philip to leave because his life is in danger and we see Philip hobble out of his apartment and probably Elena’s life forever. In the bathroom, Olsen finally tells Elena where Clay is: Fox Valley Farms. Olsen thinks that he is going to be okay now but Elena lets him bleed out thus letting him die.

At Fox Valley Farm, Elena distracts Leblanc away from the barn and knocks both Santos and Marsten unconscious. Elena enters the barn and finds Clay tied up with his hands in the air. Clay sees Elena and says “it is nice to see you darlin’.” Elena unties Clay and brings him to the car but before she leaves, she places her cell phone in Santos’ car. Elena then drives off as Leblanc almost gets to them.

At Stonehaven, while Clay is recovering, Elena and Jeremy have a talk. Jeremy is grateful for Elena for rescuing Clay. Jeremy then tells Elena the truth about the day Clay bit her the day that she blames Clay for ruining her life. The day that Clay brought Elena to Stonehaven, Jeremy thought that Elena saw him change back from his wolf form to human form. But Elena says she didn’t see anything and she realizes that Jeremy was going to kill her. Elena also realizes that Clay bit her to save her life and that she allowed her to blame him. It seems that Clay wanted to protect the relationship she has with Jeremy. Jeremy tells Elena that Clay is probably the most trustworthy person that she knows.

With this new found knowledge, Elena goes to Clay and while he is sleeping, she climbs in his bed and cuddles him.

Back at Fox Valley Farms, the Mutts are trying to figure out their next move when James Williams calls Santos. Williams orders Santos that there will be no more kidnappings and their next step is to “storm the castle,” which I take as the Mutts descending Stonehaven for an epic battle.

So now that Elena knows the truth about why she was bitten, this seems to have thawed her heart towards Clay and it looks like they are back together. I am guessing that this is the end of her and Philip.

Looking forward to seeing how this battle between the Mutts and the Pack is going to play out.

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  1. Thank you for all of these reviews, waiting anxiously for the last one 🙂

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