Bitten Season 1 Episode 11 “Settling” Recap

Clay (Greyston Holt), Philip (Paul Greene) and Elena (Laura Vandervoort)
Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

After tonight, one more episode remains before we get to the season 1 finale.

We open up at 6:37am, Elena is seen weeping on the bed she share with Philip staring at it in hopes that he will call. Meanwhile, outside, Clay is talking to Jeremy about next steps now that Elena is the target of the Mutts.

When Elena eventually emerges, she wants to go out and find Philip but Clay tells them that they need to stay put until Jeremy and Nick arrive in Toronto. The two argue back and worth about Elena’s desire to protect Philip and everyone in the life she has built in TO. Clay and Elena realize that the Mutts want her to join them because if Philip ever found out the truth about her, she would have to kill him in order to protect Pack law and this would get her to turn against her pack.

There is a scene were we see the Mutts: Leblanc, Santos, Olsen and Marsten all in one car. There is some infighting but Santos tells them that they must stick with their plan. So they all split up. Later we see Santos walking along near a church, a fancy black car pulls up and we see that it is James Williams asking Santos how the plans are going and how it important it is to go without a hitch as the Pack always seems to be ahead of them.

After a talk with his sister at Elena’s gallery, Philip returns home. Elena and Philip have a heart to heart. Elena can’t really tell the truth about what is going on in her life and gives vague answers about her relationship with Clay. Philip needs a moment alone to think.

When Elena has given Philip his moment, she goes back into their room. Their conversation pretty much culminates to Philip saying that he loves Elena and proposes to her. Elena says she loves him too but doesn’t give him an answer. Elena leaves the bedroom and sees Clay is on the balcony and sneaks away to go see Logan.

Logan’s storyline in this episode involves him trying to get him and Rachel out of town. After hearing Rachel have a conversation with Marsten at Elena’s gallery, puts Logan on high alerts and tells Rachel to come home ASAP. Logan tries to get them to go to Jamaica but Rachel, being practical, says they just can’t go and abandon their jobs. When Elena arrives, Logan asks her to convince Rachel that they need to go away for their safety after he failed to do so and ended up just scaring her. Elena manages to convince Rachel that they are in danger by saying that their family is in danger from a group of people that are like the mob. And the cousin that was killed in a car crash was actually murdered. This convinces Rachel to start packing. However, before they can go anywhere, Logan senses danger so he gets Rachel to head in the shower stall in their upstairs bathroom. Logan also grabs Rachel’s perfume and starts spreading it all over their town home to disguise his smell. Logan also grabs the charger for his Blackberry to be used as a weapon.

Jeremy and Nick’s trip to Toronto is delayed by Sheriff Morgan, who comes to tell them that the FBI is combining their grounds to find evidence in Braxton’s murder. Apparently they found Leblanc’s fingerprints on it and determined where Braxton’s body was found was not the murder site so the FBI have come to Stonehaven to find where that is. Sheriff Morgan admires Jeremy’s patience and cooperativeness of all of this.

As the FBI are searching the grounds, Nick grows a bit frustrated at how they have to go and protect Logan and Elena’s human partners and blames Jeremy for allowing them to get close to humans. But Jeremy tells Nick that it was his father that told him to relax some Pack rules and how that is a good thing. Jeremy then asks Nick what his father whispered to him before he died. Nick tells him that his father whispered his mother’s name.

After the FBI has finished with their business, Sheriff Morgan once again thanks Jeremy for being so understanding and Jeremy appreciates her being understanding of his private ways. It seems the two share a bit of a flirty moment. And I briefly ship Sheriff Morgan and Jeremy. Once the door closes on Sheriff Morgan, Nick and Jeremy make their way to Toronto.

Meanwhile, back in Toronto, Philip and Clay have a talk about Elena and their relationship with her. Clay assures Philip that the only thing he wants is for Elena to be happy. When Philip wants to go looking for Elena, Clay tells him that it isn’t wise and they should stay put and he will protect him. When Elena returns from Logan, the concierge (played by Space Channel’s Ajay Fry) tells her that her friends have gone up to see her. She notices a cigar in his pocket and Elena realizes that Santos and someone else are on her turf.

While Philip and Clay talk, Victor Olsen and Santos break down the door wanting to talk to Elena. However, a big fight happens where the Mutts and Clay take turns getting the upper hand while also trashing Philip’s condo. Philip also joins in the fight but Olsen slashes him with a kitchen knife and he goes down for the count. And when it looks like Philip might get killed, Clay jumps in to protect him. Elena comes to the door and hears this. She sneaks away to a stairwell and changes to her wolf form.

When this fight his happening, a more quiet fight is happening at Logan’s. Logan finds Marsten and seems to choke him to death. Leblanc is making his way throughout Logan’s home and eventually comes upon Rachel but Logan finds him and brings him back downstairs. Logan is about to choke him to death but Leblanc stabs him on the side. Logan does have enough strength to choke him again but Rachel comes down the stairs and calls his name. So instead, Logan violently throws him out of the house and goes to take care of Marsten but he has disappeared. Rachel then notices that Logan has been hurt but instead of going to the hospital, he gets Rachel to take him to Stonehaven.

Back at Philip’s, a blood Philip makes his way to his room and Olsen follows him. It looks like Olsen is going to kill Philip but Elena in wolf form, attacks Olsen and bites of two of his fingers. Olsen goes back out and Clay grabs him and Santos. But Santos syringes Clay but he still has enough in him to try and choke Santos and Olsen.

Inside Philip’s bedroom, a shocked Philip sees the wolf go into the bathroom and sees Elena emerge. After getting Philip to apply pressure to his wound, Elena tells him that in another life she would have married him. Elena then leaves the room to presumably call 911.

When Elena emerges, all is quiet with no Clay, Santos or Olsen in sight but a huge a mess and a syringe on the floor. So the Mutts have taken Clay.

Was Elena just a distraction to the Mutts’ true purpose, which is capturing Clay? And now that Philip presumably knows the truth, will he have to killed according to Pack law? Or can Elena pass what Philip saw as him hallucinating due to blood loss. And what about Logan? Will he survive his stab wound? And if he does, can Jeremy forgive him for abandoning the Pack to be with Rachel? Earlier in the episode, Logan and Elena have a conversation about maybe some Pack laws should be changed that could allow for the possibly of Logan being able to stay with Rachel to raise their son together instead of having to become a Mutt.

Until next week where we get the penultimate episode of Bitten.

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7 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 11 “Settling” Recap

  1. I didn’t like this at all. They’ve pushed the love triangle angle way too far. If they drag it into the second season I for one wont be watching. Some changes from the books are understandable but not this. It’s pointless and irritating.

    • I agree. I have no words for Elena.

      • I agree as well. If they drag a love triangle into season 2 (should there be a season 2), I’ll probably move to just DVR’ing it and watching the Clay scenes. Maybe it’s just me, but I find the actresses portrayal of Elena to be very extreme in her scenes with Clay vs. Phillip. She’s still, for lack of a better word, coming off as bitchy in her scenes with Clay and it’s enough to be really annoying.

        Even though I know book vs show is like comparing apples and oranges, after season 1 is done, I’m rereading the book to enjoy the true story again 🙂

    • Just wait…. you won’t be disappointed 😉

  2. Great recap… this sounds exactly like the books!

  3. Hi Vanessa! Thanks for the recap!!! I loved it!

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