Continuum Season 3 Episode 2 “Minute Man” Recap

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron
Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron and Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler

Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron and Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 3 of Continuum which won’t air in the U.S. until April 4. So if you don’t want to know what is happening in season 3 then stop right here. If you want to know, then please read on.

In the second episode of Continuum’s season three, the show gets a snazzy opening sequence that doesn’t involve Kiera explaining that she is a time traveler out to stop Liber8 and wanting to get back to her own time cause that doesn’t seem to hold water considering what is happening this season. Why are we seeing this new opening now instead of last week. Apparently, it wasn’t quite ready for the premiere.

Anyways, tonight’s episode opens up in 2067 in a downtown Vancouver condo that belongs to Kiera’s mom. In this time period, Kiera is rocking some punk rock hair cut. A collection agency are at Kiera’s mom’s (Gabrielle Rose, whom you may recognize as playing Prince Charming’s mom in Once Upon a Time) place, taking away items. Kiera’s mom hopes to keep somethings that are of sentimental value and the agent tells her that it would cost her extra. Meanwhile, Kiera’s sister Hannah, before she jumped off a building after getting high in a few years time, looks sober and looking over a scrap book and admiring old media. The sisters come across some books that turn out to be contraband material and looks like something that would get Kiera’s mom in a world of trouble.

Back to the present of a week ago, we see Freelancer Kiera confront Future Alec on what he has done in going back in time to save Emily. KIera blames Future Alec for the fact that because of him, her family may not exist. Kiera also wants to know who killed present her and shows her Freelancer markings and tells him that she also had to make a deal with the devil. Kiera also wants to know where Future Alec put the time travel device. Alec tells her that he buried it but Kiera also tells him that this timeline’s time travel device is still in play/

With no one else to turn to, Future Alec and Freelancer Kiera have called Carlos to meet with them. Carlos wonders what is going on when the two of them show present day Kiera’s dead body. Carlos doesn’t understand what is going on and wants to know which Kiera is the one standing next to him: is it his partner that he’s been working for the past year or someone different. Kiera explains the laws of time travel and that she has come back to a point in time where there are two of her and that they can’t meet or it will be terrible. Kiera also explains that the Alec that is with her is one from the Future and the other one is still alive and well. What they need Carlos’ help is getting rid of dead Kiera’s body.

Meanwhile, we are at a party filled with escorts and drugs for Jim Martin, the newly elected mayor of Vancouver. Also at this party is Liber8’s lawyer, a Gordon something. When Gordon mentions Martin’s Liber8 ties and the fact that his plan to get Travis and Sonja to go against each other backfired because now they are working together gets Martin to running to the VPD and ask for immunity from Dillon in exchange for all the information he knows about Liber8.

Dillon does bite after Martin gives the VPD to take down a notorious Vancouver gang headed by Marcos, who was working for Travis. And watching Marcos being taken in is Garza who is warmly greeted by Travis who knew she would escape her prison.

Travis takes Garza to an abandoned warehouse. Travis shocked to learn that the protector aka Kiera is the one that saved Garza. We then see Sonya and Garza meet up again after their dust-up. It seems the two ladies come to an understanding and Sonya’s plan is to bring the battlefield to them.

At the precinct, Kiera receives a call from present day Alec and this conversation is reminiscent of all the Kiera/Alec calls of the past. This Alec is calling that the connection he has with her suit has been severed but is working on it. He also asks if Kiera took a slice of the time travel device, to which she said she did. After hanging up, Alec notices something in a corner of his lab. He notices a small pool of blood and also several pieces of the time travel device that was from Lucas.

Later, Kiera meets with Future Alec and thanks him for severing her connection to present day Alec as it would be tough to talk about the things they talk about with him listening in. Kiera needs Future Alec’s help in finding out her murdered the other her. Alec says that he needs access to his lab so that he can perhaps access some CCTV footage. Kiera says she can figure out a way to get the other Alec out of the lab.

Kiera does visit present day Alec’s lab and this Alec shows Kiera the time travel slices and Kiera manages to smoothly tell some lies on how it was found underneath some equipment by saying it was Jason that put it there. When Alec wonders how there was blood in his lab, Kiera says she doesn’t know but Alec doesn’t quite believe her. Before he can press, Alec gets an email about the DNA test results he did on him and Jason. To this Alec, it says to him that Jason is his father.

Speaking of Jason, Future Alec goes to visit his son and Jason knows that it is Future Alec that is paying him a visit. Future Alec tells Jason that this day is the day that Emily died because they brought the time travel device to him, which brought the Freelancers who then killed Emily. Their conversation is stopped short because present Alec has arrived. Future Alec hides and he sees present Alec bring the time travel device to Jason, who immediately takes it apart and throws it in a bin. Present Alec also tells Jason that he believes that Jason is his father. Jason actually insinuates that it is the other way around. Future Alec does manage to escape Jason’s during this conversation and he runs into Emily who manages to usher her away.

Back at the precinct, we see Martin make himself at home in Dillon’s office. Dillon is not happy about his presence and Martin berates Dillon for being a hypocrite in that Dillon is in the pocket of corporations like Piron. By the way, Dillon is trying to make Escher’s murder a priority. While all this arguing is happening, Betty is listening in. Martin leaves the precinct in an ambulance in order to meet with some of Vancouver’s biggest CEOs.

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg and Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

Stephen Lobo as Kellogg and Rachel Nichols as Kiera Cameron

And guess who also drops by the precinct? Kellogg, who has come to give testimony about what he knows about Escher’s murder. But Carlos realizes that Kellogg was sitting next to Escher and even speaking to him just before he got killed.

Outside the precinct, Kiera confronts Kellogg because she knows that he was behind the murder of Escher. Kellogg of course denies everything. The two trade some shocking information back and forth. Kellogg is shocked to learn that Escher was Alec’s father and Kiera is shocked that Kellogg knows that there are two Alec’s out there.

Meanwhile, Martin’s ambulance ride to his meeting takes a detour for an emergency but it is actually Travis who kidnaps him and takes him to the Liber8 warehouse. Here Sonja gets Martin to read a list of his demands on camera which is him pretty much trashing the corruption of corporate Vancouver.

At the VPD, Kiera has brought in present day Alec to help them find out where Martin is broadcasting from. In reality, this is actually letting future Alec go to the lab and help find dead Kiera’s killer. Future Alec has tapped into some surveillance but it is a bit corrupted but he thinks he can work with it. As present Alec works to find out the location of Martin, Carlos pulls Kiera aside and wonders can they trust Alec. Kiera tells Carlos that they can trust the Alec that is sitting in the VPD.

Alec is having a tough time trying to find Martin but Betty comes in to save the day and says she has found them. Of course, we all know that she is part of Liber8 and knew this information probably and even warned them the VPD is coming so that is why when they arrive at this abandoned warehouse only Martin is there but no Travis, Sonya or Garza.

Back at the precinct, Dillon isn’t going to press charges against Martin considering that he committed political suicide with that video. Later on we see Martin commit actual suicide.

In a meeting with Kellogg and Emily, Emily tells Kellogg that she is done working for him and doesn’t care that Kellogg spills the beans to Alec about her past. However, Kellogg tells Emily that Alec might not take it so kindly that she killed his father. This pretty much forces Emily to continue to do Kellogg’s bidding. And we can see this is pretty much the case when Emily sees Kellogg arrive at Alec’s lab.

We see Kiera and Future Alec meet up at an empty condo. We soon learn that this is the condo where Kiera, her grandmother, her mother and her sister all grew up in. I believe that Kiera has now rented it. We now go back to 2067 and we see that the situation with her mom and the contraband books was the stepping stone in her joining CPS. Kiera quotes some military law and makes a trade of some sort that gets her mom off the hook but Kiera didn’t do it to protect her mom but because it was the right thing to do and she wants to join the CPS because she believes in the war that is being fought.

Back to the present of one week ago, Kiera asks Future Alec to help her get back to the future. But Future Alec says no; he is done with time travel. His only purpose was to make sure that Emily was safe. Future Alec gives Kiera the time travel slide to her and tells her to go to the one person who would help: past Alec.

Meanwhile, we see Carlos at a bar drinking heavily and his mind weighing heavily on the fact that he had to cover up dead Kiera.

So the past has truly been changed and I have a feeling that Carlos’ drinking is going to come into play this season. And the time will come where the two Alec’s will somehow intersect. And if Emily is a cold-blooded killer, why doesn’t she just kill Kellogg so she truly can be free?

This has to be an acting treat for Rachel Nichols and Erik Knudsen as they have to carefully navigate how they play their relationship because at any given point Kiera is talking to an Alec where she has a great relationship with and another not so much.

Until next week.

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3 Comments on Continuum Season 3 Episode 2 “Minute Man” Recap

  1. I really enjoyed this show in the past, but I must confess that after 1 and a half episodes I had to pull the plug, because while I could sort of follow the logic last year, it has become a holy mess. Too bad, I really enjoyed the ride.

    • I have to admit I’m also a tad lost with this season and the whole time-travel thing was always going to be mind boggling with many questions needing answered. However, I wouldn’t give up just yet, it may become much more apparent in the next few episodes.

  2. I like your in-depth summary, but please don’t use the word anyways.

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