The Tomorrow People Season 1 “Superhero” Recap

TOmorrow people episode 16Now that The Tomorrow People has moved to Mondays, you can expect a recap once the episode airs and not a few days afterwards. But with the move to Mondays, we lose Amell Wednesdays.

Anyways, tonight’s episode is about whether or not the Tomorrow People should be using their powers not just to fight Ultra but to help people. In a sense be a superhero.

So the episode’s breakout and flashback has ties to Russell. We begin with a hooded lady following a man to his apartment building. She teleports in and gives a guy a beat down and lets the woman he is keeping hostage go. This young woman wears a red ornate mask and leaves a rose as a calling card.

Meanwhile, we also see Cara and John reconnecting for some afternoon delight and when they return to the Lair, Russell makes a comment on their activity. But Cara is more interested in finding out what Stephen and Russell know about Roger’s device. TIM relates to them what it is: a key that is part of the device that seems to be intuned to Roger’s DNA, which is why it reacts to Stephen. Stephen believes the device could be useful in finding his father’s body and decides to get it out of Jedikiah’s mind. Cara tells him that is a bad idea and not to do it.

Stephen is a little pissed at Cara so Russell decides to take him out drinking at a bar to blow off some steam. This is where Stephen mentions the breakout they are chasing and when he mentions the rose calling card, we see that Russell knows her.

We flashback to 4 years ago. Russell, with a pretty bad wig, is in Las Vegas, using his powers to rig all the games in his favour. When he is at a roulette table, he encounters this woman and the two are seen using their powers to the ball would land on their number but the woman wins out and she tells Russell she did it for his own good because if he had won the casino’s goons would have beaten him up.

This breakout is on the radar of Ultra and a blogger by the name of Avery (played by Bard on the Beach alum and A&W Burger spokesperson Ryan Beil) has information on a Red Avenger who uses a particular kind of rose variety, a R16. One of the pictures in this guy’s journal is of the breakout and Russell in the background. During this scene, Hilary notices the entry band from the bar that Stephen was in and that is important to remember.

Stephen wants details on her. So Russel divulges. Her name is Talia (Melissa Roxburgh) and the two of them use their powers at different casinos across the globe to amass riches. However, Talia wants to use their riches and powers to do some good like be a superhero. It seems that Russell doesn’t really take her seriously. Then next day we see that Talia ran away with their money and Russell called the cops on her.

Stephen and Russell get a signal that Talia has broken into a place that houses this rare rose to steal some and now is somewhere in Little Saigon. By the way, how Russell and Stephen finds it is through TIM who had to wake them up to tell them and informs the men that he isn’t an alarm clock. I have to say that Dan Stevens was on fire in this episode as TIM as he has more one-liners and a pit of a pouty moment (more on that later).

As the two approach a bar, the discover that Talia is underneath ready to take on a Vietnamese money laundering gang. However, Russell and Stephen try to stop her and the gang gets away and Russell tries to tell Talia that they are here to help. But this isn’t Talia but Mallory. At the Tomorrow People’s noodle bar, Mallory explains that Talia started a movement, the Red Avengers, where people like them would use their powers to help people and Talia was inspired by Russell, who is shocked to hear this. When they returned to Mallory’s lair, they learn that she is chasing a Vietnamese mobster and his gang. One of their targets is a judge and we soon learn that this judge and his family are being held hostage by the Vietnamese gang. So Mallory, Russell and Stephen go to the judge’s house and takes down the gand and rescues the family. John and Cara are made aware that Stephen is using his powers in front of humans and goes to stop him and Russell. While at the judges house, everyone is arguing about exposing their powers but Russell assures that the judges family are wearing masks. while we see one of the gang members escape. Our Tomorrow People also escape before Hilary and Ultra arrive on the scene. But Hilary notices the bar wrist band on the counter.

Back at Ultra, Hilary is punching a punching bag when Stephen comes in and tells her that he is sorry that he missed the raid. But Hilary calls him on his lie and shows him the wrist band. Stephen tells the sort of truth in that he was there before her and left to try and catch the Red Avenger. When Stephen mentions Hilary having no heart, she tells him her tragic backstory. When Hilary was 10-years old three escape convicts broke in her home to steal stuff to sell for their next fix. Even though her mom cooperated, Hilary’s brother wanted to play hero so the theives killed them both while Hilary stayed hidden under a bed. When she broke out Hilary swore that she would use her powers to protect people, which is why she joined Ultra and why she is a hard-ass.

Russell seems to have an epiphany and that he wants to use his powers for good, especially after learning from TIM that the head mobster’s trail has been moved up and Mallory teleports to try and protect people. But Cara doesn’t agree as they need to protect themselves from Ultra. Russell tries to recruit other Tomorrow People to join but there are no takers.

Outside the courtroom, Mallory and Russell don their red masks and make their way to the courtroom as the mobster’s men starts to take it hostage. Cara and John are made aware of the hostage taking and come up with a plan to be sure that Russell and Mallory are safe.

In the courtroom, Russell and Mallory manage to take down the gang and even capture the mobster before he gets away. John takes Russell and Mallory to safety while Cara wears a red mask as a diversion so Ultra agents chase after her. Before they teleport away, John tells Cara to keep the mask as he thinks it is hot.

Later that night, Mallory leaves but not to continue her work as the Red Avenger but to pass the mantle onto Russell. Also on that rooftop is Talia where Russell and she share a brief reunion. Russell apologizes for turning her in after realizing Talia donated the money to an orphanage. Talia tells Russell that the reason why she told her disciples that Russell was her inspiration in hopes that it would get him to become a hero.

In the story to find out where Roger’s body is, Morgan offers herself for the job as she will use Jedikiah’s love for her to make him vulnerable thus allowing her to read his mind. Morgan gets John to cover for her from Cara. Morgan and Jedikiah meet and despite his warnings that she should be hidden as his bosses thinks he killed her, the two reunite and have sex.

John does tell Cara of Morgan’s plan but Cara is furious because if Jedikiah finds out that Morgan is playing him, he will kill her and her unborn child. Yup, Jedikiah is going to be a daddy.

Back at the hotel, in the afterglow, Morgan starts asking Jedikiah if he sees a future for them that includes children. Jedikiah says that they shouldn’t have children as then they have to decide how it should be raised: a human or paranormal. Morgan lets the subject drop and the two start to sleep. Morgan makes her way to start reading Jedikiah’s mind but he is on to her and feel betrayed and starts to choke her. John comes to the rescue by holding a gun to Jedikiah and convinces him to let go when he mentions Morgan’s pregnancy.

At the Lair, Morgan says she didn’t get much except for a memory of a deli. John says it is a butcher shop that is an Ultra front but doesn’t remember where it is because he was there once when he was 12. So Cara reads his mind and we see some of the flashbacks of young John until we see him remember that the butcher shop is at Broadway and Bradford.

Stephen immediately wants to go there but first stops at home to grab the device. Before he can get far, Hilary shows up in his room. The basic result of this visit is the two making out.

Stephen makes his way to the butcher shop with device in hand. As he roams the underground passageway, the device seems to glow and when Stephen reaches a certain door and places the device near the keypad, it opens it.

When Stephen enters, he sees his father’s body lying frozen. Jedikiah arrives and truths are revealed as both men feel betrayed at the lies told to each other.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out now that Jedikiah knows his nephew is a double agent. Will they work together to take down the Founder as next week’s episode indicates? And what about Roger’s body? Does Stephen just take it? And are we done with the Stephen-Cara-John love triangle that to me really wasn’t one?





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  1. So who was the actress who played Mallory. She seems familiar but I cannot place her.

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