Bitten Season 1 Episode 10 “Descent” Recap.

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers
Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels and Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

The episode opens moments after Jeremy orders Elena to take Clay with her when she goes back to Toronto. In her room, Elena is packing when Clay comes and says it isn’t his choice to go to TO but Jeremy’s. Their trip is about getting Logan back to Stonehaven but also to protect Elena. Elena doesn’t want Clay to come and disrupt her life there and says that the art show is a big deal for her career. Talk turns to the night before where the two slept together. Elena says she was vulnerable and needed to feel safe, which Clay made her feel. Clay says that she will always feel safe with him but Elena says that sleeping together was a mistake. However, Clay doesn’t feel that way but says that she doesn’t want to disrupt her life in TO and to show he means it, he moves hie “wedding ring” from his left finger to his right.

and Elena talking about the night before, mistake for her, not for him, her life in TO, he won’t distrupt it, moves ring to right hand. Going to TO for her show and how it is good for her and to get Logan. Logan mentions philip and the video of them at Cherry Beach

In other developments, Nick receives a call from Joey Stillwell (Elias Toufexis), who has escaped the clutches of the Mutts. When Nick brings him back to Stonehaven, Joey tells his tale of being captured and how he saw the Mutts gauge his father’s eyes out in front of him. Also, Joey tells them he was used for sport for a new Mutt (who know is Victor Olsen). The next morning while eating a hearty breakfast, Joey tells Nick and Jeremy all he knows about where he was. It isn’t much as he was blindfolded the whole time but describes sounds and smells, like vanilla, to help determine where he was. Using Joey’s clues, Nick tries to pin point where an abandoned bakery could be where Joey was kept. As Joey tells his tale, which include overhearing a telephone call that stated that the Mutts want to turn Clay to their side, Jeremy looks suspicious. But Jeremy tells Nick his suspicions of Joey being turned against them as it seems highly suspicious that the Mutts let him go. When Jeremy and Joey are alone, Jeremy talks fondly about Joey’s dad and their time with the Pack. Also, Joey shares his memories of Jeremy fighting his own father for the Alpha position. Jeremy then tells Joey how his dad, Malcolm used to slap him around as a child that is made more painful because of a ring on his finger. Jeremy also wonders how Joey, whose father was a great tracker didn’t know that the Mutts were around.

In TO, we see Logan tell Clay and Elena about Rachel being pregnant with a son. Logan doesn’t want to follow Pack rule how a son needs to be taken away from the mother and be raised by the Pack. Logan also shows them the rattle he got that stated he was having a boy. All believe it was sent from Santos.

Logan also mentions that Philip has a video of them at Cherry Beach and tells them the story he told him about taking a swim after a run. Logan says that Philip doesn’t believe they are having an affair especially after he saw the picture of Elena with the Pack.

Meanwhile, sitting outside is Victor Olsen who is spying on Elena’s visit with Logan. Later he meets with Santos, who is not pleased for seeing Elena and insists on patience for his revenge.

Elena goes to her apartment that she shares with Philip. They are staying at a hotel, which Clay wonders how Elena is going to explain that to Philip. But before she can grab some things and leave, Philip comes home. When Clay is introduced as a cousin who has come to TO not only for Elena’s show but a teaching position at the U of T. Philip insists that any family of Elena should stay with them. So Clay sleeps on the couch and things get awkward. This is especially driven home when Elena and Philip turn on. Philip, missing his girlfriend, wants to have sex with her. But Elena is feeling uncomfortable having sex while Clay is outside. Philip seems to understand but turns cold towards Elena as they go to sleep.

While Philip and Elena sleep. Clay notices the vodka campaign that Philip is working on that features a wolf as the logo. He notices Philip’s iPad and plays the video of the wolf attack. First off, Philip should have put a passcode on his device. It is the first thing that should do. It is technology security 101. Anyways, while rummaging, Clay notices the name James Marshall on one of the papers and how it relates to Philip’s vodka campaign.

The next morning, the breakfast that Clay makes goes uneaten as Clay and Elena meet Diane at the gallery to discuss how to set up her works and pricing. We see Diane immediately smitten and pretty much wants Elena to set her up with him. Clay then goes to help Logan and Rachel unload the good for the event (Rachel is catering it). Rachel insists on Logan leaving her to go back to Stonehaven. As he leaves, Clay promises Logan that they will keep an eye on Rachel for him.

While waiting outside the gallery where Elena’s show is going to be, Olsen tells Santos of their past and how Elena betrayed him by testifying against him. So now he wants his revenge.

At the show, everything seems to be going well. Diane keeps flirting with Clay, Philip and Elena are cosy while a jealous Clay looks on. Clay notices that the main sponsor of Elena’s show is James Marshall and he asks if Diane knows who he is but she doesn’t.

As everyone reconvenes at the show, congratulations go all around but they are out of posecco. So Diane and Clay go back to Rachel’s catering van to get some boxes. In the gallery, Philip goes to get some champagne to toast. While he gone, Elena senses Olsen, who confronts her and she is shocked to see him. Elena wonders how he got out and Olsen explains that he served his time but got another 5 years because of her testimony. Olsen taunts Elena about their past and how they are very much the same now (i.e. werewolves). Elena wonders who bit him but he doesn’t answer. As Olsen continues to taunt her, before anything can escalate, Philip comes back and knows that the person talking to Elena is the man that abused her and gives Olsen a beat down and he runs away.

While all of this is happening inside, Clay leaves Diane in the lurch because he senses Santos and then sees him in his car. Clay gives him a beat down and tries to warn him away. When Diane comes upon the scene, Clay lets Santos go who picks up Olsen before driving away.

When Clay and Diane return to the gallery, they notice that the party has broken up. Clay finds out that Olsen was there and tells Elena that he should have been there. But Elena doesn’t want to leave because of Rachel but the two decide to tell Jeremy later what is going on.

Logan returns to Stonehaven and tells Nick about the baby and rattle. Nick realizes Logan is avaoiding them as he doesn’t want to leave Rachel because of Pack rule. Nick tells Logan about how his dad hated leaving his mother to raise him but he still loved her. Logan says that he turned out okay being raised by a human. But Nick tells him that Logan didn’t find out he was a wolf until he was 16 and that has to be worse than growing up knowing who is but motherless. Logan asks Nick does he ever miss his mother but Nick doesn’t answer as he notices the whiskey that he is drinking as a hint of vanilla in it. So before Jeremy can do anything bad to Joey as he tells Joey of his suspicions, Nick comes to say that Joey is telling the truth and find the abandoned whiskey distillery that Joey was held captive.

Back in TO, Clay goes on the balcony to tell Jeremy what has happened. Meanwhile, inside everything comes to head between Philip and Elena. Elena tells a half-truth about herself like how Clay and Logan aren’t her blood relatives but are like family to her and how Jeremy is the closest thing she has to a father. Philip feels betrayed about all the lies that Elena has told him and he doesn’t know her anymore. When Philip asks if things are over between Clay and her, Elena doesn’t really answer. This is the last straw so Philip leaves Elena. I think they may have broken up.

Back at the distillery, the Pack are searching the place. When Jeremy comes across a box, they notice that it is a memento box that contains Joey’s dad’s watch, Pete’s lighter and Jeremy’s dad’s ring. Nick also discovers something and that is surveillance photos of Elena’s life in TO and also of Logan and Rachel. Concerned, Logan needs to go back to TO to protect Rachel. Logan tells Jeremy of her pregnancy and that it is a boy. Jeremy looks pleased and lets Logan go back. Nick realizes that they aren’t only targeting Jeremy but Elena also.

Is there a reason why she is targeted to? Not quite sure why? Also, where is Amber now that she is half-human/half-wolf? Did the Mutts kills her? More questions to be answered before we get to the season 1 finale.

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4 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 10 “Descent” Recap.

  1. Thank you for the recap, but to answer your question about Amber, she is obviously dead, since no women is supposedly strong enough to survive the change, when we saw that she couldn’t complete the change, then the change killed her. Why is Elena targeted, I kind of suspect the reason, but I’d rather not spoil it for you since I read the book and so far it has kept up with most of the original story. Thank you for the recap 🙂

    • Thanks answering some of those questions. I guess I could read the books but since we are nearing the end, I will remain spoiler free.

    • I saw episode Monday night. I too, suspect the reason for Elena’s survival. I as think Malcom is still alive and is behind all of this. I wonder if Malcom bit Clay.

  2. Vanessa, thanks for the recap.

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