Bitten Season 1 Episode 8 “Prisoner” Recap

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers
Clay (Greyston Holt ) interrogates Zachary Cain (Noah Danby)

Clay (Greyston Holt ) interrogates Zachary Cain (Noah Danby)

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

Elena and Clay are cleaning up Stonehaven’s kitchen of all signs of Antonio’s death. Elena is sick of all the deaths that surrounds them and both feel that they’ve failed Antonio.

Speaking on Antonio, at Nick’s new club, he meets with his cousin Jorge (Saving Hope’s Benjamin Ayers) who is obviously a werewolf too, to get his help in closing out Antonio’s human life. Later on, Nick has sex with his assistant and I don’t quite understand why we needed this scene because to me it was a bit unnecessary.

When Elena visits Jeremy, he is burning up and he surmises that when he was stabbed by Leblanc, it was with a poisoned knife.

Elena and Clay decide to question Cain in the Stonehaven jail as to what was Jeremy poisoned with. Unfortunately, Cain has turned into a wolf and therefore is not so chatty. So Elena decides to track down the woman that was at the scene to see what she knows.

In Toronto, Sylvie has managed to clean up the footage but she notes that their could be trouble with it as the man that shot the video was most likely wanting to film a couple having sex as the camera catches clothes neatly folded at the scene. Philip notices something in the video that Sylvie catches but he brushes it off as some more problems in using the video for the ad campaign. Sylvie says that she and Philip make a good team and makes a pass at him that Philip rebuffs. However, Sylvie observes that if things were going so well with him and Elena then why did Philip call her to help him with the video.

Later, Philip watches the video again while taking a look of pictures of Elena where he confirms that the necklace that he gave Elena was amongst the folded clothes.

So while Elena arrives at the trailer park that Cain and his girlfriend Amber are, Philip calls her and acts all mysterious to Elena. Their conversation frankly leads no where. When Philip seeks out Nate, the guy that shot the wolf video for more footage, he is greeted with an empty apartment. The super, who I will call Joey Jeremiah considering he is played by Pat Mastroianni, tells Philip that this place belonged to a recluse elderly lady that died last month. And that is all I am going to say about Philip’s part of the episode.

Back at Stonehaven, Cain is still in wolf form but Clay has dealt with something like this before so he drugs Cain in wolf form. When Cain wakes up, he is tied up in human form in such a way that when he changes to wolf, his arms would pop out. Even in that state Cain is still not talking about what Jeremy was poisoned with and where Leblanc, Marsters and Santos are. Cain even taunts Clay about killing Pete. When Clay asks about the girl at the scene, Cain says that she is a nobody junkie that she doesn’t care about. However, we know that is a lie because when Elena calls Clay to say she has found her, Cain looks concerned.

Before Clay can resume his interrogation of Cain, he shares a sweet father-son moment with Jeremy that involves Jeremy telling a story of some tough love his dad gave him.

Clay uses this moment to take a different tack with Cain. Clay talks about Cain’s childhood and father and in turn, Clay talks about his childhood and how Jeremy found him. Clay offers Cain a place in the pack and even will forgive him for Pete’s death. However, Cain rejects Clay’s offer and prefers to be a Mutt.

The interrogation is interrupted when Sheriff Morgan comes by to ask Clay questions about Braxton’s murder so Clay goes with the sheriff back to the station.

Elena eventually follows Amber to the Bear Valley diner. Elena is shocked to discover that Cain told Amber about werewolves. Elena tells her that according to Pack rules, they have to kill her because she knows of their existence. Amber talks about how she wants to be like her and has asked repeatedly for Cain to bite her. But Cain refuses because he fears that she won’t survive the change and he doesn’t want to lose her. But this meeting with Amber wasn’t accidental as it was a way to lure Elena so that Marsters and Leblanc can have a chat with her.

The end result of the chat between Elena and the two Mutts is a broken wrist for Leblanc to get him to reveal that he poisoned Jeremy with ricin.

Elena returns to Stonehaven and tells Jeremy what he was poisoned with ricin and asks what they need to do. Jeremy says a blood transfusion is in order and Elena gives Jeremy her blood and luckily they are compatible.

When Clay returns from the sheriff’s station, Elena lights into him about how Clay bit her four years ago and starts to compare their relationship to Cain’s and Amber’s. Elena seems disgusted that Clay had no regard to whether she would survive the change or not while Cain was so worried about her and calls that real love.

In the final interrogation of Cain, Cain talks about the future that he envisioned for him and Amber, even calling her his soulmate. But those words seem to unmove Clay who doesn’t forgive Cain for killing Pete but just before killing Cain, he manages get Cain to say that Marsters has hired Justin Koenig to come after the pack.

Later, Clay tells Elena that their situation is different between that of Amber and Cain and something about they have is real.

When everyone is together at Stonehaven, Nick assures a recovering Jeremy that Logan will come back and also says that he can’t replace his father’s role in the Pack nor does he want to but he wants to be the one that kills the Mutts that killed his father. When Clay mentions Koenig to everyone, Elena asks who that is. Koenig used to be in the Pack and was responsible for building the files on all the Mutts and that he is a ruthless killer.

So it seems next week, we are getting ready for an all out war between the Pack and the Mutts. Questions remain though, like will Amber be killed now that Cain is not there to protect her? Will we ever care about anything that Philip does on the show? And based on a description of next week’s episode of Bitten on my PVR, it sounds like Clay and Elena might hook up again. We will see.

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10 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 8 “Prisoner” Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap. I just started watching this show and have enjoyed what I’ve seen, but I’ve got a number of episodes PVR’ed that I have not yet watched. Just a general impression: I find Clay to be a thoroughly repulsive character and I have some problems with his relationship with Elena. I’m glad that she, at least, has some problems with a man who turned her into a werewolf against her will, apparently so that he could hold onto her. If that is not destructive, obsessive “love” then I don’t know what is.

    Question for you: what did Clay use to kill Cain? It seemed like some kind of specialized tool that, obviously, hurt a great deal. But I was unclear on what it was or what it did. Can you explain that to me? Thanks.

    • I am not sure myself but it seems like a tool that maybe cut off his penis? That was the area that Clay looked like he was targeting but I am not 100% sure. Hopefully someone else knows that answer.

  2. That scene was important I think because it was a part of nick’s transition into his father’s role, or atleast adulthood. He’s not Nicky, he’s a big bad wolf who can take what he wants including his assistant – yeah I know it sounds ridiculous but men think like that. I’ve known a few men who when they are stressed or worried, feel the need to remind themselves how strong and independent they are by having sex… They’re very childish.

  3. Vanessa, thanks for another awesome recap.

    I liked this episode. Clay talking to Cain about their desires for a somewhat normal life as werewolves, a woman to love, kids, a long life, was poignant. The mutts no about Clay and what he did to Elena, so I suspect, the mutts no the weakness of each pack member (Amber seemed to know the Clay/Elena story, as well).

    I felt bad for Elena, the first time ever, as she talked with Amber, and Amber expressed how much Cain loved her, and did not want to risk her life. So to Elena, Clay did not love her. He did not tell her who he is, and trust her to stay with him. Elena’s doing the same thing to Phil. Phil always tell her he love her, she says me too. Or, she evades it altogether. So, I am glad Clay told her, “what they have IS the real thing, or not. It is up to her to decide”. Good for him. I think he bit her out of panic, and, has regretted it ever since. Of course she want let him forget it, either. I frankly whish he could move on. Enforcer’s do what they have to.

    Phil, someone is leading him to discovering who Elena is. I wonder if it’s the mutts. Or, that cowardly Daniel who I think is doing all of this because he want Elena to himself. This is, what I think, all this mutt stuff, is about. But Daniel, has mislead the mutts. I also find it curious, that Karl said he was just a rider on the mutt train. Lol, he only wants territory. Did I hear that wrong? Wow.

    Team Clay.

    I hope there’s a 2nd season. 🙂

  4. Cain was castrated (the deivce shown, is used for castration). His testicles were removed.

  5. I really liked this show until the castration scene. The fact Clay could do that (as well as bite Elena) makes me think he is the psychopath the mutts say he is. I thought he was a nice guy in a bad role within the pack, but to mutilate someone in that way turned my stomach. The psychological aspects of it, finding out what his enemy wanted the most and destroying it, aren’t lost on me but it was way over the line of sanity.

  6. In the books, Clay is explained a lot better – his feral background plays a huge role in how he behaves and how he sees things, as well as his almost obsessive loyalty to Jeremy.

    I struggled with Elena as sometimes I feel like she is leading Clay on – understanding him enter than anyone else, defending him, then slamming him down. Again, in the books you get a much better understanding of the two of them and why they work/don’t work.

    Thanks for the recap – I was trying see how Clay killed Cain w/o having to reread the book, lol!!

    • Are we sure Cain is dead? Maybe he just clipped his nuts so he couldn’t reproduce and have the family with amber he longed for. After all clay refused help moving the body. He could just be passed out from pain. New to this but maybe….

  7. It was a castration forcep used to castrate bulls, a rather nasty and painful procedure, if not done correctly.

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