Bitten Season 1 Episode 7 “Stalking” Recap

Elena (Laura Vandervoort) and Clay (Jeremy Danvers) not quite having a bloody good time
Elena (Laura Vandervoort) and Clay (Jeremy Danvers) not quite having a bloody good time

Elena (Laura Vandervoort) and Clay (Jeremy Danvers) not quite having a bloody good time

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

The Pack is gathered in Stonehaven’s basement discussing whether or not the eyes belong to Dennis Stillwell but Nick assures them that he saw that Dennis’ eyes were gauged. Their discussion is interrupted when Elena’s phone goes off. It is from an unknown caller and when she goes to answer it, it is Santos. On speaker, Santos asks Jeremy if he enjoyed his gift. The gist of Santos’ call is he wants a meeting with Jeremy so he and his mutts can get away from the oppression of pack rule. Antonio states that these rules are in place for a reason but Santos they only say that because they are the ones that police the rules. Santos also mentions that Clay is partly to blame for these attacks because of the violence that Clay has caused on the Mutt’s. Jeremy does agree to a meeting and the two decide on a neutral site, a pavilion in an abandoned campground for noon the next day. Jeremy gets Clay and Elena to go ahead and scope out vantage points that lets them spy on the meeting to make sure things are on the up and up.

As Elena and Clay scope out vantage points, we see Zachary Kane spying on them. Later, Elena sees a pickup truck pull up and a young man drops off a fairly large package that is gift wrapped like the ones that contained Dennis’ eyes.

We see a nice father-son moment as Nick admires his father’s role as the Pack fixer (i.e. closing out a wolf’s life to nor rouse suspicion) after watching him close out Dennis’ life. Antonio mentions that one day Nick will take on this role. Nick further admires his father because he was already dealing with a teenager when he was his age. Antonio says that Nick has many things to look forward to as a father.

Jeremy soon gets a call from Elena and Clay about the package. Jeremy tells them not to touch it and he and Antonio are on their way to the pavilion while Nick will mind the fort.

En route to the campsite, the come across a pretty bad looking car accident. Antonio thinks that it might be a trap but Jeremy says what if it isn’t and goes to help. As he kneels down to the attend to the women, she does look in bad shape but it is indeed an ambush and she slashes Jeremy’s leg while the Mutt from the motel stabs Jeremy in the gut. Antonio, who was on the phone with Clay about being detained, yells it is an ambush. Antonio joins in the fray to protect Jeremy but Santos comes out of nowhere and slashes Antonio’s chest. The end result of this fight is that Antonio ends up gravelly wounded.

At the campground, Kane in wolf form is about to attack Clay but Elena, who has seen Kane, saves Clay who tells Elena that Jeremy and Antonio are under attack.

Soon Elena and Clay arrive and they take Antonio back to Stonehaven. Nick carries his father’s body back into the kitchen where everyone works to save Antonio. However, it seems the wounds are too grave and Antonio says his good byes to everyone. He tells Elena that the Pack needs her, Clay to forgive himself, Jeremy that he has to go after the Mutts full force and whispers something to NIck to which he replies thank you. After that Antonio dies.

Everyone mourns for a bit but everyone, including Elena is out for blood to avenge Antonio. They decide to go after their weakest link, Kane.

Kane is in a trailer park having sex with his girlfriend, the one that pretended to be in an accident. It seems she knows all about werewolves and wants to be one but Kane says it is too dangerous for her. We also learn that Santos and the motel Mutt is laying low for a while in Manhattan.

When Kane goes out to get snacks, Elena and Clay manage to track him down and bring him back to Stonehaven but not before Clay almost kills Kane but is stopped by the calming influence of Elena

While the two were out doing that, Nick is stitching up Jeremy who seems to be a little worse for wear. But Sheriff Morgan comes to talk to Jeremy, who talks to her while trying to cover up a blood stain on his sweater. Morgan tells him that Braxton’s body was found outside their property and his throat was slashed and they are treating this as a homicide and she wants to talk to Clay about this as they have butted heads in the past. Morgan does mention that Jeremy is too young to have a son as old as Clay.

When Morgan finally leaves, Nick attends to Jeremy as Elena and Clay bring Kane in.

Clay throws Kane into the Stonehaven jail and wants Kane to talk and tell them were this warehouse that they spoke of and what is the Mutt’s game plan.

Natalie Lisinka as Sylvie and Paul Greene as Philip McAdams

Natalie Lisinka as Sylvie and Paul Greene as Philip McAdams

In other plot lines, back in Toronto, Philip seeks the help of an old flame, Sylvie (Natalie Lisinka), to track down who uploaded the video of two wolves attacking. Sylvie comes over and manages to get the person’s identity. They visit Nate who sells the video and all its rights for $5000. Back at Philip’s, he wishes the video was of better quality and Sylvie offers up a program that can help and invites him over to her place. Philip would rather he send the file over and the two talk about why their relationship failed and Sylvie asks about Philip’s current girlfriend and if she makes him happy to which he replies yes. If Sylvie looks familiar to you and you are a fan of Orphan Black then she is Aynsley the woman that Alison suspected was her monitor and let her die when her scarf got caught in a garburator.

With Logan and Rachel, we see that she panicked a bit one she thought something might be wrong with her pregnancy. But everything was okay and Logan assures her it is okay to panic since it is her first pregnancy. However, Rachel reveals that she got pregnant years ago but when the baby’s father found out, abandoned her and the stress of it all caused her to miscarry and she fears Logan will leave her too. When Logan gets a call from Elena to tell him about Antonio, he ignores it. And later when Jeremy calls, he does take the call and learn that Antonio has died and sends his condolences to Nick. Jeremy wants Logan to come home but he doesn’t really commit to coming back. Rachel thinks that Logan is going to leave but he assures her that he isn’t going anywhere.

Back at Stonehaven, Elena is worried about Jeremy as he doesn’t look too good. He assures that he lost a little bit more blood that he thought but will be okay by tomorrow. Philip then calls but Elena ignores his call but Jeremy tells her to call him back or he will worry and then come down to Bear Valley because Elena has been radio silent with him. So Elena goes to talk to Philip and says the reason why she left is that she hadn’t had to deal with a death in the family since her parents and seeing Philip’s family being together made things hard for her so she came back to Bear Valley to be with her “cousins” to work through their grief. Elena hopes that Philip won’t give up on her and stay with her. Philip promises that he will stick by her.

When Elena gets off the phone, she sees that Jeremy has collapsed and calls to Nick and tells him that this is more than blood loss.

I doubt that Jeremy is dead so he should be fine by next week. But Logan staying in TO is a cause for concern. I think that he is the next to go and Rachel will head down to Stonehaven to tell his “family” and when they find out that she is pregnant, the Pack will do what they can to protect her. Let’s see if I am right and once again I could read the books to see but I think I like discovering the characters and plot via the show. See you next week.

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16 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 7 “Stalking” Recap

  1. Antonio doesnt die in the fuckin books. This really sucks

  2. I haven’t read any of the books but I teared up when Antonio died. Why kill him off? And now who knows what’s wrong with Jeremy. Logan not returning home is gonna get him bitten…maybe not himself but his girl will.

  3. Read the books 🙂 they are really good and totally different from the series. And I agree, it really sucks that Antonio died. The pack is small enough as it is so to add another death… :/

  4. Since Logan’s on the current what-do-you-call-it tv poster? suggests to me that he’ll live, if maybe not wanting to, because he dies in the book, while as Annette commented, Antonio is alive and well in the books. But I hope he lives 🙂

  5. I believe Logan will live because his cast is for the full 12 episodes – so I guess they replaced Antonio with Logan and made Logan a jackass which he so totally wasn’t in the book. As much as I hated Antonio’s death, I hate his role in the movie and he looks too old and like some mobster so I guess I didn’t get too sad over his death – if he died in the book, now that’s another story

    • Well he is supposed to be Nick’s dad…. so he’s not young. And also, wasn’t he supposed to look kind of Italian mobster-y?

  6. The books wont tell you, because in the books antonio doesnt die like that, so the show is not following the books

  7. I think they are going to keep Logan to show what happens and why they don’t get to love and their politics regarding werewolf children. There are still many unanswered questions about women and how they handle pregnancies.

  8. No no no Antonio cannot die. I am disappointed. I liked Paulo who plays Antonio part in the show. He’s small and stocky enough to fit the real character. I would have loved to have seen more of him in the series. I guess I have to accept it and move on and stop comparing the book to the show. Antonio RIP you will be missed.

  9. I could live with some of the other changes they’ve made, but killing off Antonio really hurt the show for me. Such a major deviation.

  10. Killing Antonio way out of line. Did K.A. Have any creative control here?

  11. I’m mad and sad. Daniel’s little runty butt needs to die. I’m sick of Elena having to tell Clay she’s not into him. Nick needs a hug. What did Antonio tell Nick (where his mother is, or her name. Does he know who his mother is?), I wonder who Clay needs to forgive. I hope Jeremy is okay. I liked that Clay was poised to pounce even in human form. Logan, ugh. I really hate Antonio is gone. I’d trade him for Logan in a heartbeat. Philip is still boring, and his ex, aught to be glad she dodged a big ol boring bullet.

  12. Antonio DOES NOT die in the books, Logan does. Very early on. So, we’ll see if they stick with it honestly. Logan had no girlfriend what so ever, either. He was just a character that was ‘coming’, that Elena was excited for, and he ends up dead. Everything about Logan in the show is simply show canon.

  13. Jazzalyn Grant // March 16, 2020 at 9:40 pm // Reply

    i think elena would tickle it out kane

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