The Tomorrow People “Things Fall Apart” Recap

Things Fall ApartI can pretty much pinpoint the exact date that this week’s episode The Tomorrow People was filmed. December 20, 2013 to be exact. How do I know? Well, in the scene where Stephen and the Founder are talking in a park, there is snow on the ground. And in Vancouver, we had a big dump of snow on December 20.

Another thing of note is that this week’s breakout, Cassandra Smythe is played by Serinda Swan who is best known for playing Zatanna Zatara in Smallvllle. And we open up the episode with Cassandra (at this point we don’t know who she is), robbing the Federal Reserve on Wall Street. When the police comes, Cassandra uses her powers to make the police cars disappear and also to take the bullets on of the guns. The police are soon knocked to the ground and Cassandra leaves a message “Hi Dad”. Stephen wakes up in a sweat as he seems to be able to sense this new breakout.

Meanwhile, in the Lair John is trying to bathe himself but can’t so Cara helps him and the two share a kiss but Cara doesn’t let it go anywhere because as leader of the Tomorrow People she can’t let her feelings get in the way.

We also see Astrid struggle being held prisoner down in the lair. She learns from TIM that her father has been searching all the hospitals in NYC for her and is frustrated when TIM. Cara and John won’t let her call her dad.

At Ultra, Stephen storms into his uncle’s office pissed that Jedikiah went after Astrid. Stephen says she is innocent and wants Jedikiah to scrub her from Ultra’s kill list. When Jedikiah refuses, Stephen quits Ultra. Learning that Stephen as quit Ultra does not please the Founder.

The Founder later finds Stephen walking the streets of New York City and confronts him. The Founder offers Stephen a deal. Bring in this latest breakout, which happens to be his daughter, in exchange for allowing Astrid to safely return home.

At the Lair, Stephen tells his Tomorrow People the deal he has struck that doesn’t please Cara who gets further displeased that Stephen also quit Ultra. From John, we learn that Cassie is a synergist meaning both of her parents are Tomorrow People aka in the Harry Potter world has full bloods.

The decided to set a trap for Cassie and Stephen will be the bait. Stephen goes to the hotel that Cassie is staying and the two share a flirtation. Stephen gets Cassie to open up about her education and her relationship with her father. When they decide to take this to the roof of the hotel to see the view, Stephen puts a suppression cuff on her and Cassie tells him that it is about time that he did so. Stephen is surprised at this but Ultra agents show up and he teleports him and Cassie to the Lair.

Cassie thinks that the Lair is an Ultra safehouse and tells Stephen that she wanted to be caught so that Ultra will take her powers away because he learned that her father is a monster. From TIM, Cara learns that Cassis has been implanted memories of going to Brown University. When Cara goes to question her, she sees via Cassie’s memories that the Founder was performing experiments on his daughter.

Stephen is ready to exchange Astrid for Cassie but Cara says no until the find out what the Founder was doing to his daughter.

In the tale of the missing Astrid, Jedikiah visit’s the Jameson household to try and get Stephen to come back to Ultra and not trust anything the Founder has to say or offer. Astrid is mentioned and we see Marla overhearing this conversation but Stephen is not forthcoming about what was said. Later at Ultra, we see Marla pay her brother-in-law a visit who denies knowing nothing about Astrid and what happened to her. When the Founder enters and wonders who Marla is, Marla leaves the room but we see a hint of something going on there like perhaps Marla knows more about what is going on than we realize.

Even though Stephen has quit Ultra, he still has access to it and goes to the lab that Cara saw in Cassie’s memories. However, the Founder is there and captures him. The Founder is going to tap into this mind via that portal that he has on the back of his neck and will place one in Stephen. Knowing that Stephen is in danger, John defies Cara’s orders and brings Cassie just outside of Ultra.

Just as Stephen is about to receive the portal, Cassie shows up. Stephen says that he has held is end of the bargain so the Founder says that Astrid can return home. And Astrid is elated that she can return home.

But Cara is not so happy at John for defying her and undermining her leadership. John tells her he will continue to defy her orders if it is the good for their people. This leads to Cara kicking John out of the Lair.

Back at the Jameson’s, Marla tells Stephen that she is going to Astrid’s homecoming at her parent’s cafe and Stephen should join them. Stephen says he will be along as soon as he talks to Luca. When Stephen tries to admit that Luca has powers, Luca actually reveals that his secret is that he smokes pot.

At Ultra, we see the Founder once again betray his daughter and sedates her but not before Cassie learns that the Founder never intended to honour his agreement with Stephen and sends a kill squad after Astrid and her family. Cassie manages to telepathically warn Stephen.

At the Cafe, we see Astrid, her dad and Marla sharing a laugh when we notice Marla sense something. As Ultra agents descend, we see Marla tell Astrid and her dad to get down and she overturns the table to offer them protection. We see Ultra agents open fire and Marla standing there arms raised.

When Stephen arrives on the scene, he thinks he is too late but see that his mother has stopped the bullets like Stephen did in the pilot. The episode ends with Marla telling her son that she guessed she should have told him that she has powers too. So Stephen is a full blood and not a half-blood like we thought he was.

I liked the twist that Marla too is a Tomorrow People and makes me wonder if Luca really is breaking out. We will find out after the Olympics.

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