Bitten Season 1 Episode 5 “Bitten” Recap

Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels
Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

We go way back for tonight’s episode where we learn how Elena became part of the Danvers pack and how she met and fell in love with Clay.

As we open up the episode, we are at Stonehaven’s basement and Jeremy, Nick and Clay are going over the newest Mutt’s scrapbook and are coming up for ways to smoke out Marstren and Kane. Jeremy also says that he is willing to speak to Santos about the information he has on the Mutt in exchange for coming back into the Mutts. Nick and Clay think he is insane because the last time they let a Santos in the house, they tried to kill Jeremy. But Jeremy wants to talk to find out what is going on. Elena then volunteers to be used as bait to lure out the new Mutt but Jeremy says no.

Meanwhile, just outside of Stonehaven, Sheriff Murphy and her deputy come upon the abandoned car of one of the hunters, Braxton and foul play is definitely suspected.

As Elena and Clay talk about going against Jeremy’s orders and searching on where Marsten could be, they hear the police arrive. The conversation is pretty much accusing Clay of why Braxton disappeared. Jeremy volunteers everyone in the search for Braxton in hopes that the police won’t get a search warrant for their property.

One of the other hunters wants to stick close to Elena and Nick in their search so they don’t tamper with everything.

We switch a bit of our action to a prison where we see a pedophile, Victor, being released much to the chagrin of the warden. Victor will probably be the next Mutt created. And am proven right when we see Zach Kane approach Victor who has been sitting creepily on a park bench as children play at a playground in the distance. Victor was supposed to be meet his Internet girlfriend but she is a no show. Kane says that he isn’t this “girlfriend” but offers Victor a chance to get revenge on the girls that put him in jail and one in particular: Elena Michaels.

Back inside Stonehaven, Clay is wondering why Jeremy wants to talk to Santos and talk turn to how Jeremy found Clay when he was first was bitten and how patient he was with him.

In the woods, while Elena is searching, she gets a call from Diane asking her to come back to TO to be a bridesmaid for her sister cause the other one had a medical emergency. When Philip hijacks the call, Elena says that she will and when Philip says he loves her and she too, we see Nick has heard everything with his super hearing. The two then have a super hearing conversation about her new relationship and whether or not Clay knows.

Later we see Elena discover the body of Braxton. To throw the scent off the searchers, Elena pretends to have a twisted ankle and Nick goads one of Braxton’s friend into a fight. This cuts short the search party while Elan in wolf form moves the body.

At Stonehaven, Daniel Santos arrives. We learn a bit about his history with the Danvers clan that involved Elena almost biting Santos’ ear off. Santos waits for Elena to arrive to share his information. Basically, Marsten is after Clay as revenge for him going brutally after Mutts. Santos back in the pack gives a whole bunch of chess metaphors and Jeremy says that they will consider letting Santos back in the Pack. When Santos leaves, Elena tells Clay about how she had to change into a wolf to deal with Braxton and she hates that she had to do that to protect him and the pack. Elena then states she is going back home.

And back in TO, Philip’s new boss wants him to incorporate the wolf attack that was shot in episode 1 for their vodka campaign. Philip laters meets with his boss and talks about rebranding the vodka for the Estonian word for wolf: Hunt. And Philip will look into getting the rights to the video.

Four Years Ago

It seems that Elena might be Canadian after all as we see Clay at a university going to his office when Pete and NIck mention the lure of Canadian girls. The three then meet Elena for the first time. She is there for a typist job for Clay to help her pay for tuition. When Nick asks why can’t her parents pay, Elena says there are dead. Nick and Pete then leave the two alone and Elena learns that Clay is the Dr. Danvers that she is seeking employment from. From this scene, you can see that Clay and Elena are immediately smitten with each other and also glad that this didn’t turn out to be a student/teacher relationship. When Nick and Pete got to rib Clay on his obvious attraction to Elena, he tells his pack brothers that nothing is going to happen.

The next day, we see Elena rehearsing a speech to convince Clay to hire her. In his office, Clay uses his super hearing to over hear her. When he goes to the door, both he and Elena have their hands on it at the same time. Clay pulls the door open and Elena starts her spiel on why she should get the job. It involves her saying she has read Clay’s book but Clay thinks she can’t do the job because it involves a lot of terminology in his filed that Elena won’t be familiar with. Elena is about to leave in a huff but Clay relents and gives her the job.

We move forward a few months and Elena is helping Clay pack up his office. But Clay is reluctant to go and he tells Elena that he is pretty much in love with her and she with him. The two then proceed to have sex in his office. The way that Clay was looking at Elena in this scene was quite hot.

We then visit a bit of the same flashback we saw in episode 2, Clay taking Elena to meet his family. She is upset to learn that Clay never told Jeremy they were coming let alone engaged. She waits outside while Clay goes in. But Elena notices movement in the woods. It is Jeremy changing back from wolf to man.

When they go int Elena meets Jeremy and receives a cool welcome. As Clay and Jeremy make tea for Elena, Jeremy is upset at Clay for bringing in an outsider and that Clay can’t love. As Jeremy and Elena have tea, Clay comes in his wolf form. Elena thinks it is the family dog but Jeremy knows better. Clay ends up bitting Elena so as not to lose her so we can deduce by Jeremy’s reaction. Elena then complains of not feeling well and collapses.

The next we see Elena is her in the jail cell in Stonehaven’s basement. Elena goes in and out of consciousness and see Clay and Jeremy there. Clay believes that Elena will be okay but Jeremy says that no one has survived the change. Then we see only Jeremy there and Elena is in pain and doesn’t understand what is happening to her. Jeremy explain that they are wolves. Jeremy was born that way and Clay was bitten and now Elena is bitten. Elena does go through the change and from the looks of Jeremy, she has done so successfully. Later in her cell, Clay is outside and apologizes to her for doing what he did. Elena feels betrayed by him and all she wanted was him to hold her. When Elena says that she is cold, Clay goes to open her cell but Elena knocks him out and escapes.

Clay finds her later naked and looks like she has eaten some roadkill in some place behind a billboard. Clay picks up Elena and says that she will survive this and says that Jeremy will teach her as he takes her home to Stonehaven.

The episode ends with Elena saying goodbye to Jeremy as she goes home to attend Philip’s sister’s wedding. Elena gives a heartfelt good bye and calls Jeremy the closest thing she has to a father and can never say no to him when he calls so that is why she is asking him to never call her again. As Elena leaves, we see Jeremy, Clay and Nick look on.

But since this is only episode 5, Elena will some how be lured back to Stonehaven. And also, Philip is still boring but it seems that Elena’s secret life is going to coincide with Philip’s work.

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